“When is w1pe Dad!?! C’mon” . . . This how long the last 6 w1pes lasted

1 : Anonymous2021/05/12 19:49 ID: naxnbt
“When is w1pe Dad!?! C’mon” . . . This how long the last 6 w1pes lasted
2 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:27 ID: gxws1p4

bitcoins ruined the wipe's pace progression, that's why everyone wants wipe

ID: gxx1344

Yeah there was 0 mid wipe, not to mention early wipe was ruined by the 7.62 BP gift. This wipe was kinda doodoo in general.

ID: gxx33hm

They fucked early wipe with their 7.62 ammo gift, fucked mid wipe with bitcoin prices, and fucked late wipe by massively increasing the cost of upgrades AFTER the grinders already got everything easily, leaving casual players with an even greater disadvantage than usual.

Honestly the most boring wipe in years.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/12 20:02 ID: gxw7zi6

Doesn’t matter how long the last wipes lasted, Bitcoin fucked the economy and for 90% of this wipe its been just meta kits, wipe is needed, economy ruined this wipe.

ID: gxw90ru

This is my first wipe, and I think I'm gonna be fucked in the next wipe , got too spoiled with the insane bitcoin prices.

ID: gxwc3vp

The longer the early wipe drags out, the better. Don't worry.

ID: gxwjxg8

You'll be fine. BSG is making large efforts to drag in new players, and is expanding the playerbase significantly with the next wipe. Regardless of the price of gear next wipe, your game knowledge will pay off massively compared to any new players next wipe. This game is more about game knowledge than anything else.

Knowledge: 60% Positioning/Executing: 15% Bullets: 15% Luck: 10%
ID: gxwojaq

Same lol. Some friends on there 3rd or 4th wipe told me it'll be a whole diff ballgame for me next wipe. I also started 2 months into the wipe so all I know is thicc boi Chad's running around like it's going out of style lol.

ID: gxwp51r

Practice with running expensive gear and get over the gear fear

ID: gxwhcqm

Don't forget it also started with 7,62 BP craze. Also, at least on Russian Server there were 10 days long holiday right after wipe and A LOT of people leveled high really fast. So this wipe was ruined right from the start.

ID: gxwyxra

true, as soon as they dropped 300 free 762bp on everyone early wipe was immediately over.

ID: gxx3s9q

I'll never understand why BSG thought it'd be a good idea to give every little shitter 10 stacks of almost meta ammo in the first week of wipe. That being said, I sold like 7 or 8 of that red AK which was nice

ID: gxwsrhl

Totally agree. Imo the best part of the game is the early-mid game when loot and killing PMC’s actually matter and have a huge effect on your total stash value and such.

ID: gxw8zd3

Show me on the doll where BSG touched you. .

Jk jk. . I’m still having fun. I’m here for the PvP so that means slaying chads with meta kits while being a chad or being a budget ratchad.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/12 21:07 ID: gxwhd7k

i think they have to pretty much wipe now or they won't release streets this year together with another wipe

ID: gxwn561

I wouldn't expect Streets this year from what we know they are well behind their time frame for it.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:10 ID: gxwxh88

I'm probably alone in this, but late wipe feels harder to play because of the armor and bullet scaling. Being a casual player, only level 28 right now, I can't make it out of shoreline alive to do quests because I don't have the resources to fight PvP battles. I've thought for a long time that the armor and bullet pen system needs a rework because as it stands right now, in my opinion, it's kinda useless. You only wear armor to save you from scavs, otherwise this late in the wipe everyone has M61, or Igolnik, or m995, and I don't think there is a class 7 armor so just wearing class 6 is a waste of money. And if it's a waste of money, why does it even exist.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/12 20:41 ID: gxwdltl

I'm kinda adicted to tarkov no other game gives me that big of adrenaline shot. im level 40 after two weeks form wipe so game becomes boring cause you have nothing to lose and stash full of money, lack of content takes part too. I can't wait just for another wipe just to feel adrenaline shot again.

ID: gxwe6pc

I definitely think if Tarkov would add rotating/repeatable quests late game, it'd be good for holding interest late game. Like, say each dealer once you hit level 4 with them would randomly give you a weekly quest, and a daily quest each day to do.

Maybe there'd be kill quests, or quests that unlock extra lore, or quests to get kills while wearing certain equipment, etc.

ID: gxwzyyc

Rotating quests for outfits would be cool. Not game breaking or over powered. Just something to show off on how active you've been

ID: gxwwydz

Yeah I think something like this is really needed, especially if it was implemented in such a way that spread some of the player traffic around the map. It would be cool to have PMCs staying in raid longer and not just hitting loot spots then resetting. The woods expansion is great but apart from sawmill I barely ever encounter other players. Having more incentive to travel the maps would be huge IMO.

