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1 : Anonymous2021/09/20 17:00 ID: pryz12
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2 : Anonymous2021/09/20 20:31 ID: hdmvoyl

Last time I played FF4, it was the PS1 port and I didn't like it much. I really should give it another chance, but now that the Pixel Remaster is out, which version should I go for?

(For that matter, when is the subreddit page going to be updated to cover the PR versions?)

ID: hdnkbb0

You say you didn't like the PS1 version, but in what way, exactly? There's a bunch of different versions of IV, each with their own unique offerings.

The Pixel Remaster is just like the PS1 version, but without the loading times, and touched-up, prettier graphics. Get this version if it's just the loading screens you disliked. The PSP version has completely redrawn graphics, 2 bonus dungeons featuring extremely hard bosses, and a sequel packed in as a bonus. Get this version if you felt the PS1 didn't offer enough gameplay. The DS/Steam version is completely remade in 3D, features voice acting, and is overall harder than other versions of IV. Get this version if the PS1 version was too easy for you.
3 : Anonymous2021/09/20 21:51 ID: hdn6xfh

I'm currently playing FFXIII (yes, I know it's considered one of, if not the worst Final Fantasy game ever, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying it so far). Once I finish FFXIII, I'm planning on playing through the other FF games on Xbox Game Pass; which one should I play next?


-FF X/X-2

-FF XII: The Zodiac Age

ID: hdnfglg

Because X and XIII are both very linear, I would suggest playing XII next to sort of switch things up a bit, and then play X/X-2.

ID: hdpbaw9

If you wanna play another FF that is linear and very story-driven like 13, try X. If you want a more open-world-like approach, go with XII. That said, both games are amazing imo so be sure to try them out both eventually.

I would stay away from VIII for now. Not a bad game, but it does a lot of things differently compared to the other FFs. Leave it for later.

ID: he16tsn

There's no wrong way to play FF, if you like 13 awesome. It's very popular actually, thats why they made 3 of them, I'd rather call it divisive. That being said it's not well liked by me.

I would play X next, as 12 and 8 have very unique styles compared to the general themes of the franchise.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/20 18:37 ID: hdmewzx

Final Fantasy VI as been removed from the Play Store, so will I have to pay for it again when it returns as Pixal Remastered.

ID: hdmftuy

Yes. The Pixel Remasters are entirely different than the old versions.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/20 20:12 ID: hdmsu1a

Hey, awhile back I wrote regarding which FF7 to play and I've decided to go with the OG. Anyway long story short, I'm kinda lost with a lot of hidden/unexplained stuffs.

1) I learn that Materia can be upgraded.... after being in the 2nd continent. Does Materia lvl up based on how much you used it or based on experience gain? I've noticed that whenever I equip a Materia and dont use that said skill, it still level up. 2) Does the Materia Lightning lvl up with "All Materia" or "All Materia" just lvls up? 3) If you put Materia Lightning under armor, to my understanding, it increase lightning resistance but at the same time, you can cast it against monster. Is there any reason why I should put it in the offense slot? I know it may increase in damage but is it that much difference vs resistance to lightning + offense capabilities? 4) Apparently I missed Yuffie......... and a mine in the first continent. When can I backtrack there. Am I missing some nice content? 5) Is there a limit on how many times I can summon? Sometimes I see a huge chocobo being summon, sometimes i've seen a running chocobo. And then sometimes I can use it once, while others I can use it up to 3 times. What is the indicator to that? 6) I read some guide and some of the things it say is that you can get x skill by doing some hidden stuffs. Are those necessaries? Like a "suicide skill"? 8) How does steal works? Somtimes I get something, sometimes I dont. 9) Is there any benefit being at the back in the part during a fight?

Lastly, thank you for anyone replying me! Would appreciate if you can give me some tips or game mechanics. After 10hrs in, I finally learn how to skip a turn in battle to another player

ID: hdmvaxb

1) AP is what levels up materia. You'll gain AP after battle. Bear in mind some weapons and armour will double, triple, or zero AP gained by the materia in them.

