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1 : Anonymous2021/08/21 21:00 ID: p8z78s

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2 : Anonymous2021/08/23 17:05 ID: ha1xgnl

Holy hell just fought 2 ai scavs and one of them accidentally shot the other in the head while aiming on me. The guilty scav instantly just crouched and stared down.

Hilarious behavior. Like a dog being caught doing something bad.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/22 22:20 ID: h9ynn78

Since Fence seems to be in control of his scavs most of the time and also in the know, it would be interesting for him to radio his prefered scavs, maybe those with 3.0+ karma and warn them if a rogue scav is operating in the area. Not sure exactly how it would look, but it would just further build upon the idea of scav karma and the role of scavs in Tarkov. It would not tell you how many or who is in the area, just that you should expect resistance.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/23 18:24 ID: ha296o3

What are some recommended starter videos? I've been playing with some friends and have some OK loot from Scavs and a few successful PMC extracts but I don't know what to use, how to get attachments, or the best way to complete any quests. Appreciate any tips!

ID: ha29xp5

Go through pestilys videos on the maps. Loot runs. Best keys to run. Stash locations etc. don’t worry about kitting up guns and what attachments are meta. Just play and have fun and those will come with time

5 : Anonymous2021/08/23 19:26 ID: ha2i6ii

Told an AI scav to follow me near the cabin in Woods (the one near Dead Man's Place with weapon attachments inside). AI scav then proceeds to crouch in front of the door and not move, blocking me in.

I tried jumping on top of him, then crouching to get out of the door way, no bueno. Then I went prone to try to crawl out, and became stuck in that position. I tried dropping meds so he might’ve moved to pick them up.

Eventually I just flipped him off because none of the other hand gestures made him do anything. He then proceeded to shoot at me for the 10 minutes remaining in the raid.

What did I learn? Scavs have unlimited ammo.

ID: ha3a6xv

I've delt with this several times and i have found 2 different solutions one that's guaranteed to move him and the other there's like a 80% chance...any ways what you want to do is throw either a smoke grenade (minimal risk or a regular grenade (out of range of blocking scav and he will book it...second option if no grenades is to try to position your self so that you csn shut the door and then while he I'd still in it you attempt to breach the door and then either crawl out or sprint out...I can't remember...hope this helps.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/24 01:43 ID: ha3y9fj

Shoutout to the scav in interchange who led my coughing ass to an hk and then scav lands extract from the book store.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/23 10:58 ID: ha0o3w7

Do the mines on woods damage armour? I was thinking about doing the ragman quest for handing in armour with 50% durability that way but not sure if it does. I was thinking I just insure it, pop a regen stim and run out in to the mines and hopefully get it back with insurance

ID: ha0y4zz

Probably easier just to buy damaged armor from Fence?

ID: ha19w4w

I don't think i've ever seen a 6b43 at fence tbh

ID: ha11p2p

If you have the flea, just add item to your wishlist, set the durability filter to 0-49, and keep hitting refresh. It might take a while to find something affordable but it will happen. I’ve usually found what I need in a decent price range (6B43 at ~300k) after a few days of periodically checking.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:19 ID: ha1i3z5

Encountered exfil campers for the first time. 3 guys sitting in the back of the factory exfil. I hope it was worth it cause I had no valuable gear and managed to dome one of them with buckshot lmao

9 : Anonymous2021/08/23 18:09 ID: ha26zw7

can we double click meds in raid to use it, please nikita I can’t click the buttons when my hands are shaking so much

10 : Anonymous2021/08/23 19:06 ID: ha2f7rd

The 20-jacket village Shoreline loot path! Questions:

There's some youtube video that shows this, he made 5 million in 5 hours. He was doing it with a combat stim and ridiculously short (11min). Does anyone remember what the video was called? I've searched through my youtube history and cannot find it for the life of me. JK found it, it was onepeg: In regards to that loot run, how badly has it been nerfed since the recent patches? There was a patch note mentioning key nerfs to jackets. To people running this loot path, have you felt it?

I love this loot path, I have it memorized, but I'd like the YT to share it with my broke-ass homies. I was also going to make a running-path diagram, but only if this loot path is still worth it.

