When your scav senses are tingling

1 : Anonymous2021/08/21 07:08 ID: p8myxb
When your scav senses are tingling
2 : Anonymous2021/08/21 07:27 ID: h9rjots

I was scavving Reserve with one friend on comms when we made friends with this individual. My friend went off to loot one more building before heading out, and the individual followed me to extract. My friend was able to come loot him before extracting. They had raider loot including a trooper armour and grenades, so they really lost all that trying to get my trash loot.

ID: h9rugc4

Dude the same thing happened to me at the exact same spot! A fellow scav showed me to 3 dead pmcs, whom he had looted clean except for a ULACH helmet. He went on his way and I stuck around until I found someone's loot stashed in a bathroom. I believe he dropped a Killa armor and an MDR. I started to head towards the extract when another scav started to follow me. We both exchanged wiggles and before the extract I dropped an MGT for him. He dropped his rig, but I didn't have room for a rig so I didn't pick it up. He then dropped a vodka. I went to pick it up and he tried to put a bullet in my head, but the ULACH saved me! I gunned his ass down and stole his 2 sugars, good riddance.

ID: h9rwcym

That's great. Killing other scavs on sight is one thing, but tricking them into letting their guard down seems extra scummy. I guess all's fair in love and war. Still feels very satisfying when you kill them anyway.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/21 07:18 ID: h9rj1ru

Such a satisfying video. Glad you got em

ID: h9rjlwh

Thanks! My mate was still in raid so they got to loot them haha.

ID: h9rl8ya

FanFuckingTastic dude!

4 : Anonymous2021/08/21 12:44 ID: h9s7bea

Maybe he thought you were trying to kill him when you cleared your chamber twice, note how he only turned around to look after you did it the first time, then when you did it again he shot.

ID: h9sfab1

Came here to say I believe this might be the case.

The split second OP does it the first/second times the guy stops dead in his tracks as if he heard it but didn't know what it was. Then they move to extract and OP does it a third time. Guy hears that sound again, turns around to see a gun pointed at him and OP does it one more time while holding aim. I'm thinking he might have gotten suspicious. Just as OP suspects the guy is sizing him up and instinctively moves right before the shot, who's to say that the other guy turned around and didn't think that exact thing of OP.

OP mentioned in another comment the guy had raider juice. Also mentions he met up with his friend earlier in the game and they all had zero issues up until this incident.

Of course this is all just playing devil's advocate. I don't know what really happened. Just making conversation.

ID: h9smwax

I definitely think he got spooked. He thought OP was sizing him up so he went for the kill before he got killed.

ID: h9t3zk8

That "stopping dead in his tracks" was the guy opening his inventory. Obviously can't say for sure what caused him to shoot for sure, but he wasn't spooked.

ID: h9sre4h

who's to say that the other guy turned around and didn't think that exact thing of OP.

I guess the difference is that they shot first. I only started racking rounds because they racked a round just before this clip started and I thought we were having a rack off.

It's an interesting interpretation you have, it could be right. My interpretation was that they were looking around to see if my friend, who had left us some 20 seconds earlier, was still around and would avenge me.

ID: h9sxmpj

Guy hears that sound again, turns around to see a gun pointed at him and OP does it one more time while holding aim.

This is the big part. If you were facing 90° or 180° away from him, sub-10% chance this guy even thinks of shooting.

ID: h9srht5

I'm open to this, but I'm not sure why clearing the chamber multiple times would make someone think they're trying to kill them. I only started racking rounds because they racked a round just before this clip started and I thought we were having a rack off.

ID: h9st7qh

Just seems like a weird thing to do multiple times so I’d be a lil sus too tbh. Plus he turns and ur looking right at him lol. Def can see both sides here

5 : Anonymous2021/08/21 07:55 ID: h9rln8i

Well done! That guy was a dick and I'm glad you got him! As a scav on Interchange I saw another scav killing AIs on his way to Emercom. There were 3 minutes left in the raid. I didn't manage to kill him but I did manage to extract with 2s left in the raid while laying suppressive fire on him so he ended up MIA. Super satisfying stuff

ID: h9rmngq

Nice, even better some may argue.

ID: h9sqq5s

I think clearing the chamber repeatedly baited the guy.

ID: h9sv1hq

I don't understand this logic. "Ah man they're racking their chamber... menacingly! I must shoot."

6 : Anonymous2021/08/21 13:48 ID: h9sebsn

If you weren't staring at him down the barrel of that sks he might not have shot at you at all, your actions were sketchy as fuck to me in that scenario

ID: h9shpbw

Holding the sks in his face and taunting him…self fulfilling when op is that suspicious

ID: h9ssk7s

He baited him

ID: h9spbpj

I agree, almost looks like OP was baiting him to fight. May not be true, but this video isn't definitive proof that the other scav had this planned.

