As a new player Escape From Tarkov makes itself almost impossible to enjoy…

1 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:26 ID: qeag1j

Basically, title. I am a new player. I understand we are deep into a wipe right now and that is absolutely part of it. However, as a new player to tarkov this game is almost impossible to enjoy.

Its not 'brutal but rewarding' its just brutal. 9 out of 10 matches as a new player trying to get my second mp133 shotgun on customs end being beamed by someone wearing what appears to be full kited out armor gear with a full auto power house gun with good accuracy. Meanwhile i have a single shot mosin, or sks, or vpo. Not sure what im supposed to do here?

I generally know my way around the customs map ( I have stuck to customs since I started in order to learn faster ) and I can find the exits as PMC and SCAV and know a decent amount of the scav spawns and can figure out where I am when I spawn pretty fast… it’s just brutal when every match is so extremely unbalanced gear wise…

I guess any tips would be appreciated?

Edit: there are so many comments now I’m overwhelmed with how many people want to help! Thanks so much everyone! I will def reach out to some of the people who said they would love to show me the ropes!

2 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:42 ID: hhrouhq

You’re on the right track, don’t give up! Something you didn’t mention is knowing where players can be and where they’re probably headed, at least for the first 5-10 minutes. This is a huge part of surviving for a new player. When I was going through that first bout of customs tasks, I would try to make myself scarce for the first few minutes. Hiding is okay, if a bit boring. Maybe hit up a low traffic loot area. Give people time to cycle through the high traffic areas before you go in to do your quests. It’s not the most exciting thing, but it’s worth it if it allows you to complete tasks and ultimately level your traders.

ID: hhrqcjd

Thanks for the advice!! I do definitely die ALOT and i can only really have a chance to kill another player if i catch them by surprise haha! However my biggest frustration honestly is that I don’t seem to be able to make any progress. Like i just cant seem to get another mp133. Everyone says to just spawn as scav with it and immediately extract. However I NEVER seem to get the mp133 as scav. Always get like an akm or something similar haha. I also never seem to manage to find any loot on customs that is worth anything really. I get some stuff here and there but i never make any amount of resources that remotely compensates for the gear i loose when i die ( i generally only take an sks/mosin/vpo some ammo, and occasionally a paca ). However i never get ANYTHING close to that in value. Really frustrating

ID: hhrxdj3

Like i just cant seem to get another mp133.

You can just buy the shotguns from jaeger if he has them in stock.

Once you get the "introduction" quest from mechanic do it. Unlock Jaeger and then buy the shotguns.

Also in the future you'll get quests that have a "Found in Raid" requirement on items.

Pretty much every quest in Tarkov has a way to buy, trade, or craft the item you need so you don't have to actually find it. It might come at a higher level but its better to keep doing other quests, getting XP, and leveling up than just sit trying to finish one quest.

If you get stuck on something like this try to find another way to do it.

ID: hhsdquj

down to play if you want, im on my 4th wipe


ID: hhrqsob

Run night factory, bring a gun with a flashlight and you usually only have one other player in the lobby and you can free farm the 12 scavs that spawn in factory as well as loot ammo crates and jackets. You’ll get your shotgun in less than 4 runs with minimal gear loss.

ID: hhs0f4v

As this poster has said, if you hide for the first 10 minutes of a raid most of the PVP players kill and head out. Or they wrangle the high-teir loot and head out. By the time player scavs show up most of the mercs are gone. And don’t take this wipe too seriously, just get map knowledge and learn the game so next wipe you’re ready to rock

ID: hhs1umv

This 100%

3 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:45 ID: hhrpa3c

Find a discord to join, link up with players in there. There’s the Official EFT discord

there’s also a Unofficial one I used to use, you’ll be able to find the link somewhere online. There’s also a discord I was using called Scav Bait, which had Sherpas in it which helped newer people, I played with some of them myself after taking a long break from the game

It’s always easier to learn the game whilst playing with someone with abit of experience in my opinion, but make sure you tell people you’re playing with that you’re new. No point them calling things out if you have no idea what they’re talking about

ID: hhrw4as

This is literally the best advice for new players. The people in the discord are (generally) not toxic and some are willing to teach. There are 2 ways to look at joining late wipe, it’s either “unfortunate” because everyone has been kitted and rolling in roubles OR this is a great time to learn the quest system, take advantage of the discord and information on the wiki, and most importantly learn map knowledge. My first time was half way into a wipe and the learning curve was steep but if you stick it out it’s an insanely great game. Good luck

4 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:31 ID: hhrnbnm

Aim for the legs. Trust me

ID: hhrxzql

Wasted half a mag on someone’s thighs and I got 2 tapped to the thorax.

