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1 : Anonymous2021/09/27 17:00 ID: pwlet6
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2 : Anonymous2021/09/27 19:44 ID: heias1t

Hi everyone
I just got 100% in lightning returns and i was wondering what chapter i could enjoy the most now
i marked some things as spoiler but i think you can read without problems: it's the name of bosses/areas/character without any context
so far i played
- Final fantasy X: i really love the story and the turn based combact system but i don't like the development of the characters: you have to kill the same enemy at zoolab hundreds of times just to become so good you can do all the fights against dark aeons/penance only spamming quick hits.
- Final fantasy X-2: i also like this type of combact system but i prefer if you control just one character (like XIII). story isn't bad but it's almost impossible to get the 100% story without a guide: i really hated this thing so i prefer to avoid games where you need to follow a guide. the 80 floor roguelike minigame is something i'd like to avoid in the next game i'll play too.
- Final fantasy XIII: the story isn't great, but i really enjoyed this game: even if you are fully upgraded, you need a strategy based on the optional boss you are fighting. i liked the possibility to walk everywere on great pulse but sometimes cie'th stones and objectives were too far, making you travel too much
- Final fantasy XIII-2: like final fantasy X-2, i needed a guide to find a couple of enemies needed to finish the bestiary and to get 2 crystals you can get only if you replay a certain area from a certain point (after closing the portal) so i didn't like this game as much as ffX or ffXIII, but the fights were great: an upgrade of XIII's ATB combact system with the add of new good mechanics. p.s. Caius is the best antagonist between these games so this is a plus.
- Lightning returns: nice game with a bad story - or maybe i didn't fully understood it - (i liked the story behind the main quests, instead) . pro: open world, you can do main and secondary quests in any order, a lot of possible setups. cons: i finished all the quests very eraly in the game, i killed almost every enemy in half of the 13 days thanks to the spell that blocks time. i didn't try the hard mode in new game plus (just upgraded weapons and accessories because of the achievement) but i think the game is too easy (though there are a couple of fights that gave me problems like ereshkigal or the last earth eater)
Considering what i liked and disliked from the games i played, can you help me choose the next final fantasy please?
When answering, please tell me if there is something missable (like the temple treasure sphere in ffX that blocks you from obtaining Anima)

ID: heis52c

I think you might enjoy FFXII, particularly the Zodiac Age version if you have a system for it (PS4/Switch/PC I think?). It’s got a strong story with an interesting implementation of a job system and customizable AI to streamline combat. The world of Ivalice is beautiful too, and the game allows for more exploration than other entries in the series. No missables come to mind, at least for that version (the original PS2 release had quite a few).

ID: helpxbf

12 seems like a natural pick, though 15 might be up your alley for the 'mainly control one dude' aspect.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/30 02:24 ID: hesxckr

Tips for defeating Ramuh in Dissidia NT? I do very well until about halfway through. Then Ramuh starts doing alot of HP attacks. (PS4)

ID: heutgdd

What team are you running? Have you tried changing it up? A couple of those "boss" fights I had to change who I was using. It has been forever since I played though.

ID: heuufp5

I haven’t played in years but I remember really struggling there too. I played as Lightning and hit him with her ranged magic to gradually break him, staying far away and dodging his attacks.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/01 21:33 ID: hf0up9c

So I’m playing FF4 on steam and grinding flan princesses for elixirs and extra pink tails while I level my party up for the 2 super bosses. I take a look at all their stats and I notice that Rosa’s spirit goes from 99 to 96 while wearing and Rydia’s Minerva bustier drains her max intellect by at least 9 points while wearing. Does this mean that you can push stats over the 99 cap by equipping certain weapons and armor after reaching the cap naturally?

5 : Anonymous2021/09/29 12:30 ID: hepqs6u

Any news for FF5 and FF6 Pixel Remaster release dates/updates of potential release dates?

ID: hesuy81

Came here to look for answers as well.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/30 23:46 ID: hewwmbd

Didn’t have an Xbox at the time when it came out but not have the Series X, so looking to get Lost Odyssey. For those that have played, which FF is it closest to? In terms of gameplay and story tone, etc?

7 : Anonymous2021/09/27 23:58 ID: hej76n7

Hi @ all. I played lastly the steam version of FFVII and although the german translation is much better in this version, since i played on the Playstation one question crossed many times my mind:

Were in the english PSX version of FFVII parts written in german? Because in the german translation at that time were parts in english, sometimes even abruptly changing the language mid sentence. And i always wondered if it were also the other way around.

