Flea ban are REALLY affecting hardcore players

1 : Anonymous2021/12/26 05:32 ID: roqadl

Seeing lots of streamers lvl42+, I was like holy, casual players are going to be bullied by m855a1 m61 bs, but no, they are still running mid tier ammo mainly because the flea ban and the limit amount from trader, and I think its great. Last wipe at this time already seen streamers abusing mk47 with bp ammo, this wipe they have trouble go through every t4 armour. Hope this will stay a bit longer.


Some people saying that they are saving those because no need to use. So it's working as intended isn't it? You are not supposed to spam and buy tons of good ammo unless you use it correctly. The crafting take hours, great ammo can be craft only twice to third a day, and buying limit is low. The point is"LIMITED" not banned to use.

2 : Anonymous2021/12/26 05:59 ID: hpzyiqw

the flea bans are the only reason why me and many others didnt run slicks and altyns day 2 of the wipe. i have seen one altyn guy and no slicks at all. i have yet to be killed by M61, M995/993 etc. im happy with this

ID: hq0fd8r

Jokes on you, Gluhkar blasted me with M993 last night!

ID: hq13d7h

Not to mention the snipers on customs; head-eyes at 200m…

ID: hq08ptr

Happy with the changes too. High tier ammo and armor feels very valuable now, instead of being basically mandatory to buy and run.

It brought the armor and ammo ecosystem back into play so not only one type of ammo and armor is used.

ID: hq0kzfz

My thoughts exactly. I was only a semi Chad last wipe whole my friends were Chad chads. I had to spend a LOT of money to buy m855a1 (or something) Ammo because otherwise the guys we ran into would just eat all my bullets. I didn't have traders leveled up enough to buy it cheap so every pmc run cost me at least 100k on ammo alone, plus either armor etc, it was costing me maybe 500k a run. And cheaping out made PVPing feel pointless

ID: hq1189t

You're pretty lucky, I have been getting killed by M855a1, M62 and SNB more and more this last week. Also saw a full stack of 4 on Shorelime with Altyns, AP 6.3 and probably lvl 5 armor.

ID: hq1rko3

SNB is on the flea. 7n1 is not

3 : Anonymous2021/12/26 09:25 ID: hq0d6gp

Makes finding good ammo in raid feel AMAZING

ID: hq1drw8

Been saying for years that the good shit should be found in raid only and sellable only to traders but people here hated that lol

ID: hq1ycii

That was a very popular opinion here for a long time, obviously some people hated it but this change is a long time coming for a lot of people, myself included

4 : Anonymous2021/12/26 15:54 ID: hq19z7c

This wipe is genuinely the best one yet despite gas analyser changes

ID: hq1p1i7

Can't find gas analyzers, can't find purple ornaments to make gas analyzers. Not lvl 15 yet and can't find gm counters to craft gas analyzers.... I hate this

ID: hq1tmk4

I find them every 2-3 raids on reserve drop-down. I would highly recommend you check there.

ID: hq1s3ee

Reserve, drop down room. Server garage. And the server room. Find them all the time there

ID: hq1yorr

Interchange in idea computer room or tech light German had a few spawns as well

5 : Anonymous2021/12/26 08:33 ID: hq09txe

It’s not even two weeks into the wipe. Anything above tier 4 is armor is pretty rare on a pmc, why waste good ammo.

ID: hq0ip9a

I had a total sadge moment running my sick G28 from weekly quest reward, when I got so many raids deep with it playing with friends, I had to start using my M61 because I completely burned through my M62, lmao. I actually would prefer using M62 right now, especially since I primarily wanted to be killing scavs for Punisher so that's where more of my ammo would go.

ID: hq234t0

m80 has pretty much the same exact pen as m62, maybe you get lucky and go through class 5 in one less shot, it only makes a difference at class 6, it also has higher muzzle velocity, only slightly but I like it

just thought I'd let you know since m80 is much cheaper than m62

6 : Anonymous2021/12/26 07:48 ID: hq06uqx

I guess we're looking at different streamers.