Even if the keys are kind of nerfed, being able to put 16 keys / cash into a docs bag in my butt makes this loot path seems overpowered, especially when combined with hitting a few stash-loots

11 : Anonymous2021/08/23 23:42 ID: ha3i92o

Load up a reserve raid. Syncing with players and then just spawn in. No countdown. Game is already a few minutes in. 3 man right outside my building. Great game

12 : Anonymous2021/08/24 01:07 ID: ha3tevn

Can anyone explain the prices of 54r ammo? why is 7.62x54R BT gzh so expensive even though it doesnt have the highest damage or pen. While 7n1 can 1 shot a thorax and is half the price and bs has the most pen but is only slightly more expensive and SNB is a very similar bullet but also half the price.

ID: ha4orf8

People are willing to pay extra for a tracer, the tracer round is probably rarer, the trader offers it at a more expensive price than the other rounds, BS is really only for the SVD bc it’s slower velocity and overpenetrates but has no added recoil, SNB can be found scattered.

Boom. Supply and demand. It’s up to you to make the best choice in this live economy.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/24 06:08 ID: ha4qdx6

Lost connection to server after loading map then happens every time I try to reconnect to raid. Waste of a load out I guess..

Plus I can't do anything else until the raid timer runs out or my PMC is killed. RIP

14 : Anonymous2021/08/22 12:02 ID: h9wff1o

what does the purple mean?

Oh, sometimes I also see a green name with a handshake icon in front of it, what does that mean?

ID: h9wjla9

Did a bit of light searching around and turns out the green names are Sherpas and the purple ones are BSG representatives.

ID: h9wkk4z

What are sherpas?

15 : Anonymous2021/08/22 23:25 ID: h9yvrud

I’m feeling a little lost. Almost level 16, casual time-wise but I think right now im just banking on my progress getting better once getting the flea. What should I prioritize? I think I’m hitting a point where I’m not sure what I’m aiming for in this game

ID: ha0d9fb

Work on getting better but also focus on your low level hideout upgrades, generator, work bench, ect. The lavatory is pretty useful for armor crafting (don't ask) work bench is good for weapons and loads of other random stuff. I didn't focus on upgrading my hideout to much this wipe. Wish I had now but I'm getting there, gonna get my scav case today.

Edit: got my Scav case whoop! Forgot it takes 80 hours to craft boooo 🙁

Edit 2: Also to clarify my earlier point the Hideout in general is very overpowered once you unlock and start upgrading the different modules. Its a lot at first but try to get all modules to level 1 and you will see the benefits. As you progress you will need to upgrade certain modules to a certain level in order to build a high level generator for example you need level 3 vents.

Its a lot of effort but its easier with Flea market at level 20 because you can buy what you need instead of relying on RNG.

As you progress through leveling your hideout you will unlock passive bonus like hp and water level regeneration but also some very powerful crafting options for all kinds of gear. Hope this helps! good luck!

16 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:49 ID: ha1v4wg

What’s everyone’s go to stims for combat? I’ve always got a propitol hotkeyed and a ETG-C in my container. Mule if I’m on Reserve or Labs. Is Meldonin worth running?

17 : Anonymous2021/08/23 17:03 ID: ha1x9q0

This definitely isn't fit for its own post, so I'll throw it here.

Holy fuck do I hate this game, and most of the people I run into in the raid. Yet I'm gonna go home today and play more, it's just so incredibly disheartening to be in the raid as a PMC with no fucking gear cause I'm broke as shit, no vest, no bag, no helmet and then get domed by some fucking Chad on a hill. Like I probably deserved cause I ran blindly past a corner, but like fuck man. You see I have nothing what is the point of fucking me up? You get absolutely nothing cause I'm carrying nothing except maybe the 20ga I keep in my pockets to frantically reload one of my 2 Toz mags.

It's just eh, I'm salty and want to rant. I just feel I'm missing something, I've tried really hard to get better, but I'm caught in this loop of using my Scavs to fund my PMC runs cause that's about the only time I make money. And even then lately most of my Scav runs have ended as a KIA. I'm pushing 70+ hours and I'm level 6 cause I can't get any fucking traction to move past it. On another note, loot. What the fuck am I doing wrong here, I've watched all kinds of guides but either the spots are hit already or I'll get some trash that won't sell for shit anyway. Since I got the game, save for the mill at the beginning I've never been above 500K again.

I'm not really looking for advice but I'll take it. Like I said I'm just salty and I understand it's almost entirely my skills that fail me in this game. It just sucks, cause I love the actual mechanics in this game and I really love the premise, I'm just shit at it. Like if I could just do all bots, cause even the bots fuck me up, I would still find it enjoyable.

ID: ha27lg7

Run your scavs, I have more raids on my scavs than my pmc and I’m only 50% ashamed to admit it.