ID: helprbj

There is no German in FF7.

In FF8's english translation Doctor Udine speaks with an awful stereotypical German accent, thats about it

8 : Anonymous2021/09/28 00:09 ID: hej8iow

I play games in Japanese. I really wanna play FFT. I have it on PSP but there's that slowdown thing right? The patch fix apparently only works on the English version.

I can't seem to get the game on Android as the Japanese version is region locked to Japan playstore and I think has DRM (which may be region locked too?)

Now there was that leak of a PC release, is there an ETA for that?

ID: heq3801

What about getting a copy of the original PS1 version in Japanese? While War of the Lions adds a couple of side missions at the end, it's probably about 95 percent the same game. If you're having big problems acquiring a working PSP version, the PS1 version in Japanese is cheap as well, and PS1 emulation is typically simple, if you don't have an appropriate PS1 or PS2 to play it on.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/28 05:56 ID: hekbz04

Is there any gba rom hacks of 4 that replace the music with the pixel remaster. Is it even possible?

ID: heqof1n

It would probably be possible for an emulator, but if you're trying for a romhack that would work on a real GBA cart then I doubt it. There's a reason the sound files were compressed in the first place.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/28 11:10 ID: heky98e

Anyone got any recommendations for some good FF posters? I was wanting to find something that was more general for the series or featured multiple mainline games.

Spent some time checking a few places but didn't have much luck finding anything super promising, so I figured I'd check here.

I'd see about making a custom one, but I don't know how easy that would be.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/28 15:02 ID: helpj94

Was wondering what level my party should be looking at before the Shadow Cave in FF3PR? I remember hating it from my last playthrough like a decade ago, so I'd like to get comfortable.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/28 15:48 ID: helw4ep

Which FF physical copy is the rarest to find? Do not include versions based on country of release please.

ID: hemu161

Per Price Charting... For just "normal" games, the loose cart of FF3 SNES is about $80, with the box and manual being rarer, and pushing the price up to $300.

The Collector's Edition of various games seemingly range from $100 to $400, although some of them include actual systems, or figurines, or other goodies.

As a series, the SNES FF games are expensive, but they're not especially rare. Usually, you can find eBay listings or people selling them, it's just at an expensive price point, considering that you can get them on Steam if you just want to play them.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/28 20:32 ID: hen0uwx

So I just got my PS5 and saw that the complete edition of Final Fantasy 14 online was on sale and was wondering if I should get it, If so is there anything I should know about it?

ID: hep1big

it is a MMO with monthly subscription, as of now it is the most played MMO in the world, I don't have too much experince with FF14 for lack of time, but what I heard is that it has one of the best story in FF, the beginning of the game is quite slow but it gets better once you reach the first expantion.

ID: heqo1cd

The main thing you should be aware if is an expansion is coming out relatively soon. Like in a couple of months. The complete edition you get now won't come with the new expansion.

But there is a very generous 'trial' that let's you play the entire base game and first expansion for free. So if you're curious about XIV I'd reccomend you play the trial first, and if you like it buy the full game after the next expansion comes out.

ID: herl9ug

Just going through the main storyline is going to take you about 200-ish hours, around, probably? It is loooooooooooooooong.

ID: hewkzft

It's massive, and is a love letter to the franchise in general. If you've never played FF before, it's a great game, if you're an FF fan, it will constantly make you smile with the references and call backs.

In terms of financial investment, currently the game has a ridiculously good free trial. It gives you access to literally all content from the base game and first expansion (A Realm Reborn and Heavensward). The major restrictions are on social behaviour (cannot join free companies, the games version of guilds, can't use party finder, etc). These restrictions can be frustrating, but the game has so much content, and there are work arounds for a lot of things (discord communities will become invaluable for social play).

The game is getting it's new expansion in November, and buying the complete edition now will not include it. If you were to buy the complete edition currently, you would have to purchase the new expansion come November to be able to keep up with current content. However, if you play the free trial for now, and preorder/ buy the new expansion on release, you'll get the other two expansions included with the new one.

Basically, if you're ok with a slightly restricted game, definitely just get the free trial for now, and then buy the new expansion when you're ready for it.

If however, you're like me and don't like being held back, I bought the complete edition and pre ordered Endwalker (the new expac) without any regret, the game is that good.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:12 ID: henet96

Is FFXII The Zodiac Age and the FFXIII trilogy worth getting into?