2) Each materia levels individually. So levelling up Lightning will get you Bolt2, then Bolt3. Levelling up All lets you cast the magic against all targets more times.

3) If an enemy is weak to an element, attacking with that element does double damage. Or an enemy could resist (half damage), be immune to, or absorb an element. Elemental materia on your weapon gives your physical attacks the relevant element.

I tend not to use elemental on my weapon, because finding out my physical attacks are stuck on the wrong element is problematic. But a tip: Nothing in the game resists (or is immune to or absorbs) wind, and some things are weak to it. So Choco/Mog - Elemental on your weapon is a safe bet.

4) You can backtrack once you get the buggy, just drive it into Costa Del Sol. But you can get Yuffie in almost any forest on the world map.

When you get the buggy you should have Choco/Mog, Shiva, Ifrit, and Ramuh summons. Ramuh is easy to miss.

5) Remember your materia levelling up. For each summon, it's one cast per battle per star on the materia. And of course you need the MP. The Choco/Mog summon is unusual in having two different attacks. The same applies to Odin, but all the rest have just one attack.

6) Enemy Skill are powerful, but you don't need them.

8) You can only Steal once from each enemy and nearly all enemies only have one thing to steal. It's random whether it works or not.

9) In the back row you take less physical damage, but you also deal less physical damage unless your attack is long range. All of Yuffie's and Vincent's weapons, and some of Barret's, are long range, and there's also a materia to make any weapon so. Magic doesn't care about row. So the back row is where your mages and long range fighters should be.

ID: hdmvd6l
Materia upgrades based on experienced gained All mateira levels up by it self regardless to what's equipped to it If you put say lightning materia together with a materia that does physical damage, it will add lightning effect to it so enemies weak to lightning will take more damage and enemies resistant to lightning g will take less. However it isn't necessary Run around in any forest on the world map and she will come as a random encounter, she has a higher chance to appear in the 2nd continent in comparison to the first continent anyways. Just makes sure you get the prompts correct that she gives otherwise you have to find her again just use a guide for that Summon uses MP, so some characters may have higher MP which is why they may be able to use a certain summon more often Not really, it's a good way to get OP in the early game but you won't need it (8. You missed 7) I can't remember the percentage but its a percentage chance that steal will work then there's a percentage chance where you steal a normal item or a rare item Being the back row decreases damage dealt by physical attacks but decreases physical damage if that character doesn't have ranged attacks. Barret has a gun so his physical damage isn't affected being in the back row. So always have Barret in the back row and your magic user
ID: hdmyav0

Haven't played the game in a while so can't reply to everything, but I'm sure someone will fill you in.

I'm fairly sure there's an npc close to the start of the game that explains most of the more basic stuff but since it's an old game they haven't made the tutorial part mandatory so I imagine you missed it.

1) Materia levels up based on ap earned in fights. It's fairly simple, and you should be able to see how much you need for a level in a menu.

2) Materias level up individually (except level up materia does boost the materia it's linked to I think)

3) All lightning materia does is that it allows you to cast lightning spells. There's another materia that allows the stuff you're talking about when linked to lightning for an example.

4) You'll be able to get Yuffie eventually, and I think you can get her outside the 1st continent, just any forest should do. You'll be able to backtrack reasonably soon.

5) I think summon limits are based on materia level.

6) I assume it talks about enemy skill materia. It allows learning certain skills when hit by them. It's not essential, but it's interesting and allows some nice cheesing. There's at least 2 of the materia (don't remember if there's more). 1st you would've missed by now, but I don't remember where the 2nd is.

7) There's no question 7 I think?

8) Got no memory of this

9) Back row people get hit less by physical attacks, and do less physical dmg if they don't have something that counteracts the distance.

Feel free to ask anything else you're wondering about.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/20 21:14 ID: hdn1x4h

Just picked up a bunch of FF games, wondering which one I should play first/which is the best.

I got world of FF maxima, FF12 the zodiac age, FF13,13-2, and FF0 hd

ID: hdnt8w6

The order I would play would be

FF 13, FF 13-2, (if you can get FF lightning returns then get it since 13 series is a trilogy), FF 12, FF type-0 then FF maxima.

