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1 : Anonymous2021/11/22 18:00 ID: qzrg5c
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2 : Anonymous2021/11/26 18:37 ID: hm6kn0e

Currently playing FFX, and I am having a hard time winning the game against the Luca Goers. Every time I fail, I have to turn my PS2 off and watch the unskippable cutscene before the title screen and other cutscenes before the actual game starts. I am considering just giving up/losing. Is there a reward for winning the game? Will it effect my playthrough?

ID: hm6np32

The reward for winning is a strength sphere and slightly different dialogue; so you won't be missing out on anything important if you decide to give up.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/25 01:13 ID: hlz5y62

Is Necrophobe still bugged in FFVPR?

ID: hlz7yr9

It was just fixed in an update; but it seems you either have to load a save file from before you entered the final floor or load a clear game save to get Necrophobe to appear.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/26 14:36 ID: hm5p2o7

Can we create a horny fan art tag, so I can filter it out?

Or maybe reduce it to one day a week?

5 : Anonymous2021/11/26 03:25 ID: hm43ajx

What is the current status of any mods for the Pixel Remasters? I think the backgrounds and audio loom great, but the fonts, character sprites, and stuttering have all pushed me away from purchasing. Would love to know if any updates (fan or official) have addressed any of these!

ID: hm5du2h

You can change sprites, backgrounds, UI, font, etc. just checkout the Nexus page for the games.

Here's the one for FFI

6 : Anonymous2021/11/23 01:53 ID: hlpsg5z

What's the intended route of FF1? I end up always doing it as out of order as possible but at this point im not sure what the developers intended as the progression.

ID: hlrelo0

Trying to go off the dome with this while just looking at the game's map, so I might forget a location or two, and putting it behind a spoiler...

For the first portion of the game: Cornelia > Temple of Chaos > Cornelia > Pravoca > Elfheim > Marsh Cave > Western Keep > Matoya's Cave > Elhfeim > Cornelia > Mount Duergar.

This opens the map up, to do the rest of the game in (almost) any order you'd like. However, based on enemy levels, town locations and the initial strategy guide, you would then do:

Melmond > Titan's Cave > Sage's Cave > Terra Cavern > Crescent Lake > Mount Gulg > Ice Cavern > Lykion Desert > Cardia Islands > Citadel of Trials > Cardia Islands > Onrac > Desert Caravan > Gaia > Onrac's Sunken Shrine (two separate trips recommended for the tablet, Water Fiend) > Waterfall Cavern > Melmond (tablet translation) > Lufenia > Mirage Tower > Temple of Chaos.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/23 14:14 ID: hlrpbby

I've never played a Final Fantasy game before, but decided to try out X for the PS2. Long story short, I'm loving it. So much. I've just got to the part where I got the Guardian lady and am leaving the tropical island place on the boat. My question is this: how important is the grid system to learn? From what I can tell, at certain times you can move within a certain amount of spaces to give your character a certain buff, like a bonus to defense for example. Is that accurate, or is it way different and/or more complicated than that? And another question: for a complete newbie to the Final Fantasy series, how hard is the end of the game? I primarily just want to play to enjoy the story like I am currently doing, but in all honesty I'm not very good at gaming, and just want to know if it will be doable for me? Thanks, and sorry if my questions don't make much sense lol.

ID: hlt039f

So the way it works is that when you win a battle you get AP, and enough AP gets you a sphere level up, and you move the little doodad on the sphere grid however many sphere levels you have banked. Different nodes need different kinds of spheres to unlock, e.g. mana spheres, power spheres etc. Different nodes also give you different benefits; some might increase a stat permanently, or give you a new spell or skill to use. If you're using the standard sphere grid, you can pretty much just move the piece along the board since the grids are laid out for each character, but later on you'll get things that let you move the piece around the grid, teleport to other pieces, etc. It really lets you customize everyone exactly the way you want, it's one of the best parts of that game.

In terms of difficulty, you shouldn't really have too much trouble, there is a bit of a difficulty spike in the last couple of bosses but worst case scenario you can always go out and grind for more sphere levels and whatnot. Plus there's so much side content that you'll probably just end up leveling up and getting nice and strong unless you just speedrun straight through the main story. Either way I'm sure you'll be fine, don't be afraid to look up beginner's guides too!