ID: gxwx77m


ID: gxwzkbe

If you just kill 2-3 scavs, fill your bags with random shit and then extract after about 15 minutes on whatever quiet map you prefer you should be level 10 in about 20 raids/7hours. If that takes you two weeks...

7 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:30 ID: gxwse4v

I play this game strictly for the high skill ceiling, but that being said I wouldn't mind a new wipe now that raids have been seemingly getting quieter and quieter.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:53 ID: gxwvd5b

This is my first wipe, about 300 hrs in I would really like to restart being on the same level as everyone else, instead of playing catch up to people running slick 100% of the time

9 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:07 ID: gxwx4bk

That doesn't mean that the wipe should be as long as the previous one, they were way too long

ID: gxwx9hf

Well no one said that this means that the wipe will last 200+ days but there is a clear trend. We’ll see if we follow the trend up or if we’ll continue to even out

10 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:23 ID: gxwz2gh

Can't wait for you all to cry when there will be no more wipes after game release... in 2027

11 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:38 ID: gxwtchu

If the position of the community is: "gaem stale after 100 days, restart everyone" we have a serious problem with the design of progression and need to resolve it.

ID: gxx1vk1

Its because fighting people who have good gear isnt fun. Fights are over in .01 seconds and if you dont run meta you are at an enormous disadvantage.

If late game guns werent so easy to use and overpowered, and if people werent so tanky with late game armor people wouldnt mind late wipe so much.

I love meme guns, but they are no fun to run right now because you just run into Mr.Slick/Exfil/HK who has a recoil free bullet hose to fight you with so even if you outplay him he dosent die.

ID: gxx2ig6

I wish more people realized this. Any game that needs to regularly wipe, especially after full release, has a seriously fucked up progression/endgame.

ID: gxx25xe

Progression is still much too fast and bitcoin prices were stupid this wipe. Time for a wipe

ID: gxx26tb

How is the game stale in 100 days for the community as a whole? It's like 400-500 hours for Kappa, no way people are playing that much on average.

ID: gxx4j0v

Did you read the other comments in this thread? Lots of discussion about the "how".

Progression to meta is occurring too quickly and there's too much armor and armor piercing ammunition floating around. At the end of the day people are wanting less realistic gunplay I think.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/12 21:56 ID: gxwnxz3

I'm thinking we'll get the factory update with 12.11 and then a wipe with Lighthouse release later this year. After that we'll probably get another wipe with Streets in early 2022 (not counting on them releasing it this year like they plan).

Here's hoping at least...

ID: gxwyylo

Since when lighthouse is even in the works, i only heard about streets being worked on atm

13 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:33 ID: gxwss27

I personally think a wipe is not too far away. I'm thinking and hoping around 4-6 weeks from now.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/12 21:09 ID: gxwhklx

Wipes get longer because less content is being releasex

15 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:04 ID: gxwp259

God damn I can’t spell. . Missed an “is” in my sentence

16 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:29 ID: gxwzusm

Anyone have a good beginners guide for leveling up and gun metas? I've only logged about 30hrs and this games learning curve is pretty high, I got map exits down so that helps a lot.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:30 ID: gxwzyz9

Wipe never. git gud plebs.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:32 ID: gxx06qo

Would be interesting to see the active player base numbers through out each wipe to see what the decline looks like.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:35 ID: gxx0lui

"wipe is Thursday." For real?

20 : Anonymous2021/05/12 19:50 ID: gxw68dt

Can’t say wipe in the title because you kids can’t control yourselves. .

Discussion has been amping up in the Tarky community regarding when wipe may happen. .

Thursday you degenerates. .

So here are the dates and lengths of previous wipes along with a big brain bar graph for your viewing pleasure. .


—91 days—


—112 days—


—152 days—


—201 days—


—214 days—


—210 days—


We are 139 days into this wipe

These dates were acquired from the wiki changelog page

Now if you take the average length of the last three wipes and subtract our current wipe day count from that average we are looking at 69 more days. . so July 20th timeframe.

Hopefully I mathed right

ID: gxwa88t

we are looking at 69


22 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:45 ID: gxwu9uc


23 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:55 ID: gxx343f

The game is always going to reset. You take the things you learned this wipe, and apply them next wipe playing with everyone on a fresh start. You are not going to have a good time fighting Slicks and M61 if you didn't grind out a decent chunk of money already. The gameplay gets more degenerate every week.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:59 ID: gxx3k0k

Did you email Nikita about your personal situation so that he can consider your needs? I’m sure he wouldn’t want to disappoint you.

