Everyone that already had L3 generator before today’s changes should get a message saying their generator broke down and they now need 7x metal parts to repair it.

1 : Anonymous2021/12/26 15:55 ID: rozk9o

It’s called balance.

2 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:20 ID: hq2221c

In a week or so there will be a new craft added to workbench lev 1 that will produce metal parts, or the price will crash. I’m in no rush.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/26 17:09 ID: hq1jvl3


this happens every wipe. either spend a gorillion on hoses in the first 4 days of the wipe or get fucked with changes like this. welcome to tarkov.

ID: hq1m6h0

That you put it this way, it kinda works both ways… Both sides spend a “gorillion” lmao

ID: hq25oed

Car batteries are already a great example. They've dropped like crazy just in the past few days but start off astronomically expensive. From ~130k to ~90k. 950k for a tank battery right now. haha.

Graphics cards are the opposite though. Dirt cheap relative to their price late wipe. Last wipe they were 90-120k early wipe (within the first week) but 1.1 million (highest I saw) last wipe. Same is happening now. They are creeping up. 375-400k two days ago. 430k yesterday.

ID: hq1ujjr

One thing people absolutely forget is that 1 rouble on Day 3 of the wipe, is like the value of 1000 roubles on Day 103. Inflation in this game is real, it just doesn't always look as serious as it is, because the amounts you pay for things stay stable on lots of items. But, infinity stuff is created by people playing the game, the supply can only go up, and the demand can only go down. While the markets look stable, the reality is, everyone is paying way more for everything early, it just doesn't visually look like it. There are just less total roubles in the economy.

ID: hq1usa6

I rush hideout as far as I can early wipe. Prior to the flea market level change, it was super OP for generating cash early wipe.

I still do it because I recall the damn solar panel changes that made that basically unattainable without massive grinding.

ID: hq1zk99

Are solar panels even remotely worth it? Fuel isn't expensive if you buy it directly from Jäger and you only need to get one per day

ID: hq2079z

Yeah. That one was like 12 million euros. Op knows nothing of pain.

ID: hq2bsz2

Or do like I do and get a gorillion from selling everything on the Flea and then upgrading my hideout a few weeks later for a pittance! 😀

4 : Anonymous2021/12/26 21:52 ID: hq2l4mv

It really doesn't matter that much guys, I used to lose motivation to play knowing my mates and others were steaming ahead of me progression wise while I didn't get the chance to play as much. Had kick myself out of that mindset as ultimately it's only me who's suffering.... There are clearly thousands and thousands of people playing this game, some of them are ahead, while still a good portion are going to be "behind" Try not to worry about how you are doing compared to others and enjoy the game the best you can. If you don't have that great gear, well that's Tarkov, that's where you have to find enjoyment in that punishing slow progression. If you compare yourself to others in a game like this you are setting yourself up to be salty and not enjoy the core mechanics of the game. Or, just play something else.

I know there are obviously things BSG could do, but you can also help yourself by trying to think about it objectively.

It's a bloody hard game by modern standards. Enjoy it for what it is or don't.

Man I'm getting too old haha

5 : Anonymous2021/12/26 21:07 ID: hq2f3r0

It's the same every wipe lol. It's as if they specifically let chads drive past before they put up the roadblocks.

It's not even worth complaining about anymore, there's no way it's not intentional.

ID: hq2hxbs

said the same thing today 😀 100% intentional

ID: hq2pna1

Genuinely curious, if it is intentional what do BSG gain from it?

ID: hq2qgk2

Let's calm down. I think this is probably just Hanlon's razor -- they change balance and expect it to matter, then realize they didn't do enough and try to fix it afterwards to the detriment of 98% of the playerbase. They don't care about the 2% of chads that slip through (until maybe there is backlash like this). Why don't they care? Because the game is in alpha, years away from being feature complete, and the hiccup that they hit on this iteration is irrelevant in the long run.

That said I totally do agree that it's unfair, and it would be trivial for them to do something about it, so they should do that. I also believe that they don't necessarily respect the playerbase that has paid to play in the alpha enough and they should dedicate one or two engineers to full time active balance. They could learn a lot by having continuous balance adjustments.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/26 16:47 ID: hq1gu25

Even if they did, I've already found them all. They are so easy to get.

ID: hq1pi07


ID: hq1qurf

I've found them mostly in Oli, the 3 tiered shelves near the registers, and on Lighthouse at the beach and the construction area on the main road.

ID: hq1ttsg

I only found one on woods - but hope it will help someone. Location: a bit north of ZB014 when the concrete wall ends, laying on the few more concrete panels.

Most of my friends found ones are from interchange tho.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/26 18:42 ID: hq1wkup

Hello magic-gaming, I’m sorry to inform you but your generator broke down. I can repair it for you but it will take 7 metal parts.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/26 21:02 ID: hq2efwi

seriously.. this punishes everyone but the mega chads who its geared for to slow progression, not let the ones ahead stay ahead by giving everyone else massive roadblocks after them

9 : Anonymous2021/12/26 16:21 ID: hq1dfhd

While I disagree with shit like this, it does fucking suck that they add a new part that's weighing in big time prices on the flea right now. Feels bad.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/26 17:00 ID: hq1ioqv

What about the people who paid millions for medical parts and matches before the spawn rate was increased? That change affected them negatively so maybe they should be compensated?