8 : Anonymous2021/11/23 17:43 ID: hlsjsrm

Any games going on sale for Black Friday?

9 : Anonymous2021/11/24 02:58 ID: hluqg4x

Is there any way to revisit towns in FFX HD without fighting the dark Aeons?

ID: hm1dg83

Most towns don't have Dark Aeons blocking the path. But I know Besaid does, and there isn't any way to enter without fighting it.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/24 21:03 ID: hly6ria

Final Fantasy 8 on Switch got a 1.0.1_5 update. What does it do?

ID: hlyq39j

Most likely some bugfixes. They don't add content to FF's like that, so unless you have a specific bug you want fixed, updates are nothing to get excited about.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/25 03:16 ID: hlzm6l1

I started replaying FFVII for the first time in about 20 years, and I just finished the first disk. Assuming that I’m just playing for the story and I’m not planning to do massive amounts of grinding or beating Emerald or Ruby, about how far would you say I am in the game? I’m at about 27 hours played; am I 30-40% done? More?

ID: hm05awz

I’d say so, yeah. The third disc isn’t that long.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/25 13:45 ID: hm17hlr

I'm trying to learn Level 5 Death in FFVPR, at the second world at the Barrier Tower using the Level Checker mobs. I successfully control one, but the Lv2 Old and Lv5 Death spells will only target the enemy side. I can't ever get them to target my own side. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

ID: hm2hxgp

Yeah you have to give the level checker reflect and reflect the spell off itself

13 : Anonymous2021/11/25 18:29 ID: hm294qr

Playing FF1 NES with the Restored mod (fixes all the bugs)
I got into a fight with 4 Warg Wolfs (the blue GrWolf) and decided to have my Red Mage cast a Sleep spell, only to have it be ineffective agaisnt all of them, even when recasting it next turn

From what I've gathered online, the spell to-hit should be 74% + SpellAccuracy/2 - EnemyMagicDef/2 (restored decided to implement INT scaling in spells as a bonus INT/2 buff)

But that means that it should have been 74% + 48% - 23% + INT/2 = over 100%

All the stat sites I see list the same values for sleep and the wolves (although I think gamer corner may have messed up the magic defense since their MagicDef is equal to the percentage of the others), with none of them listing Stasus inmunity, so how was the spell ineffective against them?

ID: hm5mulf

Since you're using a mod it's hard to say. It could be some things were changed with status immunities. Or maybe the mod messes with the base accuracy of the spells to balance the bonus from intelligence.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/25 21:19 ID: hm2w8vc

I just got FF IV and FF Tactics for my GBA. Which should I play first? Whichever I pick will be my first FF game 🙂

ID: hm5mem1

IV. Tactics advance is great, but it isn't the strongest entry in the series in my opinion. Plus it's a strategy RPG, which I love but isn't typical for Final Fantasy.

IV was where the story telling in FF really took off and has the gameplay that you'll find in other games. You'll get a better idea of what FF is all about with IV over Tactics Advance for sure.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/25 23:05 ID: hm39gt5

Just got fat war of the lions. Anything I should know before playing?

16 : Anonymous2021/11/25 23:39 ID: hm3dj95

Been a fan of FF14 since it came out, and now that the ending of the story is about to come out, I feel like I want to go and see where all the inspiration and references came from.

Long story short, I'd like to play most if not all the numbered entries, and I've had my eye on those Pixel Remasters for a while. I did check the FAQ but these weren't included there, so here's my question:

How do they compare to the ones recommended in the FAQ? (mostly the PSP ones)?

What about the 3D remakes of 3 and 4? I actually own both for DS, although never got very far. Are they just as good as the originals, or did they change too much the fandom generally disagrees with?

If I were to just get the pixel remasters + every other entry as is available currently on Steam, would I be getting a far inferior version for any game in the series?

What about FFT, is there a "best" way to experience the Ivalice stories? I know the FFT games and 12 are kinda same universe, but not sure if there's an order.

ID: hm4epa6

think of the pixel remaster as upgrade versions of the original releases, perhaps the biggest down side of the Pixel Remaster is the lack of extra dungeons that were added on the GBA/PSP versions, nothing really ground breaking but some people just like to do them, for me FF2's extra dungeon was the biggest lost since it actually have/had extra lore in it unlike the other dungeons that were more like extra challenge.

