New Tarkov Event?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:33 ID: pcqutm
New Tarkov Event?
2 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:51 ID: hal13qz

gz on winning the karma lottery

3 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:38 ID: hakq696

According to twitter it means Reshala is spawning on shoreline now.

Specifically - "Kolya, dont even think about going into Resort. Reshala went there to do his business. Fuck him. Come later to chill, we'll get some drinks. "

ID: halcdny

Fuck yeah! I have not seen Reshala in almost a month and I am stuck on that damn quest. Maybe now there is a much better chance to run into him.

ID: halhjc5

I've seen him shit ton's on Customs, hit the Dorms/Stronghold/New Gas I've had him in all these spots one after the other, you probably struggle to find him because of the amount of spots he spawns in.

ID: hald4e8

100% chance i believe

ID: halh5eg

Awesome. Punisher p1 will be THAT MUCH FUCKING HARDER now

ID: halt0c6

There is nothing hard about it, you don't even have to go to resort. Just run around the outside of the map and kill scavs that spawn.

ID: halhd6v

Right when I need to go into resort 🙁

4 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:34 ID: hakplva

"Im in danger" is all I can think anytime I see a BSG event tweet.

ID: hakpoz2

Buy everything in the market, just in case.

ID: hal5ijz

And I don't even have flea market open yet, lol

5 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:37 ID: hakpyum

tl;dr Reshala is at resort

ID: hakq9zt

Big if true. Also, I need to kill that asshole, so I’m into it.

ID: hakyw5l

All I need is the Golden TT

ID: hakwgn4

Reshala has been removed from Customs and has a 100% chance to spawn in the Resort of Shoreline. Sanitar has a 100% chance to spawn as well, only at the Resort.

ID: hakxy8l

I saw reshala today at customs around 1230 est. Did this just go live like a hotfix.

ID: hali12f

Well there goes any chance of doing half the tasks I have right now.

ID: haksbfx

is he still at customs too?

ID: hakvjyo


Sanitar apparently also has 100 % chance to spawn at the resort

6 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:30 ID: haky0i6

I found Reshala and Sanitar in resort 3 times in a row, please help i have a mosin

ID: hala5zm

Well channel your inner Vladimir and get to work comrade

ID: halh5mh


ID: halr0vq

Simply just shoot them until they’re dead

7 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:49 ID: hakrr0f
8 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:58 ID: hakt98w

Does this mean Sani isn't on Shoreline or are they both there?

ID: hakvi5e

They're both there, can even spawn right near each other at resort.

ID: hakw2xr

Well shit, I still need to kill Sani lol.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:38 ID: hakq6ro

Kolyan, don't show up your loud ass in Sanatoriy, fixer is on it's way to 'fix' some questions, fuck it.

We'll visit the Sanitar to get high later. I'll wait you at the evening at Garazhi, we'll drink some 0.5.

ID: hakzfpy

fixer = reshala

10 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:42 ID: hakqsk4

Good thing I'm on this sub or I'd never fucking know about events

ID: ham2z8r

i don’t understand this take at all lol

tarkov gives u no info/tutorial on any core mechanics. the maps they do give don’t even have extracts marked, the ammo system which is arguably the most important info to know is not provided, quests are so vague that without youtube or guides you wouldn’t even really know what you’re looking for or have to do and the list goes on and on

but somehow it’s an issue that these temp events are being dropped without some explicit notice to each player.

when fence did message people directly folks were even complaining that the exact details of the event weren’t shared.

this is tarkov lol this is how they like to do shit and i for one hope they keep making covert changes. i loved the patch notes delay for example

ID: ham84w9

Yeah I think they are more focused on building the core gameplay than they are clearly telling you about the game. Remember it’s beta not everything is in the state they mean for it to be in

11 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:39 ID: halgrf2


Sanitar has a 100% spawn rate at the resort on shoreline

Reshala will NOT spawn on customs currently

Reshala has a 100% spawn at the resort on shoreline

At the current time one spawns in each wing.

I'll try to keep this thread updated.

Link to the original tweet:

Also thanks to bakeeZy for translating as always greatly appreciated.

ID: halu461

Well this is great and awful news Great because now I finally have the kill Sanitar quest, I know where to find him! ... Awful because of the rain of hellfire that Reshala's guards and the 20,000,000 PMCs that will now descend on resort probably trying to do exactly the same thing 🙁

ID: halwy88

Definitely not a 100% chance for Reshala to spawn at the resort. I'm on my 3rd run in a row where only Sanitar was at the resort. It's unclear to me if Reshala can spawn somewhere else at Shoreline.

ID: ham4zj9

Okay from my understanding the will both spawn one on each wing I think it's random to wich wing each one spawns on perhaps you missed his body or didn't check both wings?

12 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:36 ID: hal7qhc

So, instead of sticking the translation as a comment, mods actually sticky the "gz on winning the karma lottery" message? lmao

13 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:38 ID: hakz7l2

Are his guards there too?

14 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:06 ID: hakudl1

Glad it's a weekend event this time and not during the week and ending at the weekend like the last 3.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:50 ID: hal9srq

Let's gooooooo! Time for some zero to hero pistol runs baby! This is gonna be almost like when they added labs before having a keycard requirement, walking out geared to the teeth! Or dead with a 5.7 on insurance

16 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:25 ID: halng9y

Dear chads,

I'm just on the roof to mark the satellite.

I mean no harm.

Sincerely, Timmy

17 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:02 ID: haktu32

I think there is a chance of the Reshala spawning in the evening at customs in the garages.

Sorry for bad english

ID: hakufbk

Your English is fine. Pretty great even.

ID: hakzj93


18 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:56 ID: haksy11

I like the narrative they are building here

19 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:33 ID: hakpe63


posted by @bstategames

Photos in tweet | Photo 1

(Github) | (What's new)

20 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:16 ID: hakvvnj

Does this still count for the quest ? I need to kill him and been trying to find him for 2 days now. need to kill him once but its a "customs" quest?

ID: hakx3f9

Yes, it should count. When Killa was on Factory it counted towards the Jaeger and Ragman quests.

ID: hakxxl5

Doesn’t count, if you kill him it reverts you to level one and then you die irl immediately after loudly shitting and cumming in your pants in front of your entire high school graduation class. Tough way to go, but then again, tarkov is a tough game.

21 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:10 ID: hakuzqi

Reshala is on resort. Time to brush the dust off my thermal. Your NVGs will be mine tonight.


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