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1 : Anonymous2021/02/26 17:42 ID: lt387a

Tactical Gaming is currently recruiting players of all levels and skill levels into our well organized community. We offer a variety of choices for you to make, whether you are a casual player or a competitive minded player and we are as active as we can be. From my own experience, Tactical Gaming can be very flexible. So whether you're a casual or competitive player, we try to accommodate your needs!

Here is a Q&A: Here

Sign Up Now!

Website: Tactical Gaming Come and check out the website in the link provided, if you're happy with what you see then see below for your next step!

Sign up: Application NA/EU

Discord: Here Will need to select roles, so make sure to read instructions.

Feel free to ask any sort of questions by replying below. If you register, please reply here stating you have done so. Add Kosuki#7777 on Discord if you would like to speak to me about Tactical Gaming, or if you have any questions!

Make sure that you check your email within 24 hours and that you sign up with your in game name.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I, as well as everyone in Tactical Gaming's Escape From Tarkov Division, hope to see you having a blast with us soon!

2 : Anonymous2021/02/26 17:47 ID: gouukge

This organization is full of amazing people. love the instructions and people there. If u are looking for a solid group these people are the end of your search

3 : Anonymous2021/02/26 18:19 ID: gov12ya

I joined this group less than a month ago and I have never had more fun playing tarkov than I do now. I suggest giving it a shot.


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