Finish VIII Yesterday and my mind still blow away about this

1 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:00 ID: qlcs4s
Finish VIII Yesterday and my mind still blow away about this
2 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:07 ID: hj1ys28

I dont want to give spoilers, not even in the comments, but i finish game yesterday and im still "stupid" how much i love it !

Almost everything about it, to be honest, the characters, the story, even the citys and "zones" all bring so much to the story.

Im on a road on playing all FFs, for the first time, so far i played, IX , X , X-2 , Crisis Core, and now VIII.

The ones that i have, already buy it, is IV, VII, XII, XIII and XV i will try doing by this order.

And all thanks to Remake, playing the remake make me really want to play all the others !!

On all that i play it, have to admit the CC was the one that i cry alot, but if i can be honest the VIII was the most that i enjoy, love the military style, the sorceress, is just nuts !.

ID: hj20wl3

Glad to hear you liked it! I always play games with an open mind (and for new releases I purposefully don't get hyped or set expectations) so when I started VIII I found it rather confusing at first but thought it was really fun. That said, I took a break a bit before the end of disc 1 because the pacing slowed so much at that point and I just wasn't in a FF mood anymore. But when I picked it back up I just binged the hell out of it. I even 100% the achievements, because I enjoyed it so much.

I really liked the characters, story and locations too. But my favourite parts were the combat and soundtrack, really damn fun to play and the music is just perfect and super memorable. Imo the best soundtrack tied with IX. And also, Triple Triad is by far the most fun minigame in the series. I even played TT for fun sometimes to pass the time, while chatting with friends on discord.

I was also on a FF journey for the past 2 years but now am on a sort of stalemate because I only need to play I, II, V and XV but waiting for them to drop in price. That said, I could probably play Crisis Core in the meantime, but I'll just wait til I get into a big FF mood.

ID: hj2syut

Crisis Core

You played Crisis Core without playing 7 first?
7 has a lot of content out there. Separate games, compared to the mess that 15 was upon launch. 7 has Dirge of Cerberus as well. Not even going to count the short animated movies.

The major motion feature, Advent Children, is a divided movie. Some hate how it changes 7, some love it. The 4K/UHD for Advent Children is just an upscale. A terrible one. Even the blurays are upscales. The original master is in SD format.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:28 ID: hj2211e

VIII is a criminally underrated game

ID: hj2o7qt

I don't think it's underrated, but often overlooked and not many have actually finished it due to the initial confusion with the game mechanics.

Now that we have the internet it is much easier to look up "how to play', but the damage has already been done by the OG players who were left clueless and wrote it off immediately.

ID: hj287un

Or rather, it’s an awesome game with a couple big flaws that too few people do not give a damn about.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:58 ID: hj26u46

"Sorceress theme" distorted version

Ah yes, the beginning of "The Extreme" , which flows from one ear to another in headphones. Finest Final Fantasy final boss theme in my (totally biased) opinion!

ID: hj2bce7

Gotta love how when Uematsu is tasked with composing a score around time compression he calls back to his classic compositions throughout the series. What makes FF such a special series is how involved each and every artistic contribution is.

ID: hj2n345

I'll add to this biased opinion with my own, which is that it's the best song to have been composed by Uematsu - the entire final battle score really. And the Bahamut theme.

It was Uemtasu at his most metal before he even started a metal band.

ID: hj2o0g6

I love Enrico's remix of it

5 : Anonymous2021/11/02 21:30 ID: hj2bx7h

One of the best FF games. I loved ever moment of it. It was very creative to be able to read Squall's inner monolog. I also had no trouble with Junction system, as I refined the cards into whatever spells I needed. Also, love the card game.

ID: hj2jfd7

Oh for sure, seeing what he was thinking all the time, make connect with him even more, i love that detail on the game !

6 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:44 ID: hj24l9v

Also, also- go back to Timber and read the TV screen before Seifer joins Edea.

ID: hj26t82

O_O i did leave a save a little before of that

7 : Anonymous2021/11/02 21:04 ID: hj27tvh

Best moment of the game. Hands down. Uematsu beat the shit out of those midi with VIII

ID: hj2oxoa

Fun fact! PSX didn't use midi, because it's a disk based system. The PC version however did use midi cus it was not capable to reproduce the sounds a PSX could at the time - hence the PC versions sounding way off since it got first ported.

ID: hj2jj1c

It was crazy i got the chill the momment that music play im like " WHAT IS NOT OVER ???!!!!!! "

8 : Anonymous2021/11/02 22:53 ID: hj2obzo

Did you use a guide, or did you finish it blind without help?

ID: hj2p2gv

It was blind, BUT after i finish yes i did search for stuff that i could have miss, secrets, gfs, weapons etc etc.

I do this after finish all the FFs that i play, in a way to see " what more i could have done " kinda way.

So next time that i play each again i will use a guide to cover most stuff

9 : Anonymous2021/11/02 23:19 ID: hj2s384

I've played and finished VIII half a dozen times since it originally came out. Played it all the way through again a month ago and it was like slipping into a lovely warm bath of nostalgia. Easily my favourite of the series, I love it, warts and all

ID: hj2u61n

Yeah im also suprise, i mean is true that i still have to play alot of FFs, but for the ones that i play so far, this is the one that i loved the most, but also have to say that Crisis Core was the one that i crie the most xDD.


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