ID: hq06yr9

Idk man, I see landmark using m856a1 and sometimes struggle to beat t4 armour. Yeah he did use m62 though

ID: hq112d7

M62 has 44 pen

56A1 has 37 (like 545 BT)

M62 isn't that big of deal like it was a year ago with 50+pen

ID: hq1eu1k

The man only headshots, and just auto spams when he gets rushed.

The dude is not human

ID: hq07gaq

M856a1 is fine for easily 98%+ of the fights right now, almost everyone I kill right now is wearing level 3/4 armor.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/26 16:06 ID: hq1bfzt

A good amount of the hardcore players like it more as well. I just like how I don't have to grind the shit out of this game to have a chance with the people who spend every day on the game. I like how people who grind definitely have more than me, but I'm not totally hopeless to take them out in a fight.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/26 05:44 ID: hpzx7gm

There are streamers with thousands of rounds of BP already from farming rogues and crafting.

ID: hq0izuj

People who play 8+ hours a day and people who play 8 hours a week are never going to be on equal footing no matter what they do, nor should they be. As much as people want to hate on no lifers, there needs to be perks for no lifeing it, and access to higher tier crafts and vendors is that perk. BUT, the change has done some degree of slowing down of those players and given a bit more agency to more casual players, so in that regard its working as intended. That lvl 35+ you killed, you probably wouldnt have killed when he is running lvl 5+ armor and a face shield a wipe ago. People are still mostly in lvl 4 with limited face protection. This was the goal.

ID: hq0kaq4

It also had the effect of making it so stuff like Kiver and ZSH with faceshields can actually stand a chance (again) as well. Poor man's Killa armor, but it can be pretty damn effective on a place like factory.

ID: hpzxsoc

They can simply buy that at flea before, at least stop them a little bit.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/26 12:40 ID: hq0q6sw

What you don't realize is they are waiting because they are so far ahead. I promise you these guys will have ammo cases full of top ammo.

ID: hq0v41w

they will but they will have a finite supply so there will always be that thought of conservation, which is a good thing. nobody should have a near infinite supply of high tier stuff just because they play more than anyone else. It even helps them really because ive heard the game gets boring when you dont have to worry about death.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/26 06:58 ID: hq039l6

Why would they be bullied by those ammos? I'm not wasting M61 on a guy with a level 4 rig when M80 does the exact same with more flesh dmg for $3/round.

I've seen one Altyn so far and only a few ghezl, nothing else of high tier. I'm saving my ammo like that for when I start seeing geared players regularly, before that I'll be using suitable ammo to pen level 4 or flesh damage with t5 armor so their bullets don't do shit.

ID: hq0za4a

Yeah I’m just not sure how much I enjoy the meta of making sure I’m out of raid every time peacekeeper restocks just so I can get another raids worth of ammo

ID: hq1klti

Global trader limits are just not a fun mechanic. I would much rather each person be limited to a set amount per restock without any global restock mechanics. They could even still have the restock limits be affected by the global market so that if a lot of people are buying an item it's reset limit could be reduced (or increased if demand is low).

From there if they want the market to affect individual items in a more fine tuned way, they could have the cost and restock limit both change within an upper and lower bound based on current demand.

More people buying an item? Increase it's cost and potentially reduce the restock limit. Less people buying an item? The cost can come down a bit and the restock limit can rise. Now you have a reactive global economy without the restock-camping nightmare that global stock limits cause.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/26 11:16 ID: hq0kc0p

No need for a slick when most people have ammo that won't pen level 4, may as well use a trooper or some shit with way higher EHP.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/26 11:56 ID: hq0n00o

If you think that in real life ammo like M995 is pretty scarce, it's used by M249 machine guns to fire on light armored vehicles. An infantryman probably would never even see this kind of stuff. And in a crisis like the one of tarkov they probably would be the first things to disappear on the battlefield.

