Do not spam discord on every post put some effort into it.

1 : Anonymous2020/03/06 20:37 ID: fejs5t

I know you want to promote your discord but atleast put some effort into your posts. Let's also try to keep the toxicity down folks. We're all here to game and look for friendly people.

2 : Anonymous2020/03/06 22:05 ID: fjopi5v

Yeah, I will agree, some people like to post the exact same thing, over and over.

I try to make sure all my recruiters are posting messages unique to the post they are commenting on. Apologies if there have been a few copy/pastas.

As for the main posts we make, I only post them once a week.
Feel free to let me know if this is too often and I'll relay any messages you have to my recruiters.

ID: fjuforv

I don't mind copy and paste too much but some people are just spamming a discord link. Unique and original posts I feel would get a better turn out.

3 : Anonymous2020/03/06 21:00 ID: fjoiiqb

Thank you!

ID: fjojyyi

I wasn't aware it was a problem, If there any problems you can contact me.

4 : Anonymous2020/08/30 03:07 ID: g3bdpn0

looking for players to play on our new discord server in game give aways on the 1st of every month


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