[Warning] Critical bug – you lose fence rep as PMC if you kill pScavs.

1 : Anonymous2021/12/26 18:21 ID: rp2kfg
[Warning] Critical bug - you lose fence rep as PMC if you kill pScavs.
2 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:12 ID: hq20woj

Not a problem someone always kill me before pScavs spawn. 🙂

ID: hq2257k

pScavs spawn 3 minutes after PMC spawns in lighthouse, so don't worry you'll meet one soon enough 🙂

ID: hq22d6v

It was a joke I think

ID: hq2s112

I swear i spawn in literally right when PMCs do on interchange, its so fucking annoying. I would be fine if it was here and there but its every raid

3 : Anonymous2021/12/26 18:51 ID: hq1xu2e

I was wondering about this to because I've been killing all the scavs I've seen since yesterday and then looked at fence and I was in the negative haven't killed Santa and was wondering wtf happened.

ID: hq2lvww

Finally an explanation, I was wondering what happened to my Fence rep. Yesterday i was 0.69 in the morning and I remembered it ( cuz you know.. 69 heh) by the the afternoon I was 0.70+ and today I am 0.67.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:25 ID: hq22rox

So that is what happened to me.

I might as well accept ok going down to -6 eventually. Something always happens that sets me back.

It takes 10 runs to undo one kill

ID: hq2acg7

Or one car extract to undo 2.5 kills.

ID: hq2aoy4

works only once, then halves in effect every time. Assuming he already used it this wipe, it won't be useful.

ID: hq2fo2y

Ur forgetting that car extract only gives u 0.25 during the first extraction. Then its 0.13->0.08->0.06->0.05->0.03->0.01->0.01...

ID: hq2rk4q

Stop offering this as a sollution. It would be like when people were robbed of millions of rubles and then just telling them "loot some stuff and sell it bro it's as easy as that, or you can do quests bro and get money that way bro there is no reason to cry about it". Also car extract is not as easy as "rinse and repeat" because they are located in highly trafficed areas where you might die or someone could have already used it. Not everyone is a no lifer that got time to regain heaps of lost Fence rep. I went from 2.10 to -0.1 because I wasn't paying attention to the end screen and that's hours upon hours of work even if I do use car extracts.

ID: hq2d0t6

What is a car extract?

5 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:45 ID: hq25jdj

i got rep by killing a traitor scav yesterday

ID: hq2odr4

That is normal intended behaviour

ID: hq2qkfy

Unless he meant when he was a PMC, as I am fairly certain that is not intended.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/26 18:44 ID: hq1wsi3

finally someone who make a post about this bug

ID: hq1x7mf

yeah I figured I had to, since most of the redditors here usually don't actually play the game.
Half the time they complain about bots buying up M61 to resell it at a higher price or whatever. So many people who stopped playing 2 years ago, but still come to the subreddit to voice their opinions on how the game should be in the hopes that the game goes in the direction they want so they can install the game again lmfao.

ID: hq2s64o

Hate to say this, but a bunch of these posts got made yesterday when the bug was found. Ofc the mods removed most if not all of them...

ID: hq25wp4

Maybe those comments get buried on /new because I haven’t seen those complaints ever since that flea change?

ID: hq267mc

Lol I enjoy the thought of playing this game. This is everything I want in a game. However the frustration of bugs, latency issues, and general Tarkovness keeps me on the outside looking in. I’m probably going to go start it up again in the next couple days and then 3 hours later will uninstall it in a profanity-laced rage after unloading a full clip into a PMC with his back turned to me while dying to his single 180 headshot.

