Preliminary patch notes for 0.12.10 patch!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:24 ID: mdtp2e


New voices for scav bosses (Reshala, Sanitar and Gluhar)
New actions and conditions of Scavs and sounds for them
New clothing for USEC, BEAR and Scavs
New equipment
Chest rig Azimuth SS Zhuk (SURPAT)
Chest rig Azimuth SS Zhuk (Black)
Tactical sling Hazard4 Takedown (multicam)
Tactical sling Hazard4 Takedown
Hunting vest Umka М33-SET1
Chest rig CSA
LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier (olive)
LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier (tan)
Backpack Eberlestock G2 Gunslinger II (dry earth)
Ballistic glasses NPP Condor (with additional armor protection for eyes)
Active headset Opsmen Earmor M32
GP-7 gas mask
Army cap in several variations of colors and camouflage

New items

Emergency water ration
Hemostatic tourniquet CAT
AFAK personal tactical first aid kit

New ammo

7.62x39 mm MAI AP
5.56x45 mm SSA AP
5.56x45 mm Mk 318 Mod 0 (SOST)
STM-9 pistol caliber carbine
PL-15 pistol

New gun parts

UVSR Taiga-1 Special melee/tool
New barter items
TP-200 TNT brick
Ratchet wrench
Can of thermite

New filter for the stash "items found in raid"

Sorting of quests by current location

The message "Item already purchased" has been moved to notification

When you double-tap the "voiceline" key, aggressive phrases will be played (as in combat)

When placing a new offer, the item selection window appears to the left

Experience category icons on the post-raid screen


The Steam Audio option is back after fixes
Thermal imaging rendering system
The loot is no longer highlighted
The new system will allow further dynamic temperature changes (heating, cooling)
Optimizations for improved performance when using a thermal imager or thermal imaging sights
The Fence's offers are no longer displayed in the flea market
Rain sound is now 30% quieter
Reduced Strength and Endurance bonuses
Adjusted player spawns on Customs
Increased "Hideout Management" levelling speed if "Solar Batteries" block is built
Simplified the Attention skill progression
Simplified the Mag drills skill progression
Missing items from the Scav after the end of a raid, if at this point there was a game update or the backend was unavailable for other reasons


High volume breathing of some BEAR and USEС voices
One of the bugs with grenades explosion without sound and explosion effect
The lightning issue when spawning on Interchange
Empty quick healing screen
Error 228, if filter end while crafting purified water
Resetting the progress of the "Mag drills" skill after leaving a raid
Inability to load into the game if you take in a raid a lot of maps with tags
Reset the selected character customization lower to the standard
Car extract sometimes failed to trigger at the end of the exfil timer
Difference in the time flow of the Hideout generator
Playing the sound of a distant gunshot while the shooter is in close proximity to the player
Bots not spawning in the Factory offline in Horde mode
Various places on locations where it rained indoors
Ability to save the preset if there are critical parts missing on it
The player received an outdated invitation to the group after restarting the client
Missing shadows on Factory after the reconnect
Currency conversion error in the client (when exchanging currencies on the client, the resulting amount was shown slightly less than necessary)
Availability of container sorting on screens where it should not be
Examining an item on the Scav's item transfer screen did not work if the item is on the Scav
Sounds of falling casings and ricochets of bullets were audible for players in the bunker from outside the area on the Reserve location
Inability to insure a Cultist knife
Lack of localization of firing mode in a raid
Looking for notes in a player's profile
Various minor adjustments to the locations
Various minor bugs
Various network errors
Other errors (spamming errors, critical errors that cause crashes and disconnects, errors 228, etc.)

AI changes

Bots on the move now shoot even less accurately than bots that are stationary. Changed the parameters of the effect of bushes on the visibility of bots (bots now see worse) Slowed down the reaction of normal bots when detecting the player Changed parameters of player tracking at the last point (bots follow the point less) The maximum enemy detection radius of bots has been reduced Bots now do not fire while changing position to prone Fixed bosses spawn when they could appear without guards Fixed behavior when the boss did not attack an enemy in offline mode Fixed sniper bots spawn Various server bugs related to bots


Changes to the shader system Eliminates some of the freezes and micro freezes that were caused by shaders, at the beginning of a raid, during combat contact, and during visual effects Memory optimization Improved and corrected option in the Mip Streaming setting Significantly optimizes the consumption of video memory (for graphics cards with a large amount of VRAM) and RAM (for systems with a small amount of VRAM) in the game, which provides smoother rendering and reduces the number of micro freezes associated with loading textures Option is now available at any texture quality, not just for high settings. Option is disabled by default. On low texture settings in raids, some item icons may be unclear when the mip-streaming option is enabled Changing the texture quality option and Mip Streaming is not available in online raids (because there may be a delay due to loading/unloading of textures), but is available in offline raids and in the menu For an efficient texture streaming system, it is highly desirable to place the Windows swap file on an SSD


2 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:42 ID: gsbcuve

"Changed The Steam Audio option is back after fixes"

Thank God.

ID: gsbk8mm

What is this exactly?

ID: gsblbfs

Binaural audio that is supposed to make directionality of audio easier to discern in 3D spaces

ID: gsblbgk

Basically adjusts some sounds in game to make it clearer where they are. It doesnt fix sound problems (like stairs) but improves current sound.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:32 ID: gsbbfjk

The message "Item already purchased" has been moved to notification

Blessed Nikita you have saved us

ID: gsbf36u

This is going to be my favorite update solely due to this lmao

4 : Anonymous2021/03/26 18:53 ID: gsbmf1a

Sorting of quests by current location

Hopefully they went through the quests and updated them to actually show the required location because a number of them do not.