ID: hhsifjh

Use the right rounds for that

ID: hhs4i2o

Early wipe I love using the sks with hollow points lol. Listening to people grunt while trying to stop the bleeding before I push them is hilarious

ID: hhs4oo8

Lol there are some pretty fucked up things you can do..

ID: hhrwunb

Idk what this post is talking about lmao,

the first 3 months of tarkov were the best gaming moments of my life,

after you play the game for 2+ years and you know everything it becomes stale and boring

ID: hhrxayl

Ehh even stlll all these hours in, I still get shaky, I still get paranoid and jump. But yeah it doesn't beat your first bit on the game

5 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:25 ID: hhruqc7

Hey man, don’t get discouraged. Tarkov is already a hard game as it is without fighting end wipe PMC’s. Being a experienced player helps a ton when trying to level at end game. After getting Kappa last wipe and level 60 I decided to take a break this wipe and enjoy some other recent releases. So I myself am just starting to level. I am currently 13, 55% SR, 80 Kills, ~30 kills are PMC’s. Stash value is 14million. If you ever need any help or wanna squad up I am here to help.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:04 ID: hhrrwt3

You're doing the right thing. Watch some loot guides for customs, learn where the best loot is, where players tend to be and you will get there eventually. I have 300+ hours in game and I'm still a total Timmy. This game takes time and experience to get better, if you aren't willing to invest the time, maybe it's not for you?

7 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:09 ID: hhrslkb

Dying to a person 20 levels higher than you with a bunch of good gear = brutal
Eventually killing one of these chads, and taking his identity back to your stash for the first time = rewarding
Trust, if you want to enjoy this game, you will find your fun in it.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:29 ID: hhrv91l

I’ve only been playing for 2 months. Trust me, the learning curve is STEEP! Stick with it tho, i’ve killed a couple of chads so far, and taking their gear is really fun. My best advice is if you’re playing solo, just do night raids and try and go stealthy. I’ve been a lot more successful that way.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:06 ID: hhrs3nb

If you are going to spend money on ANYTHING, spend money on the best ammo you can buy.

A player with good gear and good ammo can kill anything and make mistakes.

A player with good gear and shitty ammo will be able to kill scavs and will get rolled by anyone wearing lvl5 or lvl6, bosses,and raiders, majority of the time

A player with no gear and shitty ammo will have a hard time even killing scavs.

A player with no gear and good ammo can kill ALL of the above, and you can kill bosses/raiders if you come across them too. You can't really make mistakes, as they will get you killed,but unless you are buying lvl5 and lvl6 armour, you would have probably died to 1 or 2 bullets that hit you (From a player) anyways.

Learn by failing and thinking of how you could have played better. Fail a lot and eventually you wont fail as much, but always keep learning.

ID: hhs9qfz

i hate this advice it's so stupid and flawed because it never applies to being a beginner.

focus on fucking surviving. worry about "buying the best ammo" after you've had a hundred hours and many levels. even then i have 1000+ hours and 4 wipes and millions of roubles i don't "just buy the best ammo"

you buy the ammo for the way you want to play. you play to the strength of your ammo.

"buy the best ammo" is trash advice.

most beginners would be better off spending on a silencer and chest armor over the money spent on "the best ammo"

ID: hhscpou

The advice of buying good ammo or "the best" ammo isn't flawed at all. Having some of the best Ammo during certain periods of the wipe (early wipe, mid wipe, late wipe) will help you survive and take better fights by a mile. M80 is super easy to get early and its cheap while being extremely effective into most armors.

You don't "buy the ammo" for how you want to play, thats how people get shit on because they change their playstyle to something so unrealistic to how they played before, just like when a rat gets a slick and runs it into the next raid and thinks hes superman so he gets beamed by M61..

I put 1000+ hours into the game my first wipe and you're so wrong it isn't even funny.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:54 ID: hhrqh99

I would recommend to use the 7.62x39 mm PS ammo the first few levels. You can buy a VPO-136 from Skier level 1 and mod it with Skie

level 1 slightly. With Peacekeeper level 2 you can buy the RFB that chambers 7.62x51 mm. Both these guns are my early game weapons, they are cheap, give you some modding options and most importantly allow you to use ammo that can kill anything with level 4 armor easily. Yes, they aren't as good as a Meta M4 loaded with M995 but unless the enemy isn't running an altyn you can easily win every firefight with one single bullet to the head.

You also might want to look for a good money making method. There are so many ways to make money in Tarkov and if you don't mind a little bit of grinding you can just do stash runs on Interchange, Shoreline or Woods. Other good ways of making money is your hideout crafting, there are a lot of good crafts that can give you a few extra Roubles per hour or doing Scav runs on cooldown.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:36 ID: hhro1xi

Mosin can kill anyone.

