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1 : Anonymous2021/08/09 17:00 ID: p15jhq
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2 : Anonymous2021/08/09 21:13 ID: h8c0fu4

I’m trying to 100% FF10-2 in my first play-through however I’ve come to terms with the fact that, even though I’m using a guide it will be unlikely.

My question is, does the game have an overall % (like 110% just say) available to it meaning I could do this on a second play?

ID: h8ce61p

Yes it does. Making different choices in a 2nd play through can give you extra percentage not otherwise available on your first. The biggest example is giving the Awesome Sphere to the opposite group you did on your first.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/10 02:27 ID: h8d49m7

So I'm playing through the PR of FF1, and I'm going for 100% achievements. I have on my map completed all 249 chests but my achievement tracker is at 248/249. Anyone know whats up with it? Did I bug it out somehow?

NVM. It finally popped. Took like 15 minutes for some reason.

ID: h8ewvgj

Yeah I have found in all the pixel remasters it sometimes takes time for trophies to pop. 15 minutes seems long but I believe it. glad it popped! I've been having some trophy issues with the PR's so far. are you playing on steam or mobile?

4 : Anonymous2021/08/09 18:31 ID: h8bdidv

Any good strategy for leveling spells in FF2 (old iOS version, if it matters) that preferably doesn’t involve nuking myself? I tried doing it the old fashioned way by power leveling on the knights at Finn, but that stopped working once I got to the 10 to 11 area and one shot them. I just finished the Deist cavern/Wyvern egg quest if that matters.

I know I could probably just finish the game with 8 lv 10 spells, but I wanted at least one save with maxed out everything before I got the pixel remaster version.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/09 19:52 ID: h8bp4a2

im playing ff2 and have firion at 12, almost 13 with swords but he just stopped leveling? I know the whole ranking and how that works but shouldnt it still be leveling against enemies with the Pandemonium since they are the highest rank in the game?

Edit: im playing the pixel remaster

ID: h8bxurx

Maybe not. I don’t know what version* you’re playing, but the formula, at least last I checked, is:

XP = # of Attacks + Rank - Level; if XP > 0, XP = XP + 10

So if you’re fighting in Pandaemonium, and you have Firion at 12 with swords, you would need to attack at least 6 times per fight to gain any xp towards the next level.

*Of note, I’ve heard that the pixel remaster has a slightly different formula, but I don’t know if there’s enough data to determine what that would be.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/09 22:12 ID: h8c8d9b

Hi, I recently started playing Lightning Returns for the first time. I thought I'd hate it considering time restrictions stress me out quite a bit, but I ended up loving planning everything out in advance to be sure I could do as many quests as possible every day.

So I'm currently on day 4, around 8 pm, and I just finished all of the main quests. I only have 6 sidequests remaining and I've gone through a bit more than half of the Canvas of Prayers quests. Now I don't really have much left to do until Aeronite becomes available on day 7, so I thought I'd try to extinct every monster in the game before then. The thing is, I read that monsters become stronger from day 7, but also drop better abilities. But I read that killing them early in a first playthrough can be good so you get a lot of level 1 abilities that you can upgrade to have stronger abilities with less ATB cost. The only problem is that I'm not planning on doing New Game +, so I'd like to do everything (including beating Aeronite and Ereshkigal) in one playthrough, and I don't know if I'd be able to do it without the stronger abilities monsters drop from day 7. I already have a bit of trouble against some monsters like the Earth Eater, which forces me to use 2-3 potions per fight (dreading having to fight the last Earth Eater), so I'm not even sure if I'll be strong enough to beat Aeronite.

So is it really that useful to wait for day 7 before extincting every monster, or can I do it now and still be able to beat Aeronite and Ereshkigal in one playthrough?

Edit: I should add that I'm on normal mode.

ID: h8djv13

From memory I don't think you can 100% the game on the first playthrough (or it is very difficult to do that) From the last playthrough I did for FFLR I had to do new game plus because like you said I wasn't strong enough for Aeronite. But you can breeze through the game in New game + anyways so if you looking to put time into it go for it.

