The fastest gaming chair in Tarkov.

1 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:39 ID: rya7vj
The fastest gaming chair in Tarkov.
2 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:19 ID: hrnsmbz

Imagine how long it take him to slow down with inertia.

ID: hrnusw1

Probably leave skid marks behind him

ID: hro2xw8

If I saw him in raid there'd be skid marks behind me.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:55 ID: hrnenwv

fast as fuck boi

ID: hrnsfjt

This is one of the accounts you see on the flea with lvl 96 flea rep just selling stuff or RMTing gear. Probably doesn't engage with other PMCs to avoid having the cheater button smashed next to their name.

ID: hrnvqgd

This really is the smarter way to cheat... I never understood why they'd VOIP let alone kill someone with blatant cheats, but then again their brains are smoother than an egg

ID: hro5w9r

Exactly. Not all people who cheat kill people. Some of them only do it when they HAVE to. They have their wallhack and simply avoid people. A few years back the there was a dude topping the scoreboards on PUBG he got caught for radar use. He just avoided fights took the ones he had to to win rounds.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:40 ID: hrnm377

Shoreline stash runner when they play other map be like:

5 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:13 ID: hrnhknv

how is that guy not instantly banned?

ID: hrnny6u

gotta catch him first!

ID: hrouq2i

Fun fact: Battlestate can only ban someone by shooting them with a dev only accessible .366 BAN round.

ID: hrnwyqm

Run forest runnnn.

ID: hrns0l3

I'm crying right now.

ID: hrnotwz

If you want a serious answer, because its waaay more complicated than it seems.

You could just set it up to ban anyone who travels x distance in x amount of time; seems easy enough right? Anyone who travels 200m in 5 seconds is obviously cheating.

Then timmy with dialup internet hops on and has a lag spike, for him he just walked 200m; but to the server he just went from point A to B instantaneously and thus gets banned for speed hacks.

You could create something that takes ping into account; but then hackers will just throttle their connection to spoof their movement.

Anti-cheat is a constant game of cat and mouse, if BSG behaved like half this sub says they should; there would always be blatant cheaters because they would instantly know how and why they got caught.

ID: hrnt6d3

So, I 100% agree with what you are saying here, in general, but I feel like they could autoban this guy. In full disclosure, I am a programmer, though I am not a game developer, and I do appreciate how complicated something can be, even when it appears very simple on the surface.

For example, you provided a scenario where someone with a lag spike could be banned. Let's ignore the fact that people get kicked from the server for high pings for a second. Even if the lag spiked client sent 2 packets of positional data which we can only assume contains X, Y and Z coordinates, the server should still know how much time has elapsed in reality. With that information, even if the client reported only 2 packets of positional data over 30 seconds, the server would still be able to calculate the maximum possible distance the player could have travelled given the amount of time that has elapsed. If that maximum possible distance was exceeded, then the server could autoban them or flag their account for review. This maximum possible distance calculation would very likely have to ignore environmental obstacles, which would allow speed hacks to go undetected in certain circumstances, but any cheater using a speed hack will inevitably surpass the maximum distance at some point. In this video, the speed hacker would have been caught.

The only caveat to this that I can think of is if a player is falling. The server would have to know if the player was falling so it could adjust its maximum possible travel distance calculations, or the server could just ignore altitude altogether when calculating the maximum possible distance. This would allow cheaters to speed hack up stairwells, though.

If what I am saying is true, it is very likely that BSG has already implemented such a detection feature and they have opted for flagging the account for review as opposed to an autoban. If they haven't implemented this kind of detection, I can only assume they have thought about it, but the performance hit of doing the validation was significant enough for them to re-think a solution. Without knowledge of their implementation details, we can only guess.

Edit: I should say that, as long as the server is logging positional and other relevant data, they could have a service that reviews the data after the raid and autobans/flags accounts that have exceeded the maximum travel distance. This would allow for deeper and more accurate calculations, too, factoring in things like the player's stamina and what speed their character was supposed to be travelling at. I imagine the performance hit would be too significant to do this during a live raid.

