Snake in the grass

1 : Anonymous2021/07/13 16:18 ID: ojizj8
Snake in the grass
2 : Anonymous2021/07/13 19:13 ID: h52iq61

You definitely gave homie with the shotgun a heart attack he was shooting at the sky hahaha

ID: h52shtv

I've got 4 wipes and thousands of hours in the game and at the start of each wipe I still do that shit haha... typically because I've taken a few months off and need to learn how to chill again.

ID: h53022u

How do you do the snake?

ID: h53cx9b

I just got shot at earlier and somehow managed to go prone and reload. I somehow survived and killed the dude

3 : Anonymous2021/07/13 16:32 ID: h51wvf2

Solid Snake

ID: h51x1kj


4 : Anonymous2021/07/13 19:54 ID: h52ocs1

This game makes you feel all ghillied up sometimes

Ive had a time where im in the middle of the forest on customs with my m4 and hear footsteps behind me, after my buddy died so i went prone in the middle of the forest in some tall grass, and i watch as 4-5 low lvls walk by me completely oblivious to my existence in that moment. i could have probably taken them out but i didnt wanna risk it.

The other time was late wipe, when i was just getting into it, and my friend got lasered by a 3 man, one with a vector. I ran away and hid in a bush, across the street from smugglers on customs. And the vector guy found me, walked up to me, thought I was dead and tried to loot my body, then he shot me in the back of the head once he found out i was still alive

ID: h52p06k

When you have to make the choice between staying hidden or ambushing another group, that gets the blood pumping. This was the first time I ever successfully made use of the side lean while laying down.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/13 18:33 ID: h52ddaj

Sneaky snake

6 : Anonymous2021/07/13 19:00 ID: h52gxpb

What are the buttons to lean right that hard

ID: h52h53n

Alt + E, I believe that is default. I don't remember changing mine.

ID: h52hs1n

Thanks bro

7 : Anonymous2021/07/13 21:00 ID: h52x3ke

Fucking crackhouse…

8 : Anonymous2021/07/13 21:02 ID: h52xgug

Hit em with the rat attack

9 : Anonymous2021/07/13 18:51 ID: h52fta1


10 : Anonymous2021/07/13 18:55 ID: h52garm

Well played sneaky boi!

11 : Anonymous2021/07/13 18:57 ID: h52gkwq

Nice moves.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/13 22:18 ID: h5370n1

Snek Attek

13 : Anonymous2021/07/13 23:15 ID: h53ds6t

Rat in the Grass lol

14 : Anonymous2021/07/13 19:02 ID: h52h83d

I wonder how everyone shoots without the iron. You paint a crossair on ya screen?

ID: h52hsi8

the game is really forgiving for point shooting compared to other FPS games, use a laser for a while then turn it off and it'll be second nature.

ID: h52jo5c

Thanks bro

ID: h53at4h

The laser increases your hip fire accuracy, flashlight too afaik.

ID: h52hmif

Just hours of getting used to it I guess hahaha. Been really trying to hip fire alot more recently.

ID: h52n11i

If they're within 20 feet of you you shouldn't ADS really.

ID: h52rm49

I think thats down to the instance... it can vary

But gernerally if its fast pace -> dont aim

At least thats how i feel

ID: h52lg1x

I knew a guy that would put a piece of scotch tape with a sharpie dot in the center of their screen for that. He played a lot of counter strike. I know nothing about the game but he said it helped him a lot. I’ve thought about it but decided against it.

ID: h52pl1r

Ppl did it for battlefield back in the days

ID: h52vk1f

they were 2 feet away...

ID: h533vke

Play with a laser for a bit and get used to it. Even when you take it off, you’ll be used to where your gun shoots.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/13 23:45 ID: h53h76q

Where do you meet clueless players like this? NA?

16 : Anonymous2021/07/13 19:09 ID: h52i5o4

There's literally nothing more tilting than getting killed by some idiot blending into a bush I'm sorry but I'd rather get extract camped or shot through a wall by a cheater

ID: h52lert

Yeah because he totally should’ve just stood up to face them like a man when he heard their footsteps. Get real.

ID: h52n5r6

It's not as if I was there for the whole raid making my nest. Those 2 guys rocked up after 10 seconds of me looting another kill. I'm sure most extract campers that have killed you were also "some idiot blending into a bush".

ID: h52ksfo

Honestly I'd rather be attacked by a bush rat rather than a cheater tho.

ID: h52mhh3

He was just looting a body. wasnt like he was sitting there waiting for them

ID: h52lqbe

I dunno I think it’s cool. Sure I’d be bummed if it got killed by it, but I think in this instance it was a good play. If he had just got up right in front of them they would have both just cut him in half.


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