Weapon Jamming Teased on Official EFT IG

1 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:09 ID: naseba
Weapon Jamming Teased on Official EFT IG
2 : Anonymous2021/05/12 17:21 ID: gxvk20x

I thought guns already jam ingame?

ID: gxvqf34

they do , but its basicallly impossible to achieve

ID: gxwe320

Its possible, you have to survive about 8 raids and shoot a little more than 100 bullets a raid to get your gun into jam territory

ID: gxvzdau

I remember in .8 or .9 the VSS and AS Val would jam constantly around 90% durability. Guess they changed that..?

3 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:20 ID: gxvb101

I really hope it isn't overdone and it ends up like Far Cry 2 where picking up a NPC gun is essentially an instant jam. It shouldn't jam until it gets below like 50% durability imo. We'll see.

I feel like they'll crank it up more though, just so we feel like its there.

ID: gxvwv2n

If I picked up a weapon from a russian hobo who's been living outside in the mud and rain, and likely without anything to maintain it, I would be amazed if it worked at all. I was personally hoping for something more like s.t.a.l.k.e.r in terms of weapon durability and use, especially if they move the dealers onto the map so you can't just always buy a new gun..

ID: gxw1y3k

you new to AKs?

ID: gxvvh9h

that basically ruined the FC2 for me, jam every 5 shots at the start of the game was too much ...

ID: gxw3ml1

For me it was how stealth never seemed to work and then it's jeeps on jeeps on jeeps with MGs. But it was fun to blow them all up

ID: gxwvtzi

Jamming IRL has a lot to do with high-capacity magazines causing feed-related jams.

I am betting this is to add a small drawback to 50 and 60 round magazines for meta guns.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:56 ID: gxvggfy

This feature could be good if implemented correctly. Or it could be terrible if implemented badly.

ID: gxvld9q

This is BSG.. Which way do you think it will go. Lol

ID: gxwccpf

boutta have my mosin jam every game lol

5 : Anonymous2021/05/12 18:14 ID: gxvrrzn

Chances are you'll lose guns so quick you'll never run into this and most guns only cost a few thousand rubles to fix. Just another "hardcore" flavor feature.

ID: gxx0ijv

well unless BSG is completely incompetent, I'm sure they have figured out a way to make the jamming more prevalent outside of pure durability element.

Also, if i recall correctly, Klean said BSG will make it so you need to use certain items like Klean's #FireKleanLube to prevent jamming, etc.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:48 ID: gxvf76o

Yeah, if your gun jam and you have to use a pistol against a meta m4 or something, good luck bro.

ID: gxw0fg2

It’s supposed to nerf mag dump meta. Large mags are much less reliable, and spraying will heat up your weapon. They promised this feature for a while, hopefully it will be finally released in the next patch

ID: gxw79hi

I can't wait for it to be implemented. The mag dumping meta is really getting old ...

ID: gxwmy9x

That's going to be a hard feature to balance and bring luck into the equation too much.

I don't know about the surefire 60 drums but magpuls have pretty good reliability and have been spotted in use by special forces.

I think the biggest reason they aren't in use in the real world is bulk. Way easier to stack 2 magazines on a chest rig than to transport drums. If they focused on making them harder to carry much like they are in real life, I think they would balance a lot better.

They would be great for first contact to give you extra ammo for suppression to get you and your squad into cover. But then you reload, likely ditch it onto the ground or put it in your backpack manually, and then switch to standard 30 round magazines as opposed to 6 d60 drums being stored in what are typically slots only for 30 round magazines.

ID: gxw7bxl

I kind of like the idea that drum mag M4s spitting 800+rpm of high power rounds has a chance to jam the gun. Might cut down on the mag dump meta, give more reason to carry secondaries. It could be good.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:13 ID: gxva2ot

Nice, another money sink and thing to plan for (bring sidearm).

I like it.

Take care of your gun and it will take care of you.

ID: gxvex90

True. Literally have never repaired a gun once since I started playing

ID: gxvoq4t

Never hold on to a gun long enough to need to.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:12 ID: gxv9ym2

It's going to be really stupid If guns jam randomly and there's no way to prevent it. If you need to do gun maintenance or repair more often, fine, but if you can get it no matter what then I can see this driving away players as it's not fun.

ID: gxvaqwy

The repair feature is already in the game, I wonder what durability % will be the tipping point.

ID: gxvxdxl

I personally can't wait until repairs aren't "instant", so that you can't just constantly run the same armor and gear.

