EZway to make₽?

1 : Anonymous2020/04/12 20:56 ID: g04mib

I've been flipping tetriz games for bitcoin and selling them to therapist, as well as disassembling and flipping those M4s you get for bitcoin and gp coins.

I feel like that's too slow even though I'm getting some return on it. I've combed through this sub and found some spreadsheets that I haven't tried yet (on mobile right now) and I feel like I can be doing this a better way.

I'm lvl 18 with level 2 therapist and currently at 2.3mil and about 600k was from my flipping.

2 : Anonymous2020/04/12 21:38 ID: fn7ttir

Flipping limited buy items from traders works at all levels but better at higher level ones

ID: fn7uhzb

I guess I need to up my knowledge on what items are limited buy and what aren't?

Is there a list anywhere for that? I found out about the limit for tetriz to bitcoin after I bought like 6 tetriz at a low price.

3 : Anonymous2020/04/13 03:35 ID: fn8s84g

Honestly flipping specific stuff from vendors is the easiest way to make money. For example, peacekeeper has A LOT of items that make good money when flipped cause ppl stay away from usd. I warn you though sometimes ppl learn about it and you see profit margins dip from time to time.

ID: fn8sja5

I will let u in on a few items. Check jaeger lvl 2 nightforce scope barter and peacekeeper lvl 3 FN5-7 threaded barrel, M855A1, Ragman lvl 3 Ronin

If u take the time to check u can eventually find a few items u can sell for close to 100% profit on flea. Some of the profits may be small but they can add up quickly.

4 : Anonymous2020/04/13 09:12 ID: fn9dvw6

Sell suppressors to skier

ID: fna67oj

Holy shit... Thanks man.

People just don't know they're undercutting the sell price for him.


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