NewbDay Tuesday post for 08/24/21 August, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/08/24 00:00 ID: pac0bl

New to the game and have questions?

Have a great cautionary tale of when you were new to share with all the beginners?

This post is dedicated for helping new players, and sharing new player experiences.

Daily schedule
Monday - Money Monday = Loot Pics / Stash Flexes and Crazy Raids loots pics

Tuesday - NewbDay Tuesday = New players questions and Stories from when you or a friend was new
Wednesday - Workshop Wednesday = Gun Builds / TheoryCrafting and Endgame ideas
Thursday - Lost Connections and To the Guys Thursdays = Lost connections and to the guy posts and or stories about that missing in game soulmate
Friday - Fuckboi Friday = Funny stories and hilarious clips / Hilarious clips are allowed to be Memey but no Meme images are allowed. Saturday - Sherpa Saturday = A combined day with the Sherpa Hub to get new players help and get some groups happening
Sunday - Scenery Sunday = Cool screenshots, Cool pics and General Scenery. Also, cool Tactical Screenshots of squads and or game moments

Dailys will rotate at 00:00 UTC

2 : Anonymous2021/08/24 09:38 ID: ha554p1

One of the things that took me a long time to understand is the hold breath function i held it down and that is not how it works it is toggle so press it once and it holds the scope very steady that will help you kill scavs and other players

ID: ha5ee4l

Yea i change mine to hold same as my ads. Also swapping scope swap to scroll down and zoom to scroll up then rebind next and previous selection to arrows or numpad. Cause how often in a fight do you scroll and change how you interact with doors ect. Makes the gun play more intuitive and you dont have to do all this alt this or ctrl click. Its just one simple thing on your right hand. Also have my left and right peak on my mouse.

ID: ha5hssf

i have the hold breath the same it feels so nice

ID: ha627ch

Interesting idea using scroll up / down like that. I use a thumb button for switching sights but I think it's still ALT+RClick for changing zoom since I don't do that mid-fight often.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/24 02:19 ID: ha42x69

If I complete a quest that subtracts rep from a trader and that rep subtraction would put me below the breakpoint, will the trader revert back down a level?

ID: ha43c8k

Yep it will. Looking at you Jaeger

ID: ha43vr7

Of course or it wouldn't be tarkov. Jaegar was my last lvl 2, looks like he's gonna be my last 3 trader too because his quests are so random.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/24 11:37 ID: ha5eike

If all PMC’s are either dead or extracted and there are no player scavs on the map does the game just end even if there is still time left?

Basically is it possible to scav into an empty server?

ID: ha5frqo

No. You only Scav in when a PMC is left alive.

ID: ha5laip

server ends so others can start a new game

ID: ha5xxh8

But, you can technically match into a game, and be loading loot etc etc while the PMC is extracting.

So yes, you could get into a dead server

5 : Anonymous2021/08/24 13:13 ID: ha5otj4

What is the ultimate point of the hideout? I am nowhere close to 20 and I haven't really played much but I always wonder what kind of things are possible with the hideout.

ID: ha5qaz0

low effort constant money stream with craft stations and btc farm - this is the biggest benefit, fuel becomes effectively free, and you get loads of money on top of that

side effect of selling your hideout craft products is faster leveling of your flea market rating, for additional maximum flea orders listed

help completing certain quests by crafting required items

get certain items well below market price by crafting it yourself

Increased stash size w/ stash upgrades - huge bonus for standard edition

help with finding rare keys, streamer items, etc w/ scav case

lower flea tax, lower scav cooldown, lower insurance return time, better cash rewards from quests w/ intel center

boost to physical (air filtering, +40% when fp100 loaded) and practical (library, +30% permanent) skill leveling rates

massive cumulative boost to out of raid passive regen rate of health, food, water

extra 10 points of maximum hunger stat w/ rest space 3

firing range to test your guns without loading an offline raid

ID: ha61ti3

Some hideout upgrades give you useful features, like the Workbench unlocking weapon modding, or the firing range being a place to test recoil and scope setups. Others give you some buffs like leveling skills faster, but they are pretty far along in the upgrade tree. It's mostly there as something to work towards / sink resources into, though; I enjoy trying to find all my hideout upgrade mats in-raid, it's a secondary goal to have while I do main quests.

