I finally saved a billion rubles in total assets.

1 : Anonymous2021/11/22 15:25 ID: qznvkr

I finally saved a billion rubles in total assets.

First of all, I am a Japanese who is not good at English, so I am using a translator to post this.

I apologize if the text is hard to read.

I have posted on this forum before, and everyone has told me about players who have saved a lot of rubles.

All the players were very nice and good at their games and making their money efficiently.

I was not able to earn as much money as they did because I am not that good at the game of shooting each other with guns, but I learned the map well and decided to earn money by thinking about the location of almost all the route items and PMC movement routes in WOODS at night.

As a result, I finally succeeded in accumulating 1 billion rubles in total assets, although it took a long time because I was not that efficient.

Tarkov can win money by shooting at each other.

It is possible to win money by shooting each other, but it is also possible to collect money without shooting each other like I did.

I'm very grateful to my friends who gave me information on this forum, and to everyone who supported me to save rubles during the game delivery.

Thank you.

I also heard that there is a big update planned for the future.

I hope to continue to enjoy this game.

2 : Anonymous2021/11/22 16:25 ID: hlnjrh4

Yo share your translator because this post isn't hard to understand at all lol

ID: hlnlq16

Not the OP here but deepl.com is best for most of the languages:)

ID: hlntlvh

I work for a Japanese company at a facility in the US. We all use deepl for business communication; it is really beyond compare

ID: hlnu3k4

Yeah it's far better than google's, but I heard it's still going to troll your ass if you're not careful with languages like Japanese where topic subjects are usually determined from context, something a translation app has an extremely difficult time figuring out.

ID: hlnrl24

can confirm

ID: hlohuet

Deepl is great and also reverso context is insanely good. IM learning French and german is they are the shit for this

3 : Anonymous2021/11/22 17:42 ID: hlnv97e

It is possible to win money by shooting each other, but it is also possible to collect money without shooting each other

For some reason I found this very profound.

ID: hlo6srg

Bro me too, reads like something Plato would have said

ID: hloa6k5

Yeah right, I’m going to be hearing that in my head the next time I head eyes some level 4 Timmy with a mag of M61

4 : Anonymous2021/11/22 15:35 ID: hlnch3o

This confirms my belief that Woods is one of the best maps to make money on.

It’s big and difficult to learn but fairly easy to play once you understand it.

ID: hlne6q7

I mean you can find 3+ sugar on woods a raid Pretty good chance for moonshine and high value suppressors and night vision

ID: hlnf00s

My best woods raid was 2 moonshines, rotex2 (MP7 suppressor), golden star, 3 sugars, GP, golden rooster, 40 SNV, 30 BS, R43 7.62x 54 suppressor, W222, 3 condensed milks, and other not that valuable items

Total: 900,000-1,000,000 roubles

Your just need to be lucky and know where things spawn

ID: hlnixho

Ive been playing for my 2-3 wipe now and ive never encountered moonshine

Thats actually a thing?

ID: hlnmw2u

I made like 120k RUB just from suppressors I found in USEC camp today on woods. Also I found a sick M4 which sold for around 60k RUB

ID: hlndjfw

You can make a lot of money, but it also looks like he just plays night raids and avoids people. He’s on a 67 raid survival streak for fucks sake lol. And over 2000 raids this wipe with like 200 pmc kills. Not hard to build up money when you never have to spend it

ID: hlnqtuj

76 raid survival streak is not easy even when you are intentionally avoiding people lol. That's nuts

ID: hlneklb

Agreed. High survival rate and a full couch back packs and you’ll have some money. Even running your scav on Woods whenever it comes up you’ll have some money.

Not many people are interested in going to the extreme of running woods at night to make more money that you really need. It’s way more fun to chase down fights.

ID: hlo5tza

Woods is the best for making money safely, Reserve is the best by a large margin but comes with much more risk.

ID: hlo8e92

Haha yeah, I need to play that map more and learn the loot spawns. Seems like I always get in big fights on that map. Lots of fun. But not always profitable.

