Cheater / Cheating Discussion Megathread 15-Jan-22 (poll inside please vote)

1 : Anonymous2022/01/15 19:44 ID: s4sfeh

Should we continue making megathreads? EDIT: New Poll Link

Feel free to discuss cheating in general, videos of suspected cheaters are also allowed providing there's no names visible.

Linking or displaying cheats/providers or adverts for them will result in you being banned from the subreddit without warning regardless of your intention in posting it. No accusing other players of cheating, if their name is visible this will be counted as an accusation. Vague accusations are not a way round this rule. Flagrantly doing this will result in a ban. Exposing cheater forums/social media/discord channels and videos from the POV of cheaters aren't allowed.
2 : Anonymous2022/01/15 19:58 ID: hst1ckx

What the fuck is the point of this megathread? I'm really confused. There is already a megathread on the official forum where people can post video evidence with names. What purpose does this megathread serve? Just to group all general complaints and woes about the growing cheating issue?

ID: hswsy40

The clips of obvious and super blatant cheaters get upvoted to high visibility and there were times when you opened the front page and there was 5+ videos of cheaters ruining runs. Its not good advertisement for the game so mods try to hide it as much as possible

ID: hsyii2q

Yup this exactly FUCK THE MODS that are intentionally covering up the cheating epidemic in Escape From Tarkov.

Hey BSG if you want to stop the videos and evidence of rampant cheating in your game, THEN TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION TO DETECT AND REMOVE CHEATERS FROM THE GAME IN REAL TIME.

I’m talking about expanding your tiny Dev Team, hiring in game moderators that have the ability to spectate players, review suspicious activity and suspend/ban accounts under review. By having mods playing he game, you could actively prevent cheating and remove cheaters in real time, bypassing any and all evasive techniques used by the programmers who code the cheats. It’s simple, it works, and it’s affordable, just like it’s affordable to purchase additional data centers and servers to accommodate the sales of the game that YOU produced, instead we get a $200 bill for a fucking que. It’s beyond disrespectful and disappointing. You guys have all but taken the money and run from the project at this point.

ID: hsy6a64

Nothing to see here, move along.

ID: hsw8r2g

im guessing a big reason for it is all the braindeads spamming useless threads when people aren't even cheating. but removing legit proof is just weird.

ID: hsxxf8f

I would like to have option to filter out things, like tags or smth, I would not mind countless cheating related posts if I would not see them. That is not the content I am here for.

ID: hsxyuq7

try playing a night raid with some juicy gear and we'll see if you still think there aren't cheaters

ID: hst4n57

Mods here trying to sweep the problem under the rug so that BSG can continue to make more and more money off the cheaters lol, what else?

ID: hsunp86

Meanwhile, me and my teammate both got pushed into two different games.

BSG can't even get such a core and old feature working properly, anyone believing the game will eventually leave beta is delusional.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/15 22:06 ID: hstk7wo

This wipe i have not only been fighting hackers as usual (its not like they just appeared this wipe I've seen cheaters since 2018 when i bought the game and they have been just more and more of them). I have been also fighting the bad mechanics and the terrible servers.

I have died to cheaters, not that many. But i have died to complete and utter BS that has to do with the servers being as terrible as they are.

So if you suspect someone cheating, it just might be tarkov and its server doing the work...

A feature where you're being able to rewatch your last game (if requested afterwards by clicking a button before going to main menu, so not every game is being saved as that would take up space and would be pointless) would help fixing most of the issues.

This feature should not be available until the raid itself is over (so you cant ruin the raid for any other players) and only if its been requested. Then afterwards you should be able to only see your POV for the entire raid, the Killers POV (if you died) for the entire raid, and the people you teamed up with (this would otherwise be worked around as your friends would also download their videos to show them to you, and again that would just take up more unnecessary space..)