ID: ha2fbz0

Im on my second wipe....Had no clue what I was doing first wipe, ended up resting my account after I blew through all my gear, to get more startup gear to blow through until I found this advice:

/comments/lsl7nw/im_very_very_new/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

Totally changed how I play and now money is no issue. I still run offline raids, makes me feel Good to blow through 25 scavs offline, and bounce around the map running and gunning, taking angles and learning areas not to get stuck in. In addition I learned one map, inside and out, it happens to be woods (one of the quietest maps). If I need cash, I can take a lap around the outside of woods hit all the caches, and either hit the camps around scav bridge or the village near the car extract, and get fully loaded down with mediocre to moderate loot and make 50-100k each run minimum. There will be much better and more experienced players who will point out that this is a waste of time and they make more money in 12 seconds on (Fill in any map besides Woods Here) and they will be 100% correct. However, for me, I now survive woods 90+% of the time and am totally comfortable bombing around the map and making easy money for me. The last two days I made ~3,000,000R Scaving and PMCing Woods and the outter interchange cache route. I am absolutely horrible vs PMC, but am starting to win some fights now, and when I started getting frustrated trying to sneak into customs dorms to finish one of those dorm quests, I go straight back to Woods and make some money!

Good Luck, we've all been in our first 100 hours on first wipe.

ID: ha2j3ip

That’s how Tarkov is sometimes. You have 5 shitty raids in a row, but then you have that one good raid that makes it all worth it.

My advice is to just walk. There are 3 modes of engagement.

1) Passive. This is where you traverse the map mostly at walking speed, only running if there’s a long stretch without cover. Stay hidden, but constantly look from side to side looking for threats. Stop and listen every once in a while.

2) Enhanced awareness. This is where you know an enemy is nearby, either by hearing gunshots, seeing the area looted or dead scavs. Be on high alert and try to be very quiet and move very slowly while you figure out where the enemy is.

3) Active engagement. This is where you see an enemy, or they see you. You have to decide if you want to fight or run. If you don’t have the best gear, or survival is the most important thing, it’s best to retreat. Survival is more important than killing other players in Tarkov. If you are in a good position and the player doesn’t see you, be patient and wait for a good time to get an easy headshot. If the player knows where you are, move.

This game comes down to knowing the maps really well, knowing where players usually are and their pathing, having good ammo and getting the jump on people. If you have shit armor and bad ammo, you will die in a head to head fight most of the time. This game rewards patients. If you are sprinting around everywhere with no awareness and you wonder why you keep getting killed, just slow down.

ID: ha21r0d

I know you said you’re not looking for advice but I want to try to give some as another fellow new player, you may have heard some of it! Most of this advice I got from a pestily video.

Use an SKS! Fuck that Toz. Seriously, use just about anything before using the Toz. SKS is relatively cheap. Just use the built in internal mag and a pocket full of 7.62 PS. Just load the bullets straight from your pocket into your gun during raid. That way you don’t need mags or a rig. Take a shitty backpack, and a headset. That’s all you need. The PS ammo is good enough to give you a chance against most PMCs. And the overall kit is relatively cheap. Put some meds in your alpha container. Then when you loot something, move a med out, and put a loot item worth more than it into its place. That way even if you die you can keep some loot to offset the cost of your kit!

Go slow, avoid fights, be careful crossing open areas. I know it’s all easier said than done, believe me. I would just stick to one map and learn it. Fuck customs, it’s a death trap for noobs. I found shoreline and woods to be great, just find a stash guide and go around hitting the loot spots. Don’t be greedy, but remember that you are there for loot so try not to leave with nothing.

That’s what I’ve got, hopefully some of it was helpful. If you want to check out that pestily video on YouTube it’s called Raiding 101 for new players, and is more in-depth about the kit and strategy I just described.

ID: ha3x6q4

Dude I have more than 1K hours and I still consider myself really bad. This game is hard and has a very steep learning curve. The fun times and the "getting better" came after I stopped being so afraid and caring about dying so much. Watch other people play, learn the spawns. If you are camping too much be more aggresive. If you are really aggresive and sloppy try to take it slower.

Deal with the fact that it's in the nature of the game that you are gonna die a lot, especially in the beginning. You re gonna die many times with bad kits, you re gonna die many times with good kits and you are going to die even if you don't do anything particulary stupid. However don't be deceived. Focus and learn and try not to do stupid things anyway or even start to do smart things that can better your chances tremendously.