If you prefer more open world then play FF 12 and FF Type - 0 first.

All depends on taste really I enjoyed alll those games so I guess it doesn't really matter what orde to play them but people will definitely have different opinions than I do

7 : Anonymous2021/09/21 11:02 ID: hdpcnoe

Finally got round to playing FFVIIR on PS5, but I have a quick question - if I had DLC for the original game (bonus Materia, some promotional items from special food packs), is there a way to carry those over to the PS5 version?

ID: hdqn2fq

I think all the DLC for the PS4 version is available either by default or there is a free dlc for the PS5 version—go check.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/21 20:56 ID: hdrk1ag

i wanna play the whole series on steam but there are so many versions. the one im torn between the most is the 3d remake of ff 3 and 4 or the pixel remastered version. also whether i should play ff 8 remastered or not on steam since reviews aren't that great.

ID: hdt1wus

AustinSV on youtube does a really good job making videos comparing the different versions of a game and which may be best. Here's his ff8 video, and I see he has a new video out comparing all the ff1 games but I haven't see that yet.

ID: hdru4c0

Well, it's a bit tough to give out specific advice without knowing your past RPG history! But roughly...

- 3PR and 4PR are turn-based and active time RPGs, from the 8 and 16-bit eras, respectively. I love 4, but find 3 a bit grindy. I haven't played the PR, but the general consensus is that if the updated graphics appeal to you, their accessibility makes them good buys. (i.e. The ease of just playing them on Steam makes it better than fiddling with finding PSP copies of 4.)

- The 3D remake of 3 is good. If you like the look of it better than the PR, go for it. The 3D remake of 4 is incredibly challenging, and meant for people who have played and beat the game already. I wouldn't recommend it until you beat the base game, play a couple of other games, and then give the 3D version of 4 a shot when you want a challenge.

- The "remastered" version of 8 doesn't really change much from the base game. I think it mostly has that moniker to signify that there have been slight graphical upgrades. AFAIK, there is no new content. That being said, there isn't any reason to hunt out the original PS1 or PC disc over the remastered version. I like 8, but it's got an odd combat system. (Very short description - You essentially "steal" magic from enemies, or create it with items or through an optional card game, and then equip it to boost stats.) I wouldn't recommend it as a first RPG, but if you have experience in the genre, it's a good game.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/22 12:11 ID: hdu2j9i

Is there a way to check if you have all chests in a certain area in ff1? I am missing 1 chest for the acheivement and I have no idea where. I dont want to have to go through all areas again:(

ID: he03h2o

In pixel remaster open the Map and in the bottom left corner if applicable. It will displays chests and hidden items in each area

ID: hduxji0

I can check later how it worked if you can't find it, but yes there is at least in the PR version. There was a menu where you could go through different areas and you could see you've got x/y chests from there. Possibly related to the map?

10 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:10 ID: hdu92uv

Is it true that that they're getting rid of a lot of HQ items?

ID: hdu9xcv

Do you mean in FFXIV? I think you'd be better off asking in

ID: hdxesz0

yes, but you're better off asking the dedicated subreddit. not that we have full details yet this was only announced in the PLL

11 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:07 ID: hdugey9

Will I like Final Fantasy X as someone who loved FF7R? No spoilers please as I am mainly looking at this game for its story. Thanks to anyone who helps.

ID: hdujsxi

Gameplay wise, nothing alike. FF7R action combat is changed with a pure turn-based battle, in which the fastes characte

moves first, even if that means that It gets two or more turns with no one in between. Character development is done in a giant skill tree, with everyone having access to all the abilities but changing where they start. Story wise, FFX is a solid entry in the series, having the best pacing of all them. I would recomend you to grab It, i doubt you will regret.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/24 12:43 ID: he328wk

Does anyone know of a version of Mystic Mysidia that's played on xylophone/synth, some type of reed instrument (oboe maybe?) violin, drum and bass?

Best I can find is a version by Nobuo Uematsu & Máire Breatnach but it's not what I'm looking for.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:46 ID: he3a2yn

Hi folks.