The ability to watch, review and have games recorded would lead to these things:

More useful hacker reports as video evidence is the most solid evidence there could be to, this would also reduce the amount of false reports (the "maybe he was cheating i cant tell, Ima report anyways" type of reports) and maybe would help the devs recognize what cheats were used to help them tackling the cheats.

Another good thing about this would be better bug reports, not only would you be able to differentiate if it was a hacker or not, you would also be able to see if it was maybe the netcodes fault or the servers fault that you died in a odd way/something unusual happened. Lastly you would have the ability to have video footage of any bugs and issues inside the game that you could show to the devs if needed. Had a odd game breaking bug you only had once or twice and don't know how to recreate, and you don't have footage of it? With this feature you would be able to have it. Send it to the devs and maybe it will help out.

Cons of this feature would be >

More server load as video footage would have to be stored and sent to people. Thus more work would have to be done with the servers that already have a bad time.

BSG would have to have more workers working on a new project, and more workers would have to sit down and review footage sent in by the players where some of the footage might be just duds or bad footage.

Players who have certain tactics or unknown methods would be exposed, thus rendering them less useful or useless. This could be flipped with "good players don't need cheesy strategies to be good"

People could and would download game footage for other reasons than tackling bugs or hackers, like for example to get "sick chad squad mosin wipe.mp4 video footage". But then this could be spotted if people download too many unnecessary videos or abuse the feature in other ways.

New bugs and exploits could enter the game, but that's with every feature and update they add so this one doesn't count really as its the same as saying water is wet.

Last to add >

"Why cant you record the game yourself?" Some people don't have enough powerful computers and EFT is a requiring beast of a game where some people wouldn't be able to record, save large files and run the game simultaneously. Also, this wouldn't give you footage of the killers POV. And not to forget, this would mean you have to record every game there is, and that's not the point, you only want to save certain specific raids that are of interest and that's where the "download/request footage" button would come in.

ID: hstorj1

Sorry we had to remake the poll, please vote again

4 : Anonymous2022/01/15 20:36 ID: hst6zcd

While megathreads keep the subreddit tidy and organized, they also have the effect of suppressing the myriad issues surrounding Tarkov.

I've discussed this directly with mods before, but being one of the only public and popular forums for EFT, megathreads can create a perception that an issue is not as problematic as might otherwise seem. The sad fact is that historically BSG doesn't make changes until public pressure is high enough, and the pressure is much greater when a subreddit is flooded with the issue. It gets more press and negative feedback and sucks up the conversation, which sucks in the short term but helps mobilize the player base to force BSG's hand. Whether you think that's an opportunity cost worth having is up to you.

EDIT: I'd like to point out that this is also in the context of BSG's vertical integration of their platform, AKA that BSG exerts full control over the financial side and server side. That leaves BSG customers very little options to contest issues besides raising hell (for example, if EFT was sold on third-party platforms BSG would not be able to get away with nearly as much shit because refund policies would likely apply in most of those situations). So forcing all of the negative feedback into one place is itself, IMO, only exacerbating BSG's anti-consumer tendencies and taking away what little power BSG's customers have to hold them to account.

ID: hstsjv0

The sad fact is that historically BSG doesn't make changes until public pressure is high enough

This so much

Remember BSG's anti cheat system and how suppsedly it was the "best ever" as claimed by Nikita as people post videos daily of items being sucked up and people flying everywhere?

It took tremendous pressure and negativity for us to get battle eye. Nikita's fan boys are actually harming the game by defending his every decision which is severly anti consumer and profit driven. At this point I really question if they love the game at all since they seem to care more about Nikita's feelings then the game

Want people to stop being negative? Then Nikita needs to be more pro-active instead of reactive.

ID: hsv070e

BSG reacts for some cheats, and if Nikita is angry on particular cheat - that will be quick (you can google about Krab defence story). Unfortunately, to make that an effective game-wide he has to stay in RRRAGE for months.

I monitor cheaters activity daily from last summer, and without direct BE support 24/7 - they recover everything in 2-3 weeks. In 2 weeks after the banwave you see daily offers of 30+ cheating tools per day.

