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1 : Anonymous2021/04/17 21:00 ID: msz0n2

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2 : Anonymous2021/04/18 21:36 ID: gv0ge3k

Does anyone else fill their stash with awesome gear but keep using the same budget stuff because it works?

ID: gv20qmb

That's just gear fear. If you know the map you're playing there's no reason not to use good gear. You say in another comment everyone runs ammo that pens level 6 which is a massive exaggeration, I run a Slick every raid and I tank so many rounds even on Labs.

ID: gv20lep

I have enough money to run whatever I want and I still only really build and use budget mindful guns with decent but not crazy ammo.

I'm more about sustainability when I make loadouts. It's important to me that I can easily and quickly earn back the money that I lost on a kit if I die with it through gameplay. I currently have about ten million, but I just bought a ton of GPUs. Most loadouts I do are about 200k or so, maybe a little more. ~100k to 130k on a gun, ~30k-40k on ammo/supplies, and then whatever a level 4 armored rig costs. I don't bother with a helmet.

Everyone has such hot ammo now that helmets are pointless, and when even I using budget ammo can shred a slick in just a couple seconds spending the money isn't really worth it for average runs in my opinion.

I went into factory with flechette yesterday in a saiga and killed two people wearing sicks and wendys by just spraying at them. When some dickhead with cheap ammo and a cheap gun can just delete you why bother dumping the money down it.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/17 23:03 ID: guwtx7x

Wondering people's thoughts on the sound ADS'ing makes. To me it feels really out of place.

Its kind of anti rat protection, but good rats will just not ADS. The range at which you can hear someone ADS with comtacs is like 10m, which is pretty huge. I am pretty sure you can hear someone ADS at marked room door 3rd floor dorms from the stairwell.

Tarkov is a positional shooter, so it just seems weird to be punished for taking a shooting position instead of sprinting around with a vecto


Agree, disagree?

ID: gux3j2n

So many sounds in this game are grossly over exaggerated to encourage sound whoring and ratting. You shouldn't hear a guy unlock a door, 7 rooms down and up a floor, that's absurd. Hearing someone go into their inventory or ads as if they were in an echo chamber with you.

ID: guwvqdn

The sound of ADS can be reduced with higher ergo from what I understand. It is pretty loud IMO but imagining your PMC has a lot of shit in his rig that could rub against the gun ADS’ing. This is an exaggerated detail but make it, “as realistic as playable” I suppose.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/19 23:13 ID: gv52hya

I just finished Shooter Born In Heaven for the first time. I am so happy.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/18 02:36 ID: guxge9p

Are you allowed to macro? I got killed by a TTV who, after I went into their stream, openly bragged about not only ping abusing but also using a macro with M1A.

ID: guxnsiw

I believe people gets banned because of macros. If there is a clip you could report it.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/18 18:01 ID: guzpl30

The Adar with a couple cheap M4 Attachment does work. Solid cheap dmr.

ID: gv022c1

Plus many scavs use It. So you get free crappy ammo

ID: gv03iaq

I bring m855a1 because i usually only need 1 or 2 mags.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/18 20:08 ID: gv05dmf

Here in Brazil, even the basic version of the game and even with the discount, it's still very expensive. Is there a way to get more discount coupons? (Sorry my Google English)

8 : Anonymous2021/04/18 03:56 ID: guxo2ld

how late into the wipe am I? I just bought this game literally yesterday after wanting to buy it for almost a month now cus of watching some youtube vids of the game and because I love games like this where you risk gear and etc (I love hunt showdown, dayz)

I know tarkov doesn't have actual matchmaking which is intended for the experience, but I'm trynna follow beginner guides which suggest I go to customs to learn the map, but everyone just seems to be fully geared with full auto ARs and a solid set of armor while I have a pistol and some meds– so I was thinking that this might be happening because I joined at a bad time where everyone has fully geared up post-wipe? Should I give up on the game for awhile til next wipe?

ID: guxsevz

Waiting for wipe is never a good idea, because you’re going into it with no game knowledge at all while experienced players power level and within a week or two the gear gap is present again. Start learning the game now, you’ll die a lot but when the wipe comes around you’ll have the experience.

