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1 : Anonymous2020/06/04 21:41 ID: gwqx55

So I killed shturman last night and got a red rebel. I extracted so it’s got the found in raid. The problem I’m having is when I filter by item it just shows a barter for 9 ledx. I don’t know the price of the red rebel. I don’t run reserve a lot so I don’t feel like I need it but then again it’s always nice to have.

2 : Anonymous2020/06/04 21:58 ID: fswoibq

Do you run woods much? If you do I’d just stash it(keep FIR) and if you get a second then sell it. I don’t like woods so as soon as I nab one I’m keeping it for sure but I also like reserve

ID: fswonjp

I only run woods for quests or to help my buddies quest... at this early in the wipe would it be more beneficial to have a end game item like that or sell and have lots of money?

3 : Anonymous2020/06/05 06:04 ID: fsy22pj

I don't understand how people dont understand the new flea market. If you list it, you have the only one available. Set your own price. Whatever you want. I've been selling specific foregrips and attachments for 100k each and people buy them.

This is simple supply and demand. You have the only supply, so demand whatever you want.

4 : Anonymous2020/06/04 22:03 ID: fswp5zo

That’s exactly why I’m so torn with everything. I have a red rebel and a sword last wipe and I used my sword more. So since I can’t see prices of red rebels only trades does that mean I have unlocked it through the traders yet or there are none for sell?

ID: fsxdy2j

Lowest price appears to be 6.5M roubles?


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