D2 camper – Execution by firing squad

1 : Anonymous2021/07/28 19:15 ID: otgtpc
D2 camper - Execution by firing squad
2 : Anonymous2021/07/28 21:34 ID: h6vq0ww

I refuse to go D2 after dying 4 times in a row to extract campers

ID: h6w13ak

Is it really that bad?

I haven’t really been down there often

ID: h6w2qey

Even streamers fear it. So yes it is bad

ID: h6w2dx1

As long as you don't reserve often I don't find them

ID: h6w2v4a

I pretty much only play Reserve, I dont know how bad it is now because I have been using cliff extract for like 2 or 3 weeks now

ID: h6w6cer

It is not that bad.
I hate Reserve but for the quests in the bunker, you basically use D2 anyways as scav players spawn in early and will rush bunker anyways.
Doing 10 Reserve raids in 1 week - i did not encounter a single D2 camper.

ID: h6w53qb

I’ve been trying to get The Bunker Pt2 complete. Everytime I’ve had a fucking extract camper. Last time, ran into a 3 man with 995, 7.62 BP, and Ap-20. I was naked bc of the sheer amount of times I’ve been trying to get this fucking quest done

ID: h6w79ac

When I do this quest I just bring a big rig and no backpack. After I do what I gotta do and I’ve grabbed what I can I pop back out of the bunker and take manhole.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/28 21:32 ID: h6vptcu

The amount of dudes that rush D2 and camp is insane. 2 level 50's were hiding in a room with the door closed on opposite ends of the hall for our group the other day.

ID: h6vvafm

Everyone expects being camped at D2 so I prefer to camp way further up towards the power switch, added benefit of catching people going for raiders or moving between buildings.

ID: h6vz4lx

Because its a poorly designed and thought out extract.

In a sense the camping is a counter to how 'safe' the extract is. Safe in that if no one is down there camping its one of the least contestable extracts in the game.

If you play Reserve get a Red Rebel.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/28 20:00 ID: h6vcuaw

that looked like an expensive execution, assuming you used top tier ammo plus all those nades, lol. camper got what was coming to him

ID: h6vvx6x

hey, better spent 100k on that guy and live than die with 500k worth of gear

ID: h6vyvhf

and 500k worth of loot

ID: h6vzp0d

I too empty mags of AP, was just making a joke about the cost for one guy...

ID: h6vysmn

Why would you assume that exactly? Hes using a budget ass gun so.... at best hes using BT. Not exactly top tier.

ID: h6vzkm7

because everyone past lvl 20 should be using top tier ammo...? pretty average assumption. its an aks-74u that has decent furniture, a light, and a suppressor. wouldn't be that hard to expect decent ammo.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/28 20:09 ID: h6ve59w

Worth the cost. Good job lads.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/28 20:20 ID: h6vfmad

Turd got what he deserved.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/28 20:27 ID: h6vgl99

Gotta love these scumbags, so bad at the game they can't even secure a kill against someone walking right at them totally unaware they are there lmfao.

ID: h6vv5m4

Yeah they're pretty dogshit, if they were better they would use a suppressor and choose a spot where you're not shooting directly from their line of sight.

I'd try to prioritize verticality so you can abuse the broken audio and keep them from pinpointing where your shots are coming from, it'll just kind of sound like it's coming from right in front of them. Or alternatively find a corner which is never checked and hide in it so you can shoot them in the back as they pass by.
Also a vepr hunter is not the ideal weapon, it's super long and hard to maneuver through those tight rat spaces, I'd go with a nice budget leg meta gun like a Kedr or PP-19 for that semi-medium range engagement.
With that method you can easily take out 1-3 people without them having the slightest idea of where you are, and bonus points if on the off chance that you die your body is left in a hard-to-reach/inaccessible spot to guarantee insurance returns.

ID: h6vwdv9

Thats my biggest problem in Tarkov, most of the time i dont see Players and when iam getting shot, i often cant even tell from which direction.

And that realy only happens in Tarkov to me. So i realy need to unlearn everything and adapt to the broken system to play on a even field.

Kinda anoying, but what can you do.

ID: h6vxrr1

Or alternatively, just don't be dogshit and aim. If you have a hunter or any 556/761 rifle, thats a 1 shot kill to people in the head without max level visors, and if you bring a single mag of good ammo, guarenteed kills. If these players weren't so terrible popping off 2-3 headshots into walking, lined up enemies isn't hard.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/28 22:46 ID: h6vzky1

Thats what he fucking deserve, if it was really exit camper.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/28 23:11 ID: h6w2qz4

I only learned the d-2 extract a couple nights ago and extracted there 3 times in one evening with no resistance. I thought because it’s so out of the way and dark and scary that most people leave it alone. Glad to know I was apparently just lucky?

ID: h6w6oil

Same these days. 10 extracts, not a single camper.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/28 23:09 ID: h6w2hsg

I dunno who should be laughing the dead guy or you cause that's more than 100k right there on some measly child

ID: h6w844x

you're spot on, shooting bullets is a waste should have ran there and hit him to death or just die and let him loot them. not like reserve has loot worth 100k

11 : Anonymous2021/07/28 23:30 ID: h6w57d9

Justice served

12 : Anonymous2021/07/28 23:40 ID: h6w6dzf

Extract campers as so gross. So bad at a game that they gotta sit still for half an hour staring at a screen and wait for someone to bring the game to them.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/28 23:54 ID: h6w83ym

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