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1 : Anonymous2021/03/27 21:00 ID: memkt9

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2 : Anonymous2021/03/28 00:10 ID: gsj010x

Shooter born in heaven is fuckin killing me. I think the task is fine but I just can't seem to find many people at that distance, and if I do, I can't land my shots, and if I do, it was like 99.9m or something. fml

ID: gsjl54k

Been in the same spot, and as someone who suuuuuucks at sniping it’s been tough. Hang in there brother we’ll get lucky soon enough!

3 : Anonymous2021/03/31 19:17 ID: gsy47fs

HDD users should be grouped with other HDD users so they can load slowly together.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/30 01:46 ID: gsr7qp1

I'm a new player and have just walked into a gold mine on a recent Scav run

Saw that my next Scav run would only have a chopped up Mosin that wouldn't get much use, so I took it to Factory to try and vulture some loot. ended up killing two AI Scavs with the Mosin, and they have me a Saiga 9 and MP-133 that I couldn't end up brining home because of inventory space. Those guns didn't even get used because I ended up walking into Forklift to find a haunted battleground. 4 corpses laying around, a couple PMCs and a couple Scavs. Cleaned them up as best as I could and made it home. Left so much loot behind, but I can't be upset with this amount collected, stash was looking super light before and this will help a ton.

ID: gsuk7sq

Here's some advice for looting. Try to remember what ammo is valuable. Most of the mags there are probably full of ammo that isn't worth much and the mags themselves are next to worthless.

You can unload mags to condense the ammo. I.E. 5.45x39 ammo stacks to 60 so 2 of those 30 rounders condense into 1 slot instead of 4. Also saves some weight. Those mags are only like 3k from a trader.

Dog tags under lvl 10 are pretty much never worth taking unless you need them for a quest. I don't bother with ones under 20 unless I have a dog tag or SICC case on me.

Always consider what items are worth per slot. 12.5k roubles per slot is a good target. Things like esmarch, splint, army bandage, and AI-2 are very cheap from traders. (Don't drop ALL your meds, you need some just in case) Even though those are things you're going to use, it makes more sense to drop them and take an item that's worth more.

Also, some guns are not worth their weight. AKS-74U is very cheap. To save space it often makes sense to just remove the sights, foregrips, muzzle attachments and just keep those.

Loot optimization is tricky and definitely a learned skill. It's hard to remember what items are valuable.

Nice haul, though! Coming across a battlefield as a scav is always fun. I like to play detective and see if I can figure out what happened.

ID: gsukmqe

Thanks for the tips, I love using the 74U anyways since it is cheap without being underpowered, it's a nice low risk weapon I can take and turn into something better, or lose right away and not feel like I've wasted something valuable.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/28 10:49 ID: gskjwzq

I'm very proud to finally have a Bitcoin farm up and running. It's my 2nd wipe ever and I'm starting to lose the gear fear and hunt players.

We can say all we want about the quests difficulty, they do force us to get out of our comfort zone.

I can't find a second FiR PM pistol for Epsilon though >_< . Any tips on how to farm it?

ID: gskqfy7

Come along on my reserve marked room runs, PM pistols and VPO for days

ID: gsl6myu

Have runs where you plan on being in the raid throughout its entirity just hunting scavs

ID: gsl7ysh

Ok, guess I'll do all the quests requiring to kill scavs and hope for a PM pistol in the process

ID: gsn1rxj

I can't find a second FiR PM pistol for Epsilon though >_< . Any tips on how to farm it?

The easiest way is scav-on-scav violence. Do your scav run on customs and hit up the spots with tons of ai scavs. Find one with a PM and take it.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/30 14:58 ID: gst1ua1

My friend and I got into a discussion regarding the use of macros. He claims he runs in to people with M1As on Reserve that are blatant users of rapid fire scripts all the time, but I thought they made AHK and other macro programs bannable a long time ago. Isn't that the case?

ID: gsu1kmt

its not that hard to shoot fast with an M1A or a DMR in general, i have a "trigger finger" myself.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/30 19:13 ID: gstzwmq

Since I'm not allowed to showcase new patch equipment in a post, take this

New USEC clothes + tan slick = Brownman

8 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:14 ID: gspguuq

Is it me or is the Peaker's advantage too much of an advantage?

I can hold a doorway, ADS'd and some dude can flash around the corner for .6 seconds and just fuck me up before i can even see him.

for the record, my ping is usually <50. just don't understand how i can take 4 shots from a guy before i am able to see him.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/30 15:53 ID: gst972z

Ghost footstep comes back now!! WTF!!

