5 min ago bought MPX’s first shot.

1 : Anonymous2021/07/25 16:26 ID: oreo2d
5 min ago bought MPX's first shot.
2 : Anonymous2021/07/25 17:17 ID: h6hqm38

Misfire is probably the rarest malfunction that can happen to your gun irl. The rate at which 100% dura guns and bolt action rifles can misfire is astounding.

ID: h6ijl9m

Misfire is super rare. And the closest malfunction behind that would be shitty magazines or shooter induced. They aren't common, have several thousand rounds through my rifle that I've never once cleaned and I've never had a malfunction

ID: h6hv350

Aten’t all of them “misfire” as a placeholder now? And how often you have a failure here? I’m lvl 24, run almost exclusively half-dura scav weapons and had my first malfunction yesterday. Guess I’m more lucky than the entirety of reddit?

ID: h6hz4zk

Funny thing I was also running exclusively Scav weapons before lvl ~15 and had 0 missfires. As soon as I started picking up 100/100's that thing became quite common. And you can hear that quite often on the sub too. Something's fishy. But a lot of implication from stans that it's an ammunition problem and not the durability of the gun, which would correlate with that, since you're not buying into decent ammo if you're running a Scav gun.

ID: h6ilskn

Pretty much this, just hit 20 today got just over 100 raids and I've had maybe 5 misfires and I just recycle guns from past raids.

ID: h6in2bc

Level 38 currently and I've had 5 different brand new guns misfire on their first mag. In total, I've had 22 total misfires and not one on a scav. Fuck me I suppose

ID: h6ipv5s

The luck or lack there of, of misfires is what I do find kind of funny. I too didn't have a single one until I was lvl 24 or 25. My friend got caught in my crossfire when I had my first malfunction thankfully I didn't kill him. But last night, I bought a brand new AKM had a misfire in back to back games with it. Then did a quick pistol run and my pistol misfired with it's first shot.

ID: h6isvw7

I had 5 misfires between 98-100 dura my first few weeks, 3 pp19 with PST GZh, 2 AKM with PS, and a Saiga.

I have yet to run a single scav gun yet out of sheer fear for the possibility of a misfire. The mag and rounds packed should be the primary affectors, not dura alone.

ID: h6irjzh

No, everybody that complains on reddit are the few that it actually happens to. But since they all post it here it seems like it happens to everyone.

ID: h6isa07

Thing is it’s not your gun malfunctioning it’s the ammunition. So the durability mechanic barely makes sense.

ID: h6hroeo

I hate that there are misfires jn this game. It's pure RNG. If it is not RNG we should at least know how to prevent them, like one would do in "real life" if that's the shit we are still going for.

3 of my last 5 raids in a fight has had a misfire. All 100 dura guns built the menu before.

ID: h6i4d1q

It actually seems that new guns jam more frequently.

ID: h6i3tsk

It really is hardcore RNG, isn’t it? There should be little to no chance of gun jamming at 100 durability, but I guess with even a 0.02% chance, you’re going to hit that eventually (maybe more than once). I try not to burn through ammo but I could see someone going through 500 easy per day.

What’s weirder still is that I’ve been using the same Vepyr Hunter for the last 12 raids (66% durability) and have been waiting for the thing to jam on me. Still has yet to.

ID: h6hqq8l

Yet there is still an army of delusional children here on reddit defending it, smh

3 : Anonymous2021/07/25 19:30 ID: h6i75yw

What I want to know is if these malfunctions are all based on the gun or if ammo type/mag type has any sway in the chance of a malfunction.

irl the malfunction I’ve had the most is from mags not feeding properly, which doesn’t really have much to do with the gun but with how the mag was built.

Ive only ever had 1 bullet that was a dud and didn’t go off after being struck.

The only actual gun related issue I’ve had is a few stovepiped shells that didn’t eject properly, but even those are from the shell bounce off the scope rail and landing back in the open bolt.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:41 ID: h6i11ys

The gods saw you bunker camping and they thojght you deserved it

ID: h6i1nko

I appreciate the joke, yet I'm afraid I was not aware that it was a thing. I do kinda contemplate the fact that "well, that feels nice" you see me looking around realizing there are almost no angles on me that I can't hear or control. I will take note that this is a thing and do it more often, I was having a hard time getting in favorable position from that spawn, thank you.

ID: h6i1v0l

Thats all it is, is humour. The obvious RNG in a system that claimed to be gun wear and cheap ammo is total garbage and im with you on the situation.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/25 19:45 ID: h6i8ygq

Since I dont want to create new post, and I cant find answer. Bullets has durability burn stat in % lets say 50%. So, what 50%? From what? 50% of bananas?