ID: ha646qs

The biggest thing imo is passive income. You can craft wires, for example, and for every hour and a half youll profit ~40k roubles if you get your powercords cheap, and ~60k if FiR. Bitcoin farm is just slap a few graphics cards in and let it go. Purified water snags you ~20-30k per filter. Also helpful for crafting some quest items that you need found in raid, such as car batteries

6 : Anonymous2021/08/24 16:44 ID: ha6i4mc

Any tips for SBiH? I either never see PMCs when attempting it or I get domed.

ID: ha6t43k

Customs - The building north of old gas with the power switch for the zb-013 exit has two good sniping angles. On the second level in the south side of the building you can watch the "castle". Above the power switch room is a small room with a window that overlooks the whole new gas area and factory zone. You can shoot out the ceiling light in there for further concealment.

Woods - PMCs tend not to stay past the 20 min mark so just rotate to different sniping spots until you see someone and follow gunshots around the map. Avoid going up to sniper scavs spot or the spine. Pretty much everyone knows to check for someone sitting in those spots.

Reserve - Dome has a good vantage over the whole map but everyone knows to look there so a better spot to hang out is the cliffs above the pawn buildings. Believe it or not I got 2 out of 3 headshots hanging out on the balcony of the building next to scav lands. It's not a place people look often. You can see straight down the road where the alarm switch building is so if anyone hits the switch and runs that path it's an easy kill. You can also see the dome from there and the train station storage area. Also if a pscav shows up that's an ez way out.

Shoreline - If you spawn by weather station, rush over to the cliffs overlooking the road by the shore right away. You'll likely spot someone on their way to the bank. If you spawn by house on the hill, rush up to the cliffside behind the house that faces the resort and you will catch people on their way to the back entrance.

ID: ha6ti7w

You are a godsend, thank you

ID: ha7eblt

I can second the customs spot as it's one of my favorites! I can sit up there for a whiiiile, and nobody seems to look. It's called Warehouse 4 and it's technically south of old gas. The devs flipped the cardinal directions a while ago, I think it was with the compass introduction.

ID: ha7ibnk

SBiH will teach you how people move through the map. The first few minutes you can try to pick off people running towards loot spots (so you have to learn those routes). Then mid way through the raid you can camp chokepoints.

After that it is time to extract.

As far as getting domed, take smaller backpacks like MBSS or Day Bag and don't wear a helmet. Use a camoflagued cap or cover instead.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/24 04:49 ID: ha4jnha

Do gun barrel lengths affect how far and how much drop a bullet will have?

E.G will an M1A RSASS be able to hit targets farther and with more accurately vs the 7.62 MDR? Assuming ammo is the same?

ID: ha4kxk4

Bullet speed affects the trajectory and barrel-lenght affects bulletspeed so yes. But remember the MDR has a pretty long barrel because it's a bullpup-design

ID: ha64v4l

Guns have a "muzzle velocity" stat and an "MOA" stat.

Both of these combine to decide how well you can hit a target.

MOA is accuracy. It represents the pseudo-random spread of the bullet leaving your gun. A gun with poor MOA will have more divergence from the point you aimed at than a gun with good MOA. For MOA lower is better.

Muzzle velocity is not accuracy but instead the speed at which the bullet travels. The first and most obvious consideration here is this changes how much you need to lead a moving target. The second reason is that Tarkov uses a highly exaggerated system for zeroing/gravity. Bullets traveling slower than 650 m/s have a trajectory that you'd imagine from a medieval Archer when the scope is zeroed and shooting beyond 50m. When your bullet has a sufficiently fast muzzle velocity (>1000 m/s) you don't really need to worry about zeroing or about leading targets so many people prefer a high velocity gun for sniping.

But this is tarkov so, there's more complications:

While MOA is influenced by barrel length it is much more influenced by Durability. The influence Durability has on MOA is not currently displayed on the Weapon Stats sheet, so it may display a good MOA stat but if it has low durability it actually has a low effective MOA stat.