Edit: Someone suggested autokicking, which I believe would be far superior to autobanning, especially in light of the fact that a player could innocently exceed maximum travel distance by being launched by some entity because of a glitch. Players who glitched would be inconvenienced by the kick, but speed hackers would be greatly inhibited such that speed hacking wouldn't actually provide any tangible benefit and would likely get them killed while they attempt to reconnect.

ID: hrnrdlp

I want raid replays and an overwatch system so all the haccusators can focus their concerted hatred of cheaters into manually reviewing millions of raids to get a near perfect banrate using the Overwatch system from Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Nobody gets false VAC bans, and cheaters only get a few dozen games before a ban- or less with subtle vision assistance cheats like flashbang minimizers and texture pack cheats. They get banned MID GAME for aim hacking, and thats on a free to play game. EFT has many of the same problems, but has opted not to employ the obvious solution: deputize your community to self police.

ID: hrnx0ax

I get what you're saying but it all depends on what data they store and how. Huge difference between a Timmy with a lag spike occasionally and someone moving like this all raid every raid. If bsg can't differentiate between those it's purely because of incompetence not because of difficulty.

ID: hro8xba

Can you explain why speed hacks aren’t prevalent in any other popular fps? I’ve never seen speed hacks in cod, battlefield, or r6. I’m sure there are games where it happens but it’s honestly so frustrating to see how shit this game is at stopping hacks and hearing the excuses or explanation of why it’s difficult to stop. This game has millions of players and most spent 150$ plus dollars for the EOD edition. It comes to a point that the only real explanation is that bsg doesnt know what they are doing when it comes to hackers.

ID: hrnizt3

Because BSG "takes cheaters seriously"

6 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:15 ID: hrnrwa9

It's just a blend of max strength, SJ1, adrenaline, L1, Halloween sugar, and desync bro. It's realistic and legit, bro.

ID: hroyii0

Steps 1-5: Normal speed.

Steps 6-9: Looks fast because of angle (optical illusion).

Steps 10-11: Looks very fast but going down hill and maxed skills makes this reasonable.

Step 12: Likely wasn't actually running that fast, you were lag spiking.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:10 ID: hro19dr

That’s what happens when you drink a backpack full of hot rods

8 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:21 ID: hrniwdr

this is what lvl 100 stamina looks like

/s just in case

ID: hrnwxgw

Should've been wearing his stamina skillcape

ID: hroouwk

Agility 100/99

ID: hrnzwaa

Max Stam and SJ69 obviously

9 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:19 ID: hrnsmnb

Imagine the inertia on this man when he stops, gonna splat on the wall like a mosquito

10 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:53 ID: hrno9tc

speedjor gonzalinski

11 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:45 ID: hrnx1qd

got head shot 4x in a row on my helmet yesterday. Thought it was a scav so i ran away and hid in a corner to heal. All of a sudden an f1 landed right on my feet. Guy was either the predator or had a sick gaming chair.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:51 ID: hrndxwd

The cheating this wipe is unreal

ID: hrnmvy0

First wipe that I've seen scavs cheating too

ID: hrnnqwr

Especially Sniper Scav….don’t tell me that guy doesn’t have aim bot. He’s cracked!!

13 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:12 ID: hrnreei

What's the issue here? You just need to get gud and grind the game better. If you play 1000 hours of the game you'll get max stamina, and endurance and will also run like this. This is actually how military people run in real life. Actually the fact that you knew he was coming is proof you're cheating. /s

14 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:53 ID: hrnyb45

Hackers don't exist in this game ever, I've never seen one, that's just lag / desync, he probably heard you, it was hit reg issues, you just need to get good, etc. etc.

Whew, all those excuses made me thirsty, I need something to drink. Where's my copium?


15 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:12 ID: hrnhfq7

pretty fucking shambolic that in 2022, move speed cheats are still a thing in tarkov when it should be easiest thing to be detected by the anti cheat just by calculating the the player’s position in game over a matter of seconds, way above any sort of norm, hope its an instant ban.