ID: hq2vg5n

I've seen a few posts about it, including my own hahaha

7 : Anonymous2021/12/26 20:53 ID: hq2db2p

Oh nice, atleast yours didnt get removed. My post did get removed by Mr. Mod for whatever reason. Please send a bug report @ all

8 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:35 ID: hq2471f

Slightly related, could there also be a bug with killing PMCs as a scav? One killed my brother and I got .03 for helping scavs, but nothing for actually killing the PMC. Perhaps that just how low it is but I thought it was like .1 for a PMC kill

ID: hq253ia

it is 0.02 to 0.03 depending how many scav the pmc killed. 0.05 bonus if he killed or injured a boss on the map. You lose 0.1 if you kill someone not taged at a "traitor"

9 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:23 ID: hq22g5u

Lol.. at this point, with all "Santa SCAV", stuff about killing SCAVs around Christmas tree, etc., i'm thinking it's not a "bug", but BSG wanting to tank Everyone's Fence standing.

ID: hq23vjk

With the stash "1" ruble "1" ammo wipe bug that happened 2 days ago that only affected players playing at the moment of the bug, and now this, it really seems like the ones who "escaped tarkov" are winning.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:23 ID: hq22f76

This is dumb as fuck. If it's intentional, it's fucking stupid. If it's not, why the hell are they ignoring all the posts about it

ID: hq25pa3

This is the first post I've seen about it. I don't know that means anything but it's odd to claim that BSG are ignoring all the posts about it. It's possible this is the first one they've seen too. Also it's Sunday so...

ID: hq23gnw

Yup, haven't touched the game since the update. This is one of the bigger gamebreaking bugs yet they don't do anything?

ID: hq2485d

How could you even know they’re “not doing anything”? The last patch was 24 hours ago, people need to sleep you know. Quit spazzing out and give them a couple days, Jesus Christ.

ID: hq29qvj

Lmao “game breaking”

11 : Anonymous2021/12/26 21:54 ID: hq2letg

Is this why I suddenly lost all of my scav rep? I didn’t even kill Santa and I lost over 0.5

12 : Anonymous2021/12/26 22:36 ID: hq2qr2k

Lost 0.01 rep after killing scavs, all of whom shot at me.

Slightly ridiculous, kinda breaks the game. hopefully it gets fixed soon and with more ways to increase scav rep

13 : Anonymous2021/12/26 22:49 ID: hq2sexi

How much spaghetti does your code have to be for this to happen? lel

ID: hq2w7m8

Slightly less than is required to create an item that accidentally gives people wallhacks.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:42 ID: hq256mt

Gotta love constantly being fucked by BSG when trying to level scav karma

15 : Anonymous2021/12/26 21:19 ID: hq2gqdu

I posted about it before you and gut removed by rule 8.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:30 ID: hq23dui

Now I understand how I'm -20 with Fence

17 : Anonymous2021/12/26 21:26 ID: hq2hqmr

Perfect time to get them Scav/PMC extract bois

18 : Anonymous2021/12/26 22:41 ID: hq2rcne

7 scav kills, -.10

2 scav kills, -.11

The numbers aren't even consistent.

19 : Anonymous2021/12/26 22:12 ID: hq2nmaf

The current system is absolutely fucked, you can’t defend yourself if you are trying to gain karma, and in those split second decisions you make trying to kill a pmc you may end up killing a player scav and lose rep if they haven’t shot you first. I go into factory games and 80% of scav players just brainlessly kill anything that moves, I guess the 10 games you have to play to undo 1 scav kill turns people to the dark side…

20 : Anonymous2021/12/26 20:14 ID: hq29br1

I don't care what kind of opinion this is, but FUCK scav rep

ID: hq2c7ma

I mean, I'm the one getting easy labs cards for free, not you

ID: hq2dqtt

"for free"

Everything is a time investment, you're not getting it for free. If anything you're paying for your scav time with exp/soft skills that you could be getting on your PMC.

21 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:54 ID: hq26tzm

what is pScav

ID: hq27g8m

player scav, contrary to AI scav

22 : Anonymous2021/12/26 19:35 ID: hq243c6

Gotta love how every wipe we get the same exact bugs, they implement a band-aid fix and the next patch it gets broken again because they didn't fix the original code...

ID: hq24j0e

was this ever an issue in the past? I don't recall.

ID: hq25df0

It was not. Some people are just complainers.

23 : Anonymous2021/12/26 22:56 ID: hq2tcdu

The pussification of Tarkov.


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