You only need to reach level 10 and through the flea market you can access ammo that’ll allow you to compete with the most geared players. For example 7.62x54R SNB will 2-tap any armour to the chest, you can fire that out an SVDS which requires no mods other than a PSO scope.

ID: guxw872

BSG never really gives much of a warning before wipe, it could be as early as next week but more likely it will be another 2-4 months. This late into wipe customs has become more of a squad pvp map. Woods or Shoreline would be easier maps to learn without necessarily running into players. just try to avoid the resort on shorline and the sawmill on woods while you learn the rest of the map first. scav runs are also a great way to learn any map without having to risk your pmcs gear.

ID: guyqv14

Do offline raids to learn maps, play slow and don't be afraid to run away from geared players. If questing, remember that's your primary objective to get it done and extract, you want to slam through them, not be greedy and take 4-5 runs to do one. Always use your scav when up, learn hidden caches and interchange oli/pc runs are reliable income. Google tarkov market to learn items with high roubles per slot, 2 bolts are worth more than most guns etc. Treat it as a learning experience and don't expect to compete with the players who've printed money with bitcoin for the last 3 months.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/18 21:04 ID: gv0cd6l

Anyone want to help a noob out with this game? I don't have anyone to play this with but it looks so awesome. I have managed to kill one person lol

ID: gv0hfwz

I could take you around for a couple raids tomorrow if you’re interested

ID: gv13geo

As long as you promise not to shoot me lol I tried loading with a random team today and they just killed me. I’m running out of loot.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/20 00:00 ID: gv5846h

Been having fps drops and stuttering started since 12.10, before 12.10 the game ran 100fps+ consistently. 1660 super 16gb ram i5 10400f eft is on nvme ssd

11 : Anonymous2021/04/20 03:10 ID: gv5tvfa

I am relatively new to the game (bought the game 2 wipes ago, playing on and off) and I have always despised the recoil system. I really think by letting the player control recoil it allows for you to outskill your opponent and give the poorer PMCs a fighting chance.

It also appears im not alone in this, I searched the subreddit and dozens of highly upvoted posts agree the system is rather dumb.

so is this never gonna change? does Nikita really not care? Its so frustrating because I really think its the biggest issue with the game currently

12 : Anonymous2021/04/18 07:12 ID: guy39rs


I have to kill three (3) heavily trained, armed, armored PMC With a pistol

Apart from saying fuck you skier, what should i do?

ID: guy40ko

Do a couple pistol only runs in factory, you'll run into low geared or naked pmcs to head tap eventually.

ID: guyqkk5

I would just take the full-auto pistol to factory with some decent ammo and armor until you get it. Otherwise naked pistol runs in Interchange where you sprint to techlight to murder hatchlings would be my backup strat.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/18 15:15 ID: guz4yg4

How am I supposed to play this fucking game when I get instantly headshot 9/10 times? I can't fucking compete.

ID: guzfy5e

Im about a month in and starting too see success.

My advice, take your raids slowly, especially when playing as your PMC. This is unlike any other shooter. Slow it down.

Patience is key.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/18 19:39 ID: gv01vl2

Why i often find containers and crates with lid open and i am forced to do the closure animation leaving me unable to react?

Damn you scavs, close the door when you loot

Yes, even the jackets

ID: gv05jak

That's other players already looting the containers, more common on pmc runs but you can see it on scav runs if they are opened while you are in the raid.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/18 20:31 ID: gv08835

I can't even have fun with this game because if I run into another player, I'm just dead. Idk what to do.

ID: gv0a4zp

Play slower, learn the maps and spawns, popular player routes and how to avoid them. Listen, wear the in game headsets, they amplify certain sounds so you can hear enemies moving much better.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/20 03:51 ID: gv5y3od

Whats the best meme gun? And I don't meme guns that suck like the toz or vpo. I mean funny stuff like the sawn off mosin.

Me and the boys spent all last weekend harassing interchange locals with Shemags and shit pistols. Was a fun time.

Seriously, this might be my favorite FPS when it comes to straight fucking about.