ID: hlollpk

Or you can scav interchange and get 100-300k in bullshit items. I do that 10 times and I have my money to pvp on come the weekend

ID: hlnvfev

You can make money on any map. Making money is the easiest part in tarkov 🙂

ID: hlnvs65

Yeah you just have to find one you like making money on. I spent a lot of time in northern Minnesota. Woods feels like home to me ….

5 : Anonymous2021/11/22 16:03 ID: hlnggen

Absolute sigma. Avoids confrontation, keeps head down and grinds to 1b stash value, literally cannot die

ID: hlofbhn

I bet this man drops his guns to carry spare altyns just to wear after an enemy spends 3 mags destroying the first one

6 : Anonymous2021/11/22 17:29 ID: hlnt72c

Show some pics of your stash. I want to see what a billion in assets looks like.

ID: hlp6pwa

Probably mostly empty because he only cares about money lol. The Warren Buffet of Tarkov.

ID: hlp8wgi

I miss the open market without the found in raid restriction. I used to make a killing buying and selling items when prices would rise and fall when I was just watching tv or working from home. I had spreadsheets tracking prices and profitable gun builds.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/22 16:33 ID: hlnku2z

67 current survival steak !!!!! Gg man. Also, translation was hella good, better than some native English speakers lol

ID: hlo5ofk

He money runs woods at night. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled away during engagements to secure the loot too.

Nothing wrong with it, but without the pvp pressure, that’s stats makes sense.

ID: hlnx2zn

If you did over 2000 raids and only killed 225 PMC's with 449 deaths you would probably have that streak too lmao

ID: hlo1b15

Exactly the money is impressive but I can’t imagine being lvl 61 with about 60 less pmc kills than I have at lvl 42. That’s a shit ton of raids with absolutely nothing going on.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/22 16:35 ID: hlnl6x3

Damn. Google translator looking good. You can tell some parts but its subtle.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/22 15:36 ID: hlncmc1

Everything indicates that it's time to spend this hard earned money, there's a wipe planned in the near future, probably december or january.

It's a good way to train shooting at people, you have the money to spare and you won't get better without trying.

ID: hlnwtgz

Time to T-7 thermal and FLIR main.

ID: hlox23y

For real . He said he's not that great at pvp . He basically has infinite money now . May as well just run some Chad gear and try to get better at pvp if that's something he wants to do

10 : Anonymous2021/11/22 16:38 ID: hlnlkvq

Thank you for this, much needed, wholesome post 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

11 : Anonymous2021/11/22 17:44 ID: hlnvkjw

Congratulations on becoming a Tarkov billionaire! Always glad to see a fellow Woodsman - the map seems almost criminally underrated for loot. Lots of exits, too.

ID: hlo84vh

I think its pretty accurately rated

12 : Anonymous2021/11/22 17:23 ID: hlnscof

74% SR good lord my dude

13 : Anonymous2021/11/22 17:49 ID: hlnwd5n

i think we found the rat king

14 : Anonymous2021/11/22 17:39 ID: hlnuq3t

Now start spending on top tear meta equipment and maybe you will defeat lvl 3 4 equipment chads, good training before possible wipe in next update (december?)

ID: hlod4dg

Since when is level 3 armor a chad lol

ID: hloh3fj

That's not a Chad, that's a Chet.

ID: hlonkbz

chad means player with great skills who can beat anyone or was that just anybody wearing lvl6 shit?

15 : Anonymous2021/11/22 17:41 ID: hlnv3pw

You look like an absolute mad lad

16 : Anonymous2021/11/22 19:54 ID: hlof4a1

Now its confirmed, some are just better than me

ID: hloo0jm

Fellow trash here.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:09 ID: hloqe5e

67 survives in a row. What a god.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:36 ID: hloueki

Woods is the best kept secret in Tarkov. All wipe ive been hovering around 5mil and not even 2 weeks ago I started running 1 scav run and 1 pmc run a day on woods and I'm at 24million roubles already. Just built my bitcoin farm and scav case (built with all fir items found on woods) there are 3 paths I do and usually leave with no less then 500k of loot every run. I don't hunt shtrurman but now that I have the roubles I will be bringing in a ssk key every raid to make even more.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/22 17:06 ID: hlnpqqg

よくやった 🙂


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