So I told myself for the first time: “I’m going to go for the track suit this wipe.” and almost immediately regretted that decision.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/09 16:41 ID: p15659

So I know the (sweaty try hards) that are already 1000s of raids deep won’t sympathize with this statement, but killing a boss this many times just sucks

Sure it’s pretty easy, just get a good spawn, run a light kit, grab a MDR with one clip of M61 and you’re golden. Investment isn’t too high, if you kill him you make some money and scoot out of hole in the fence.

However the mind-fuckery that goes into running interchange this many times is insane. I don’t think I’ve seen this many people, push to the same spot on the map, this many runs in a row. It’s almost as if, now, no other spot on this map exists. It’s like you’re in this eternal tether, and no matter how far you go, you’re right where you started.

Now I haven’t gotten the track suit yet, but I’m close (68/100). But I wanted to stop and share my thoughts about this quest.

I think we need more quests like this in the future, maybe ones that don’t break your brain as much as this one, but more for sure.

Either way I’ll probably get back to it this weekend to farm him some more. Just wanted to do a mental check in before I reached the finish line.

2 : Anonymous2021/08/09 17:02 ID: h8b0wua

I went for the stylish one last summer. I'm warning you, once I finished it I wore the suit for 2-3 games and then I didn't play for 3 months due to burnout lmao. Never doing that quest again.

ID: h8bs7w9

Yes me too 12 days for kappa and 5 days after that i got the tracksuit, in 5 days dude, i stopped playing for 7 months and now im doing it again xD it should be 50 kills im on 69 rn

ID: h8c4p0v


ID: h8cb6ha

12 days for Kappa?! Jesus Christ my dude relax

ID: h8ckldw

how tf do you have time to comment on reddit

ID: h8c0zm0

This is how I felt getting kappa for the first time last wipe (my 3rd wipe in total). Sure, it feels good getting that extra space, but as of right now it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the grind when you don’t get anything else besides space

ID: h8c4iwy

I hit kappa last wipe, hit lvl 50 the next day. I played maybe 3 times in the last 2 months of wipe.

I played the first couple weeks of this wipe, hit 20, and I just don't have the care to play anymore. It's fun, but it's the same thing with a now impossible task.

ID: h8ceecc

You me? I did exactly this. The burnout is still lingering for me.

ID: h8cannq

Same here.. did 800 interchange in a row, got the suit.. then stopped playing due to burnout ahahaha.. now that they decreased the chance of Killa spawning, I'll definitely not do it this wipe.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/09 17:14 ID: h8b2n7o

I only ever killed Killa once and got out with his kit. Last wipe my first, I did the Jager quest to kill him. Took a Vector with .45 rip

Interchange has been shit to be a solo player. I always die to squads these days. Now that is maddening to be stuck in a dark bathroom with 4 people outside the door throwing grenades. Believe it or not I got three of them before the 4th pushed me during reload. Talk about malding

ID: h8b7g19

I killed 7 players in brutal/mantis the other day. Died to the 8th. Swear it felt like they were all on the same team. Nobody shooting each other but everyone shooting me.

ID: h8bgckf

Unsure if the player count is large enough to support this, but it would be nice if solos/duos were queued with other solos/duos, and 5-stacks with other 3/4/5 stacks by default.

Then give the solos a choice if they want to play with larger groups or not.

That said, I find Killa pretty easy to takedown. M62 and a few headshots is all it takes since he doesn’t have any guards that will fuck up your day.

ID: h8bn0wv

Yeah I would definitely like that but playerbase. It's fine I just need something to complain about lol

ID: h8bosdh

M62 doesnt go through his face shield

ID: h8cews3

Do you watch Sharptooth? He is like IC master of disaster

ID: h8cktod

Sharptooth is cringe af and he's not even that good

4 : Anonymous2021/08/09 18:32 ID: h8bdr1n

I’ve been having a good time on interchange cause I don’t rush killa, and end up having most of the map to myself.

ID: h8bgs1w

For that reason interchange is pretty boring after the first 5-10 minutes. Big percentage of every lobby just check for killa, then immediately extract.

Would be interesting to have 3 or 4 different spawns for killa, and perhaps a 10 minute spawn timer so the lobby sticks around for a while.

ID: h8c0q72

Big issue for pmcs is getting out before the horde of player scavs get in. They spawn so early on that map and with karma they generally aren’t killing each other.

ID: h8cb9fy

Yeah this is why interchange is boring as shit for me. Everyone runs to kiba/ras to find Killa or farm GPU’s. All the action happens in the first 5 minutes and if you miss it you’re going to have a quiet raid fighting off player scavs.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/09 16:48 ID: h8ayyde

These quests are there literally only to give the hardcore players something to do. No normal player would either accidentally get 100 boss kills, or care to grind it on purpose.

I consider myself a casual player, I have 650h on the game since Jan 2020, haven't killed boss ONCE yet. Because I don't really care and just follow the quests, haven't gotten to any that needed me to kill any bosses. And why would I bother when there will always be a couple of sweats rushing them first 2 minutes of the raid.

ID: h8az79e

Yeah for sure, I just think maybe they should make some that have similar rewards, that maybe are built for people like you. I guess you could say more “casual”. Not something that takes 800-1000 raids

ID: h8ccoby

Maybe make it a lifetime achievement that survives wipes? Maybe I would get the track suite before I retire.

