Well I killed Sanitar for the first time and well…sadness

1 : Anonymous2021/06/08 03:45 ID: nuvjjw
Well I killed Sanitar for the first time and well...sadness
2 : Anonymous2021/06/08 05:36 ID: h1019rh

The fuck did he shoot you with?

ID: h1030db

If I'm seeing the reload right at the last frames.. Just buckshot.
Prol ate it right in the face despite them aiming for chest.

ID: h10jha5

It's not buckshot, it's an AK, look closely on the first few frames when OP first peeks the scav at 0:57. It's probably a 5.45x39 AK loaded with BP, since scavs can and have been spawning with that ammo and OP ate it.

ID: h10qycy

It was likely either a shotgun or a .366 AK. His armor was 0'd, so anything with >85 flesh damage would 1-shot him to the thorax.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/08 12:44 ID: h10t4gd

Early in this wipe I was not equipped to fight him, but I took a few shots before high-tailing it out of there. About 20 minutes later I'm getting ready to exit Road to Customs and the "Kill Sanitar" achievement pops.

I guess he forgot to put band-aids in his medical bag and bled out extremely slowly. I bet he was still aiming at my head from across the map when he died.

ID: h11mkbt

I think he starved/dehydrated out.
I've stalked him on scav and just watched him keel over never fighting anyone (I was ratting hard to see what happens).
He straight up took all his stims and a swig of vodka then just... dehydrated to death.
I got to loot him and kill the guards easily afterwards.

ID: h12x803

I love this lore, he truly is a slave to his addictions

ID: h11j2na

I guarantee you're one of the people that left sanitar dead when I went to loot his fully loaded body.

ID: h11p5ib

Definitely. I’ve found his unlooted body a couple of times, usually with dead PMCs nearby. Big pucker factor while looting them.

ID: h11vh4r

I had the same thing! Found him in resort, got a couple lucky shots off, but got scared because I had full gear and a task to complete to i got out of there. Ending screen pops up and Sanitar is listed there like 10 minutes after I fought him.

ID: h126ntu

Yup happened to me as well like last week. Shot him in the leg with a mosin from pretty far away on a rainy raid with poor visibility- dude started pelting me with a vss so I just noped out of there. Later after I extracted it said I had killed him- only explanation is he just didn’t have the meds/didn’t use them

4 : Anonymous2021/06/08 06:41 ID: h10664f

Just a tip to all of y'all who are stim hunting for Peacekeeper, Sani and the bois carry a random collection of stims each raid but pop them when agro'd.

Your best chance at getting stims is to bop them before they can see you, which can be very easy at cottage.

Otherwise, you'll get to deal with drugged up boss guards which makes Sani one of the most unpredictable bosses to fight.

ID: h10bced

"Very easy at cottage"

Bushes and fences and even greenhouses if youre using a thermal. And once you shoot at one all 3 are now ready to one shot you at a moment's notice.

Plus they have over 1k hp so you need a headshot or else they will kill you first.

Fucking hate those guys.

ID: h10cbrr

Yep, they're inconsistent. The easiest kill I got on Sani was when he and his goons were at pier, they then proceeded to walk out onto the beach near lighthouse and stand perfectly still for me to pop each one in the head.

Unfortunately, Sani fell in the ocean.

ID: h10c04u

Sometimes you can drop agro if you move into hard cover (walls, trees, rocks) and crouch then move around a bit at slow speed, sometimes can reset the agro, the guards will still lock on to you super fast but they won't be waiting for the first peak to blast you away

ID: h119r32

Still easier than resort. runs across sky bridge only to learn sani is in admin and running bp.

ID: h1173yz

Best way to get stims is to get Sanitars marked keycard and bring it to labs

ID: h129g9q

Went last night and got almost all of them. Then got greedy and died lol

5 : Anonymous2021/06/08 07:40 ID: h10a53b

bro i have to kill him for my jaeger quest and i've met him once in my life

6 : Anonymous2021/06/08 11:37 ID: h10mih7

"Should have gone for the head"

ID: h10wzmc

Exactly the comment i was checking to see if someone else had made.

ID: h115no4

Glade we think alike haha

7 : Anonymous2021/06/08 13:56 ID: h111o7r

First time I killed Sanny he almost are an entire 50 rounder of ap 6.3. It was terrifying, he just wouldn't die. I mean he did eventually, but for the fact that I was using a vector, I was genuinely worried I'd run out of bullets before he was down.

ID: h113flj

First time I didn't kill sanitar he ate a 60 round mag of igolnik. And a 30 round mag of igolnik. And 10 shots of M80. Then I was out of ammo 😀

ID: h11ae1p

I felt like an oblivion npc just going WHY. WONT. YOU. DIE

ID: h11dmvc

Ya, first time I killed him he took 40 rounds of SS190.

It was pretty nuts. Thankfully I got his guard in a bush with a grenade otherwise I 100% would have died trying to flush him out with my P90.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/08 05:51 ID: h102hfs

Oof. : (

9 : Anonymous2021/06/08 07:20 ID: h108wbg

I killed sanitar for the first time the other day as well at cottages. Then one of his goons headshot me straight through the fence. Ahhh Tarkov.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/08 09:00 ID: h10f3nr

I killed reshala for the second time and got killed with 2 shots to the tummy by a random scav not even his guard.

ID: h11dv9t

Correction, two shots to the crap factory.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/08 11:53 ID: h10o1se

nice editing! also thanks for putting it on reddit and not plugging your YT channel here.

ID: h129p06

It’s cause I don’t have a YouTube channel haha

12 : Anonymous2021/06/08 15:34 ID: h11f5u9

Bruh you went in with a toothpick to hunt for a stimmed up scav crackhead and absolutely slapped the shit out of him. If that was me going in with Just a redneck ak I would have been 360 no scoped by the first raider on the site haha. gj tho

13 : Anonymous2021/06/08 15:38 ID: h11ftef

That second scav got you so low that a single downvote could of killed you

14 : Anonymous2021/06/08 17:55 ID: h11zk9e

Sanitar is the worst boss, I just hate him so much. I even got sprayed down with that shitty smg from admin go the west corner of the resort. I couldn't peak to shoot at least 1 bullet because this fucker would just pop me instantly. Only boss that is so OP. I can handle gluhar and his boyfriends and raiders on reserve even on scav run but i rarely succeed against sanitar.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/08 13:29 ID: h10ya1d

I didn't think you could kill bosses with an ak let alone u

16 : Anonymous2021/06/08 15:37 ID: h11fm8g

I finally killed him for the first time just a few days ago when I rounded the corner into admin and he was just crouched there with an ugly look on his face and I mag dumped 995 into him in a wild panic.

One of his boys got me as I was reloading but idc I finally killed the cracked up bastard

17 : Anonymous2021/06/08 16:34 ID: h11nu2y

Without volume I thought you were just lagging like a mofo

18 : Anonymous2021/06/08 17:38 ID: h11x2er

First time I killed sanitar I one tapped him with 366ap to the head. I just sat there for a second thinking no fing way....

19 : Anonymous2021/06/08 17:42 ID: h11xqof

Only headshot only hardcore

20 : Anonymous2021/06/08 17:46 ID: h11y9rg

Well that is tarkov


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