Edit - I accidentally posted my reply before I finished

7 : Anonymous2021/08/09 22:14 ID: h8c8oga

So I just finished my play through of FF2-Pixel remaster today, I checked my achievements and the only one I'm missing for "Master of II" (earn all of the achievements) is "Adventurous wayfarer"(Travel to all of the map locations), Did I miss a optional location or has it maybe just bugged?

(Edit: I just though after posting my comment, Is it possible that I didn't go to a location before it got destroyed by the empire? :/)

ID: h8cvw8l

Did you go to the Chocobo Forest to the south of Kashuan? I'm trying to think back and the forest, Gatrea, and the Rebel Camp before Flynn are the only places that I think might be optional. Those last two might be missable, but I doubt anyone would skip them.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/09 22:22 ID: h8c9mxe

I’m playing through the FF1 pixel remaster and I’ve gotten past the part where the dwarves blow up a piece of land for you to go “outside” and in the town where you can find level 5 magic it says “cura” (or “vitra” since I’m playing in German) but isn’t that a level 3 spell? I even have it on my level 3 magic spot. So at this point I don’t know if this just means I can get it twice or it’s supposed to be the next cure

ID: h8cgjup

Level 5 is supposed to be curaga, so it's likely a translation error

9 : Anonymous2021/08/09 23:00 ID: h8ceipl

What version of ff3 would be generally better to play for someone who has never played either before? I have both the 3d remake and pixel remaster on steam and after finishing ff2 am trying to figure out which to play next.

ID: h8d3thk

I would honestly say PR. It makes a lot of the repeated actions a lot simpler. Its a lot of fun.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/10 20:29 ID: h8gbp71

Is the PC version (on Steam) of Final Fantasy Type 0 playable?

It has a bunch of mixed reviews from people who said it was really buggy, but reviews aren't always reliable, since if 99.9% of people had no issue, only that 1/1000 will leave the negative comment.

My computer isn't that great (it struggles to run FF12, but it runs the FFX remaster just fine), but I know Type 0 was a PSP game, so maybe it is smoother.

Spoilers: I've been eager to try this one since seeing the Rise from the Ashes video, which eases some of my concerns about the ending being too much of a downer.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/10 21:10 ID: h8ghhwf

I loved the FF3 3D remake (it was my first FF game!) and have played it multiple times with a lot of neat job compositions. I even beat the game once with bard, scholar, viking, and ranger. Are compositions like this still viable in the pixel remaster or do they really push you towards the final crystal jobs? I saw scholar and bard got a few changes, and while I understand that some jobs have obvious direct upgrades, I'm scared there will be less job flexibility in the PR.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/10 22:19 ID: h8gqr0b

I have a question in FF2: do I need to keep 2 shields equipped, of can I equip a one-handed weapon if it doesn't lower my evasion from 99%?

13 : Anonymous2021/08/10 13:05 ID: h8em7kd

There was mention of the pixel remasters coming to Switch, is that confirmed? I'd much rather play on console than Steam/PC.

ID: h8esars

So far there are no console versions for the games at all. Only PC and mobile.

But Square Enix did say they'd release on console if there was demand for it. So make some noise on their Twitter or something if you want it on Switch.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/12 01:43 ID: h8lz5wd

Is the memory game gone en FF PR II? I was unable to access it. If so, toad is useless now compared to warp, right?

15 : Anonymous2021/08/12 03:36 ID: h8m2syw

Sup, folks! I need a bit of an advise. My girlfriend is a non-gamer. Haven't played any serious RPG nor JRPG in her whole life. But I want to introduce her into playing some video games. She prefer something that isn't repetitive casual games. Something serious that has a story. I'm thinking of FFVII. What do you think? Will she be confused or will it be really hard for her to jump on a RPG game right away? Appreciate all of those who'll help me and give their opinion! Cheers!