Muzzle velocity is influenced by barrel length but generally more influenced by the RECEIVER (aka the gun itself) and the BULLET. Luckily, this does seem to be properly displayed in the game so once your weapon is built, put a bullet in the chamber and you may see velocity go up or down accordingly. For whatever reason the AK-101 firing M995 can achieve nearly the highest velocity in the game, certainly better than many bolt action snipers.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/24 15:24 ID: ha66fpk

Is sniper shotgun is still a thing in tarkov ? if no why ?

ID: ha6a36p

It's even more of a thing this wipe because of the scope changes.

Scopes on shotguns don't sit ten inches away from your face any more. Actually usable.

ID: ha68bxv

Still a thing. AP-20 will fuck you up at stupid distances

ID: ha6miuj

AP-20 has less drop than sniper rounds lol

9 : Anonymous2021/08/24 05:17 ID: ha4m675

What is a rear sight, and what is a good close to mid range sight that I can buy from the merchants?

ID: ha4q8z0

A rear sight is the piece of metal that lines up with the front sight to make the iron sights.

Early on the best optic Is the cobra red dot sight since it can be bought from level 1 traders.

ID: ha4u3co

Another good close range sight is the monstrum 2x prism from ll2 jaeger

ID: ha5rzqq

Thank you, is there a specific trader u can buy it from or is it random from all of them?

10 : Anonymous2021/08/24 17:13 ID: ha6mm4i

Nearing lv 4 traders and I really wanna get into pvp, I know this is for newer players but this is my 1.5 wipe(started playing 4/6 in of the last wipe)

For labs, what servers to avoid the RMT lab carry gamers? I play in US

11 : Anonymous2021/08/24 19:22 ID: ha768pe

How much experience would a player need to be successful in labs? Just wondering.

I have seen gameplay where players are able to quick move things to their inventory or stash, but I don’t know how to do it?

What’s the deal with the hideout? I don’t really understand the purpose, and should I start focusing on it? I’m level 3, but I don’t really know if it’s smart to invest in it currently

Is Fence a good trader to focus more on? I have heard that Fence is ok, but there are better. I kill scavs and it’s bad for rep but I don’t know how else to really go about it.

When you team up with a scav, do the other scavs see you a friendly in the game? Or is it just the scav you teamed with?

ID: ha79lji

Honestly, not much!

the key is to start small, go in with something that can get the job done and play it super safe, play it a little slow and work your way around, learn what you can scoop and where you can move freely. IF you can try your luck with some raiders if you want, but just go easy. The issue comes down to luck, the map can be pretty hit and miss with the lobbies, sometimes you get a very clear easy game, others it's all uber chads but it's always fun! and beware of the occasional cheater, it's rare but they tend to stalk labs. if you are just after money, start with customs and get some keys,, work your way into shoreline and build up your keys again, I find shoreline the easiest cash, but it really all comes down to you and your group's preference Quick moving stuff comes down to shortcuts, you can shift-click things into your inventory with shift and equip with control I pretty much ignore fence and have no issues, the other traders matter more 🙂 just the scav you teamed up with, but if you have played as long as me in my region, you will avoid ALL scav interactions and just go lone wolf unless in a group with friends 🙂

ID: ha7jvn4

For labs, you don't have to be very good but it will take time. I'd recommend getting a general understanding on other maps of how to loot quickly, when it's good to loot, and dealing with aggressive AI like raiders and scav bosses. Those are pretty much the basics you need for labs. Before going, I'd recommend learning 1-2 exits in offline mode. Spawn in, run around the map, and get a general feel for it. Then, do a few more offline runs where you spawn in and just go to the same extract from different parts of the map. Labs is uniquely different from other maps since all extracts are always available but they all need some kind of setup, normally pushing a button somewhere else.

For quick looting, there are keybinds to quickly equip (alt + left click) and move to inventory (ctrl + left click). These also work in your stash so you can get used to using them while putting on kits or selling to vendors.

The hideout is something you should try to invest in. It's very useful for making quest items, items you can use, and stuff to sell. You have (or had) a quest to get found in raid salewas, that's something that can be made in the medstation. Items made in the hideout count as found in raid for quests.