ID: gxvl45e

Guns already jam at super low durability too. There's been videos on here of it posted before. It's just pretty much impossible to keep a gun long enough to get to that point in the durability. (I'm not positive on this but I do remember seeing a video on this sub of multiple weapons "jamming" from the low durability. It just didn't have an animation.)

ID: gxvasz8

Yeah hopefully it's like that. I do understand if there is still a possibility of a clean gun jamming like IRL but it needs to be a VERY small chance to be a 'good' feature.

ID: gxvcvwb

Pretty sure the jamming chance will be based on what ammo you are using. Meaning rounds like 7n31’s that are not meant to be used in a vector IRL will have a higher chance to jam.

ID: gxvd6td

...I can see this driving away players as it's not fun.

As long as the people who think it's not fun and choose to walk away aren't the target audience for EFT than this is actually something normal, reasonable, and even appropriate for the game, right? A game delivering on gameplay that was advertised and promised from the beginning is as normal and acceptable as people who aren't interested in those features walking away when they are implemented.


Obviously it's nice to have as many sales as possible but devs who choose to make a hardcore game do so knowing that they are sacrificing a certain amount of sales right out of the gate.


So yeah, maybe RNG weapon jamming isn't fun for you but I've been looking forward to the advertised feature for years.

ID: gxw0vu3

Have it based on ammo. The really high pen ammo tends to fire way dirtier than normal rounds so make them have the jamming part. You wanna magdump those 3 50 round drums of 7N31 in your Vector? Be prepared for it to jam every other mag or every 100th round on average. You can also add a crafted debuff on ammo you craft in the hideout that makes it fire dirtier as there is no way someone in a basement could punch out manufacturer grade ammunition.

There should be downsides to using the best armor pen ammo available besides it being more expensive because money quickly means nothing in this game.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/12 18:57 ID: gxvy1ij


you see the start of this animation and then die


ID: gxw98vl

I mean, it could happen just as easily to the other guy too. Sometimes life isn't fair lol but will still be mad of course.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:20 ID: gxwypjp

Cant wait for pure RNG determining who wins a fight.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/12 19:16 ID: gxw1154

Look at all these people complaining lmao. You can really tell a large portion of the playerbase just wants another generic shooter.

ID: gxwdtci

Functions which lower consistency are not welcome by most. Why add inconsistencies when the servers already do that for you?

12 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:30 ID: gxvclok

Why do people complain about realism and something realistic is going to be implemented and everyone complains? The game isn’t meant to be polished rn, the game is meant for new features to be added for us to test so they can potentially finish this game in their lifetimes lmao

ID: gxvct7n

Hey man, I’m all for the weapon jamming. It’s going to spice up some scenarios for sure. That being said, I am going to be upset the first time I die because my weapon was jammed Lol

13 : Anonymous2021/05/12 16:13 ID: gxva18g

Nice, now they can play that animation during dsync and yell ‘it’s a feature!’

ID: gxvaz06

Yeah but imagine someone tries to rat on you, you hear the gun jam, and they are defenseless for the duration of the chamber clearing animation... Those moments will be priceless

ID: gxvczdm

Might actually be worth it to bring a sidearm now

ID: gxvkiuf

More then likely that person would shoot you, you would turn to shoot then YOUR weapon jams and you die.

ID: gxvps5k

It’s funny bc I doubt I’ll use a gun or have a gun long enough for it to jam.

ID: gxvpw2m

Why not just appreciate the addition of the cool new feature? I’m sure the developers are working hard to find a solution to desync, but in the meantime I think additions like these are great.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/12 20:00 ID: gxw7or1

Why the FUCK do we need this right now? With the state of the servers? These assholes can't even release a fix without further breaking their game. Every day Battlestate strays further and further away from likeable. And today is the day I uninstall. I'll be back when these idiots have passion for the game instead of passion for money. Because all of these forced/rushed updates make it way too obvious.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/12 18:10 ID: gxvr6i3

can't weapon already jam ?

16 : Anonymous2021/05/12 18:33 ID: gxvuku4

weapon jamming already happens by the way.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/12 19:39 ID: gxw4jh6

Weapon jamming is already in the game. When your durability gets super low it will happen.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/12 19:54 ID: gxw6pln

Spoiler: they are just reskinning the reload bug

19 : Anonymous2021/05/12 23:06 ID: gxwx104

Desync, peakers advantage many other variables already introduce enough RNG to Tarkov. The last thing we need is more rng imo


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