EFT should have a toggle map in game. EFT community: “hardcore game don’t like it play sumn else” Meanwhile….

1 : Anonymous2021/05/18 19:02 ID: nfj4b5
EFT should have a toggle map in game. EFT community: “hardcore game don’t like it play sumn else” Meanwhile....
2 : Anonymous2021/05/18 19:17 ID: gylsxs0

I mean yeah I use several monitors lol.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/18 22:26 ID: gymjrv8

I think a Garmin type device would be dope and fit the vibe. A electronic satellite gps essentially military and civi grade.

ID: gymldwv

That would be sick!

4 : Anonymous2021/05/18 19:50 ID: gylxu03

I'd be fine if it was like in Metro where you pull out a literal map in both hands to look down at. I don't need a marker of my position, but I would appreciate the functionality of a physical in game map.

ID: gylya6s

We already have maps in the game, now we need to make them useful

ID: gym62pa

Yup. A map should have it's own slot on your character that can't be looted like the knife or compass. Hell, maybe even let the player pull out the map and compass at the same time.

ID: gylyewo


ID: gylz7gx

I think the map should have a mark of where you spawned and that's it as far as marking. I think it makes sense you'd know where you started lore-wise. The most frustrating part of playing with people is saying north or south because half the maps are upside down and shit on wiki/other sites, so having one unified in game map to reference that didn't suck would be nice. Doesn't have to have loot spawns and shit, just the basic outlines of buildings etc.

ID: gym6xm5

I come from flight sims, started just before compass was added, and playing with my FPS-oriented college buddies was an adventure at first, for sure.

"Got a guy at 10 o'clock... checks compass ...three-one-zero. Two of 'em!"

"What the fuck- big rock or sawmill?"


ID: gymbqy1

Where you spawn and where your extracts are would have been a godsend when I started playing.

ID: gymhhed

The fact that someone made a map where the south is north is outrageous!

ID: gymkfz1

I like that idea, perhaps when you spawn in they have your pmc mark the map via an animation. It would be a small thing that REALLY helps new players and wouldn't take away from the overall learning curve and feel of the game. I like this idea.

ID: gylzrqw

Yeah... I mean no one says it should be like a CoD map.

Should give you at least 1 exit point.

The other countdown timer exits shouldn’t show where they are.

ID: gymeunx

You do realize this already exists right? Therapist sells maps of each location that you can physically open up in game just as you are describing.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:18 ID: gymq5ej

I think having the in-game maps being more accurate and the ability to draw penises on them, I mean, the ability to put your own notes on them would be sick. At the moment the in-game maps are utterly useless, like I don't even know why they're even in the game.

ID: gyms0dg

you can write on ingame maps currently

ID: gymuz6r

Are they even updated? Last time I checked Woods was still outdated.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/18 22:25 ID: gymjl2g

Good example why some things in this game are just stupid when people will just find a workaround so if you don't do it you end up disadvantaged. Turn speed changing with loadout is another one, people just adjust their mouse sensitivity to suit.

ID: gymlcqt

No, mouse sensitivity is personal preference. The fact that you have to use an external source just to play the game how’s it’s supposed to be played is a problem and a huge inconvenience for all.

The “just use another monitor” is not valid response or the correct way to solve the issue.

ID: gymn2xm

Are you agreeing with me or what, I'm confused by your comment. How is mouse sensitivity that changes a personal preference?.. If you can do it with external methods then they should just add it to the game is what I'm saying.

ID: gymq4f3

What he’s suggesting is imagine your mouse sensitivity is set to 1.0

And there’s an armor set that makes you turn 10% slower.

You can entirely negate the penalty by setting your sensitivity to 1.1

7 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:54 ID: gymuklx

Damn bro, you did them dirty...but you aren't wrong.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/18 22:48 ID: gymmhfo

I was actually thinking how to make in-game maps worthwhile. I think they should be zoomable and they should update with pins for each new stash/containe

/extract/whatever you find. It still wouldn’t replace wiki, but that would simulate our PMC learning about Norvinsk region. The ability to add our own pins with notes would be perfect (for quests or some loot we left in a bush). Otherwise they’re useless and just force people outside of the game. Tarkov already takes some liberties from realism when gameplay is more important (painkillers, vaseline, etc.).

9 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:26 ID: gymr69b

I never understood why people stream their game on discord to see each others spot, it's not hard to say where you are right?

