Just had the best raid in my 1000 hour Tarkov experience ruined by a cheater.

1 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:31 ID: rya1bk

Went night Shoreline where I successfully kill 3 PMC's in the resort. Found a bitcoin and Ledx, with about 1M worth of other loot as well. Running to extract when a cheater calls out my in-game name and 1 taps me in the nape...

I know no one will see this, but I wanted to vent somewhere. This is fucking stupid. FUCK

2 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:37 ID: hrnbn25

Report him and hope for the best.

My first labs raid this wipe ended rather quickly , due to no armor, pilgrim , m80 white name cheater. Killed.both me and my teammate - I remembered the name and kept on checking - he was gone after 3 days.

ID: hrnjz9j

How would I be able to check if the hacker is "Gone"? Would love to see him banned. Would make me feel slightly better...

ID: hrnkr6x

by searching for his name when adding a friend

ID: hrnv4mt

Only way to kinda confirm a xheater being banned is if their account stays the same level for the rest of wipe

ID: hrnzwto

He will probs be banned within a day and then buy another account. My buddy used wall hacks once and was banned the next day.

ID: hrnlq2d

What if he changed his name

ID: hrnoibn

Well that’s a work around for him, doubt he’s worries about people checking his account name though

3 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:31 ID: hrnuljl

I was playing shoreline the other day and I picked up a GPU from a stash started getting shot at through bushes, I have seen at least two really sketchy players this wipe tho

ID: hroja51

Shoreline, especially at night, is fucking loaded with cheaters. I got killed by the same guy 3 times yesterday, and the 3rd was without a doubt cheating as he called my name and wall banged me in the upstairs of a house while I was prone for 15 minutes. Was not even possible for him to see me, yet he did and shot me from outside.

ID: hro5ma8

Something I tried out with a buddy scaving and seeing how visible a player could be from certain angles or in some bushes. We found that you aren't as well hidden as you think you are when holding angles on corners, stairs, etc. Like sometime I couldn't see him until he saw me, but there were a few times that I could see his right side around a corner where he though I wouldn't be able to.

Bushes were surprisingly inconsisent. Some bushes hide the player model really well, others were essentially see through, once again even when his vision was blocked I had clear vision on him.

Basically, just because you feel like you are in cover or at least have something hiding you doesn't mean you are and visibility around corners and in bushes was like a coin flip.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:47 ID: hrnxcg9

My advice: be so shut at the game that you will lose 99% of pvp regardless of cheats. Works for me!

ID: hrouoag

just exit camp so that others bring the loot to you and when you get it, you're just a few steps from the exit 😀 also, cheaters with radar usually wont come bother u cuz youre at the edge of the map with 0 loot.

ID: hrout6y

I'd rather die honorably.

ID: hrowagh

A cheater will just headtap you and save himself the time.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:13 ID: hrnhknz

"In my 1000 hours of Tarkov, I have never seen a cheater, maybe 1" - some dude from Reddit

More serious note, that really sucks man, VOIP interactions are fun and all, but when you run into a cheater who has a god complex and forces you to beg for your life, or harasses and prokves you right before they kill you is such a shitty experience. I'm glad I haven't played enough this wipe to run into any cheaters yet. I usually get a fair share of them since I play on OCE.

ID: hrnl6fu

It's easier just to shit talk them. They are looking for that God complex so says "Jesus you must suck to have to cheat at such an easy game." Just pisses them off. One called my tag and told me to drop my glock. I told him to come get it if he was so good. Still died but felt great lol.

ID: hrnr9uy

Exactly Lmao. Why would you beg in a video game, regardless of the loot.

ID: hrnzqy4

"In my 1000 hours of Tarkov, I have never seen a cheater, maybe 1" - some dude from Reddit

People have never seen an obvious cheater. The game still has plenty of people cheating who just pop you quietly and make it look legit.

ID: hrod32d

or just use radar to avoid other players and nab loot, get good angles, etc

ID: hrokn29

What I do is just put everything they could sell in my butt and throw out my meds they just want the loot to sell and turn into actual money so denying them that loot and reporting them is the best you can do you cant hide the loot just shove anything valuable on the flee up your ass it's what they want

ID: hro5oi2

Tu be fair in around 800 hours before this wipe, i only saw 2-3 cheaters before (i m not playing labs). But this wipe, I see 1-2 each week

6 : Anonymous2022/01/07 16:14 ID: hrnhr5g

this high risk game is unplayable with the level of anticheat it has.

ID: hroha28

Unplayable is definitely a bit far, extremely annoying yeah.. but I personally play alot and don't even see a cheater everyday.

ID: hrod4jm

It's really not high risk. I'm probably average to below average at the game and I have no issues getting gear or making money.

ID: hrodlbl

Watch out, we got a badass over here

ID: hrogzfp

how is tarkov any less risky than... literally any mainstream shooter out there? Insurgency, COD, Battlefield, even Battle Royale games have less risk than Tarkov. Youre never at risk of losing anything outside of the match youre currently in, in many of those examples you cant even lose those.

