First graphics card

1 : Anonymous2021/11/07 16:26 ID: qorxyn

Just wanted to say i found my first graphics card finally! Didnt expect to find one on woods but it was in the town next to bridge v exit in the house thats alone on one side of the street in the top floor duffle bag in case you're in the area yall! Good luck

2 : Anonymous2021/11/07 16:45 ID: hjox247

It's funny that you're describing the "computer house" as we call it. And then instead of finding it in the box that has a tech spawn in it, you find it in a duffle upstairs.

ID: hjp3i3o

I still dislike dynamic loot but that is where i keep mine

ID: hjqfno1

Dynamic loot killed my fun rat runs where I'd run to my favorite loot spots, put something good in my butt, then run off chasing gunshots to get into a fight with my rat pistol. Now all I have to entertain myself is exit camping lol.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/07 16:28 ID: hjouhwd

The few I have that were found and not crafted were all found in caches. Woods has some good spawns, you can get an ophthalmoscope from the USEC camp

ID: hjoxwg6

I need to watch a vid on caches i only know of one so far on woods and two on customs lol this is my first wipe

ID: hjple6q

I ran a metric shit-ton of woods when I didn't know how to Tarkov (before the update.) I still have yet to memorize the newer stashes and have to use a map, when I'm feeling jazzy, but here goes:

-I try to grab the three in a route by old station, there's one at the rock that's towards the hills, tucked away ---->this is succeeded by the one in the rift nearby, followed by the one in the bush on the other side, then to the one by the airplane (semi-fallen tree)

-after that I just kinda fuck off around the old crescent of the map and will hit the logging cabin, maybe dead Scav, and the one in the bushes by outskirts (second bush before the dip to the water after dead man's place)

ID: hjpoe4w

Also my first wipe im level 38 and actually getting decent at game but i havnt found any graphics cards, ledxs or some kind of cases like med or money...

ID: hjq51j5

Interchange is also good to cache run since most people will be in the mall

ID: hjpgsrd

i saw one of those at the doctors office a few weeks ago and my tarkov brain just went haywire

4 : Anonymous2021/11/07 17:35 ID: hjp4p26

I never found one in raid. I got two from other quests then took 96 hours to craft one, fml

ID: hjp5s1p

What does it require to craft as far as materials and what hideout module?

ID: hjp67cw

Intelligence center 2. Altogether like 8-10mil rubles invested in the hideout and absolutely spamming the flea market for stuff. Just upgrade everything you can in the hideout that it says it requires.

ID: hjq3fcj

same here. got like 90 left cuz I rarely turn power on

5 : Anonymous2021/11/07 21:28 ID: hjq4gpm

To anyone complaining about dynamic loot, stop rushing spawns and high tier “loot areas” and play the game and it’s amazing what you will find.

ID: hjqahre

Yeah i think it just adds more variation to each match while as a side affect makes people move around more. The guys who got 1000 hours in this shit cry anytime something changes because they don't know everything all of a sudden and give us (at least me) new players a chance to make some damn money.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/07 16:51 ID: hjoy163

Thanks for the down votes yall toxic asf lol

ID: hjp27vl

My guess for the downvote is that you found it in a duffle bag, which every duffle bag on any map in the game has a chance to spawn a gpu, very small but still a chance .

Good find though!!

ID: hjp2dk9

Yeah i didnt know that this is my first wipe and i tend to skip over them sometimes lol

ID: hjp8z7y

technically speaking, a downvote isn’t toxic. collective votes represent what the community wants or does not want to see. congrats on finding it though

ID: hjpb6da

I understand the point of the votes but im just confused on why down vote something that is nothing but advice. Im new to the game and now understand that every duffle can spawn them but how hard is it to just scroll past my post if they don't find it useful as opposed to actively down voting it for what reason? Thank you though.

ID: hjpdldw

There’s a few people on this subreddit that downvote literally every single post, I wouldn’t think too much of it.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/07 19:48 ID: hjpp46c


8 : Anonymous2021/11/07 20:15 ID: hjptb04

I’ve found 3 gpus and a tetriz loose on the floor of the back room of that house. Next to the couch in front of the wardrobe thing.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/07 22:11 ID: hjqaqnw

If you found it in a container then the location is irrelevant. You could have found that GPU in ANY duffle bag on the entire map.

ID: hjqegci

Sorry, ill keep it to myself next time sir.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/07 23:13 ID: hjqjcab

I also found my first one today this wipe.. In a duffle bag in one of the little green towers on Reserve.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/07 19:10 ID: hjpj9wf

Dumbest place for a graphics card. Dynamic loot is brutal so far.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/07 20:56 ID: hjpzoro

I find one or two on customs inside computers tbh.


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