25 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:29 ID: gxwztpm

Everyone is a Chad now it's kinda boring :/

26 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:34 ID: gxx0iih

Not sure what game you are playing but I’ve killed colonies of bambis the past few weeks lol

27 : Anonymous2021/05/12 21:32 ID: gxwku79

I can’t wait till there is no wipes. Shit is so pointless. Like oh time to spent 3 weeks doing the same 200 tasks and getting all the same meta gear again that people cry about not being able to fight against. Until the market and everything is overhauled a wipe is completely pointless in my mind.

28 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:51 ID: gxx2l77

If people are doing all the tasks in 3 weeks they are the problem.

29 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:53 ID: gxx2uy6

This game will die with no wipes. Imagine every rat/chad/timmy with full elite skills, how would you ever get somebody to play the game at that point.

30 : Anonymous2021/05/12 21:46 ID: gxwmo25

If yall want a wipe so bad. Reset yalls accounts.

31 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:30 ID: gxwsbgh

I guess you don't understand why people enjoy wipe .

32 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:40 ID: gxwtn1l

Its my first wipe, so yeah a little bit.

33 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:51 ID: gxwv2rb

If you dont know what you are talking about, dont talk ;). People want wipe because everybody is running around with kits built like the fucking terminator. So whats the point of resetting the account, if you will just battle fully kitted PMCs

34 : Anonymous2021/05/12 21:20 ID: gxwj64t


35 : Anonymous2021/05/12 21:21 ID: gxwja3n

Is that a thursday? Hah

36 : Anonymous2021/05/12 22:44 ID: gxwu43x

June 14th

37 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:34 ID: gxx0i6c

Ill try to finish the quests in that game when they are done with the wipes. I wish i had enough time to finish it within one.

38 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:45 ID: gxx1un8

How come my friend sees me right now with no looking for group active? Or am i missing something in the options i have to turn off?

39 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:48 ID: gxx268n

Huh? If you’re friends in game you’ll always see each other at the top of the lobby.

40 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:51 ID: gxx2jlc

Ahh so i won't show up to anyone else? How come some people have a little green symbol wanting to team up then...thought that meant you wanted to party lmao

41 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:47 ID: gxx22wu

cool last wipes were longer than they should have been and this wipe reached end game in 2 weeks so i see it as even more over due

42 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:53 ID: gxx2re1

How will they do wipes when the game is fully released? I was thinking about this the other day

43 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:55 ID: gxx30r9

What about them sales?

44 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:58 ID: gxx3ftp

Hopefully a wipe with expansion rework (3-6 weeks) and that sets them up for another 6-7 months to wipe with Streets. Anything else sorely hurts the game. Feels like even content creators are running dry and moving to other games. This wipe was ruined by so many easily fixable things.

45 : Anonymous2021/05/13 00:01 ID: gxx3tws

People have said this for 2+ years now during late wipe though. Then BSG wipes and drops fat content and bam Tarkov is swole and overwhelmed with gamers.

This game is in good shape. Remove this subreddit from the Tarkov universe and it’s clear this game is doing well and by all signs will do well.

46 : Anonymous2021/05/13 00:11 ID: gxx554o

I really don't agree the game is in good shape at all. Some parts have gotten a lot better but until desync and the economy are changed (the core of the game) it's really hard to say it's in good shape. Of course the subreddit is going to have negative things to say, just like the forums do, just like the Discord does, and just like some Youtubers and Streamers do. There is also positivity in each of these as well.

If the content update was massive then maybe it could keep the wipe a month or two longer - but it's not supposed to be that big. This wipe was absolutely decimated by Bitcoin. And it would make sense they want to give themselves breathing room for Streets. Are they just not going to wipe until end of the year?

47 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:58 ID: gxx3hya

70 days? I stopped playing at level 6 because I wasn’t feeling this wipe, maybe I’ll get kappa just because I can. Probably won’t because I suck but maybe.

48 : Anonymous2021/05/13 00:04 ID: gxx48to

Scavs and stash spawns are way too cracked for the wipe to not be fairly soon

49 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:13 ID: gxwxvcc

Got Kappa this wipe in Feb and was sitting on around 10 million constant with 17 GPUs in the farm. I am ready for the wipe. No other game compare to tarkov in the first month of a wipe.

50 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:53 ID: gxx2txu

Imagine playing the same game wipe after wipe. Lol. This game is fucking garbage.

51 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:57 ID: gxx3dc7

Imagine being such a hateful shit stain you still visit this garbage games subreddit

Must be exhausting


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