To be honest, I play since 2017 on and off and its still brutal for me since im not running around like COD.

Hang in there. The game is gonna change a lot in the future and many of the chads will have to relearn a few things.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:43 ID: hhrozvm

More or less in the same boat as you - my bullets don't pen and my armor doesn't stop shit, and as far as I can tell all the good gear is locked behind level 15 unless you luck out

Im still shit at leg meta but my advice is just spam scav runs all the time. The knives you get in your scav run can be traded to pk off for mp5/ump for leg meta, and idk why but recently I've been finding a lot of 100 dura weapons in raid - ak105(? The 7.62 one), akm, maybe half a dozen shotguns, mp5 and mpx

Also side note, i completed the 133 shotguns with just scav runs - if you spawn with one and extract it can be used to turn in

13 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:42 ID: hhrx3jr

Early dawn raids are your friend. Failing that, try bribing a snack and hiding in a bush for 15 minutes or so. You’d be surprised by how many PMCs can end up dead or exfil’d in that time.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:48 ID: hhrxvhh

Play more scavs on Reserve. There is so much loot and scav extracts on Reserve. You can make some easy buck there.

Find a players to play with. You dont need to know them. Just pop into some eft discord you found on google, step into a voice chat with 2-4 players and ask them if you can join them for a few raids (and if they can help you with some quests). Players on dc are usually really friendly to new players and they can teach you new strategies, etc.

If you are solo, play like a true rat. Let the chads kill each other and get the best loot. Your objective is to do quests so you can get to lvl 15 and buy better ammo.

As a new player, fight scavs, not pmcs, especially this late into a wipe. (If not armed with good ammo). If you really want to pvp, do not play fair. If you have element of surprise, use it. If you can disengage and run/hide, GO!

Identify hot zones and try to avoid them if possible. Play maps again and again so you learn spawns and get a feel for the flow. For example customs are usually easy to read, because player generally move from one side of the map to the other. Reserve is "untrackable shitshow" in my humble opinion.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/23 20:08 ID: hhs0jzc

You can take down even the most kitted chad with a sks or mosin in a single shot. Single biggest thing is knowing where people will go, and set up there.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/23 22:04 ID: hhsfuth

New player, mid-wipe imo you should just play every map as much as possible and don’t even sweat the quests.

I’m on my 4th wipe and this is the first time I’ve actually almost completed every quest, have 20M in liquid cash and a 40% SR. Play slow, play the game to the advantages you have, and don’t be afraid to run away from a bad fight

17 : Anonymous2021/10/23 22:07 ID: hhsg8lj

I’m also a new player. Someone on here recommend I play Woods and Interchange instead of Customs and I’ve been having way more fun. Customs seems to be were all the sweat lords are. If you have to play customs for a mission, hide somewhere for the first 15 minutes and watch a youtube video or something. Let the chads chad it out and then you should be able to loot a little easier.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/23 23:00 ID: hhsn14z

Jotoz33_TTV I'll Sherpa you. This game isn't for casual players. If you want to be semi-successful and be part time it just won't really work

19 : Anonymous2021/10/23 23:09 ID: hhso62b

First things first, if you haven’t started investing in a headset pre raid, do it. Hearing the player before he hears you means life and death.

That being said, take your time. I understand running at spawn is key. But when you get somewhere, and you feel comfortable, chill out and introduce yourself to the crouch walk. If you need to hang out for a few and let the danger distance itself from you, to run quests, pull up a video to find high value loot spawns(the dynamic loot has changed it a bit) or for places to hide for ambush. Might not be your play style but it’s always good to know where you could get shot from.

Tarkov wiki is your best friend while you’re learning. If you haven’t seen it, pull that shit up lol.

Ammo charts, ammo charts, ammo charts. Learn what kills and what is worthless. I will run a trash gun with no attachments and god tier ammo over a meta m4 with Warmageddon lmao.

Finally, you are going to pull your hair out over this game. It’s going to piss you off. Not if. But when. It’s inevitable. The majority of your first wipe is a learning experience. And that experience has homework if you want this game to be enjoyable. I have 3500 hours in this game, and still make mistakes, I still learn new things, and I still pick the game up.

It’s not “brutal but rewarding” stuck out to me. And I get the frustration. But after you get pissed and swear off this game, pick up any other shooter. And if you are like me, they just feel empty. I don’t get that rush killing 2 four man squads rushing me on COD. But put me in a room on interchange against a kitted 2 man, and win while bleeding out scrambling for a IFAK, that’s a damn rush. And then you remember there are 8 more players….