Mid-tier gear should be the norm, the overgeared chad an exception

ID: hq1jjxu

More importantly a PMC would never carry this type of thing. The question is why? PMCs either replace frontline troops in conflict zones where the fighting is not echelon sized elements, perform security or specific clandestine type operations. You don’t need this type of armament for the vast majority of missions in that respect and the cost completely outweighs any pay your typical PMC is getting. The company would be burning through cash and PMC’s would all have to be spending their imaginary 6-figure salaries on purely job expenses. Why would anyone do it? There’s no opportunity to make that money back.

It’s just never made any sense that these poorly supplied elements have regular access to this type of stuff, in a warzone that is specifically cutoff from supply lines. It’s been pure fantasy the whole time, it’s gear porn. It’s fun for sure, especially for people that like to shoot, go to the range regularly, etc. but for me in EFT it got old after two wipes. The strength of EFT is not the gear porn, it’s the struggle and immersion along the way. The scav life, navigating this complex and hostile environment. But I know this doesn’t speak to everyone. And Nikita’s (BSG’s) gear porn obsession directly conflicts with their vision for the game.

ID: hq1qi0v

Sounds like you would like DayZ.

ID: hq19tqs

That is absolutely incorrect. Green tip is the standard military issue. M995 is more SOTs and such.

Edit: im dumb. Misread

13 : Anonymous2021/12/26 15:02 ID: hq13n5q

Yeah, give it maybe 1 more week. When those people will start to concentrate on farming high end gear from bosses, raiders etc now that they're finished with questing.

And remember what everyone always says to new/casual players? Ammo is important, the weapon doesn't matter. An ADAR with 20 round mag of M995 is better than M4 with 3x 30 rounds of M856A1.

Well, that's obviously no longer a thing.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/26 10:33 ID: hq0hjef

Happy with that.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/26 15:09 ID: hq14g8t

The biggest thing affecting streamers/hardcore guys is the ammo+ergo nerf. Spraying PS ammo in a circle as opposed to shooting BP in a laser beam makes a world of difference.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/26 15:18 ID: hq15gd0

The flea bans are more of a test then actual attempt to "Even" the odds tbh. We might be closer to player auction market then we thought imo.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/26 18:16 ID: hq1sv3y

Headshot with t45 or igolnik is the same you died

18 : Anonymous2021/12/26 13:44 ID: hq0vlk3

This is really the single best change tarkov has made in years.

I always buy slicks/alytns ect as soon as I get flea. Usually they are dirt fuckin cheap because players just need money for hideout and the value you get from them early wipe pales late wipe. You can run 10+ raid with a 600k kit.

This wipe? Back to the golden olden day of 3tm and USEC hat. Double barrel is how cheap? yes please. PS ammo still effective? Wait how much for a AKM? yes please.

Kiver still valuable after first day of wipe? what is this? Wait a sec I haven't looted anything more valuable off a player than a tactec?

Everything is actually useable for the first time ever and I love it.

ID: hq1clh1

It’s the best.

I’m usually sitting on like 10 million and stop even looking at what I’m buying at this point in the wipe.

This wipe I’m shooting PS ammo and ran a reshala guard AK last night because I have $400k. Yeah, I’ve got cases and clothes but I had that shit anyway AND millions on top.

I’ve killed more PMCs this wipe with a higher SR and the cash flow is just not there like it was prior wipes. It’s great.

19 : Anonymous2021/12/26 06:35 ID: hq01gc0

Its not worth to use high tier ammo because you'll over pen and do less damage over all

20 : Anonymous2021/12/26 05:38 ID: hpzwoo3

The real reason we are puttering about with mid tier ammo is that it’s a waste of 995, Igolnik, m61. Not that we don’t have it, it’s not worth bringing into raid.

ID: hq0f2al

It also heats up the weapons very quickly along with having more recoil. It will definitely be necessary to run soon but for now i'm for once opting for M80, BT, and 56A1 over their pen options.

ID: hq0h9ib

Same here. Why waste something I’ll need later. Very few things can’t be done with BT,m80, etc. labs is a different animal, but if I’m puttering around customs or reserve, I’m in a rat rig or a tv110

21 : Anonymous2021/12/26 11:24 ID: hq0kwcl

Cry about it chads. It's rats wipe. The devs are ours!


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