Or maybe we accept that there are pros and cons to both approaches instead of whining when something affects you.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/26 17:40 ID: hq1o0h9

ITT: people who don't realize that this will only severely screw over people with lvl3 generators since a broken one is worse than a working lvl2 generator. Also, this will also screw over people with lvl1/2 gen because the lvl3 players' demand for the part will put even more pressure on the market for metal parts.
I'd bet my left balls OP is actually hoarding 100 metal parts in his scav junkbox to sell at a 10x markup if this gets implemented.

ID: hq1xmvb

also people who rushed lvl 3 in stuff did end up spending a lot to get that high early on. people forget that early wipe rubles are way more worthwhile so people investing into hideout even say 10k is same as an item costing 500k few weeks later.

ID: hq2dqxn

Nah stuff is still expensive as hell

12 : Anonymous2021/12/26 18:42 ID: hq1why1

Welcome to Grindkov. The whole game is literally designed to be the biggest grind ever.

ID: hq2rlfq

So excited for when wipes are no longer a thing. I’ll never play the wiped character

13 : Anonymous2021/12/26 17:08 ID: hq1jq96

All of these posts bitching about this and you're all completely ignorant to the fact that some of us had to pay 500k per med tool and 1.5mil for military hoses so we could rush our hideouts. Suck it up.

ID: hq1pwjn

You still need to pay 1.5kk for military hoses. And med tools went for 300-400k.

ID: hq1ol1n

There's a categorical difference between paying more for something by choice when there's a perfectly viable alternative of waiting, and being forced to pay fo

" class="reddit-press-subreddit-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
an upgrade item that a large number of people didn't have to pay fo" class="reddit-press-subreddit-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

It's like the Solar nerf two wipes ago, when the AESA requirement went from 2 to 4. Rushing or not rushing had nothing to do with the fact that people who were unlucky enough to not rush had to find two more ultrarare items. Similar situation here, I'd say, even separate from the rushing question.

ID: hq1q4j7

There is still the alternative of waiting on the new stuff… which is what I’m doing

ID: hq1q05t

choice when there's a perfectly viable alternative of waiting

so suck it up and wait for metal spare parts to be cheaper, you hypocrite.

ID: hq23xkw

Why isn't the "perfectly viable alternative of waiting" working now then?

ID: hq1s24f


ID: hq1ub6p

Mil Hoses are still fucked in price, and probably won't change anytime soon since the only place I've heard of them spawning is on Lighthouse

ID: hq1v6af

"had to"

ID: hq2c0xr

suck my balls up

ID: hq1rvpc

Thats the "i dont want free college tuition, because back in my day we had to pay!" in tarkov.

You stand in the way of progress because following Generations will have It easier? Jesus

ID: hq1qdv3

It’s hardly “bitching”. I already got L3 generator. And you didn’t “have to” pay for the items to get ahead early, that was your choice because you want an advantage, having things actually forced on you is quite different.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/26 22:17 ID: hq2obzj

I have an almost fully upgraded hideout and I'm not opposed to this kind of change. I can totally understand the complaints.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:21 ID: hq225v9

100 fucking percent. This was some bullshit.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:24 ID: hq22lun

Jeesus christ, all these no life grinders trying to defend themselves; "what about when we bought some parts for obscene prices?".Well, first of all, just because you were early, doesn't mean you bought your parts and second, YOU CHOOSE TO PAY THAT PRICE AS AN INVESTMENT, because you KNOW you're ahead early in the wipe and you will be getting so much money afterwards, by selling the same shit with same prices to so many players who are still yet build most of their hide out stuff. Don't try to bullshit me. This is unfair and you know it.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/26 15:57 ID: hq1a9hk

I disagree however I do wish they wouldn't make changes mid wipe

ID: hq1hfp4

I said the same thing in another thread and got downvoted to hell by people saying 'what do you mean in the middle, its been two weeks' and 'So dont make changes in a beta?' and so on.

ID: hq1rfck

People get so hung up on words. There's changes for the initial wipe from the patch, changes made after the patch has been live, and changes before the next wipe or events. Looks pretty middle of the wipe cycle to me

18 : Anonymous2021/12/26 20:28 ID: hq2amhn

It's really fucking dumb to make something this much harde

to upgrade mid-wipe

19 : Anonymous2021/12/26 18:36 ID: hq1vqzf

it sucks that BSG always pull this shit, last wipe they also did the same thing.

how hard is it to either punish everyone or nobody ? only fucking over your players that have a job is so dumb

20 : Anonymous2021/12/26 18:16 ID: hq1swfz

Christ. I don't really care. Go farm roubles, find the parts, whatever. Shit changes. Are you really at such a disadvantage because your work bench is one level less than some other people? Who cares.

Electric drills were going for a quarter mil now they are 70k so things go the other way, too. Not to mention the gas analyzers and hunting matches were rarer before. At least you can craft metal parts.

Stop whining. Play the game. Not everything in this world needs to be equal. Gey over it. Be glad people aren't running t5 armor and the best ammo every raid 2 days into the wipe.

21 : Anonymous2021/12/26 20:02 ID: hq27vb6

People who demand this are the same people who come into a store 1 week after an offer ended and moan about how they were on holidays and couldn't be there while it was on and how they should still get it because they're entitled.

22 : Anonymous2021/12/26 21:11 ID: hq2fof0

I dunno bro, games in beta and these nolifers are going to get it faster than us anyway.


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