Labs Keycard

1 : Anonymous2020/03/24 21:08 ID: fod86p

Will the white keycard return to the normal price of ~175k? it's gone down a lot since everyone got so many a few days ago, but when do you guys think it will return to a normal price, if ever? Is it a good idea to buy a bunch for a longer-term investment?

2 : Anonymous2020/03/24 21:25 ID: fleiogn

Bought a fuck ton at 130k or lower and they’re already back to 135k so my guess is that it’s a waiting game but that they will go up eventually

3 : Anonymous2020/03/24 21:33 ID: flejirv

My guess is that they have to return. Its a consumable and you can pretty much only get it from therapist once per reset. It's gonna take a week or two i think, but it will return

ID: flejqkv

Yeah I think im gonna buy a dozen and just sit on it for a while

ID: flgbxzl

The biggest if in the price is can they remove the hackers from labs. That is killing demand right now.

4 : Anonymous2020/03/25 17:11 ID: flh55jl

The day of the package I bought and sold over 800 cards, bought most for under 115k. I currently have a few hundred more sitting in at 165k, but the offer doesn’t expire for 2 weeks so hopefully by then haha

5 : Anonymous2020/03/30 21:03 ID: flyhe2j

Alright everyone, prices are back up to Therapist sales price levels!

6 : Anonymous2020/03/25 00:39 ID: flf2sqa

I bought like 50, but i only play labs so i might spend them all before i get to sell them again lmao


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