ID: h6ib3fw

Unicorn dicks

ID: h6ijqlb

My understanding is that the % is the positive or negative multiplier of the durability burn compared to the standard ammo of that caliber. So say 7.62 uses PS as it’s standard, BP will have a higher % durability burn when compared to PS ammo.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/25 20:02 ID: h6ib4cj

Durability doesn't effect your chance to have a malfunction. It effects the accuracy. Malfunctions are rng.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/25 16:50 ID: h6hn6o2

Just a guess but I think BSG enabled malfunctions on all weapons only for the first implementation of the feature to get more data and will fine-tune it in later patches. Or it's a bug. Would be nice to read a statement by BSG regarding the issue.

ID: h6hnw8d

A statement by BSG regarding any issue is right next on the list, after the release of Tarkov, the existence of Unicorns and the techniques on how to blow a dragon.

ID: h6i2kke

or its a bug

You'll learn to just default to incompetence with these assholes after a while.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/25 20:14 ID: h6ickz4

I think OnePeg did an indepth breakdown on misfires with different guns and ammo types.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/25 21:07 ID: h6ij15b

Having a % chance to misfire is an amazing game mechanic, truly

10 : Anonymous2021/07/25 21:20 ID: h6iklud

On a realism POV, I can defend 100/100 guns jamming more. New guns have tighter parts so a lot of time the ejected shell gets stuck in the loader.

However for gameplay purposes, fuck that. A 100/100 gun should not jam unless you’re the unluckiest mf on the planet.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/25 17:00 ID: h6hohwh

Nikita could add an option to come to his house and give him a blowjob to guarantee you don't get another gun jam and the stans would come out in full force to tell you how realistic a feature it would be.

ID: h6hym7f

It is realistic, but it shouldnt happen in high durability guns or at the start of a burst, maybe after a bunch of mags of continuos firing in full auto.

And even then, you really need to try for it.

ID: h6hz3d9

Less referring to the realism of jams and laughing at the simps. IRL, with my 1911 it's always the first or second round that jams if i've over packed my mags.

ID: h6i4h3m

An actual firearm malfunctions causing a jam is rare. The realistic problem is primer failure or not enough powder so you have a squib. Guns don’t malfunction it’s the ammo that does normally.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/25 17:24 ID: h6hri4w

100 hours this wipe only jammed once

ID: h6hxgtf

7 jams at level 33. You’ve just gotten lucky so far

13 : Anonymous2021/07/25 20:02 ID: h6ib1lj

the ammo is what’s causing the misfire, which is completely different from a jam as some people refer to it. the misfire is connected to the ammo you are using which has a hidden modifier, not the gun. what ammo were you using?

14 : Anonymous2021/07/25 22:22 ID: h6irvwb

I only misfire on new or above 90% guns. Idk but I think it’s hella bugged atm

15 : Anonymous2021/07/25 22:25 ID: h6is97j

Happened to me on my second shot with a mint condition glock 17. Kinda doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for that gun since they are insanely durable IRL.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/25 23:01 ID: h6iwin8

I bought the AK with BS ammo off of prapor and went to llabs. Died to a raider because it malfunctioned after half the mag. 100% durabity and it can't even shoot half a mag

17 : Anonymous2021/07/25 23:32 ID: h6j025n

They need to treat their game like an actual fucking game and not a 1/1 military sim

ID: h6j14o1

The funniest part is that they actually do. This game has so many mechanics that make zero sense irl, yet an army of stans would preach "rEaLiSm" completely objecting on any good videogame design to actually have fun in a game you spend hundreds of hours on.

18 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:28 ID: h6hzibe

They need to make a maximum level that jams can possibly happen even if it means increasing how quickly guns degrade especially dependent on the ammo being used.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:16 ID: h6hxytv

Stop making these videos. No one fucking cares

20 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:07 ID: h6hwwc0

I garuntee you that was an ammunition malfunction and not the gun

ID: h6i004u

That might make sense. So what do you assume happened to the cartridge in "realistic" terms?

ID: h6i0olg

When the hammer hit the part of the bullet that ignites the gunpowder it would likely be a dud due to manufacturing error thus not firing

21 : Anonymous2021/07/25 22:13 ID: h6iqu31

Lol at op for lashing out at anyone disagreeing with him. Next time, when you get a misfire, don't stand in the open letting him shoot you and act surprised when you get outplayed lol.

22 : Anonymous2021/07/25 22:22 ID: h6irxmq

They need to take this bullshit mechanic out, lol.

100% durability weapons should not “jam” or malfunction with quality ammunition… ESPECIALLY when modified for said rounds.

The mechanic isn’t intriguing, it’s game breaking and annoying.

Sure, you’ve moved a few thousand rounds through the gun without cleaning “repairing” the gun? Why not, go ahead and misfire!