Do me a favor. Update us on how you feel about the game at the beginning of next wipe. And when you do, reread this and reflect lol. I bet you’ll feel differently.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/23 23:17 ID: hhsp61c

I wish I was experiencing Tarkov for the first time again. No other game can replicate the type of feelings this game does. If you die in raid it makes you feel hopeless, but when you make it out, you just became the fuckin king.

21 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:43 ID: hhroxps

im lvl46 and i playing with single shot sv98. if you dont know what to do nothing will help you. for example you can buy second mp133 from jaeger

22 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:50 ID: hhrpxp4

That's part of tarkov charm.

The ones who learn the basics dominate.

The ones who go beyond are gods.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:16 ID: hhrtijt

If you have no one to teach you, joining late wipe is not so smart.

Even joining early wipe without someone to teach you is hard. Find someone to show you around.

Besides this. Don't run, unless you are completely out in the open. You'll learn to spot people in time. But even with this, getting sniped from somewhere happens.

Also. Any noise you make at the moment will alert players that need PMC kills to your location, no matter if you shoot or the scavs.

I understand you prob cannot afford or even buy silencers at the moment, so if you make any noise, you need to leave fast.

ID: hhs7m4h

I hate it when people say shit about joining late wipe. It doesn't matter in the slightest. The outcome of your raid depends entirely on your skill level. If you suck now and die a lot then you're going to suck just as bad in a fresh wipe.

ID: hhsoqz4

Agreed, plus, playing duos doesn't make you as good as fast. Solo is the only brutal yet effective way to improve. You're the only person trying to protect you.

I've duoed multiple times when I was new and boy did I feel useless just trying to catch up with my weak ass stamina to my duo LVL 49 or whatever

24 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:33 ID: hhrnlnm

Put it down until wipe. It’s a terrific game at wipe and that’s really the only good time to learn.

ID: hhrnu9x

Nah nahhhhh, take the opportunity to learn the maps, learn strats, meet people to play with, it gives you the training for the new wipe

ID: hhrobrc

Wrong. So wrong.

Have fun trying to learn or do early quests when wipe happens, you'll be competing with people who are have done it a few wipes in a row now and those places will be massive hotspots. Not onlt that, but wipe day is when the servers are FULL. The load times go up, problems happen, games load times suffer. Not only that, but even doing quests at night on wipe is impossible because EVERYONE else is doing the same thing. Then the sweaties who hit lvl 20 on wipe day come in and camp those spots for weeks while they grind out USEC kills

Mid wipe is perfect for new players learning. Prices of shit isnt through the roof, early game quests are generally low-risk, and you can squad up with a higher level buddy or a sherpa who can teach you the basics. If you have no one, start watching youtube videos of people playing.

And most important of all, play your scav EVERY time it is up.

Dont get me wrong, wipe day and early game are the funnest parts of tarkov. But learning the game is easier mid or late wipe.(Unless late wipe has a broken economy where everyone has lvl5 and lvl6 armour, but that also means you can get it easier and actually use it)

ID: hhrql0v

This. I started late into last wipe and took it as read that i would be stomped. Learn the maps and get a feel for your playstyle. Bide your time. You will feel like a god at the start of the next wipe.

ID: hhrr427

Yea i am just trying to focus on learning right now tbh. Like i tried to say in the post, i am somewhat competent. I am not like a chicken with its head cutoff hahaha! I have a general idea how to play and where to go etc.. i just never seem to get anything worth while from the runs i do survive, and anytime i end up in a face off with a player ( where I couldn’t get away or surprise them ) i almost always loose. As such i feel very frustrated as i am just kind of bleeding rubles tbh. I really want to finish the first task and i just need 1 more mp133. However i have shit luck and the very rare times i get one i get killed and my scav never has it 🙁

ID: hhro6tq

Terrible advice. With zero experience he’s still going to get absolutely ass blasted even at the start of the wipe with everyone having bad gear. Experience is 10000x more important than gear and he’ll still have no idea what’s going on.

Start now, learn, then when the wipe happens he’ll actually know what he’s doing and be able to progress at a decent rate.

ID: hhrpirk

Yup I second this. Best to learn the basics now and try not to care about how much you die. Once wipe rolls around you'll have a much easier time getting right into the game with everyone else.

ID: hhrtrnk

This is terrible advice.

Best time is to start now before a wipe. Learn what to do and not to do and you’ll have a huge head start on wipe.

ID: hhrycjm

I started in the last 3 weeks of a wipe, with no one to teach me. It's brutal, and frustrating but I stick it out for the highs and I haven't stopped since. Playing hardcore now.

25 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:48 ID: hhrpns0

no it doesnt


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