Will megathread help this somehow? Imho, no. So what I find helpful (at least to myself and my sanity) - I look through for the POV of cheaters and post them and share those vids - and they feel like a comedy. It makes me feel that I was not crazy, or it was not errors in the network - it is a particular cheaters problem.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/15 20:16 ID: hst41x6

Night time Lighthouse is unplayable due to cheaters

ID: hstzd20

The game is unplayable due to cheaters. People zooming everywhere in 3 out of my last 3 raids. Fucking pathetic.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/16 10:17 ID: hsvw85e

When you figure out why there's been no LedXs at resort

Ahh the magical hacker loot-vacuum strikes again! Nothing better than opening a locked room to see open containers! :^)

Edit: Wrong upload* Fixed now*

ID: hsx2gpv

I swear i haven't found a LEDx in like 2 wipes now

7 : Anonymous2022/01/16 16:45 ID: hsx1s5m

Fuck your mega threads let us post the fucking scumbags on here so something can actually be done. I run into a cheater every 3 out of ten matches it’s insane…

8 : Anonymous2022/01/16 18:39 ID: hsxjpev

Another Post that shows, Mods are probably involved big in the RMT and cheating sales. They are protecting even the blatant clips.

ID: hsxp3rr

I actually read zavodsky as a cheat reseller on a cheating forum. Coincidence? I don't think so

9 : Anonymous2022/01/16 06:24 ID: hsvdmc4

Friendly reminder that in 2022 Tarkov there are still hacks for flying, grabbing loot from a far, infinite stamina, search hack and speedhacking. As well as rage hackers cheating til very high level without getting insta flagged/banned.

ID: hswu2q8

i did a very little research about the loot tp and discovered you need to have 2 requisites : 1) be in a "desynced" state (very easy) 2) loot teleport (This is achieved using the ThrowItem function which is inside an obfuscated class.)

Why it Works : First, the desync state. For whatever reason BSG decided to handle the teleport back in the weirdest way which allows certain things to use your "server position" and some things to use your "client position".

Next ThrowItem. BSG does not check if the item you are throwing is inside your inventory. If you are next to an item on the floor, you can throw it without ever even picking it up. They didn't completely mess up here as there is a distance limit on ThrowItem, however being in this desync state renders it useless like this megathread.

ID: hsy1a6m

Wait, so did my man who was flying request you drop your labs card and he Hoovered it back up to himself up in the sky?

10 : Anonymous2022/01/15 20:31 ID: hst6cfa

respect for not voting yes yourselves

ID: hst8mzm

A yes vote registers as no lol

11 : Anonymous2022/01/16 06:36 ID: hsvenuk

same dude cheating in LAbs.. same name.. same account .. eOD... literally been 2 weeks now.. and still not banned.. well guess im actually done this time with tarkov..

12 : Anonymous2022/01/16 19:40 ID: hsxtige

Fuck your mega threads let us post the fucking scumbags on here so something can actually be done. I run into a cheater every 3 out of ten matches it’s insane…

13 : Anonymous2022/01/15 19:51 ID: hst0ccu

No, not because there is no cheating, but because it trivialises and buries legitimate complaints that belong in their own threads.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/15 20:02 ID: hst1z3p

No thread. If they think it is important enough to post a topic, just let them get it out of their system.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/16 10:23 ID: hsvwonf

This sub's moderation team are a fucking joke. CMV

16 : Anonymous2022/01/16 03:57 ID: hsuxpnp

Ah yes, the weekly "Put this problem in a hole so nobody sees it" thread.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/16 10:15 ID: hsvw4xm

If you ignore your problems, do they still exist?

18 : Anonymous2022/01/16 13:40 ID: hswdbbj

What an absoloute joke.

Trying to sweep cheating under the rug rather than putting in effort to address the issue.

