Locked out of my EOD account of 2 years

1 : Anonymous2021/12/11 21:09 ID: re8wue

Been playing thus game for two years now. The email I used to register with BSG was compromised months ago, and I no longer have access to it. I saw this as a potential issue and messaged BSG about it this summer with no response. I had been able to play just no changing settings on my profile. Aw then today comes along, need to verify to login to play. Click “I Can’t” my only other option “email” the same email I registered the account with. Why am I on here bitching? Well the email I want it switched to, is the email I actually purchased, then upgraded Tarkov with, is tied to my real name and I have all the receipts. Been emailing BSG every other week for about two month now askinf what I can do to make the change so I can verify. Silence on their end. Huge bummer as I was responsible for 4 of my friends buying EOD and its that time of year we all hop back on again, but I am locked out of my account because of an old email. There has to be a better way.

(And no thank you EA, had the same issue with them, told me to repurchase my $500 game catalog that was almost 15 years old, after providing card numbers, addresses, i.p. Addresses, blood type, my first born, literally anything to just update an email address) no luck, done with them forever.

Someone at BSG please give a loyal customer a helping hand for Christmas. I got all the receipts.

2 : Anonymous2021/12/11 21:54 ID: ho65zf7

Their customer support is really fucking terrible and they do not get enough shit for it.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/11 21:39 ID: ho641kk

Upvoted hope you get your account back.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/11 21:58 ID: ho66jpy

Give this guy a hand my guy.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/11 22:29 ID: ho6alnj

Stuff like this is why I don't want to upgrade my standard account and why I want to stick to steam only.

Sorry to hear all that, wish you all the best in getting your account back!

ID: ho6ay5k

These situations are relatively rare, as long as you don’t lose access to your email you shouldn’t have problems.

ID: ho6fhcm

The biggest reason on why I'm holding out on upgrading is because of an post a few months ago where the guy was gifted a standard account, decided to upgrade it with his own credit card and then somehow got locked out of his account and the support couldn't help him because he got the game gifted.

I'm in the same boat. Got the game gifted. Friend isn't around anymore (still alive but no contact). Ever since I've read that post I'm uncomfortable in upgrading to EOD

6 : Anonymous2021/12/11 22:10 ID: ho682dw
7 : Anonymous2021/12/11 22:42 ID: ho6ccx4

I know it's similar to the "get more servers" argument but if they'd just hire a handful of people, not a high payrate or anything to be fair, just to sort through and escalate these issues... like dispatch for a service desk or something. It would really go a long way.

ID: ho6kt4m

Somewhat another symptom of the non recurring revenue/ lack of microtransactions. Harder to justify recurring expenses when your sales are just slowly dwindling and you have no recurring revenue outside of not helping people so they eventually rebuy or cheaters buying legit accounts over and over.

All they do is occasionally fix the odd problem here and there and have someone monitoring reddit because i've seen them jump in here numerous times over outstanding issues.

If you have microtransactions the more they play the game the more likely they are to eventually spend money on the game.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/11 23:20 ID: ho6hex6

You've got to message the mods on here. I ran through this mess with them and it took a good two-ish months to resolve back and forth between microsoft support (hotmail account) and bsg.

We eventually got it done. Lmk if you need any help outside of what you posted here

9 : Anonymous2021/12/11 22:21 ID: ho69ik5

Oi, Nikita C'mon bruh....

10 : Anonymous2021/12/11 22:28 ID: ho6ajl0
11 : Anonymous2021/12/11 22:35 ID: ho6bfm1

Yeah that’s the really shitty part about this game. There’s no customer support whatsoever. I’ve heard of one person getting an issue resolved but apparently it took BSG around 30 days to reply. Looks like you’ve already tried that. Unfortunately you are gonna have to rebuy the game. My tinfoil hat theory is that they intentionally have bad support so people rebuy the game since they know how addicted you are to it. But they probably just don’t care to spend the money on a support department.

If anything, this is what’s keeping the game from mainstream play. You have to go through only them and only their launcher, and have no customer support options for the myriad of issues people experience.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/11 22:27 ID: ho6adxa

Wishing you luck bud have a friend with same problem as yourself..

13 : Anonymous2021/12/11 22:43 ID: ho6ch2u
14 : Anonymous2021/12/11 23:13 ID: ho6gj3o

I have a mate in the same position, it's horrible


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