Bad take. Weird flex. 1/10.

ID: hrpbfx2

its no worse than any other FPS... I've got 5k hours on Tarkov and 10k on CSGO, in a 5v5 in csgo there is an 80% chance someone is cheating in the lobby out of 10 guys. Don't act like Tarkov has a cheater EVERY raid, because it doesn't. People cheat in EVERY game.

ID: hrpi3k0

haha yeah CSGO is by far the worst game i've played in terms of hackers showing up

7 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:25 ID: hrntk88

Try lighthouse. One-tapped by m80 in the head at night 1 min into the raid. That map is unplayable

ID: hrojkal

I have not lasted more than a minute on any raid on lighthouse but one raid.

ID: hrowtkh

Did some today, killed alot and survived so might me time related!

8 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:53 ID: hro8i4k

I’ve been killed by obvious cheaters this wipe more than any other. It’s getting old really quick.

ID: hroatrb

it's been a strange wipe, i've been getting some sus deaths along with some pretty good fights.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/07 15:48 ID: hrndh2i

I'm just here waiting for the "tarkov doesn't have a cheater problem, you have a skill problem" comments

ID: hrnhbhu

At this point, you guys posting these comments are way more prevalent than those "cheaters don't exist" people.

ID: hrnkp01

Always been that way for me

ID: hrnrqgi

Got to get in there before the cope brainlets start circle jerking

10 : Anonymous2022/01/07 20:03 ID: hrojsi8

Hackers are running absolutely rampant right now. Had a few seriously good runs ruined already. Like what's the point in even taking good shit into raid if someone is going to head-eyes me from a dead sprint at night.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:30 ID: hro4mx6

Me and two friends were on a PMC run at Woods a few days back when we saw a PMC next to the lake about 50 meters away and as soon as I saw him before I could raise my weapon and fire I was dead from a headshot. The two others died with 5 to 6 seconds of me and from the same guy. Three headshots on three targets in less than 10 seconds. I said immediately afterward the guy had to be cheating and he probably was. If he had been even a great player he might have won that battle with good tactics but he was standing out in the open void if any cover or concealment and just one tapped all three of us.

ID: hrounck

Three people couldn’t kill a guy in an open field in 10 seconds?

12 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:10 ID: hrnr24d

Mods haven't made a cheating megathread yet to hide the problem yet, so vent away buddy!

13 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:07 ID: hro0rmx

I lost my 31 survival streak, killa armor, stormtrooper helmet etc. to servers, forever stuck at awaiting session start. Before that streak I died 2 times in a row to the same cheater on same server and same map, he got 7 levels since then. Get used to Tarkov kicking you in the balls one way or another. :^)

14 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:49 ID: hro7ue9

I was camping d2 (yea scummy I’m aware) hiding behind some pipes, completely invisible to the entrance LOS, and my friend was camping the exit standing still.

A duo comes down with power still off, one jiggle peeks the entrance and says “ I can see your backpack” in voip. I think he’s bluffing since I’m not wearing one and I know he can’t see me. And then he sprints in and one taps me.

Then he goes to the exit (power still off lol) and tells my duo (who hasn’t moved in 15 mins) that he heard him and to come out because he wants a fight. He got two very easy reports after that.

Really makes me wonder how many “sneaky” radar users there are.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:23 ID: hrnt7fw

Shoreline seems to be bad with cheaters, 3 man got wiped 2 nights ago by a blatant cheater.

ID: hrnvymj

Shoreline has always been a hub for cheaters bc it has the ledx and Bitcoin spawns. I’m really not surprised it still is.

ID: hrnw6ux

Oh I agree but I was normally safe staying away from resort, this time I was pinned inside the office on pier get shot at through walls

16 : Anonymous2022/01/07 17:32 ID: hrnuqpu

This games anti cheat is a joke and besides nakita gets a nice paycheck from the hackers from them buying accounts why would he fix it.

ID: hrotbee

oh man only thing that ruins ur dumbass conspiracy theory is cheaters get hardware id banned! and before u soy out and frantically type about how hardware ip bans dont work, you can find posts of cheaters crying that they are hardware id banned and cant play anymore XD also how the fuck does ur conspiracy make sense, the anti cheat is bad because they want people to rebuy the game.... the anti cheat would have to be good to ban them so they have to rebuy right? you are very smart and def dont have a future working minimum wage!

ID: hrowj4o

Sorry to ruin ur dumbass conspiracy theory but they only ban drive hwids. Very easy to circumvent. Take it from me. 🙂 This games anti cheat is very much a joke. Nikita just did a ban wave on one of the biggest undetected cheeses before the sale. Wonder why? 🙂 You are very smart.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:20 ID: hro2vi2

I just had a similar experience on nighttime Shoreline. Guy prefired me in the dark. I had been standing still for a solid 15 seconds. No name on death screen. RIP.


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