10 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:50 ID: gymu1gu

This is gunna Trigger MetaZ and gigaZ

11 : Anonymous2021/05/18 20:00 ID: gylz80e

You only need maps on other monitors when you learn the said map. Then you'll never use it again

ID: gymdmlg

Same logic works for in-game maps

ID: gym087o

Yeah I used them for the first two weeks or so of me playing

12 : Anonymous2021/05/18 20:26 ID: gym36hu

So did everyone forget the game has literal map items that you can use in raid, and have been here since 2017?

I'm pretty sure you can even hotkey them if they're on your rig or in your pockets, so technically there is a toggle map in game, it's just most people don't use it or want a map that shows where stashes and stuff are. Who wants to bother with exploring when you can just know everything, especially in a loot and economy driven game (as of this moment).

ID: gym4n3w

But half the in-game maps are cartography nightmares though.

ID: gymiv13

And they're years old- not taking into account map changes and expansions

13 : Anonymous2021/05/18 21:13 ID: gym9xbo

There are toogleable maps that you can buy at therapist, what do you mean

ID: gymg8bq

They are dogshit though

ID: gymgumk

They are meant to be real maps you would find in regards to that location, not some satellite footage pictures with every room, key, door and hidden stash location marked. The devs are aiming for immersion as a primary factor, we are lucky and spoiled that there are so many wonderful people making these detailed maps with everything marked on them

ID: gymijvb

They are outdated maps and are also in Russian. Immersion aside, any player without external knowledge of the game isn't gonna benefit from them. They're essentially useless.

ID: gymj17d

There are features in development which will remedy that. We go the compass, soon we will have actual GPS devices like in Stalker. Also a tutorial and main quest missions which will be much more detailed. The current quests are basically future side quests and currently are only used for testing.

These features are being developed and are coming, the game is a work in progress

14 : Anonymous2021/05/18 22:45 ID: gymm2nk

The discord teamers are gonna get mad you're calling them out lol

15 : Anonymous2021/05/18 21:25 ID: gymbqcu

From playing Doom on nightmare mode I can definitely confirm that adding a map doesn't help, nor does the removal of one make the game more hardcore.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/18 21:22 ID: gymb9j1

You can bring your map in game and use tab to look at it(it will take up a slot obviously) You can also mark the map and write on it My only problem is the maps arent all facing north........

17 : Anonymous2021/05/18 22:05 ID: gymh39b

Meanwhile all i want are some DAM workshop that stop shuffling the recipe around and let me sort out by what i have mats for.
Maybe some stats on the bullet so we dont always have to use said other monitor when we get something we dont know.

ID: gymvbz0

I am pretty sure it is done to counter the bots. So it won't ever change.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:06 ID: gymoqdu

I have really nice specs for my computer but no second monitor, and this game makes me feel poor for it. Odd feeling.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:07 ID: gymos77

I do the same thing.

Open map on monitor #2.

Share streams via Discord with my duo mate putting his feed full screen on monitor #3.

All because we can't have maps in game and something more than nothing to identify my teammate when needed.

20 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:29 ID: gymrjl5

You forgot the ammo chart too lol. But yea they should have better maps for when in raid, maybe based on memory skill your pmc could guess roughly where he is

21 : Anonymous2021/05/18 20:17 ID: gym1qtv


22 : Anonymous2021/05/18 20:21 ID: gym2g7h

No mousepad, terrible at tarkov? Checks out.

23 : Anonymous2021/05/18 21:08 ID: gym99x5

They added a compass... shitty navigational tool. Just add a functional GPS. Google earth style bitches

24 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:57 ID: gymuw93

Learn better call outs, learn the maps. You dont need maps for this game. They already have already dumbed down so much of the game feom what ut was cause people are whining about things. Let them focus on what needs to be focused on. Lets get the dsync better, the reload bugs out. And for God sakes give them time to finish streets. That shit has been pissing me off since 2017. If you need a map, load it on your phone or have a second monitor. But honestly after even 1 wipe of playing you ahould have a basic feel for the maps and know where stuff is. I read things like, "well our call outs suck cause we are new". Well learn better callouts number the hills or ridges. Assign them names and make sure everyone in your group uses them and knows them. You can do a lot of learning offline while not on the game. But again the biggest thing is repetition. You dont see seasoned people of this game asking for a "map toggle" because it isnt needed.

25 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:05 ID: gymoj7h

I feel targeted by this post..... 🙁

27 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:37 ID: gymsgis

Once you learn the maps it’s not really an issue. That learning phase with one monitor while looking at the map on my phone was a pain

28 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:46 ID: gymtk4e

i used to play with a map open on my other monitor 😀


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