Think this was the most blatant instance of cheating I’ve seen…

1 : Anonymous2021/08/30 16:00 ID: pekzoj
Think this was the most blatant instance of cheating I've seen...
2 : Anonymous2021/08/30 16:12 ID: haxzmcw

I'm really losing interest playing Tarkov

ID: hayllyg

So take a break. The game burns you out morally more than my ex wife.

ID: haynv4h

seriously. I haven’t played since first week of wipe, i’m level fucking 11, and i’m having a blast. Took a break and now i appreciate the game way more. realized that even tho 1 out of 25 raids i get desynced or cheated on, tarkov is still a wonderful game. even tho i had insane stash last wipe and this is the most fun i’ve had in all of my tarkoving.

ID: haz0en6


ID: hazifii

Play Altered Escape Mod, it’s better Tarkov because no hackers. (Sure there’s no real players) but there’s PMC that are coded to act real like going to open door at Big Red etc..

3 : Anonymous2021/08/30 16:05 ID: haxyodn

Was playing an Interchange run with a buddy and this happened. We were both creep walking up to our positions in this clip then sitting perfectly still, then all the sudden we both dropped dead with seemingly no bullets or gunfire aimed at us. Typically you know you hear the bullet hit you and then die, this was odd the way we just dropped dead. My buddy was in the store across from me in this clip to the right on the other side of the escalator.

Death screen said head, ears for both of us, the one point on my player at this time that had no protection (was wearing an LZSh with a visor). They were using 5.45 PRS ammo and it was a level 12 player. Also note where I am sitting on the map in this clip - the only way for me to get head, ears was from the right hand side and we had just come from that direction, so it's highly unlikely I got shot from there - not to mention the shots sound like they are coming from the left and there is a wall there lol.

ID: haypctv

I was playing Factory earlier trying to finish up a quest stashing something for Prapov. I stood in a little tunnel for a few mins waiting for the firing to slow down before I dared run out to the office I needed.

Complete dead silence, and the second I move I am one tapped.

I don’t know the map well enough to know how to explain exactly where I was, but I was underground looking up a ramp. Then I moved a few feet back to wait because I couldn’t be seen from either direction. Someone would have to enter the tunnel to see me.

Never even saw or heard the guy.

ID: hazrfby

West or East coast? Play central my guy.

ID: hazs94p

I’m in Central, but I usually keep all the US servers selected.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/30 16:45 ID: hay4fpb

I love this game but the more I see this shit the less I wanna play. I mean why even bring gear when a cheater just dabs on you and nothing is done about it

ID: hay4pxb

Yeah I wasn't too kitted out, but my buddy brought in a loadout worth around 500k roubles and literally just lost it for no reason. Needless to say we got off after this one.

ID: hazoppi

I've resorted to a suppressed OP SKS with 20 rd mags full of BP and a cobra sight. Not worth the insurance to run anything better than that. And if the hackers take the suppressor good for them

5 : Anonymous2021/08/30 18:48 ID: hayma0n

Me; scrolling down hot:

"Anyone else never encoutner cheaters?" yeah

Next post: "Blatant cheater on video" fookin bsg

ID: haymdxg


6 : Anonymous2021/08/30 17:08 ID: hay7r5f

“ThEre ARe no cheats in this gaME! YoUre just a NOob!”

Really, why do you keep playing this game? First they fix the cheater problem and then I install it back. That’s a big pity as the game is really cool.

ID: hay8r43

I mean the game is unique and super fun - there are no other games out there like it, so at the end of the day this is my only option if this is the kind of game I want to play.

However it's not unique to Tarkov, it's in Apex, Warzone, and pretty much any other competitive shooter out there. It's not a Tarkov unique problem, it's just more punishing in Tarkov because you're invested in your loot, so it makes it more frustrating when it happens.