ID: hrnl99o

I’m assuming they cannot do this because they fear of some random ground collision glitch that may move your player model across the map, or you glitch through something and travel quickly.

Imagine getting banned because the game glitched and your character moved too fast.

I’ve not seen anything like this personally, but with the amount of glitches in this game, I would believe it’s possible.

Maybe if they implement a system that allows them to record the session of flagged movements. Then manually ban once they play the footage back.

But maybe that causes millions of logs that a human could not get through.

ID: hrnpf53

happens in rust all the time, if you clip on a slope or stutter mid air it kicks you for flyhack

ID: hrnwu0g

You could just ignore it happening for X amount of seconds in that case. These people are doing it all raid every raid, you're not going to be accidentally doing that.

ID: hrnr5qx

But honestly how much time does it take... X amount of reports + Anitcheat "light reporting it" (or however it now works, must be something that requires manual bans on top of it being highlighted).

The amount of money this game has got from these damn fucking 60$ buys is quite huge, to run basic SQL querys on 1 guy some times per week cant be fucking hard honestly.

They just dont care since cheaters bring money to the game, they ban them sooner or later, but they dont want to KILL the cheaters since they are actually the only ones brining MORE money into the game. They make 0$ of us who already bought the game.

Sad, but true.

16 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:05 ID: hrng9q1

Me when shoreline waifu texts her parents are gone for the weekend

17 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:05 ID: hrng83m

OP was crouching at preaim headshot height, obviously he was prefired.

Desync doesnt exist. Hackers arent real. Fake News.

Need better Cover. How do you like that W-key apes who don't take cover???

Thats actually very realistic if he was taking military grade stimulants. Thats how the navy seals move in real life and stay awake for 96 hours. Actually its probably faster IRL so this isnt realistic enough.

Weapon malfunctions are a good thing and happen in real life so they belong in tarkov with a high rng rate of it happening. imo up to 100% durability and make it happen more if you aren't proning.

Think i covered most of the idiotic things we'll see people say. Love seeing the hackers run rampant. Kinda disgusting, lol

ID: hrnivrc

Will be using this as copy pasta

ID: hrooqei

What did you just say to me you little blyat?

OP was crouching at preaim headshot height, obviously he was prefired.

Desync doesnt exist. Hackers arent real. Fake News.

Need better Cover. How do you like that W-key apes who don’t take cover???

Thats actually very realistic if he was taking military grade stimulants. Thats how the navy seals move in real life and stay awake for 96 hours. Actually its probably faster IRL so this isnt realistic enough.

Weapon malfunctions are a good thing and happen in real life so they belong in tarkov with a high rng rate of it happening. imo up to 100% durability and make it happen more if you aren’t proning.

18 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:42 ID: hrnwivk

'SpEeD hAcKs DoNt ExIsT iN TaRkOv"

19 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:06 ID: hrnqii4

Sonic the PMC

20 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:39 ID: hrnvx8l

This is a cheat ad!


21 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:56 ID: hrnyy3h


ID: hro45l3

“This game needs killcam”

Except it won’t get one, because Nikita wants the game to be “as realistic as playable” and he thinks they’re too unrealistic.

I think the ideal compromise is to have a system where players can spectate the gameplay of reported/suspected cheaters—like the Overwatch system in CS:GO.

The fact of the matter is that it’s a place where realism must be sacrificed in order to ensure playability.

22 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:28 ID: hroe462

OK this might not actually be a hacker . My freind had a lag spike yesterday where his game basicly froze then when it unfroze it did a catchup where everyone was running at super sonic speeds to the locations they where after he unfroze . However its prolly more likely hes hacking theres been so many this wipe its unreal . Iv been killed atleast 3 times by blatent cheaters .

ID: hrogsjy

No thats exactly what this is. Everyone had this happen yesterday at one point or another due to server issues.


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