16 : Anonymous2021/08/12 06:20 ID: h8mi66q

From FFs, FFX is for sure the best intro. It has a very strong onboarding, and clear, turnbased combat that are ideal for non gamers.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/12 05:08 ID: h8mc1mq

Honestly I’d suggest one of the games with standard turn based combat, rather that 6 or 7’s “active turns” which could stress her out.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/12 05:07 ID: h8mby7v

What do job levels in 3 do?

19 : Anonymous2021/08/12 08:42 ID: h8msflc

As your job level increases, you'll be able to hit more times with attacks and cast higher level spells as well as cast more spells in general

20 : Anonymous2021/08/12 05:28 ID: h8mduob

This one is for all of you who are well-versed in the way stat gains work in the GBA port of Final Fantasy I.

May you please explain to me how exactly does Stamina affect HP stat gains per level up, what the HP and MP stat gain ranges are themselves for each level (said to go up every level), and what this "greater boost" is that applies to both HP and MP?

21 : Anonymous2021/08/12 14:31 ID: h8nq0ik

With the FF3PR, do jobs/stats work the same way as in the DS version? I.e. your stats are independent of job but HP isn't? I know in the DS version to get 9999 HP you had to be a monk/black belt by a certain level or you'd never reach it.

Is Onion Knight strength still linked to Level?

22 : Anonymous2021/08/12 16:30 ID: h8o7b3t

Am I underleveled in FF4 2d, I just beat Rubicante. Cecil and Rosa are level 23, Kain and Edge are level 25, Rydia is level 21

So far every boss has felt challenging but not impossible. Its fun so far with this kind of difficulty but I dont wanna get fucked and have to grind a ton at the end

23 : Anonymous2021/08/12 20:23 ID: h8p52js

Wow - So, does your Rydia even have Bio / Virus? Those levels are pretty low. Specifically:

Rosa needs to be at 36 to learn Wall / Reflect. This isn't required for any story bosses, but it is mandatory for one optional boss (which becomes call magic for Rydia), and nearly mandatory for two other optional bosses (which have the best call magic for Rydia, and guard the best sword for Cecil). It would also be useful in the next dungeon you're going to, but it isn't required. The end boss of the game has an attack that is unblockable and does a TON of damage. You might be able to make it to him, because if you're at Rubicante, you're more than halfway through the game. (However, the next dungeon might be more of a "wake up" dungeon, because it has annoying boss at the end that doesn't have any weaknesses.) The end game boss can and will wipe out everybody except Cecil with his attack, if your levels aren't decent.

All that being said, FF4 isn't that bad when it comes to grinding. It's nowhere near the NES FF games, for example. There are a couple optional caves in the underworld (Land of Summoned Monsters / Feymarch, Sylph Cave) that you should check out and attempt to clear. The enemies in both of those locations are easier than than the end game dungeon, and provide good EXP.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/12 23:20 ID: h8ptqws

So I just finished FF7 remake, and I’ve been researching stuff about the series and other games, and I’m a bit confused.

None of the other games feature cloud as the main character or include midgar. I don’t think sephiroth is mentioned either. Can someone explain how the whole timeline works, or how it all fits together? Do all the games take place in the same world or something?

25 : Anonymous2021/08/13 00:10 ID: h8q0fg6

It doesn't. Every FF game is it's own independent game, story, universe and timeline with some recurring themes or character(s)/archetypes. There are a few exceptions where there are sequels, e.g. FF13-1/2/3, FF12/12RW, FFT/TA, etc.

26 : Anonymous2021/08/13 03:13 ID: h8qnhqu

they're all completely separate worlds, settings, times, universes. There is no timeline

27 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:39 ID: h8tusnh

The games all take place in different worlds. But these worlds do connect at times.

For example, a character within one of the titles Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V appears in most of the games (as a bonus boss, usually), because he canonically wanders the Final Fantasy multiverse.