ID: h9swxvu

must have missed the comment were op says the guys racked his weapon first

ID: h9sikq1

Ya I would have blown his head off

ID: h9sr5my

I only started racking rounds because they racked a round just before this clip started and I thought we were having a rack off.

ID: h9tx7ob

What the fuck is a rack off?

7 : Anonymous2021/08/21 13:49 ID: h9sef7t

In 0:06 it looks like you provoked him.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/21 14:58 ID: h9sn000

You baited him by repeatedly clearing the chamber. Dude probably thought you tried to kill him and you had a weapon malfunction.

ID: h9sr52x

I only started racking rounds because they racked a round just before this clip started and I thought we were having a rack off. I didn't realise racking 4 rounds constituted baiting and not banter.

ID: h9subhl

You probably should’ve included that in the clip, because all we have in this clip is this guy seeing you rack your sks repeatedly while pointing it directly at him. I would’ve been sketched out too if I were him.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/21 14:37 ID: h9sk9rh

racking the bolt while looking right at him - if I were in his shoes I'd shoot you too, because that probably sounds exactly like a weapon malfunction to him.

stop acting suspicious around other pscavs maybe? You both should have made off with your loot.

ID: h9sn3po

And he had his gun pointed at him several times. If the loot was good enough I would have domed him too tbh.

ID: h9syoa9

It's almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. He's so suspicious that the other scav is gonna kill him, which to another scav, looks exactly the same as the behavior of a scum scav who is looking for a clean opportunity to get an execution on you unaware. So, the closer they got to extract, the more OP is looking at him, because OP is getting himself more and more scared...meaning he's staring at the other scav WAY MORE the CLOSER THEY GET TO EXRACT, and is POINTING HIS GUN AT HIM WAY MORE from WAY CLOSER RANGES...bro, of course he thinks you're trying to fucking kill him. Gamers need help with mental modeling lmao...

ID: h9sqpz4

Racking 4 rounds sounds like a weapon malfunction? Maybe, but I only started racking rounds because they racked a round just before this clip started and I thought we were having a rack off.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/21 11:39 ID: h9s1a6u

Mine did that to me yesterday in factory. My boy died to a player scav that thought he was a rogue scav and I was on a blacked out leg. I took the pilgrim off my boy and the cowboy hat he had as the dude was trying to loot my boy (he’s the one that killed him) and I took them first and started walking. He waited till we got to exfil cause there was like 7 bot scavs around shut the door and shot me

ID: h9s1bom

I knew he was going to kill be but I was what ever about it and just let it happen

11 : Anonymous2021/08/21 15:10 ID: h9soidh

This is why I’m never sure to trust player scavs because I’ve had many times where I’m looting a body surrounded by AI scavs and I get killed by a premium player scav (orange text) so don’t be too friendly with player scavs I hope those types of people never get good stuff from Fence

Always wiggle wiggle too so that I indicate I’m friendly too

12 : Anonymous2021/08/21 09:03 ID: h9rq7pk

Greed is a bitch.

ID: h9rwer3

More like a fat man with insatiable hunger

13 : Anonymous2021/08/21 08:35 ID: h9rod29

You better of not lost karma for that

ID: h9rq714

I didn't gain or lose any, which I believe means they had hit another scav at some point but hadn't killed them.

ID: h9rsoz3

Killing a raider as a scav has no karma penalty but allows other player scavs to kill in retaliation with no karma penalty.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/21 16:05 ID: h9svtj8

greedy rat hope he logged out after that

15 : Anonymous2021/08/21 17:21 ID: h9t5x4g

Not trying to be offensive or anything, but I think he thought you were going to kill him since you stared at him a bit too long. He chose to kill you first but then missed and you killed him.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/21 17:34 ID: h9t7pbq

i learned to not trust other scavs when i see one i hesitate then wiggle then run off into cover if he follows i kill em had my heart broken after finding a friendly scav that i trusted just to get the ear damaging headshot thru a helmet sound after turning my back away from him

17 : Anonymous2021/08/21 16:14 ID: h9sx0mp

"He tried to kill me, he tried to kill me, it happened," bro you pointed your fucking gun DIRECTLY AT HIM and COCKED IT THREATENINGLY SEVERAL TIMES, what the fuck did you WANT to happen with that?

18 : Anonymous2021/08/21 09:44 ID: h9rszyt

DON’T EVER let a stranger follow you to extract.

ID: h9ruc1d

How do I stop them :p

ID: h9rvg4m

Woah man, I've met many good stranger scavvies whilst exploring the map.

Always think the scavvie is out to kill you, thats all, most won't.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/21 15:41 ID: h9sshvq

The fact you didn't lose rep means the fucker was killing other scavs.

Really need some sort of subtle indicator for someone's rep level. Even just some sort of texture overlay of mud/dirt on their gear and gun.


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