How do they compare to the ones recommended in the FAQ? (mostly the PSP ones)?

the biggest point of discontent is the graphics, many people prefer how the PSP ones looks at first glance, this does not meant that the Pixel Remaster look bad, it just has a different style, and in the case of FF4 the PSP version has its sequel included.

on other hands the Pixel Remaster offer a lot of improvments such as mini maps, auto saves, auto battles (for easier grind) and perhaps the biggest point many agree on is the sound track, FF's original composer re-arreged all the songs and they are just awesome.

What about the 3D remakes of 3 and 4? I actually own both for DS, although never got very far. Are they just as good as the originals, or did they change too much the fandom generally disagrees with?

FF3 has the biggest change the original and the pixel remaster have 4 nameless playable character, while the 3D remake gave them name and a bit of background. while in FF4 they added a few extra cutscenes and dialogue, personally I am not fan of the voice acting on the and graphics.

If I were to just get the pixel remasters + every other entry as is available currently on Steam, would I be getting a far inferior version for any game in the series?

not anymore and in a few cases perhaps the betters ones, just one small warning about two titles, which are crossover games:

Dissidia NT Final Fantasy: considered by many to be the worst Dissidia game there is (and Dissidia 012 for PSP the best one), the only thing everyone agrees on is that this scene is the only good thing in that game: and since you are FF14 fan enjoy this one: World of Final Fantasy: think of it like FF pokemon with FF character as NPCs, despite its cartoony look it is quite decent game with a lot of fan service so perhaps play it at a later time.
ID: hm3jiya

For ff7 and ff9, I'd recommend the Satsushi Yatoshi and Moguri mods respectively, as they improve the background quality tremendously, as they look horrible by default due to them losing the code for the PS1 games. The Moguri mod even makes most of the game fullscreen. As for your Ivalice question, you can play them in any order you wish. There's no easy best way to play FFT other than emulation, though a remaster is rumored for next year so maybe look out for that.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/27 15:00 ID: hma2mja

Is the original FF supposed to be hard? I started it yesterday having heard from friends and family.that it is pretty hard and BREEZED through several dungeons I wasnt supposed to be in yet, and 3 shot Astos or whatever his name is. Is it supposed to be this easy?

18 : Anonymous2021/11/27 16:15 ID: hmacacs

I just got finished playing through Final Fantasy 4 3d remake on steam, I am looking to start diving into Final Fantasy 5. I bought FF5 on steam a while back, I think it's the GBA port that was replaced by the pixel remasters. I'm wondering if it would be best to purchase the pixel remaster of 5 because I've read that 5 gba port is one of the worst versions of the game. As a new player looking to get into 5, which version should I play?

ID: hmam80d

The only major complaint about the old steam version (which is a port of the mobile version) is the graphics. If you don't mind how it looks, it's perfectly acceptable to play that. It also has the extra content of the GBA version (an extra dungeon and 4 new jobs).

If the graphics are a turnoff for you, the pixel remaster has a classic 16-bit look and a reorchestrated soundtrack. However, it lacks the GBA content.

I hope that helps make your decision a bit easier.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/23 12:54 ID: hlrgcj4

so I'm 20 hours into final fantasy 15 and still in chapter 4, while the side missions are fairly fun, it's way too repetitive and I kind of want to move on to other games at this point, but I've always been the kind to finish all side content before I move on with the story... I'm already over level 40 and feel over leveled so I'm kinda conflicted... any suggestions, also how much longer will I end up playing if I rush through the main story from this point on?

ID: hls1b9d

HLTB suggests 28 hours for the main story, and 53 hours for main + extras. You're about double the recommended level in the IGN guide, so you should be able to stream roll through a good amount of the story portions ahead, and in general, I don't think 15 is particularly hard. You could probably tackle the remaining stuff in about 15 to 20 hours - The drama and stakes do start to pick up, as you're almost at the end of the lighter, "riding in the car with my boys" portion of the game.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/27 23:24 ID: hmc0dtt

Does final fantasy work like dragon quest, being a turn based rpg, or is it more devil may cry esc, and if it is more turn based, which one should I try to play, while also staying on game pass?


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