Also, like I said above - this is one of the first instances where it was very blatant to me. I haven't been playing as long as many others, but I can deal with it if I see it this sparingly. I am not saying it's not an issue however - it definitely is and something needs to be done, but again it's not a Tarkov or BSG unique problem.

ID: hayacpp

What is a BSG unique problem is doing literally NOTHING about it lol

ID: haymudy

Show me one person that has said no cheats exist.

ID: hayzs07

it's a fact that only one thing can be true, either everyone is cheating, or no one is.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/30 18:18 ID: hayhz9i

Dont worry, this only happens once every 1000 hours (or maybe every 350, depending nn who you ask) so you should have 999 cheater free hours after this. Enjoy!

8 : Anonymous2021/08/30 16:19 ID: hay0prn

this is what happens when you don't pay the architect !

9 : Anonymous2021/08/30 17:37 ID: hayc0xr

Remembers me of a lvl 5 white account sitting in the office in factory, shooting everyone through the walls all over the map. He killed me close to the extract a the red light down in tunnel. I just lost the scav but yeah this typo of cheaters are rare normally a absolute plaque.

ID: haylggm

There were many errors with the writing here, but the things I will choose to comment on are that it is "plague", 'plaque" is the grime on your teeth, and that "remembers" cannot be used like that, the word is "reminds". And it's ironic that instead of "type" you wrote "typo".

ID: hayo21m

i think he’s russian.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/30 19:54 ID: hayvwxo

First day I got the game I was in factory as a scav and a pmc let me mag dump everything I had then he walks up and one to the face. Great first impression.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/30 21:03 ID: haz5sfk

what 1000 hours do to a mf

12 : Anonymous2021/08/30 21:24 ID: haz8rq2

It's so depressing having quests on Interchange.... The game would be 100% better if that map never existed...

ID: hazjho9

The people cheating would just be on other maps.

Draw conclusions from your own thoughts.

ID: hazqp7x

Ya labs... Where I don't have to go to quest

13 : Anonymous2021/08/30 22:41 ID: hazjaen

I could be wrong but I think your killer was up top. If you watch your hot key bar on the top of your screen, you can see what looks like movement where your 9th hot key would be. It would explain the direction you fall back and it would also explain the the head ears as your head is ever so slightly angled to the left.

Again I could be wrong and it could be cheats.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/30 22:47 ID: hazk04f

I stopped playing last week and uninstalled. I have been playing since the beginning basically but was pretty causal since I’m a single father and work full time. The game was brutal but I like the challenge. That changed recently when I keep getting killed by either hackers or poor game design (spawns). It just wasn’t fun anymore, worse than that it was putting me in a bad mood. I know the meme of this game is how much it fucks you which I’m actually fine with if all things are fair. I can even over look the spawn issues since it’s beta but man, I can’t invest time into something that is so broken with cheaters. It’s so blatant too which is more frustrating. I’m out, hopefully things will improve someday.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/30 22:56 ID: hazlald

Went with a 5 man on labs and we all got rolled by a teleporting guy with a grenade launcher, no armour and a pilgrim

16 : Anonymous2021/08/30 16:39 ID: hay3k2t

can someone explain me what makes this an example of cheating?

ID: hay406p

Others may chime in, but as I mentioned in my comment - specifically the things that scream hacker to me are the fact that (1) there is a solid wall on my left hand side, (2) right before I die you hear shots on my left hand side and (3) typically you hear the shot hit you before you die. This was weird in the fact that I heard no shots hit me, it was like I spontaneously just fell dead - and also the shots that presumably killed me came from my left hand side, which as I mentioned before, there was a solid wall on my left. Also the same exact thing happened to my buddy at almost the exact same time and he was in a completely different store.

Now I could be completely wrong, but all of these things just felt odd.

ID: hay6iq1

Now I could be completely wrong

You're already ahead of 99% of people crying about cheats. Good on you for at least having some doubt.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/30 18:38 ID: hayktsw

It'S jUsT dEsYnC


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