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1 : Anonymous2021/07/21 16:44 ID: ootrxh

Hello, the EfT wiki guys here.

As you have noticed our layout has changed in the past week. That was NOT our choice. Fandom bought Gamepedia a while ago and decided that all wikis should have an uniform base style. This creates multiple problems of different kinds. More ads, less space for content, a hidden searchbar which doesn't show all the pages anymore ect..

For those who don't know about those two companies. Gamepedia focused on games and decided which game would get a wiki. That made each wiki unique for its game. Fandom on the other hand has a wider variety on topics, like films, games ect., and everyone could create a wiki with a few clicks. That resulted in dozens of wikis for popular games like Minecraft.

At this point we can't do anything against it on our side. You can create an account (you can log in with Twitch) and change your preference to the old Hydra Dark style. This is only a temporary solution, since that option will be removed in the future too.

Happy hunting and good loot guys,

your Wikiteam

edit: Please write constructive tickets, like "no amazon links in the search bar" or "increase the content width". "the new layout is shit" helps no one

2 : Anonymous2021/07/21 16:46 ID: h60sdat

Is there any talk of moving to a different wiki site?

ID: h60sv1h

Thats something we consider, but it comes with a lot of work. Also depending on the size of the host, we could crush them with traffic we generate. BUt at the moment we still try to work with fandom to make the layout more user friendly.

ID: h60yr4d

Feel free to drop a message if you want to chat about things. I am one of the people who run the RuneScape Wiki since we left Wikia and we get a considerable amount of traffic. 🙂

e: thanks for all the kind words! Pretty cool to see so many people in the wild who play/have used our wiki(s)!

ID: h621i14

Hello, just saying, runescape has one of the best wikis on the internet. I'd shoot this guy a message.

ID: h61b9uv

Is it possible to replicate what OSRS / Runescape did with there own with Community Support?

ID: h61dtu3

Github pages, I don't see why it needs to work with server side things. JS and Github API is enough with properly structured json generated pages.

See numerous docs from frameworks hosted like it.

ID: h6319bv

If wiki is switched, I'd absolutely help with porting over stuff. Fandom is trash

3 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:17 ID: h60wtzw

First of all, thank you guys for all that hard work. I know very well how much work maintaining projects like this can be, and the wiki has truly helped me learn this game like no other platform.

Considering jumping ship: do you know if any other larger networks of game wikis exist out there? Considering you'll bring a load of traffic, i can very well imagine other platforms being interested in helping you migrate - in the end it's still ad impressions we're talking, but maybe there are wiki platforms out there who don't go all that overboard with it.

ID: h619pai

As mentioned in another comment, we try to work with FANDOM to see if we can find common ground. If not, migrating is on the table. If, how and where is a discussion which will be held when nothing happens which improves the current situation.

ID: h627geh

Just throwing this out here but if it comes down to migrating, I'll host. I'll happily handle the backend stuff, and you fantastic wiki mods do your thing. Hell, we could scrape together a lot more than a wiki if we put our heads together.

Not sure what volume to expect but I think we could make something work.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:57 ID: h612pf8

holy shit i now just realized the worst part ... limited width layout destroys all the tables in all wikis. Who tf approved that redesign, that's bordering on "you had one fucking job"

anyway, to make it somehow useable:

1) search for a "custom css" or "user stylesheet" kind of extension, like Stylus

2) add a custom style for

.resizable-container { max-width: 100% !important; }

that should at least fix the table/space issues

ID: h615zi5

Or just

/comments/oo0xm6/_/h5x8xfc" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: h616drg

solid! didn't catch that post, thanks

ID: h61skjo

Note: There is a button in the new layout to expand the main layout of the page, widening the tables — it seems to do good for the Ballistics table, for example. Here's a screenshot of the button

Don't get me wrong, I think the new FandomDesktop layout is retarded (who puts gigantic fuck-off "wings" of empty space on the left and right side of every page? it's 2021 jackasses, responsive web design has been an important principle for over a decade — and hiding the search bar on a Wiki site behind a click to open a modal window? you can't even click the "X" to close the modal in Firefox, it's absolutely mouthbreather-level stupid broken). But this is one problem that they actually provide a fair solution for.