Posted this in the wrong thread but was just asking if anyone had any idea if there’s PS5 trophy support for FFX?

Every time I go to check, it shows X-2 but not base X.

Anyone got any ideas?

14 : Anonymous2021/09/24 16:28 ID: he3x1ni

Is the Type-0 Behemoth in FF7R at all related to Final Fantasy Type-0? Or is it only related by name?

15 : Anonymous2021/09/24 18:38 ID: he4fk1b

How do y’all like the postgame dungeons in the PSP version of FFIV? Fun? Interesting? Challenging? How long does it take? (Trying to decide if I should tackle this or something I’ve never played before to pass the time until Endwalker lands)

16 : Anonymous2021/09/24 20:47 ID: he4y8lf

Can I start with the Final Fantasy 7 remake? I've never played this series before.

ID: he57wqd

Maybe? It's probably not a bad place to start.

V, IX, and Tactics are the best games, in my opinion, but that's probably somehow due to a certain degree of nostalgia that I have for the earlier games. VII is probably a close fourth, and, so, if you just want to casually get into the series, the remake could be a good place to start.

If you don't want to feel like a neophyte, though, you might want to play the original VII before playing the remake. It'd seem to be a step back to play them in reverse order if you plan on playing through most of the games.

To my best recollection, when I got into Final Fantasy with VII, the canonical games in the series were considered to be VI, which is phenomenal, but I don't quite as good as some of its fans will tell you, and IV, which is classic. VII was kind of considered as a mainstream game within the series and often lamented by that account. The latter games, up until X, were considered to be fairly good, but ultimately lacking in some of the magic of the ones for the Super Nintendo had.

Revisionist critique for the series, I think, has improved the overall community of fans. Tactics is justifiably cited as one of the best games in the series and there is no longer a disdain for VII, which was as good as it was popular. IX has also become fairly renowned for its careful combination of the classic and modern aspects of the games, which is how my preferences don't any longer differ from the established assessments within video game criticism.

People have also come to reassess some of the previous assumptions about the series, such as that VIII, which has a rather flawed battle system, was better than VII and IX and that X was the final straw in Square having sold out, as, though it, perhaps, was, it is also an all around great game.

XI was incredible, but I don't think that you can really play it anymore, though could be wrong. I haven't played XVI, as I am not at a point in my life where I can devote that kind of time to a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, though hear that it's also great.

I do happen to be of the opinion, and it is often contested, that XII, XIII, and XV, are not nearly as good as the earlier games, but am fairly hopeful for XVI.

XII totally drops the ball with the story arc and level design around two-thirds of the way into the game, in my opinion. It progresses so well up until then, but just kind of ends up fairly mediocre, as they lost their director half of the way through the game.

XIII is just a creative catastrophe. It's stunningly beautiful, the character arcs are actually fairly well developed, the lore is kind of interesting, and the battle system is fairly innovative, none of which can make up for its piercing melodrama, frenetic battles, and total lack of exploration.

I haven't played much of XV, and, so, can't say too much either way, but do kind of suspect that what I suspect about it, despite that I found that I did kind of like it more than I thought that I would in the four to five hours that I put into it, which is that it's patronizingly geared towards teenage gamers and chalk full of a ton of pointless fetch quests, is just simply true. I don't really know, though.

Anyways, if you plan on playing more than a few of the games, I'd play the original VII first. Otherwise, I'd say that it's probably fine to start with the remake.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/24 23:37 ID: he5lhen

What were the potential leaked release dates for pixel remaster 5 and 6? Surprised there's been no news.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/21 00:02 ID: hdnnv56

Do we have release dates for pixel remaster of 5 or 6? Everything I see on Google says September 9th, lol, so.

ID: hdnslnb

No confirmed release date yet

People are predicting that FF V will be released mid-late October and FF VI mid-late November but just have to wait and see

ID: hdofsg6

no official date yet.

speculation is that they will delay it a fair bit as 5 and 6 are considerably bigger games with more things to debug (and IV shipped with a lot of bugs) so they might take additional time to iron them out.

i personally dont see any need to rush them out anyway


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