ID: gsc1avt

I can’t imagine trying to do most of these quests without the wiki if you haven’t done them before. Some of them are so vague it’s ridiculous

ID: gscf6vs

The skier quest in the train car...

ID: gscj7mr

Nikita is a big fan of " to get the sword you have to bomb this exact wall" style of game design.

ID: gscav65

I'd be happy if they just keep the quests on top for the map I'm in, digging through the list was a nightmare under pressure.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:42 ID: gsbcsvi

When placing a new offer, the item selection window appears to the left

Fucking finally. Game changer.

ID: gsbjj3n

Will the random item selection also disappear on filter?

ID: gsbfbhg

So many hours wasted dragging that fucking window lol

ID: gsci1yz

When placing a new offer, the item selection window appears to the left

flea market 2.0 confirmed

6 : Anonymous2021/03/26 19:34 ID: gsbso1g

Holy shit a bunch of cool changes here!

steam audio is back?! fence no longer in flea! adjust player spawns on customs - curious as to what that specifically looks like 30% quieter rain - across all rain types? bot adjustments - excited about reduced visibility, accuracy decrease while moving, and not immediately shooting when going prone.

Good stuff BSG! Thank you Nikita

7 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:30 ID: gsbb8f8

Any word on when this is supposed to go live?

ID: gsbdkk6

Early-mid next week is what Nikita said

ID: gsbgake

Cheers man.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:29 ID: gsbb4hs

Eye armor glasses. Top kek

ID: gsbu4ff

prepare for a 1/1 high low ricochet chance 1 armor set of glasses to save your target from a headeyes at the most bullshit moment possible...

ID: gsc52wt

Save you from shotgun scav head eyes Id think

9 : Anonymous2021/03/26 18:29 ID: gsbj3d5

“Will you fix the Tetris trade?”

Nikita: “No”

I laughed my ass off ngl

10 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:27 ID: gsbavin

Very happy about the AI scav nerfs

ID: gsbzw7m

Me too. Today a scav killed me shooting while going prone, like some COD shit lol

11 : Anonymous2021/03/26 18:30 ID: gsbj52a

This looks like the most comprehensive and solid QOL patch I've seen them drop in the past 3 years. Hope most of this works flawlessly.

I just need a Streets ETA...

ID: gsbly92

Nikita said by the end of the year.

ID: gsbocrk

They said by the end of the year, but sometime before then we will get the factory expansion and lighthouse.

ID: gsboojx

Lighthouse seems interesting so that'll be fun. Did they say anything more about it? I know Terminal is gonna be like Shoreline, so I wonder if Lighthouse will relate to any other part of the current map. Only current lighthouse I can think of is the tiny Shoreline one.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/26 18:59 ID: gsbnb5m

Significantly optimizes the consumption of video memory (for graphics cards with a large amount of VRAM) and RAM (for systems with a small amount of VRAM) in the game, which provides smoother rendering and reduces the number of micro freezes associated with loading textures

Big if true.

ID: gsc5gf3

Large if factual

ID: gscc883

Massive if legitimate

ID: gsbxrju

just for texture stream option

13 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:35 ID: gsbbw0e

That STM-9 looks very cool, definitely will mess around with that.

ID: gsc2vrm

it'll be interesting to see how it performs in game. i'd expect basically no recoil, uses M4 parts, but semi auto only

ID: gsc5bh0

Seems like an overpriced saiga unfortunately. Looks cool and I'll run it some but will be hard to justify the price increase

14 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:26 ID: gsbaqkd

TNT brick!?

The thermal changes also look really interesting.

ID: gsbig0z

Always wondered why loot had a heat signature. I feel like this is a good balance.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/26 19:15 ID: gsbpkji

Seems like a sweet update. Hopefully comes out next week

16 : Anonymous2021/03/26 19:21 ID: gsbqhwv

Performance updates are always the best updates

17 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:05 ID: gscg18x

Everybody gangsta till sks gets ap ammo

18 : Anonymous2021/03/26 18:18 ID: gsbhjwr

OPSKS is back on the menu boys!

ID: gsc57de

Sks was never gone. BP slaps.

ID: gsc0rd7

It's always been on the menu and almost a regular special.

ID: gsc83iz

It's always been the daily special on the menu, dunno what your talking about. I fuckjng love the SKS

19 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:36 ID: gsbc1w4

7.62x39 mm MAI AP
5.56x45 mm SSA AP
5.56x45 mm Mk 318 Mod 0 (SOST)

this better not be yet another tier 6 shredder from mechanic 4

ID: gsbhhug

SSA AP will most likely be the middle ground between m855a1 and m995. As any penetration past m995 would be overkill.

ID: gsbth5u

Looking into it, apparently the 556 round “significantly outperforms” m995. Okay then Nikita. Maybe it’s for hard cover penetration, if it gets implanted?

ID: gsbp28l

Well if they base it off of the irl performance we're fucked.

" We've been told the SSA 5.56mm NATO ... ammo will significantly outperform the M995 ammo"


Here's a photo too

Another photo from quote source

20 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:43 ID: gsbcy3z

Curious about the sling


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