Looting animations from pre-alpha, 2015

1 : Anonymous2022/01/16 12:37 ID: s5b1fd
Looting animations from pre-alpha, 2015
2 : Anonymous2022/01/16 13:18 ID: hswb1qf

Damn the old tarkov looks so clear and birds chirping is nice too

ID: hswswmu

So quiet and birds are so nice to hear and the frogs too, these days it’s just loud with the wind, can’t hear anything nice..

ID: hswjpvi

Old tarkov looks really good That's the Tarkov I fell in love with years ago, gotta watch all the old trailers now.

ID: hsxga7v

It had it's down sides. If you weren't lined up for the specific animation to play, it would move you to the point where it would. Meaning it'd drag you out of cover, and lock you into an animation making you EZ mode for anyone who walks around the corner. It looks good, but the new ways are much better gameplay.

ID: hswl6ld

Why are birds gone?

Having birds fly away or dogs barking being a thing in this game (kinda like Hunt:Showdown) that gives people's position away would be amazing.

ID: hswsk7w

There are seagulls inside water treatment plant.... until I figured it out I was scared shitless from that sound lol

ID: hswlfqy

We don't need anything else giving information about where we are. Just thinking about making a noise in EFT is enough to alert the entire map.

ID: hsxqtgy

Why are birds gone?

Jaeger ate them all

Next question

ID: hswjtu5

Before the dark times…before the backend error

ID: hswm3y5

Y'all are kidding yourself if you think there was ever a point where tarkov wasn't a buggy mess. At least we're not getting stuttering in every firefight anymore... That shit took them ages to fix.

ID: hswoj18

What you don't like the WIIIIIIND ?!

3 : Anonymous2022/01/16 14:23 ID: hswi67p

They should really add back animal sounds, its just such a nice little immersion aspect.

ID: hswmh67

Yeah I could trade some of the leaves rustling sounds for some chirps. Then again now knowing the difference it also feels eerie with the feeling that for some reason all wildlife has fled the city

ID: hswne9c

Yeah the eerieness is cool, but yeah without some sort of reasoning for why animals are missing it really takes away some of the immersion one would get from maps like Woods, Shoreline, etc.

ID: hswspyv

There are seagull noises on lighthouse which is nice

4 : Anonymous2022/01/16 14:27 ID: hswik2h

Back when you Could actually SEE something indoors

ID: hsx13x3

Yeah, it's honestly as if they've forgotten what ambient light is. Even outside, looking in the distance on some maps it's just BLACK.

ID: hsxijur

Probably used static lighting then. I'd prefer if they'd go back in that direction.

ID: hsxdh8y

Part of this was for performance optimization. It's a rendering trick to disregard building interiors at certain distances as they are often some of the most detailed areas in a map.

Not to say there is probably a better way of doing it to still see players and such, but it would look strange to see into a room and it be empty.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/16 14:21 ID: hswhvc1

they really need to turn down the current ambient noise

ID: hsxpej3

Yeah, it’s way too much. To the point of just being ridiculous.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/16 14:45 ID: hswkq9l

wtf...the environment sound is so much better than now, now is shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha shhhhhhhhhhha like having windy day 7/24 in tarkov

ID: hswx84g

Seriously man, the constant wind in this game just sounds off and is annoying as shit, I'd love for that to get tuned down and some other sounds like bird chirping etc. to return.

ID: hswv5nl

It's so terrible. Like wind doesn't even sound like that at all in real life. Tarkov has some kind of terrible sentient mutant wind that's hell-bent on destroying everyone's ear holes.

ID: hsx0lgg

“How do you know what irl wind sounds like?” - a lvl 50 pmc probably

7 : Anonymous2022/01/16 12:52 ID: hsw8jtf

We also had proper door opening animations in the game but they had been removed in favor of gameplay. Imagine sitting at ever door you want to open like you do on locked doors that require a key. I would imagine that the looting animations had to go for a similar reason. Back then whenever you wanted to loot anything the game moved your character to a specific position, regardless of your position to the crate which felt clunky and weird. The work required to make the animations work from different directions probably was too big and they were scraped.

