One Snipey Boi – A Visualization

1 : Anonymous2021/04/24 18:03 ID: mxpae6
One Snipey Boi - A Visualization
2 : Anonymous2021/04/24 18:04 ID: gvqef85


Hey guys. I'm back with another infographic, this time for Shturman. See my last post for Killa. This one was a less daunting task being only 25 kills, but he proved to be quite the challenge with his lil' minions.

All raids were completed with max Strength and Endurance, and they were all done after the 12.10 update for stamina.

I'm happy to answer any questions, try to accept criticism, and ready to do some real raids for once...

ID: gvqmnr6

About Shturman seeing you through red 1, do you mean if I sprint past the building in the woods on the marked circle side, he's able to see me? Or is it if I approach from the pier.

ID: gvqn6ob

Coming from the pier, running on the right side of it. Assuming he spawns behind wood piles by Grey (red circle), he’ll yell at you and you know he’s up.

Similarly, I mention to run by Grey back door, a Guard usually spawns inside and will comm at you, so you can expect Shturmy to be around the corner.

ID: gvr742v

If im reading the income is the outcome chart right, you started with 0mil and ended with 8? I'm just wondering how profitable is it to just run and kill shturman then leave and extract right away. Also, would be cool to see a chart of how much roubles spent on kits and how much roubles gained only from shturman and his goons.

ID: gvr7zfz

So the ‘Income is the Outcome’ chart shows stash value, which accounts for income from farming as well as cost of kits. I started with like 100M Roubles and 240M stash value. Most of my stash value gains were liquid Roubles from selling gear from Shturmy, and I kept a few nice guns I got from PMCs that got in my way (2 thermals lol). If you’re looking to farm a boss, Killa is more profitable and the raids take half the time.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/24 18:46 ID: gvqjl94

Good stuff my dude.

Love me some graphs with my data.

Thanks for taking the time to contribute!

4 : Anonymous2021/04/24 19:58 ID: gvqs2r8

The only things this is missing are a pie chart depicting you favourite bars and a bar graph depicting your favourite pies. Very nicely done

ID: gvqscju

And one depicting each scav boss based on how dirty their names are!

5 : Anonymous2021/04/24 20:29 ID: gvqvtft

Hitting Shturman makes them not shoot you back? I'm confused

ID: gvqx5k7

Like if you shoot and hit them, they typically run away as opposed to shooting back at you. That’s why I predominantly used SMGs

6 : Anonymous2021/04/24 21:07 ID: gvr0ays

Interesting choice of weapons. I can't really imagine wanting to get close to that hell hole that is the sawmill. lol.
I usually took a vepr-hunter with a pso sight and m80 for my kills (super cheap too). His persistent spawn and favorite positions make it really easy to just look from really far away and kill him with a single head shot.
Did you check the ~3 keycard spawns that are close to the sawmill? Would love to see those stats too. In my 25 kills I found 2 purple keycards there, which is quite a boost to the profitability of this mission.

ID: gvr7h2c

Yeah definitely a good cheap option. I would check keycard spawns if he didn’t spawn. Unfortunately no luck. That’s wild that you got 2 purples!

7 : Anonymous2021/04/24 22:18 ID: gvr8j06

Damn u have been unlucky with the RR's i had 4 whilst grinding for the 25 kill quest this wipe. 2 on shturman himself and 2 from his chest.

ID: gvrf8l5

Dude I know it was terrible!! I did the quest back in like February and got two then, but none while collecting this data...

8 : Anonymous2021/04/24 22:36 ID: gvrak37

From outskirts why would You go inside lumber when You can snipe shturmi boi from the rock near red 1

ID: gvrfcxx

Just my preference and gun choice. I had a CQC setup so liked to get a bit closer. But that would definitely work too!

9 : Anonymous2021/04/24 22:59 ID: gvrd60b

Giving away my favorite solo run!!! Good chart!

10 : Anonymous2021/04/24 23:59 ID: gvrjqee

Pick a low pop server and go night time with better gear.

Always come from the N or NW yellow arrows. I got 25 Shturmans in way less than 96 raids and out of the 25 kills I only died 4x. Got 3 red rebels, there were 4 times Shturman was dead and I was unable to loot to see if he had red rebel.

Only once out of my 25 kill adventure did I get TWO labs key cards, 1 from boss and 1 from guard. Only once I got a damaged fort armor from scavs that sold for 2m. (for quest)

Also only 2x did Shturman not spawn in his normal location. 2x he switched locations with the guard that is inside main warehouse. Both times this threw me off. Super weird. Super rare.

Cool graphs though. xD

Super pro tips. Shturman and his guards make 0 running/foot step sounds. So becareful and aware.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/24 21:50 ID: gvr5byy

all of this data was so beautiful... until i saw what you were killing him with.

Vector and P90 are good guns but they shoot such shit fucking ammo mate idk how you can stand it this late lmao. 7n31 blows ass and so does SS190 and AP 6.3 is a whole ass joke. The only credible gun you got gun with was the M4 shooting 55a1 lmao. Paying 2K a shot for a round that can’t pen level 5 armor is just so bad, and 55a1 is only 4-800 roubles a shot and can pen 5 armor. Hell 995 is the same price as 7n!

ID: gvr7lwo

I mean I just bought it from traders... and I have enough money that I wasn’t trying to be like crazy crazy budget. There are definitely some cheaper options. Could even use RIP / Luger rounds if you wanted.

ID: gvrcklx

yea my and my buddies made a vow to never use that shit ammo again lmao. all the money in the world doesn’t make it any better to me, that’s such shit ammo for 2K a shot lol. We only use them for leg meta now, lost way too many fights to Altyn / Slick because using 7N, SS, or AP. amazing platform tho


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