10 : Anonymous2021/03/28 06:21 ID: gsk38kt

What if scavs looted high value items, or at least had the knowledge to check tech stores. The average player can handle a few scavs and grab the still FiR loot, but hatchlings will have a challenge, they can still run naked well into level 50, but they'll have risk.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/29 02:56 ID: gsnc963

Did scav spawns just get tripled or something? East Wing has like 3-4 scavs walking around

ID: gsows4l

it's random, happens sometimes to have them spawned in multiple numbers. once during a night raid with just a pistol had like 6 of them in the west wing and boy it was a bloodbath

12 : Anonymous2021/03/30 23:17 ID: gsuuak8

is interchange darker now? cant see anything

13 : Anonymous2021/03/31 03:25 ID: gsvlcen

My standard account ign is now yellow without a crown?

14 : Anonymous2021/03/31 17:34 ID: gsxqoyy

Need literally 1 more night Factory to unlock Kappa. Stuck on awaiting session start for 12+ minutes, server connection lost and all my gear is gone. Currently trying again and just hit 16 mins awaiting session start.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/02 18:24 ID: gt5yzfu

Why there are so many high level players on customs? Do they go there to kill bosses or is just a bully thing?

16 : Anonymous2021/03/31 10:16 ID: gswfbuy

Item pictures won't load for me just the little spinning circle. I tried doing the integrity check and clearing cache and nothing is working. Any ideas?

17 : Anonymous2021/03/31 11:05 ID: gswihq4

Just got my bitcoin farm but only got one graphics card in it.

Will take 30 hours for a Bitcoin. How much do they sell for currently? Do you sell them to Therapist?

Will it offset the fuel cost with a level 2 Generator.

Thanks in advance for answering my noob questions.

ID: gswkmjm

They are roughly 830k right now, just sold one to therapist

ID: gsx7p0l

yes they are currently wildly profitable even with a single GPU, roughly 650k profit i think vs fuel

18 : Anonymous2021/03/31 15:00 ID: gsx68o6

Just killed a guy with slick, Meta M4 and most importantly a f*ing thermal ! I finally got to play with thermal, hoping to finish SBIH with it.

edit : the guy was most likely doing Test Drive - Part 1. Gues I'll keep the gun for this quest.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/01 01:52 ID: gszfk83

hello all, this is my first wipe (lv 16) and I keep dying to teams on customs, just trying to do tasks (killing scavs, getting that intel for skier, etc). I feel like I'm going in under-kitted, any recommendations for guns that aren't crazy expensive but still do the trick? when I run into teams I usually kill one or two but the last one gets me.

ID: gsznn76

While ammo is really what you should be focusing on, good low level guns are:

PP-19 (a 9x19 smg that only costs around 18-20k on the flea market),

SKS (7.62x39 semi-auto rifle on the flea for normally 15k, add a 20 round extended mag for 8k and you can work with it well)

SR-1MP (A 9×21 pistol, sub 20k if you do the gunpowder trade from prapor, slap some SP10 ammo in there and you have a reliable pistol that has nearly the same pen as BT AK ammo and more damage. Also 18 rounder mags)

MP-133 (A 12 guage shotgun. 13-15k on flea. Either use Magnum buck and aim for the legs or face, or use Flechette and literally destroy armor. The Magnum Buck round (8.5 Magnum buck) does around 50 damage a pellet, with each shell having 7 pellets, it will not pen armor so don't aim for the chest. Flechette Rounds have Meh pen and bad damage, but due to their nature they literally physically shread armor. Destroy tier 4 armor easily, though watch out for the low damage.)

Vepr Hunter or VPO-101 (7.62x51 Carbine. 25-ish k on the flea, 10 rounder mags of m80 and you should pretty easily go through tier 4 armor, even tier 5. Good damage but very loud. Make sure your accurate though because the 10 rounder mags limit how much you can spam it at those charging you.)

Thats all I can really think of, but remember that ammo matters a lot. I suggest the Tarkov batttle buddy for finding good ammo, it has a built in ammo penetration chance calculator.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/28 04:00 ID: gsjrcym

Why is SNB like 20% cheaper than 7n1 - did something change? I've recently fallen in love with the SV98 - gun fucking slaps- even close range its pretty damn effective

ID: gsk5zqu

snb doesnt 1 tap chest like the 7n1 does either

21 : Anonymous2021/03/30 23:33 ID: gsuw5lu

I’m trying to set up my account and I got through the registration process and authorization last night around 2 am and then went to sleep, around four hours ago I went to try to preorder the game but the it said I had to login so I of course did and put my email and password in and then it sent me to the complete authorization page, again, and eft aren’t sending me another code. Was wondering what I should do to fix this.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/31 16:40 ID: gsxjf5d

I kinda wish I could try and use the "400m zero" concept in this game to see if it actually works.