Fence is not a trader you want to sell to unless you can't sell the item to any other trader. Fence reputation is the scav karma system. Tldr is you gain reputation as a scav by killing hostile pmc and player scavs. You can gain it as a pmc by using the car or scav/pmc coop extracts. You lose karma by killing scavs as a scav. If you wanna know more you can look for youtube videos about scav karma.

If you play as scav and party with someone, all regular scav AI are friendly. Bosses and raiders won't be. Player scavs are a mixed bag, some will be nice, others will kill immediately.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/24 20:05 ID: ha7crqc

What maps for the different areas are the best to use for reference? I'm lost as to most everything and need a decent map to refer to.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/24 12:37 ID: ha5kp0b

I’m still only level 1 traders. Are their any load outs that I can compete with that’s not the usual run an sks

ID: ha5rcbh

the 7.62 VPO from skier or any sort of AK you can barter or find in raid - prapor sells modern polymer furniture, skier sells adaptors & mounts, peacekeeper has the KAC vert grip which is extremely good value.

for 7.62 gun use ps from prapor

for 5.45 go to interchange (pmc or scav) and loot the food spot, 2 tall tushonka cans trade for 30 pack of 5.45 bt from prapor

9mm is meh, but pp19 is a good scav-killer if you can find 4 t-plugs for the barter

mp135, mp155 - craft 8.5mm buckshot in hideout and shoot the legs with it

ID: ha5whb1

Interchange has a *ton* of Tushonkas in Goshan on the right side. You can use your scav to retrieve them.

AKM from Prapors tushonka trade is a solid choice.

You can also craft AKMs and AK-74s super cheap at Workbench level 1.

ID: ha66hkt

If you are good with semi auto tap firing, the VPO-209 chambered in .366 is a good way to harass scavs and other beginner to mid level pmc’s. You can buy it from Jager if you have him unlocked.

ID: ha6f0z1

PP-19 or MP5 work well. Just make sure youre aiming for the head

14 : Anonymous2021/08/24 13:40 ID: ha5s7ee

Where can I find someone who could guide me through my first ever hours in this game?

ID: ha61a18

Pestily's "Raid" series is pretty good, he takes an account from lvl 1 to the end game and tries to explain what he's doing and why. It is essentially a walk-through though, so you will spoil quests if that's a concern. You can always stop after a few episodes though, I think that there's a lot of info in him going to lvl 10 or 15.

ID: ha62so2

if you're in the central or eastern US timezones and around in the evenings, I'd be happy to do some runs with you.

ID: ha6fagc

There’s a link to the Sherpa discord in the sidebar. I haven’t used it yet myself but I’ve read good things.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/24 16:17 ID: ha6e7go is not loading, I've tried chrome, explorer, edge and Mozilla. Any ideas?

16 : Anonymous2021/08/24 17:24 ID: ha6o7j5

Finally learned all the basics, but about to turn level 3 and already running out of all my starting equipment and more than 2/3rds of my starting cash. Can I restart my profile and Will I restart with all the same stuff?

18 : Anonymous2021/08/24 18:28 ID: ha6y1qe

Does any key have a chance to spawn in a jacket? Am I more likely to get certain keys on certain maps? I know certain keys have a location spawn ie cottages barrel. But I’m talking more specifically jackets.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/24 18:40 ID: ha6zt3g

Every key except the keycards (colored labs cards, 21ws, 11sr) spawn in jackets.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/24 21:26 ID: ha7oobj

Scav runs are based off of the in game player pool, basically when a player dies/exfils their spot in the raid is given to a player scav. Customs tends to run pretty long raids for most players usually scavs spawn in between 10-20 minutes left in the raid. If you want longer scav times try running interchange, Killa farming and close quarters combat/contested areas end up leaving a lot of spots for player scavs to spawn a lot soon and gives you much more time to loot and play around on the map, I've had scav runs starting in the low 40/ high 30 minutes mark on occasion on interchange, Hope this helps! 🙂

21 : Anonymous2021/08/24 21:29 ID: ha7p0me

Thanks! Makes sense.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/24 23:19 ID: ha844yc

how do you people just spot players from 5000 meters away behind buildings?

I m having issues observing people that are 10-20 meters in front of me staying still (i m a dinosaur, my vision is based on movement)


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