I played XII when it first came out on PS2 and couldn't get into the system, and I played XIII for the first time around 2014 or 2015. I got to Pulse (I think that's what the first open area was) and just kinda dropped off once it went back on rails. The pseudo real time feel they had just didn't mesh with my turn based expectations at the time. My taste in games has definitely diversified over the years, and I absolutely loved FFXV (all its faults considered).

I just started up VIII remastered again (another FF I had trouble getting into back in the day) and likewise am loving it and plan to actual beat it this time. So I wonder, are XII and XIII worth getting invested in as well?

ID: her16uc

12 is awesome

ID: hepag8w

Short answer: Yes

Slightly longer answer: I'd say yes, but obviously everyone has different tastes. Personally, XII is my favorite game in the series and I enjoyed the XIII trilogy immensely, XIII-2 especially

15 : Anonymous2021/09/29 16:54 ID: heqr4dz

Is there a bulletpoint/checklist guide for FF7 anywhere?

I’ve done a blind playthrough in the past, this time I want to get everything, or close to it. I just want something simple as mentioned, short sweet and to the point that tells me exactly what items/things I should do before leaving a location. Video walkthroughs are tedious.

I’m well-versed in FFX so I’ll use that as an example.

Besaid: 1) Destruction sphere(Extremely recommend getting)

2) Valefore’s second overdrive(not important, but oh so nice to have)

ID: hetph80

Is this what you're looking for? Although that only covers missables. Gamefaqs is an excellent place for these kinds of guides in general.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/29 22:48 ID: hes5s2m

Could someone please help me with installing the reunion mod for FF7?

17 : Anonymous2021/09/30 02:00 ID: hesuam6


What you you think the chances are of ff7r being revealed for pc/Xbox at the Tokyo game show, especially considering that the square enix schedule has already been announced?

Also, the only FF game I’ve played is 15. Are there any other games in the series that follow that style of combat, because the turn based combat of the older games don’t really appeal to me..

ID: hewds6g

I believe that Square's exclusivity contract with Sony for VIIR runs until mid-December. Unless they've amended that contract, Square would not be able to announce a PC or Xbox version before then. I don't know if it makes sense to announce during the holiday season, so there many not be any news, let alone a release, before Q1 next year.

ID: heu7ily

I find 13 to be kind of fast-paced and action-like, but you are picking commands from a menu still. You might want to check out Kingdom Hearts, if the setting and/or tone appeals to you - that series is more Action RPG. Otherwise, any well-regarded open world game now has RPG elements, and is kind of similar to 15 to me. (Like, Horizon Zero Dawn is an incredible game, and I imagine that if you like 15, you'd like that one too.)

18 : Anonymous2021/09/30 22:04 ID: hewjy4c

Just picked up FFI, thanks to XIV making me want to go back and play through the whole series.

I don't want to use a guide, but I also know older RPGs can be pretty confusing given that a lot of the industries standards weren't set yet. Is there anything in particular I should know before just running it blind?

ID: hewlqhu

Talk to everyone. The only hints for progression will be in dialogue. Specifically there's a few points where you'll have to go back to previous towns and talk to NPCs that had no advice previously to get the info you need to progress. Up until the first crystal, the dancer in the first town gives advice, after that you're on your own.

ID: hexp9rg

you will need to have some patience with the first 3 games as they are the most basic in the franchises (the NES era) and FF2 is among the less populars, but as FF14 player you will find a FF3 quite interesting, FF14 borrow a lot of thing from FF3.

once you get to FF4 is where FF starts having proper story, and since Endwalker is going to the moon it is likely to have a lot of FF4 references.

mean while, (this is just something I like to do with FF14 player) let's see if you can recognize a few things:

19 : Anonymous2021/10/01 03:02 ID: hexkouw

I heard the 3D remake from 3 is different from the older version (and pixel remaster) story and character wise, is that true?

ID: hexscng

Kind of. The onion kids get more individual personality in the 3D remake, and there's added sidequests via the 3D version's Mognet feature. Otherwise, the story is largely the same.

The combat and job balance are the main differences IMO. Enemies can attack multiple times per turn in the 3D version due to it being limited to 3 monsters at a time. Jobs have also been evened out across the board, so that every job is always useful.

When you get certain jobs has also changed. For example, Sage and Ninja have been moved to the Earth Crystal and are no longer the definitive best magical and physical jobs, respectively.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/01 04:49 ID: hexvt52

Hey Folks,

I just started playing Tactics and I'm getting my ass kicked right away. I passed the first few missions but I can't even grind now because I can't beat the random encounters, even the ones in the very start of the game. If I do manage to beat it I lose a character or two and need to start from level 01 all over again.

