Friendcodes for Ultima Weapon

1 : Anonymous2017/01/13 14:08 ID: 5nqsf8

is this sub dead or was it even alive anytime? I liked to trade friendcodes on the DS-version of the game to do the sidequest for the ultima weapon.

Just message me if anyone is interested.

2 : Anonymous2017/01/13 16:07 ID: dcdoq5w

Nah, the sub's always been dead.

By the way, I have some bad news for you. A while ago, Nintendo's third party service provider shut down the online option for many games. There's a chance that FFIII might be unaffected if it used different software, and I hear rumours about how to get it back online, but I doubt it.

ID: dci1d3n

yeah, saw it awhile after I made this post. too bad, guess I just bought the game way too late. but I've read that you can still get the friendmessages over mognet if you use action replay codes, just bought myself a module 'cause I trained my JLvl to nearly 99 now and I don't want it to be useless 😀


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