But there are a lot of practical animations we can look forward to like lockpicking, grenade breaches etc.

ID: hswa2cd

Me opening any door in Tarkov

ID: hswa9by


ID: hswpdqr

Makes me want to play Luigi's Mansion again

ID: hswd05s

Lockpicking will be so cool, trying to pick the lock to marked room and your two squadmates covering cause you need like half a minute.

ID: hswh4cm

They'll be listening out for footsteps, and all they can hear is you mumbling "nothing on 1, 2's binding, click out of 3..."

ID: hswk2eb

The problem with the door animations was that you just couldn't cancel them

ID: hswx9f5

They aren't scrapped and still are very much in progress. Check out 0:48

8 : Anonymous2022/01/16 13:23 ID: hswbkx2

The atmosphere looks and feels imho better. Birds chirping, the overall look, lighting and shadows.

ID: hswj9y7

Was really graphical intense though, back when it was only factory this was fine (this preview of customs was never in the game) but once new maps started coming in, it was too much for most computers

9 : Anonymous2022/01/16 13:36 ID: hswctqy

Obviously from a content perspective this is the best it’s ever been but the game looked so much better in alpha, it’s not even funny.

Way better looking outdoor lighting, better animations better looking shadows, the flashlights looked great, working lightswitches indoors.

Also the game always looked so smooth while still being crisp enough to identify things in the distance.

I really hope the game will look like this again down the road

ID: hswj1sq

Sacrificed some of these items for smoother gameplay. Which is needed in a shooter imo

ID: hswn036

The only thing I personally can see being janky would be the animations.

The rest (i.e. better outdoor lighting, proper flashlights, the game looking smooth but readable at the same time etc.) should still return as I personally don’t see how they would make the game less smooth.

ID: hsy1uva

I really miss the old flashlights

10 : Anonymous2022/01/16 14:35 ID: hswjkof

For those who may have not been around for the super early days of tarkov, this is partly the reason why some in the community wanted them to branch Tarkov off into a single player S.T.A.L.K.E.R type game, this stuff is AMAZING for a single player game, but just doesn't work well for PVP. Hence why the game is the way it is now. Would still be really cool to see them make another game with the old look

ID: hswlmkp

I could be wrong but isn't that what Russia 2028 is going to be? Solo gameplay, wouldn't be surprised if they are working on their AI by using data from tarkov

ID: hswwtu8

Cant wait to play it in 2040!

11 : Anonymous2022/01/16 13:43 ID: hswdkv7

Wow that looks a lot more involved and immersive than what we currently have.

It also seems like there is an 'aiming deadzone' ? (I think that's what it's called). Whereby the gun moves independently to the camera. I think we have this currently disabled in the game settings with no option to change it.

I really look forward to the advanced animations that should be coming in the future. Especially the different methods of entering rooms.

ID: hswicjg

Insurgency Sandstorm has this aiming deadzone feature and it feels great to use

12 : Anonymous2022/01/16 15:34 ID: hswrb51

Too many people complained about getting trapped in animations and being shot like opening doors so they changed it to what we have now

13 : Anonymous2022/01/16 12:49 ID: hsw89yp

Imo prealpha footage looks better than what we have for the most part... Doors being my favorite bit

ID: hswink9

I hope you understand doors and looting looks that great because the player is positioning themselves for cinematics. If you actually play it, you or your opponent is gonna hit open at a weird angle and the game will teleport you to the "correct" position. How we have it now is much better when it comes to a gameplay perspective.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/16 14:30 ID: hswiya8

Is this Escape From Tarkov 2?

15 : Anonymous2022/01/16 14:49 ID: hswlcjp

Wait what happened how did they down grade LMAO

ID: hsynj5b

You call it a downgrade but back then there were only three armors in the game. Opening doors locked you in an animation. Overall the game was worse and the current state of the game is the best it's been.


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