I'm going to binge strategy and tip videos tomorrow but if anyone wants to share something please do. Thanks 🙂

ID: hezifcl

Random encounters level up with you, so do not do too many of those, just enough to get where you need. Story encounters are set levels.

Be aware of how to gain points to gain abilities and levels, sometimes being in a rush to win a won battle is the wrong choice. Get those sweet APs.

ID: hez9dh3

Hm, to me, the biggest things to grasp are 1) how important movement and controlling the terrain is and 2) not to waste a lot of time with the magic classes.

On point one, simple accessories to give you Move +1, as well as those support commands, can really open the game up for you, especially if you have ranged classes that can take advantage (archers, and later, chemists). Do your best to pick enemies off one-by-one, and take into account their movement range and abilities.

For two... Unfortunately, classes aren't balanced that well in FFT. It takes a lot of work to make Black Mages, White Mages and Time Mages viable. The only ones that kind of work well are Summoners (and they still have low defense and big charge times) and Calculators (and they take a bunch of work to unlock and power-up). Meanwhile, Chemist is a seemingly boring class, but it helps if EVERYONE can use it as their secondary command, so that they can heal themselves, and if you have one in your active line-up at all times. They get even more powerful as the game goes on, and you get access to guns.

Until that happens, something like an Archer, a Knight (to soak up damage and hit people), a Monk (glass cannon that can heal itself, low equipment cost) and a "swing" character works well. Have Ramza learn all of his Squire abilities, then treat him as another "swing" character. (The "swing" character should be learning useful abilities among the other classes.) You can and should rotate those classes, too. Meaning, when your Chemist learns all of the useful Chemist abilities, turn them into a Knight, and turn the Knight into a Chemist, or your "swing."

As you get deeper into the game, you'll develop a play style, and decide on better roles for characters. Example - I love the Ninja class, especially when combined with Move +3 and boots that add another Move +2 or Move +3. They can walk across practically the whole map and eff things up. Or! You can have four Chemists with guns and a Knight, and chip away enemy health from a high height. If they even get close to your ranged guys, well, they have to get through your tank first. Also as you get deeper into the game, you get access to special characters with sword skills that are borderline overpowered. The first one joins in Chapter 2.

Part of the reason why FFT is so beloved, though, is because the character jobs allow for really deep customization. I'm positive someone else can chime in with a strategy that worked for them, that'll be just as viable as the one I provided. 🙂

21 : Anonymous2021/10/01 06:03 ID: hey1y24

Just an idea, but final fantasy should run a competition for fan built final fantasy game (16 bit). - Character design competition - Battle mechanics design / minny games ideas - story ideas / nuggets - other?

I feel like it’s quicker to build a turn based 16 bit rpg, and build a more elaborate story this way. Maybe in just old school…

22 : Anonymous2021/10/01 16:42 ID: hezrhro

Im trying to use Tifa Death Sentences with Odin + added effect to fight the Battle Arena. Im noticing that after the first battle, the Death Counter disappears. Is this intentional or am I doing something wrong?

Also my destruct materia is lvl one. If I equip it and pair it with added cut, does the two hit counts as 2x to deal instant death?

ID: heztizr

Death sentence counters don’t carry over between battles in the arena, unfortunately. That’s just how it works in-game.

If you pair Destruct with Added Cut, that just means your character will follow-up a spellcast with a regular physical attack (with no instant death chance).

23 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:34 ID: hf073pf

So I downloaded the origins trailer and it says it’s no longer playable. Did I download the demo from back in June or is this an issue others are having?

ID: hf0cq9e

I saw some date locked, does it give any option? What is sticking out is someone saying they could not play until the tenth. I could be wrong though.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:59 ID: hf0agom

Has it always been the case about Snow's coat? I'm talking about it having emblems and stuff during battles. Playing FFXIII six years ago I somehow didn't notice this. Now, replaying it with a translation in my native language, I even thought for a second that someone modded the game.

26 : Anonymous2021/10/01 20:15 ID: hf0kq8v

Is there any way to mess with/fix the SFX of final fantasy III DS? The menu sounds are really grating on me, and make me not want to play with sound on.

27 : Anonymous2021/09/29 22:39 ID: hes4o7a

which FF 3 or 4?


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