ID: gv6bnvo

Saiga shotgun with 6 flashlights.

AKSU with 100 rnd mag and shitty cheap bullets.


Unironically VEPR VPO 209 with the .366 caliber is pretty funny in terms of usability. Load it with AP bullets and it smacks like a beast. Technically if it pens well, it can 1shot thoraxes. Only drawback is high recoil.

ID: gv6uej5

The Kedr is actually a lot of fun

ID: gv79m32

It's the KS-23, the meme is that it's effective

17 : Anonymous2021/04/20 13:51 ID: gv799pk

So i just got a twitch rivals armband out of scav case, how much can i sell it for?

18 : Anonymous2021/04/20 14:08 ID: gv7bfq3

What's your favorite heal? I love the Grizzly this wipe. Usually pretty cheap, especially with the barter. I love the simplicity of it, often last me until i die and i don't have to bother about splint and heavy bleeding bandages.

ID: gv7een5

I’m in the Grizzly gang aswell!

Fastest healing When canceled at the right time

19 : Anonymous2021/04/17 23:11 ID: guwuswe

After the new update I've had so much lagspikes and crashes, I've uninstalled the game twice now, my Ram shoots up to 10-11 GB usage and drops down sometimes and it makes the game really unplayable, especially on Reserve.

Please I've only started playing like a week or two ago, I really enjoy the game, does anybody know a fix or have had the same issue whilst playing? I've had no problems before the last patch.

Also used both physical and ram cleaner, both didn't make a change.

ryzen 3900x
16gb ram
game is on a m2 ssd

20 : Anonymous2021/04/17 23:59 ID: gux006d

To the friendly scav I met at tech light thank you very much for dropping your backpack so I could take that air filter! You’re a real gem and it was awesome looting together!

21 : Anonymous2021/04/18 13:42 ID: guyuh42

I was raiding on Reserve when nature called, so I ran and hid in what I thought was a pretty ingenious spot. Came back and an AI scav had found me and slowly shotgunned me to death. At least I'll get my stuff back in 2 days, lol.

22 : Anonymous2021/04/18 20:35 ID: gv08q1r

I was watching Pestily’s raid series and he looks over his shoulder while he runs. How do you do that?

ID: gv0a0nj

Middle mouse button let's you look around independent of the body movement.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/19 00:20 ID: gv0zrow

How the hell do you split ammo? Lol it’s killing me

ID: gv14g4h

Hold click on pile of ammo, press and hold control and drag to where you want to form new pile of ammo.

24 : Anonymous2021/04/19 14:50 ID: gv35cx9

To anyone who is just scrolling through, whats your survival rate? Im trying to garner some statistics to reference so I may convince some players I play with that they aren't horrible at the game.

ID: gv3q87x

Id say anywhere between 40-60% is pretty good. Just depends on how aggressive of a player you are. Safer (or rattier) players can hit the 60s+ no problem where more aggressive players tend to be in the 40-50 range.

Im currently right at 50%.

ID: gv3s7j4

Indeed! While I don't believe survival rate or KD necessarily matters, mine was crippled by me suicide running quests and doing hyper low geared money runs to amp myself up very quickly at the beginning of this wipe.With literally every fetch quest I would go in with a sks and a balaclava and throw myself at it until I got it done. I got to level 30 by week 3 and had 25 mil or so in the bank but I had a 19% survival rate. Now im at level 44 and 80-90 mil consistently but my survival rates crippled at 26% lol.

ID: gv401on

Dropped to 50% once I started doing the bolt-action quests and SBIH. Shoreline can’t find anyone until they’re right in my face...

25 : Anonymous2021/04/20 11:19 ID: gv6tu84

I finally encountered someone that I'm sure was cheating on Woods. I kept taking fire where ever I peaked from on the hill over looking the mill. I eventually made my way down and took cover along the side of the 3rd cabin.

They started shooting at the cabin from the other side. I was confused until I turned to look at the cabin wall. There were 4 bullet hole decals right where my head was. They had tried to shoot through the cabin to kill me, but the bullets didn't pen.


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