Here's a write-up by a guy that is very into Russian optics systems. The idea is that you zero the ironsights (or your optic, if you're using one) on a rifle at a 100m firing range to be zeroed for 400m. This is done with a bit of math on a postcard for how high over the sight picture you're supposed to hit at 100m.

The idea is that you will be able to aim at the belt line (ideally the "belt buckle" in the center of that line) at any range up to 400m and hit somewhere center-mass. No need to know how to approximate distance or adjust your aim for that distance, just put the dot/post/bead on their belt and pull the trigger. It's certainly not in line with the meta or effective firefighting in EFT, but it would be fun to do it just to see if it works.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/31 18:22 ID: gsxwz6y

So did anyone manage to find a ratchet wrench? Where should I look? Toolboxes, the usual spots? My friends and I can't find any so far.

24 : Anonymous2021/04/01 15:07 ID: gt1drol

Does anyone else really enjoy Hunting scavs? I don’t know if I’m weird but I get so much enjoyment out of fighting scavs. I like to use expensive gear and go hunt them. It’s so much fun!

25 : Anonymous2021/04/02 14:25 ID: gt56aai

Hi there, I was wondering if the lighting to interchange was darkened in 12.10? On 12.09 I remember being able to walk around without any issues of visibility, but now since the patch it feels very dark. My post effects haven't changed, nor my monitor settings. Is anyone else experiencing this?

26 : Anonymous2021/03/28 01:56 ID: gsje2pi

Best haul this wipe. Thanks to the poor soul who collected it all for me.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/29 01:35 ID: gsn40zx

I'm lvl 14 & got my first graphics card. I have a quest that needs them, but if I sold it I could just afford the lvl 2 stash.

which should I do?

edit: sold it, thanks for the advice

ID: gsn9o19

That quest has not been updated since graphics cards have gone up 15x in value. It's rewards are not worth it and it's a dead end quest. I would sell the card and use the money.

ID: gsod6ug

Sell it, you need the cash and you will find/make the cards for the quest later, you don't really need to finish it so soon.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/29 02:00 ID: gsn6orp

Any fix to interchange darkness in sunny days? Don't want to change my settings every time I change map

ID: gso1cnu

My god, i thought i was the only one that was bothered with this. Could not see shit!

29 : Anonymous2021/03/30 09:20 ID: gss74rt

Yesterday I got my last SBIH shot on customs. Apologies to the guy who was probably quite upset that I'd sat watching the river for the entire raid...

Where is the best place to get them on shoreline? For woods I'm probably just going to naked mosin run until I get it, and reserve I can just check the dome every so often to see if anyone is up there... But shoreline is proving to be a massive pain in the ass

30 : Anonymous2021/03/30 14:56 ID: gst1k1g

I own a standard account and my name loading into raid is now Yellow instead of white. Can someone else with a standard account confirm this. I believe it is just an appearance change that only I can see. If you have a standard account, go into the lobby to invite other players and let me know what color your name is please.

ID: gstcvy7

My name is yellow too and I have a standard account

31 : Anonymous2021/03/31 01:26 ID: gsv8u1w

Few things ive noticed with the new patch:

Twice now I've died prior to hearing gun fire, with the gunfire sounding close once played. Had GPU crafting with 50ish hours left, that has since been rolled back to 80hours (losing a ton of fuel as a result) Couple of laggy boys Only half of Reserve's scav boss guards aggro'd onto me Having the new sound instated is great Dumped everything into BTC farm so now im scrambling to farm rubles to buy fuel


I need 1 more FIR GPU for Mechanic quest. Should i hand my crafted one in for the quest or toss it in my farm? I'm sitting around 4mil atm

ID: gsv903f

Hand it in & do the quests after(forget the names) because the rewards you get from those are insane; it’s like 6 btc and another graphics card or something

32 : Anonymous2021/03/31 05:10 ID: gsvukz9

I am running the NVG goggles on interchange currently and they are looking incredibly grainy. I've done NVGs before and they look just fine, especially the ones without the helmet that I am currently using. Is anyone else experiencing this or has any insight?


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