The ‘Pogcast’ podcast with Nikita – Live now!

1 : Anonymous2021/08/13 17:42 ID: p3q64f

"The Pogscast" Tarkov podcast with JessieKazam and Veritas with guest Nikita talking about Tarkov and the state of the game

Edit: Link to the full interview

2 : Anonymous2021/08/14 06:02 ID: h8vqc66

surprised i haven't seen anyone talking about the fact that Nikita confirmed that your chest and head bleeding out to zero, and not killing you is a bug, and it's in the pipeline to be fixed. wild.

ID: h8xzob0

Better start running Zagustin lol

ID: h93mg6y

Anyone know where I can find this part of the VOD?

edit: found it

ID: h97e5c4

Lol running around with black chest and head is always funny.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/13 18:43 ID: h8td0at

Nikita just said that there will be special extracts where you can extract just your backpack or stuff like that. So hype for that.

ID: h8thb6e

Imagine the amount of loot you could get out of a game where one or more sweaty squads died. Or just getting rid of rare FIR quest items and getting back into the fight instead of ratting to the extract. Sounds like a great idea.

ID: h8tiocs

Now imagine camping that extract 😉

ID: h94u0zq

Oh man, this would actually make me run through entire raid timers if I could dump stuff off.

ID: h8uba8c

I bet this will have a slight impact on server load. More people staying in raids longer. Sometimes i go in and within 10 minutes I’m packed to the gills and i dip, to be able to send that off and go back for more sounds fun.

Regardless of time frame the features on the horizon for this game sound great. Really looking forward to what the team has in store.

ID: h8uqmbg

That's exactly what's gonna happen. So little sub 20 rats like me, who like to wait for the big dudes to duke it out and skidaddle, then move in for quests, are gonna be in deep shit. Legit can't wait, lol.

ID: h8ttw1f

Like go to an extract, drop your stuff in it, and then it's secured in your hideout and you're free to go back and loot or do w/e? Or am I misunderstanding?

ID: h8umiq2

Maybe this will come with streets since you're probably most likely to die here.

Maybe it'll be like Fence or someone picks it up at the drop off and you have to wait a few hours to claim it?

ID: h93dbv5

Yeah or have to pay for it to be smuggled out. However it's implemented, it sounds cool

ID: h8tps67

I wonder if you could bring a stack of bps and send them off one at a time

4 : Anonymous2021/08/13 19:57 ID: h8to6mb

interesting insights

5 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:42 ID: h8tv9wy

It’s amazing some of you have time to play the game at all considering how much time you spend on this platform complaining about it

ID: h8y8bvm

I'm sure a lot of the people here aren't playing and stopped hoping the game gets closer to a finished project sometime within the next few years.

The complainers are complainers and will do that about everything that gets changed though. They aren't worth anyone's time.

ID: h8w8kz8


ID: h8yab9p

Plenty of time to come complain when you are waiting in 10-15 queue times.

ID: h95bd8h

I've waited a maximum of 2 minutes for a game on any map every day after the first week of wipe.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/14 01:52 ID: h8v06l3

Whenever I start to think the EFT Reddit community is worth interacting with I come to comment sections like these to remind myself otherwise.

ID: h8vchj5

No kidding this thread is a disaster.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/13 17:52 ID: h8t5j2k

Wish the damn event went into the weekend for normal people who can’t play on weekdays.

ID: h8u7ea1

Wait the nerfed scav karma again?

8 : Anonymous2021/08/14 01:13 ID: h8uvgjf

People misunderstood the whole backpack exfil thing.
This mechanic was mentioned before and is part of the multi raid mechanic,
where some exfils lead to other locations, and you will have the ability to drop your loot in your stash before you exit location A and enter Location B.

So no, you wont be able to drop your bag and keep on looting in the same location, you will be extracted and will be entering the next location that is in a different "instance"

ID: h8xzkcp

I'm not sure you are entirely correct on this one. It's been mentioned over and over the past 2 years and each time Nikita has mentioned you'd be able to drop loot and stay in the raid. But it certainly won't be free to do it and it won't be instant.

ID: h8w7pll

Yep! Imgaine extracting with a scav, stashing barter items and taking his loadout to next map

9 : Anonymous2021/08/14 07:53 ID: h8vytmz

Felt like they both barely let Nikita talk. His final words were the most he got to say at once without being interrupted.

