I’m learning to draw using a tablet and after a few days of training, I made this using the in-game model and drawing over it. Took me 3 hours. Biggest challenge is showing curves/3D when only using one color (no gradient, no shade, no lights). I’m happy :D

1 : Anonymous2021/05/12 03:05 ID: naezkc
I'm learning to draw using a tablet and after a few days of training, I made this using the in-game model and drawing over it. Took me 3 hours. Biggest challenge is showing curves/3D when only using one color (no gradient, no shade, no lights). I'm happy 😀
2 : Anonymous2021/05/12 04:57 ID: gxtixg7

This would be a clean wallpaper.

ID: gxtkmyc

LOL I was going to say that!! He could animate it and make an exploded view. And put it back together and shit. Wall paper engine!

ID: gxtxfhf

You're a bad person, now i've read your comment i don't want to work until i've got that.

ID: gxun4us

Like the punisher intro!

ID: gxu07zv

nah i want this as a design on my gun cleaning pad

ID: gxvc1vw

Agreed. Need one for an AK

ID: gxuvjhu

This would be a clean poster on a wall

ID: gxvrb2g
3 : Anonymous2021/05/12 06:40 ID: gxtr48l

Tips from my gf which is a concept artist:

Tracing is fine to train yourself but your drawing indeed shows that you are begining. You're using many short strokes instead of longer ones for a continuous line.

As a "fix", you should keep training yourself and do "dumb" exercises to gain confidence in yourself and get used to your tablet. On a new empty "canvas", draw lines as long and straight as possible everyday (and on as many directions as you can to not limit yourself to one "comfort direction"). This is also a nice "warmup" before working on a piece.

As you train yourself and get more confident you'll get much cleaner and better looking line-art.

Good luck on your journey 🙂


For perspective/"3D", you may want to get basic perspective drawing knowledge and then get yourself "How To Draw: Drawing And Sketching Objects And Environments From Your Imagination" from Scott Robertson on Amazon. It might be a bit "technical" but you should be able to get many good tips for drawing things or structures on any angle you could imagine.

You may also want to take a look into "hatching" to give volume to your drawings without using shades and/or colors.

ID: gxu4r9i

Thx for the input!

I've started following guides on my first day and they also suggest exactly that. Basically, do 2D simple shapes, a lot. Then slowly go to 3D. And once you can draw a few basic shapes you can draw anything. So I am already doing that but it is nowhere as impressive obviously, and I wanted a change of scenery to give myself a morale boost.

Right now on top of basic shapes and lines I'm doing my old 3310, keyboard keys and cubes. In all directions. I've tried spheres too but zero confidence there.

Thx for the input!!

ID: gxu7ug9

You might wanna check out Draw a Box if you're not already. It'll help immensely with line work and 3d perspective. Uncomfortable also goes into great lengths about the technique that most artists just consider second nature in his videos. It's recommended you do it with a pen but if you're not submitting the work to be critiqued no one will know you're on a tablet.

ID: gxu5ew8

Also I want to add just for clarity that I also felt challenged in drawing the longer lines, which was mentioned in many trainings I have read / viewed. I tried here in many places but I often ended up doing shorter strokes. This is part of the training I'm hoping to achieve by just tracing : pen manipulation. Even if I'm not using my imagination as much (only for shading pretty much), I still believe it's a good exercise as long as I don't just do only that.

Also, free karma.

ID: gxu5tqg

Drawing line in one go can indeed be quite challenging.

However, one should not forget to use dedicated tools when they are available and provide better results.

For long lines like the one required for the handguard, having the "line smoothing" activated and maybe cranked a higher than usual might be a good idea.

Alternatively, using a virtual ruler will allow you to still control the way you'll render your line (width, flow, ...) without having to worry about it being straight and looking out of place compared to freely drawn lines

ID: gxu7phy

You should consider drawabox. it’s tedious but you’ll gain confidence in your lines and hopefully a greater understanding of perspective.