19 : Anonymous2022/01/15 20:57 ID: hsta5hz


ID: hstb02x

the netcode literally sends everyone's actions in raid anyway. so save that data for rewatching after the raid had ended.

20 : Anonymous2022/01/15 19:56 ID: hst0zv3

I vote NO. Cheating is the most significant problem with this game at the moment. Stop trying to hide the issue behind megathreads. If Papa Nikita wants to profit from the cheating problem that he has allowed to fester, then he can deal with the backlash here and across other platforms as well.

21 : Anonymous2022/01/16 17:05 ID: hsx4rq7

The cheaters are running screaming our nicknames on the raids and yet we are banned for printing theirs. Fuck this stupid rule.

ID: hsy0p9q

Best mods in the biz eh?!

22 : Anonymous2022/01/16 02:27 ID: hsullme

I love this game. I really hope that they're able to fix it one day.

23 : Anonymous2022/01/16 02:29 ID: hsulxni

Enough with these megathreads.

24 : Anonymous2022/01/16 05:40 ID: hsv987z

How would I get a screen shot to BSG of someone all but admitting to cheating?

25 : Anonymous2022/01/16 07:04 ID: hsvh5qv

I've seen people writing posts about the loot not being found from anywhere on Reserve. This is because there are so many hackers right now. I legitimately played 20 raids in a row, every single time I guarantee, EVERY SINGLE TIME I brought something more valuable than a pistol to the raid, I got head eyes'd by a ching chong ping pong with either an SKS or AKM from strafe whether I had not moved an inch for a good while or something else, I guarantee that I died twice for an actual legit player. I've tried to kill Gluhar so many times but I guess I have to smack him down with my melee weapon since then I am not a point of interest for the hackers. It is so obvious that whenever you bring a good gear into a raid, they just instantly eliminate you. I am certain that I am not just being paranoid considering these cases I mentioned before were that the players were under 10 lvl and had neither, EOD or a "regular sounding" name.

26 : Anonymous2022/01/16 17:17 ID: hsx6o3m

Was at the resort in lighthouse, saved a random's life, then some asshat comes in 1st floor while we are on 2nd, tells me to drop the bitcoin and iridium out of my case and he will let me live, i told him to fuck off, instant head eyes with 9x19 pst 1 tap through altyn, i can't with this bullshit, i just wanna enjoy the game.

27 : Anonymous2022/01/16 19:33 ID: hsxsdji

Cheat wave is back, gg , not playing till next wipe

28 : Anonymous2022/01/16 19:37 ID: hsxt0nj

Was at the resort in lighthouse, saved a random's life, then some asshat comes in 1st floor while we are on 2nd, tells me to drop the bitcoin and iridium out of my case and he will let me live, i told him to fuck off, instant head eyes with 9x19 pst 1 tap through altyn, i can't with this bullshit, i just wanna enjoy the game.

29 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:14 ID: hsxz0bz

Lol saw a guy running 50 mph through lumber mill today on woods one tapping everyone before he came and killed me. This shit is so basic for server side checks and it's killing their game.

Hope they fix it before next wipe or there will only be cheaters left playing

30 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:33 ID: hsybain

I have played 6 wipes this is the worst moment for hacking I have ever played. Every lobby there's level 40 EOD 1111l1111 names gotten heads eyed no other body parts hit even by full auto 5 out 6 pmc raids. Tapped through all kinds of different walls as a scav in the last few days from the window of a building 100 meters away. Rage hacked pushed I'll go the other way around cover get 1 or 2 bullets hit and their auto fire snaps them a full 180 degrees always hitting the same body part. Prefired on light weight slow creeping from 50 meters away heads eyes the second I peek. Heads eyed right after I start sprinting from bush to bush on the edges of maps 12 minutes past spawn this is completely brokenly rediculous.

31 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:45 ID: hsyd6qk

So it is 16 of Jan, end of Twitch drops and winter holidays. But why am I still sitting in 35k queue?????


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