Hope that helps,

ID: h61szc4

Mine was a little more involved:

```css .global-navigation, .ad-slot-placeholder, .mcf-wrapper, .wikia-bar, .page__right-rail, .wds-global-footer, .content-size-toggle, .sitenotice { display: none !important; }

.resizable-container { margin: 0 !important; max-width: 100% !important; width: 95% !important; } ```

It removes a giant ad placeholder, sidebar, and then resizes the whole page to be about where the old one was.

Here's what it looks like:

I could probably change a few things, but I like how it is currently.

Edit: Resized for portrait monitors and removed "Popular Pages" section.

Edit 2: Removed "Fan Pages" or whatever the fuck that garbage is, removed footer, and removed "maximize" button since it isn't needed. Also grouped multiple names for display: none.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:58 ID: h612ug1

seriously the search bar is so aids, please consider moving , i dont think we should support and make accounts to support these money hungry muppets

ID: h628euz

Agree. Fandom has always been pretty crap and the Runescape/OSRS guys proved you can ditch them and not lose the user base.

ID: h620iqf

This ^ making accounts will only make them happier.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:19 ID: h61ehyo > .fandom-community-header__local-navigation > .extra-large-navigation.wds-tabs !important; width:100% !important)

Add these to your adblock filters to unfuck fandom wikis. Not the best solution, but works for now.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:07 ID: h61cs18

The wiki is essential to the EFT experience. It's a huge shame that fandom butchered the wiki like this with the horribly crammed visual layout, it's much less "readable" than it used to be in your hands.

Thank you for maintaining it all this time, i never would've been able to get into EFT without you.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:50 ID: h61adk5

I'm a game developer for a casual indie mining game called Hydroneer.Our community wiki was previously hosted on fandom last year until we moved it to a private website. We hired the guy responsible for most of the content on the community wiki and now he creates his own website with a small amount of ads as well as all the custom web-design that we need. Switching wiki's did take a long time, and I'm sure with the amount of items in EFT it'll take a much longer time, I just thought I'd drop my two cents in here.Thanks for your work on the wiki!

Edit: should also mention that once we made our new wiki, we contacted Fandom and got the old one removed, took a few emails but we eventually got them to nuke it.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/21 16:54 ID: h60tie0

Its really unfortunate they are forcing the change. Hope things work out well.

Regardless, I just wanted to thank you and the whole wiki team for all the work you guys do.

ID: h60whau

Seconded! Thank you for the work, sorry this sucks.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:36 ID: h60zltk

Monopoly man strikes again

11 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:59 ID: h6131oi

I feel sorry for you guys for getting all this unwarranted headache dropped at your desk, and i hope Fandom is open for some dialogue (even tho im sceptical) so we all can get a good experience.

Either way the wiki is a godsend so many thanks to everybody involved <3

12 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:57 ID: h61bed7

All the more reason this information such as: Bullet Pen/Damage/Armor Damage and clearer quest locations should be given to us in game (Like by idk, marking the quest locations for you on the in game maps that seemingly get used by nobody). Obscuring this info doesn't make the game more "hardcore" it just forces everyone to using 3rd party websites for maps or quest info.

ID: h62a84z

A wiki should enhance the gaming experience, not be necessary for it. Completely agree with you.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/21 20:11 ID: h61lx17

The OldSchool Runescape wiki really spoiled me hard as fuck. I wish every wiki was like that.

Seriously if you've never seen the OSRS wiki it's so dam fine.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:03 ID: h60uxi1

Thanks for the hard work fellas, this Fandom company can suck a fat dick though.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/21 21:41 ID: h61ygvi

fandom ruined so many wikis for me, i hate that company. i really hope you find a way to switch to a different wiki engine not only for the users but also as a statement to fandom.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:51 ID: h61j01y

Why the hell to these companies insist on making webpages default fit like I'm trying to view them on narrow phone.

Reddit too.

Formatting of the ballistics page is an unreadable mess.

ID: h62h4fd

Old Reddit Best Reddit.

ID: h61mvks

I just put a bunch of shit about how they made the website objectively worse and harder to use.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:59 ID: h6132q3

Thank you for the hard work and this post. I tried to leave constructive comments but I have a feeling it will fall silent. Moves like this typically are made by the financial arm of the companies and they don't like switching things up suddenly or admitting mistakes, because it affects their sales contracts and monetization.

18 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:26 ID: h616x8v

More space for ads? So if the site gets less traffic then that's less money for Fandom via their ads, so anyone who doesn't like it should use another Wiki until Fandom gets their shit together. It's the only way they will see sense.

Fight the power.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:50 ID: h611oya

Thanks for all the work you guys do for the site

20 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:48 ID: h61a1q3

Thanks so much for all your hard work. Silly question but does anyone know how much traffic the wiki gets currently? I assume we could probably host it ourselves and throw up ads to pay the hosting costs. I am sure someone thought of this already but as a crappy web dev this was the first thing that came to mind.

ID: h61qsxa

In a different comment they allude to it being a substantial amount of traffic but don't specify. Substantial in that it would potentially crush a host service. Given that, I'm sure It's enough traffic to make hosting it on our own difficult even with the ad revenue no doubt equally being substantial. Hopefully they come up with a viable alternative.

21 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:09 ID: h61d3ae

Hi! there's a typo on this page, "Nothers barracks" near the bottom. I would've edited it myself, but the page is locked :p

ID: h62aowi

Thanks, I fixed the error. I've also unlocked the page. We had to lock it a couple weeks back due to an edit war. Hopefully it'll be fine now 🙂

22 : Anonymous2021/07/21 21:07 ID: h61tx5i

My main problem now is that I have to type out pretty much the entire name of the item to find it instead of being able to just type "306" or something.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/21 21:35 ID: h61xlvb

it's not perfect but if you use Ublock origin you can add this in Myfilters to remove some of the fandom stuff on the page

! 2021-07-21

I use it for the pathofexile wiki too, just change the address

24 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:17 ID: h615mco

I complained. Hope it will help.

25 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:20 ID: h6162y5

Thank you so much for the work you guys do! I use the wiki fairly often.

26 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:26 ID: h61fdyn

Could we possibly get a template for tickets? In other words, what are you supposed to say, other than "I don't like it"?

27 : Anonymous2021/07/21 21:28 ID: h61wobx

The lack of a search bar frustrated me tbh

28 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:03 ID: h628ypy

It's horrible, used to have the ballistics stuff up on my portrait monitor but now I can't even view it all properly in landscape BC some massive 'popular pages' thing covered in ads takes up half the page.

Hope you can move everything to a new wiki site that doesn't have this crap, maybe set up your own like the Runescape wiki had to do when leaving Wikia

29 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:36 ID: h62cw19

the osrs wiki had a problem with fandom so they got a jagex sponsered wiki created by the old wiki mods. cant see why we cant ask bsg for a eft sponsered wiki using their wiki mods too

30 : Anonymous2021/07/22 00:05 ID: h62gbu8

I can’t even have the new wiki open when I play. It ruins my FPS (I don’t have the strongest PC but never had issues with the old layout being opened while I played)


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