And the villain from Final Fantasy IV the After Years has actually been to other Final Fantasy worlds and destroyed them taking various iconic bosses as "trophies" that you fight in the game (But this seemed to be quietly retconned in later ports, as said bosses were removed)

And Cloud has appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics (which is connected to Final Fantasy XII and other Ivalice titles)

And I'm not even going to get into "World of Final Fantasy" and "Kingdom Hearts" because they're non-canon.

28 : Anonymous2021/08/13 00:44 ID: h8q4xsm

Second question; I’m a newcomer to the series and a lot of people have recommended me to FFX, and I’ve been looking for the PS4 version but I can’t find it (in the PlayStation store anyway). Does anyone have any other recommended ways to play?

29 : Anonymous2021/08/13 00:47 ID: h8q5ano

It's definitely on PS4, titled FFX/X-2 HD Remaster, but it also exists on Steam under that same title.

30 : Anonymous2021/08/13 17:23 ID: h8t11ax

Why is ff2 so hard?

I spent the first 3 hours of the game grinding and I still couldn't beat the soldiers at Fynn..

31 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:29 ID: h8tt0mw

There is a term called "Beef Gate"

Where the game purposely blocks you from going in a certain path/direction by making the enemies in that area super-mega hard.

If I recall, you're not supposed to fight them until much later.

32 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:26 ID: h8tslwe

Hypothetically, if Square-Enix were to port the Pixel Remasters to Switch and other consoles, they'd be in the process of doing it already?

I mean, they probably wouldn't announce until they're maybe 70% finished?

I mean, as opposed to making entirely new games from scratch, ports don't take as long to make I imagine.

33 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:54 ID: h8tx2am

Final Fantasy XIV

I was playing it, was enjoying it for what it was.

But I question, is it truly optimized for PS5? Because I have so many menus it feels like it seriously requires a mouse for full enjoyment.

Also, the last two times I played it keeps saying "Server is full" the last time, I was in a queue it said to wait 14 minutes, I closed the queue to leave... and suddenly I'm in the game. What?

Also, I had the free trial, but halfway through I bought the full game.

It still says "X days left to play"

Is this normal?

34 : Anonymous2021/08/13 21:33 ID: h8u2vah

The trial is a trial, once you buy the game you permanently lose access to the trial and can no longer play for free on that account at all. Combat is definitely optimized for controller, but yeah menus are a bit obtrusive with it. Also the queue is not minutes, but how many players are in front of you.

35 : Anonymous2021/08/12 03:57 ID: h8m4yqs

I never played FF7 and want to play it.

But I hear there are like 5 remakes of FF7 plus the new "remake" is actually a reboot about time travel?

What do I try? Fanmade patched HD versions? What are the options?

36 : Anonymous2021/08/12 06:16 ID: h8mhv2y

Basically there are the originals (PS1, available aso in PSP and PS3), the terrible original PC port, the "Relaunched" PC version, the "Relaunched" Switch/PS4 version and the "Remake". Mind that none of the Ports/Relaunchs is a remaster, they all keep basically the original graphics with minor tweaks.

The FF7 Remake is a little bit more enjoyable if you know the story of the original FF7, yes, but is still a pretty good introduction, so you can still go for that. It is also super good. The remake just covers what basically are the first 10 hours of the original game, but with way more content. Some people have played that and then jumped into the Originals to see what the rest of the story is about.

I assume you have a Ps4/5 if you are considering that game. In that case, the FF7 version for modern consoles is a no brainer if you want to see the original story. They have a few of quality of life and optional cheats (like fast forward, change encounter rate, battle boost) so you don't have to worry about grinding and can fast forward through some sections of the game. (I personally replayed it like that on a Switch, the smaller screen makes the graphics look less dated and the portability make very easy to play in shorter chunks).

The PC "Relaunch" (Steam), that includes a different set of cheats that just max everything, but none of the fast forward options, so it just makes the game not fun. But that's the best platform if you want to mod some HD packs and mods that will make it look way better.

Hope this helps!


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