100% brand new? Nah.

Multiple brand new guns have had the malfunction with middle of the road ammo, 90% of the time it’s killed my friends.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:50 ID: h6i294v

I have literally only had malfunctions on brand new guns. It’s so irritating

24 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:27 ID: h6hz9x0

Nobody cares move on to the next raid Timmy.

ID: h6i8eir


26 : Anonymous2021/07/25 20:51 ID: h6ih2j8

BSG are famous for having the worst examples of many game design choices, and I do not mean those that are hardcore an in line with Tarkov core design, but those that just make no sense and straight up there just as a fuck you to player base.

27 : Anonymous2021/07/25 16:27 ID: h6hkbul

Like, whoever thought of this to be added to the game can fuck right off.

28 : Anonymous2021/07/25 16:32 ID: h6hkxul

remember, no complaining it’s all part of nikitas vision.

29 : Anonymous2021/07/25 16:38 ID: h6hlpxy

Having malfunctions on a reliable weapon in pristine condition, of the sorts that is mechanically impossible on a particular weapon is totally and utterly realistic, yes. How dare I.

30 : Anonymous2021/07/25 16:31 ID: h6hksy7


31 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:13 ID: h6hxiy1

According to tests durability affects accuracy not misfire. It may be different below 20 durability tho.

32 : Anonymous2021/07/25 20:48 ID: h6igno0

Wasnt even your first shot

33 : Anonymous2021/07/25 19:37 ID: h6i80ux

Something tells me the chad Russians at bsg know that old soviet guns run better than modern fresh ones.
Out of all the guns, I've shot IRL, soviet ones jam the least.
Like you gotta break 'em in you know.
Still a kinda dumb game mechanic, needs improvement.

34 : Anonymous2021/07/25 20:02 ID: h6ib2p3

I agree with you on some level, but I'd argue that a modern AR platform rifle in perfect condition would perform better than a brand new AK equivalent - that being said, ARs take a LOT more regular maintenance to stay in that condition, while a beat up old AK is likely to run just fine as long as you don't treat it like COMPLETE shit.

35 : Anonymous2021/07/25 21:04 ID: h6iiq97

what a fun and immersive mechanic! This adds so much to the game, thanks nikita!

36 : Anonymous2021/07/25 21:51 ID: h6io9tx

Very realistic! Great game design! Wow!

I’m level 28 and have had 8 jams now, 6 of them resulting in me losing the fight. All on full durability/fresh guns. I understand they might be testing the mechanic, as they should, but what the fuck? It’s literally the opposite of realistic. Do they have a QA team? Nobody had their brand new gun jam and go “yeah this needs to be tweaked”, before they pushed it through to live? Actually baffling.

37 : Anonymous2021/07/25 21:41 ID: h6in3ax

What happened at 0:30?

38 : Anonymous2021/07/25 22:25 ID: h6isbm6

I think you refer to me looking around myself realizing this spot is a decent one and there are no angles on me behind or to the sides, unless not the ones I wouldn't hear in advance. I'm a new player.

39 : Anonymous2021/07/25 23:22 ID: h6iyuok

Its the famous rollback with a salty touch of server losing packages, tarkov at least for me in this wipe, m heaving the worst experience with this roll back problem.

40 : Anonymous2021/07/25 23:51 ID: h6j28au

thats what you get for bein a rat

41 : Anonymous2021/07/25 23:58 ID: h6j2ym0

turn off your laser.

42 : Anonymous2021/07/25 19:03 ID: h6i3r9j

I heard a good tip the other day, at the start of a raid always check your mag or chamber. That will clear any first round jams. I do this everytime now and I havent had a jam even using scav guns with sub 60 durability.

43 : Anonymous2021/07/25 21:11 ID: h6ijijh

Check your chamber at the beginning of every raid and this won’t happen to you. The ? you see when you inspect your gun in raid increases the jam chance by an immeasurable magnitude.

44 : Anonymous2021/07/25 21:39 ID: h6imvbr


45 : Anonymous2021/07/25 22:06 ID: h6iq017

Is it a potential false equivalency? Possibly, we’ll never know until more info comes out about the malfunction system.

46 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:51 ID: h6i2bnx

This sucks but I've really only had a misfire fuck me over really bad once. They for sure shouldn't misfire this much but I like the occasional misfire as it could add some interest to firefights if reworked a bit. This is a first implementation so hopefully some fine-tuning will help.

47 : Anonymous2021/07/25 21:34 ID: h6im81p

This is why I will always keep using scav guns. I can sell them for 8,000 rubles or just keep it and turn it into a decent AK platform. Slap a bastion on it and you're good. Even better if you find a vepr-209 on a scav, take it to base and put a bastion, sight, and silencer for ~30k with some EKO.


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