ID: h8b7vcr

Jaeger will require you to pick off the bosses one by one eventually. And the 1st one he asks for is the worst of all. SANITARD

ID: h8b9hb0

It's reshela and his goons technically if you're going by the quest line.

ID: h8bacvz

Yeah, my goal for this wipe is to get to those quests and kill some bosses. And to go to Labs several times, I haven't been there yet.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/09 17:03 ID: h8b132n

I'm really sorry man but as a level 30 who's only just unlocked the The Stylish One quest, it seems quite ironic to me that someone with 68 kills would call other players sweaty??

ID: h8bjjhz

I mean, I wouldn't consider myself sweaty but I did just complete the shturman 25 kills quest which was a bit nutty. Definitely feels like it might take a while longer to accomplish than the stylish one just because of how much larger woods is and the numerous random spots shturman can hide in and the far extracts. Then once you figure out where he is(if you haven't run into him) you have to worry about his 2 dolphin diving headshot honcho Brothers that will drop you in 2 seconds through a bush. And forget about running good armou

, considering everyone on woods is pretty much running a sniper or something that can insta tap an Altyn boy.

As op stated he's never attempted the stylish one on as a serious run. And just giving it a go and for how far he's gotten is a testament to how a regular player can attempt to achieve one of the hardest quests possible to complete, just takes perseverance, as with everything in any game, doesn't make you a sweat lord

ID: h8bn7pv

I was just equating sweat with playtime to be honest mate haha. I main Woods so would say Schturman is far easier but as with any of the bosses it's opinion really so appreciate others can farm Killa more effectively.

ID: h8bvjg1

I would say sthurman is far easier. You don't have near the competition/spawn dependency of killa farming. Red rebel extract on woods is crazily underrated too. Very very close to the sawmill.

Edit: rr extract was removed

ID: h8blwqo

People have gotten it weeks ago, and have 1000s of more raids than I do. So yes, people are definitely “more sweaty” when they’ve beaten many people to it by weeks and then some.

ID: h8bor5a

Oh yeah, but there's always someone "more sweaty", that's not what you said in your post. To me, you would definitely fall under the sweaty category, but it's all relative bud. Good luck on the tracksuit it is cool as fuck!

7 : Anonymous2021/08/09 18:26 ID: h8bcsc3

It’s definitely something crazy that seems unattainable.. until you start doing it. The game does need more things like this though. It’s a journey and you learn a lot about the game, the map, yourself, and other people the first time you do it lol. I will say I was terrified of Interchange before I did it for the first time and now that map is 100% my home. I’ve been passively farming it this wipe while running the map, pretty much checking only if I get a god spawn or if I’m looting KIBA/swiping 11SR. It’s been cool changing up my approach to it this wipe. Would recommend for future grinds if you’ve never done it that way. It saves a little bit of sanity.

ID: h8c2xo4

Reading this gives me hope, since I’m the type that just hits the outside stashes on that map.

ID: h8cbzgn

you might have been a USEC I found as a scav and guided him to shared extract lol

8 : Anonymous2021/08/09 16:43 ID: h8ay6rv

And then there’s me, a rat either with a ks-23 or a hunter sitting atop of boxes waiting to 1shot gigachads

ID: h8bibxv

Shhh don't tell people about ron-spot

ID: h8bldhq

Well they don’t know what “boxes” means

9 : Anonymous2021/08/09 18:33 ID: h8bdtfg

Before you reach the finish line...

Ha. I see what you did there... finish line... Adidas track suit... no? Okay... kekw

ID: h8c1xb2

_Abidas_ track suit


10 : Anonymous2021/08/09 16:53 ID: h8azne7

I love it, more of the same on other maps. While sweatlords try their hardest to achieve a tracksuit they never actually get to see in raid. I cruise around the rest of the mall completing quests and looting the joint. If I hear killer popping off I say to myself “yessss loot time baby”

11 : Anonymous2021/08/09 19:27 ID: h8blhdt

haha, yeah that is a decision you will almost immediately regret

I might go for it, money is harder to come by this wipe and it costs a bit of money to get going on it. I did the quest in a three week time period, and I was sooooooo burnt out from the game for months after.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/09 19:32 ID: h8bm7p5

i thought i could the quest but no i gave up

13 : Anonymous2021/08/09 19:44 ID: h8bnziv

Where do I find Killa? I heard he spawns in a lot of spots now

14 : Anonymous2021/08/09 19:47 ID: h8bobjt

I am happy that you all do this while I walk slowly from my spawn to do a Ragman quest.

But on a serious note that map seems empty after 10 minutes. I got lost multiple times doing that first quest and there was nothing. Not even occasional gunfire. Kinda eerie.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/09 21:51 ID: h8c5nj5

Bro I've been playing the shit out of this wipe and only have 170 something raids, and you've killed Killa 68 times?! Lmao

16 : Anonymous2021/08/09 22:05 ID: h8c7hoh

Well, just know that I'm lurking in the bushes outside the mall. Waiting for you to accidentally run by me as I shit myself hoping you don't see me so I can sneak in after you leave and rat like a mf.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/09 20:47 ID: h8bwtxv

dont worry about the sweatlords who have already done 5000 raids, they lose at every other aspect of their lives

seriously Deluge98, call your parents and take a shower, its okay.


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