ID: h908217

Horrible take. They let him talk more than any other pogcast I’ve seen with him.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/13 19:46 ID: h8tme2v

The amount of entitlement in the comments is insane. Some of you people need help.

ID: h8uq1en

I need help 🙁

ID: h8z38a3

Chin up, things will be ok! 🙂

ID: h8wa8z5

The subreddit is the most toxic shithole I’ve ever experienced, next to the fucking call of duty subreddits. Like people will literally sit here and just say shit like “the game is never coming out because BSG are lazy fucking scammers”. Bs like that gets posted all the fuckin time, and it’s honestly just sad. I actually love this game, I’ve played an unbelievable amount, and I’ve seen it improve in so many ways over the years. It’s just a shame that this community acts so poorly. I am all for construction feedback, I think that will make the game better. What won’t make the game better is being a complete pos to the developers at every possible turn. This subreddit does more harm than good.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/13 18:39 ID: h8tcc7j

Veritas? I'll just wait for someone else to recap it.

ID: h8tdm9e

Veritas is a bit of an odd person.. Most of the time he's tolerable but when he acts annoying, he's all-in on it, incredibly frustrating to watch.

I watch him because he usually digs up data and proof for his arguments in stead of just claiming shit based purely on his own experience.

ID: h8v7np9

This. It's very give or take. I generally think he's okay though. When he's being himself it's cool but when he starts complaining he really gets fixated and it can be really obnoxious and like you said, it can be frustrating to watch.

However the Pogscast released earlier this week was atrocious because of his attitude and I've heard a lot about him over the last week being pretty snappy and near abusive with his chat. Seems like he may have stuff going on irl or something but either way it isn't an excuse.

On the other hand though, sometimes his chat can be complete shit. I know for a fact I'd probably lose my temper dealing with a bunch of know-it-alls who probably don't have an ounce of critical thinking capability. That's a general thing with Tarkov players I've noticed since "joining" the general Tarkov community, way too much ego and ignorance. A bad mixture.

Veritas gets a lot of shit for being arrogant and egotistical and whilst he can be, a lot of the time he's actually right and that's what a lot of people don't like.

Not sticking up for him though, there were a lot of times during this podcast where I was like "Are you for real?" With some of the stuff he was saying. Literally calling out the same behaviour he was showing during the last Pogscast.

ID: h8tsx5g

His videos are great. I love the amount of detail and time he puts into them. The last stream of his that I went to though was a fucking SALT FEST. Like, I'm wondering if he's going through some shit because it's hit-or-miss with him, and he seemed almost abusive towards chat in the day that I saw him a few weeks ago.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/13 18:45 ID: h8tda61

New "exfils" are planned such as you're being able to extract your backpack and continue to raid.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/14 03:03 ID: h8v8oyx

Reading all these replies lol.

For a bunch of grown men you're, mostly, all a bunch of whiney kids with a large false sense of entitlement. Just wow.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/13 18:27 ID: h8tale8

Some of these things sound great. Like if too many cultists die, marked rooms have less items. If Jaeger's reputation is too low population wide, less caches will exist.

ID: h8tkpac

So no caches at all, yayyy!!

ID: h8u9c7p

Yeah lol what is this sub smoking?

Like if too many cultists die, marked rooms have less items

Nobody kills cultists. Most players don't even see them. Why is BSG devoting time and resources to this shit?

15 : Anonymous2021/08/14 21:57 ID: h8yl2a8

TLDR: it's 80% the hosts gushing about the game and 20% Nikita actually getting a few words in.

Guys, let your guest be the star.

ID: h8zrrvz

This is how it's always been. Nikita isn't a super talkative person, even when people let him.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/13 17:59 ID: h8t6iuc

"planned" that "planned" this "planned" everything, yeah sure.

ID: h8tvv9v

technical debt will crush this game

ID: h8uy6ic

I'd like to hope them catching up on some tech debt is part of why the content has been so threadbare the last year or so. Optimizations, upgraded Unity, fixing some of the more unstable parts of the core that have been that way for a long time.

ID: h8zpd46

it's so cool that in 2021 we've progressed to the point of game development that part of a generation will die waiting for a game to come out of beta

17 : Anonymous2021/08/14 17:45 ID: h8xnr0j

I missed it! Did he say something important?

18 : Anonymous2021/08/16 17:49 ID: h96n3h9

It's uploaded to youtube now:


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