Jurassic World Evolution 2 | Accolades Trailer

1 : Anonymous2021/11/25 16:19 ID: r2055o
Jurassic World Evolution 2 | Accolades Trailer
2 : Anonymous2021/11/25 19:00 ID: hm2dhpl

I am playing this game right now. Myself and a few others are experiencing quite the problem with it. It periodically causes the fans of the PS5 to go full speed for no apparent reason - but not all the time (I just played 4 hours with no sign of this).

Basically, you know how doing certain actions in games causes the pitch of the PS5 coil whine to change? Well this game does that to the extreme. Every single action, camera movement and button press causes the coil whine to change. Which is at an exceptional rate compared to other games where it doesn't change all that often.

So when things get too intense, or you simply play the game too fast, your PS5 fan will start to take off, louder even than my old launch PS4, as it thinks the gp

needs help. It's not a overheating thing (as I first assumed, as can happen after straight loading). I had quite the shock the first time it happened to me, at first thinking it was something wrong with my console. But nope it's just the poor console optimisation of this game.

No other game has made my PS5 reach these fan speeds, and I have since gone back and played other games to make sure. A few people have blamed this issue on a certain 2 maps, but I cannot prove or disprove that.

I have tested all of this thoroughly and have video footage on my profile.

ID: hm2u9zz

How long have you been playing it? I also have a ps5 and have not encountered this fan issue at all and I've played since day 1. Not saying you are wrong whatsoever, just curious why there is this discrepancy that we are having different experiences. Does this happen with any other ps5 games of yours?

ID: hm2wm0n

No, it happens with no other games. I went back and tested out lots of other games like Valhalla, Death Stranding etc. Just to check it wasn't my console, for 4+ hour gaming sessions, and my PS5 fan was silent like normal.

Then I can load up Jurassic world evolution 2, and within ~20 minutes my fan will go haywire. I've had it since launch, but only started last week and have played for 20 hours, half way through chaos theory mode. My PS5 is also squeaky clean inside too incase you were wondering. It's the games poor menu-based optimization causing it.

You can test it out yourself, like I do in my video (at 5:50). Load up Pensylvania or Islar Nublar (JP1 map) and cycle through a restaurants customisation options, the game can't handle it and the fan will go turbo. I actually figured out how to control it; if the fan starts to turbo, I can zoom out really quick - and the fan will immediately slow, and then I can zoom back in, and it will start going loud again.

Certain buildings are also worse at causing it than others, the science centre is the worst. Zoom in on it, mute your TV, and listen to the coil whine. It was the science centre that triggered it for me in my video example. And in addition, some people say it only happens on Pensylvania (story map) and chaos theory JP1, so if you stormed through those maps quickly you might not have even experienced it.

Anyway, a few of us have submitted reports to the devs and hopefully they are looking into it.

ID: hm2w9x8

There's probably areas that the frames aren't capped so the PS5 starts bussin' fans

ID: hm2x02s

Someone on the games sub has proposed that it's a v-sync problem? Hopefully they will look into it.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/25 17:14 ID: hm1ycm9

Is this actually better than the first one?

ID: hm21wy0

Currently playing it and I love it. However, I am a huge dinosau

park nerd. Its a step above the first one but there are still some issues with it. I made this comment in a previous thread. On top of everything listed below, it needs a little bit more optimizing. Im playing on the five and I get A LOT of pop ins from far distance. This may be an issue with their engine because Planet Zoo on the PC kinda does something similar. Also, there are a lot of bugs.

"I’m loving it so far. There are a few issues I have but it’s a lot better than the first one. Campaign will take you about 5 hours or so. It’s mostly a tutorial for the new mechanics. I think they will add more levels when the new movie comes out. Chaos theory is the real ‘campaign’ in my opinion. It’s a what if type of scenario. Then there’s challenge mode and sandbox.
Some issues I have and a few others have can be found in this:

/comments/qso2lh/to_the_devs_and_to_this_sub/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/qso2lh/to_the_devs_and_to_this_sub/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

I made a comment saying this:
“Yes to all of these. I haven’t played challenge mode/sandbox mode yet, but I do not believe this is an option. Please please please. Do not limit the type of ‘trees/forest’ to the map/biome. Please let us create a map with different types of biomes. This would provide us with MORE park building options in a relatively cheap and easy fix. I would love to have a park with dinosaurs roaming in different biomes.”"

I'm still loving my time with it. Its a step above the first game, but it needs performance updates and some big updates. If you love dinosaurs and enjoyed the first game - you'll know what to expect and you'll enjoy it. If you can wait, I'd wait for it to either be discounted or for some updates to start rolling in.

ID: hm2tved

They really messed up not labeling that first mode tutorial instead of campaign.

ID: hm2e5tb

Just a little tip, on reddit people usually use the > to denote that they are quoting something.

So it makes

>this comment


this comment

You have to put a new > symbol infront of each paragraph though.

ID: hm2ldr2

Is the first one still worth playing now? Since it's cheaper than 2 (and while I wait for a price drop on it).

ID: hm2tr1j

I played the first one extensively. The short and simple answer is: Yes.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/25 23:26 ID: hm3bwvv

Wait to buy, it’s buggy as shit - same as the first game, which was an absolute shitshow. I thought they’d have learnt from that mistake, but no. Shitheads.

ID: hm3uixa

It’s so annoying that you are right. I was really excited about a sequel, but have been unimpressed even before I learned how shallow the game is at this point. After how long it took for the first game to get some good patched content, it’s like Frontier wants me to wait a year or two and then come back to check in on how the sequel is doing, and I am going to comply.


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