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1 : Anonymous2021/10/11 17:00 ID: q60cqw
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2 : Anonymous2021/10/12 18:42 ID: hgdx03a

I'm currently playing ffix, really enjoying this masterpiece! I'm now entering Oeilvert, and besides being warned by Kuja that magical power are blocked there, I mindlessly selected Eiko and Vivi to my party. Is there any way I can swap them with other characters? If not, what can I do to make this mistake less painful?

ID: hgesd86

If it's any consolation, I also had Vivi and Eiko on my party for the boss fight there, and it ended up being the toughest one in the game. That is to say, the only one that gave me any challenge. Damn fun boss with two casters.

ID: hgekgn7

No there's no way to swap once you've entered. I also brought Vivi my first time there, and just had him be item boy and heal everyone with potions. It's gonna be a long dungeon for you I'm afraid.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/12 16:49 ID: hgdghf2

So just checking, has there been any word on FFV's pixel remaster release date? Just checking in case I missed an announcement haha.

ID: hge4iki

We are in the same boat. No release date = we don't know.

ID: hgnmp9h

Someone on this subreddit mentioned to keep an eye on the Final Fantasy Twitter. They said that once a teaser is released, it should be about 2 weeks to release.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/12 19:31 ID: hge479y

Dose anyone get a bug in FF2 where sprit never increases no Mayer how much white magic you use?

ID: hgessxt

It doesn't count if you use white magic out of battle, sadly. It will increase the spell level, but won't contribute to your stat growth in any way.

ID: hge8xnm

I played and completed FF2 pixel remaster two weeks ago. I feel that INT/SPR are difficult to raise. My white mage ended up at 50 or so - compared to all characters with 99 agility and almost 99 strength.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/13 13:51 ID: hghe5u1

Does FFXV Royal Edition have absolutely all the DLC? I just want to make sure.

ID: hghhnja

royal edition does not have episode Ardyn IIRC.. and royal pack does not have a lot.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/13 19:17 ID: hgiq8wc

Hey gang, any advice on a 0.0 or better chocobo race time in X? I have Googled and gongeneral advice like staying right at first and/or staying left on the home stretch. But after 50ish runs I can’t crack 10 secs even with like 11 or 12 balloons.

Do I just keep grinding? Butterflies and lightning dodger are in the bag, but they were about repetition. I don’t see a pattern/strategy here.

ID: hgixqxc

I'm sure others will add to this, but some pointers I've posted before. There's still a luck element involved, and it'll take a few attempts to nail that perfect run, but I've done it on a few playthroughs now. Hopefully this helps!

The first five balloons are "free" as there aren't any birds in the first section. If the first one is on your side then you have the edge as you can get yourself in front and you should go for it. However if the first one is on the trainer's side, don't bother trying as you'll end up behind and probably miss out on all five. Get as many of the free balloons as you can by getting ahead of the trainer only where it's feasible.

The birds come in pairs and will target you or the trainer specifically. You can't see any difference visually but you'll notice it if you run on the opposite side of the track to the trainer. Once you realise some birds are heading your way, get ready to dodge.

Balloons take three seconds off of your time, and bird strikes add three seconds on. However, the real time you lose from a bird strike is more like 4-5 seconds as you are stunned and need time to recover. If you're especially unlucky you'll get two bird strikes in a row and the run might as well be over at that point. The moral of this - if you can collect a balloon, but it's likely you'll hit a bird in doing so, then leave it! It's only worth going for it if you'll get 2-3 balloons in a row from doing it, which is rare. Birds over balloons!

Learn where the invisible walls are and do your best to stay away from them. This is especially pertinent in the final section where if you go either too close to the cliffs on the right or too close to the edge on the left it will just throw you back into the fray and more than likely straight into the path of that bird you just tried to dodge. You'll figure this out with practice and probably still get frustrated occasionally.

A "perfect" run will likely need 13-14 balloons with no bird strikes, or I think I've done it with 15 balloons and one bird. Not saying it's definitely impossible with more than one bird strike, but I think you'd need 17-18 balloons at that point which is pretty unrealistic.

Finally, not so much a tip but you need to BEAT 0:0:0. If you hit it exactly, it doesn't count. Yeah, that one was frustrating haha.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/14 01:58 ID: hgk88i9

Starting ff2 pixel remaster, and are there any strats to keep in mind with regards to stat/weapon leveling? I've taken to making sure all Maria's MP is used up by the time I get back to any inn, and have even punched my party members in the face some to boost their HP, but is there anything else?

ID: hgljepp

To be honest, nothing special and I didn't hit my own members. Best tip I can give - leveling shield skill soon and equipping shields for a while. You can equip two shields to make evasion 99%.

You can keep Maria casting, like switching between elementals - fire, blizzard, and thunder.

Magic skill takes a while and it is based on the casting. For weapon skills, it works best for me at the endgame with a little effort. Let me know if you need it.

ID: hgk9d3g

The only thing I can think of is make sure you're using that MP in combat. Casting outside of combat will help your spell levels but do nothing for your stats.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/14 19:17 ID: hgnb03i

Is it normal to be 10 Hours into FF I(GBA) and only have one Crystal? I did get lost a few times and feel slightly over leveled but not to bad. I just got to the town right before the Ice Crystal. I knew this game took a good amount of time but this seems a lil crazy haha.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/14 23:30 ID: hgo829j

If I have the original version on FF6 on steam, and buy the pixel remaster when it comes out, will my save data be transferable? Or will I have to start over.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/12 22:16 ID: hges6li

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh when if FFVPR coming out? I've already 100%ed the other ones that've been released, I'm getting antsy over here.

ID: hgfrz1q

nobody knows yet

ID: hgmt9fs

If you're jonesing hard for an FF fix, you could try the PSP version of FF4. It's got a lot more content and a sequel. Or, if you just want to turn your brain off and hack away at monsters, there's always FF Mystic Quest.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/14 19:36 ID: hgndqku

Another question about FFXV. Game looks great but if I get the Royal Edition, when should I play each Episode? What chapters? Please just tell me when.

No further explanations!

I've already gotten one spoiler...

ID: hgo2wft

Episode Gladiolus: Chapter 7

Episode Prompto: Chapter 11

Episode Ignis: Complex, but the best advice is after clearing the game as it spoils the ending.

Comrades: After Chapter 13

Episode Ardyn: after clearing the game as it also spoils the ending.


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