That said, this work is great! Make sure you keep drawing and keep enjoying it

ID: gxv3a2d

As someone who is terrible at drawing but had to learn it as a craftsman tool I gotta say: this is solid advice, it takes me back to my sketching classes. 🙂

ID: gxtyx5s

Op is at least further than most, he started.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/12 03:26 ID: gxta2in

So clean. This is my dream AR irl

ID: gxtioib

Swap the pk for a UH-1 and I’d agree

ID: gxtisvb

gettin fancy with it are we?

ID: gxurvbb

There you go.

ID: gxtum4r

I built an AR with the UH-1 because of this game

ID: gxtnbqz

no gross skeletonized parts for me

ID: gxtq99k

All meta guns will be top posts on

ID: gxu25hc

Don’t get a fortis

5 : Anonymous2021/05/12 04:07 ID: gxte7b8

That looks really good. Nice job. You should make another version with the lines naming components.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/12 05:43 ID: gxtmshy

Nice work!! Love it

7 : Anonymous2021/05/12 05:55 ID: gxtnpsk

This is so dope

8 : Anonymous2021/05/12 06:48 ID: gxtros1

I could almost draw this from pure imagination as often as i get killed by this b*tch

9 : Anonymous2021/05/12 07:26 ID: gxtu961

I appreciate the dark mode friendly photo

ID: gxu870b

I almost went for a "blueprint" style with a blue background but then I decided against it.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/12 08:30 ID: gxtydl4

The hard part is doing it with out tracing it. Once you can do that you become a master at drawings.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/12 06:18 ID: gxtpgmj

In drawing, this is called tracing.

ID: gxusb97

12 : Anonymous2021/05/12 07:37 ID: gxtuzyt

, I'm using your art as my background now <3

ID: gxv4od9

nevermind, i lost my phone 6 hours after setting it as my backgroud. drawing is cursed, do not use.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/12 08:08 ID: gxtwzdy

Looks sick dude. Like tattoo worthy sick

14 : Anonymous2021/05/12 09:07 ID: gxu0mrm

You didnt exactly pick an angle thats easy to illustrate depth but good sketch nontheless.

ID: gxu4woj

Yeah I agree. I'm just doing this to practice holding the pen mostly

15 : Anonymous2021/05/12 10:40 ID: gxu6rft

Idk call me stupid, but some modded weapons look sexy af

16 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:16 ID: gxvaf0u

5.1k upvotes for an image op literally said they traced. What a thrill....

17 : Anonymous2021/05/12 09:32 ID: gxu266e

No offense but this is not how you learn to draw. Youre just tracing over an existing image which is nowhere near drawing. Inb4 people say Im just hating but how do you provide constructive criticism on a traced image? If you actually want to improve at drawing next time use the image as a reference instead and draw it freehand.

ID: gxu540p

I (partially) agree. I'm also doing other exercises that are obviously nowhere as impressive. Aka drawing circles, lines, squares, boxes, and I'm slowly going towards cubes, tetras and spheres.

The only reason I went for this is because the other exercises were kinda boring and I wanted to do something different, and I tried to do something that would still help me learn how to hold the pen, draw long lines, do curves, etc. So I'm definitely not using my brain as much, but it helps train my hand to some degree while also giving me a morale boost because I get thebillusio' that I made something look good :p

I could show my cubes but they wouldn't be of much interest to people. 😀

ID: gxuuk0h

keep it up, op, drawing is a grind and there’s nothing wrong with an ‘easier’, more satisfying drawing to boost morale and keep you motivated:)

18 : Anonymous2021/05/12 05:55 ID: gxtnpsn

This is fantastic

19 : Anonymous2021/05/12 06:35 ID: gxtqqcl

Now you are redy to draw kalashnikova, weapon of tru biuty

20 : Anonymous2021/05/12 06:36 ID: gxtqrqe

How do I turn it?

21 : Anonymous2021/05/12 10:11 ID: gxu4pu8

Do it on the MCX.

22 : Anonymous2021/05/12 10:28 ID: gxu5va3

I can’t even trace my own signature, and OP does this on their first go.

Nice work!

23 : Anonymous2021/05/12 11:27 ID: gxuai9z

Thank you for sharing your process and not trying to pass it off as an original sketch. You are good at drawing make. This would make for an awesome print on a T-shirt.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/12 12:37 ID: gxuh8xr

Wow I zoomed in to try to call you out but it’s real


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