Find your personal way of making money. Don't be ashamed to grind the shit out of your scav. Find what works for you. Either if it's nightime reserve scavs, or learn all the underground stashes in a map offline and do stash runs with really shitty gear. Even the worst fps player can make (some) money this way in this game. Then you will have more money and naturally care less about dying, and thus be more courageous in your plays.

Also PMC are always going to kill you as a PMC on sight, deal with it, even if you are holding just your knife. And it's not people being dicks, it's just the game,there are countless quests for PMC kills with particular weapons or while wearing particular gear so killing a hatchet runer is just an easy kill to complete a difficult task for these people. Also even a guy with a TOZ can one tap you in the face and kill you and steal your gear if you trust him for being friendly, so nobody bothers with that and I find it completely normal.If you want somebody to play the game with there are countless discord communities to find a buddy to play with or a group.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/24 00:15 ID: ha3mhjg

Is there a tool that determines if a damaged armor will protect more at X health than a brand new, lower level armor?

ID: ha48xhu

The youtuber gigabeef did some research on it, and it seems like it's usually somewhere in the 40-50% range that that armor is as protective as the class below it for the next shot. It varies a bit like 5-4 is about right at 40% but 6-5 is more like 45% or something like that.

And btw he used veritas's battle buddy app to determine the pen chances with certain rounds so that's probably the best "tool" that exists for what you're looking for.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/24 04:13 ID: ha4g4y7

Is there no more in-raid notifications for Scav karma? I just went through a Scav raid, I shot and killed another player Scav which I thought was a PMC since he was pretty far away and he was shooting at other scavs by accident but didn't receive any positive or negative Karma notification so I thought it was fine.

Then the other NPC scavs in the area started aggroing on me and I tried my best not to kill them. I extracted to find myself losing roughly .15 Karma.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/24 08:30 ID: ha50k0c

Scav runs are so frustrating now. I would rather all scavs become kill on sight like before. What happens now is every scav pretends to be friendly, and then shoot me in the head while I loot. I’ve been running factory on my scav to try and find pm pistols, and I’ve died 5 raids in a row to hostile scavs.

ID: ha56xg5

Don’t run factory as a scav bro it’s a war zone.

21 : Anonymous2021/08/22 03:13 ID: h9v8ajf

2nd wipe, maxed skier for first time.. 855a1 368 roubles.. end game for me has started, I see no reasons to not use m4a1 till the end of wipe

ID: h9vpsma


22 : Anonymous2021/08/22 03:24 ID: h9v9j8q

Anyone else dealing with really bad desync today?

23 : Anonymous2021/08/22 00:03 ID: h9uleob

How much rep do you lose for killing bosses and their goons now?

24 : Anonymous2021/08/22 14:30 ID: h9wvfox

As a standard account, is it worth buying the barter items to get the Beta container from peacekeeper L2? I'm not sure how long it would take me to complete the Epsilon questline, as this is my first wipe and I'm not super competent at PvP yet.

ID: h9wvvg0

if you suck at pvp then yes because to get epsilon you need to do kill pmcs quests which suck

25 : Anonymous2021/08/22 17:11 ID: h9xhh0g

Anybody else's 85k scav case runs been terrible? My first handful turned up with great profits, but I haven't made my 85k back in the last couple dozen or so attempts.

ID: h9yb6a5

I got an intelligence from 85k scav case today. Threw that into the case and got maybe 40k worth of keys. Its all RNG man.

ID: h9yio0l

I've had great luck with Intel and Moonshine. I've seen people state how 85k runs make you money in the long run easily, but I'm struggling to make money off of it. Not complaining, just wanting to see if others have also had bad luck recently.

I did get Intel for my first 85k and I threw it in, and it spit out an RB-ST key and a couple other decently priced items. Just under a million profit that one run.

ID: h9xt658

It’s literally gambling, almost never get your money vacuum although over the grand scheme of a wipe of scav case it usually evens out-ish

26 : Anonymous2021/08/22 18:32 ID: h9xssm0

As a scav, I just got killed by an ai scav, I have 0.07 rep and hadn't opened fire. It was in the woods lumber yard.

Why would this happen? It's bad enough not being able to trust player scavs.

ID: h9xt2ik

Was it shturman or one of his 2 guards? They might be hostile to player scavs. What was the scavs name?

ID: h9ye9me

Yeah if it was Lumber Yard and they were heavily armed then it was probably Shuterman or his gaurds.

27 : Anonymous2021/08/22 19:51 ID: h9y3q6i

Has anyone else been losing connections to raids super frequently following the recent update? Or is this a problem with my side?

ID: h9yax20

No, I haven't had any issues since just after the wipe.


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