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1 : Anonymous2021/11/29 18:00 ID: r51jls
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2 : Anonymous2021/11/30 00:44 ID: hmlolkc

Should I play FFV pixel remaster or gba version? Gba has extra classes, plus I have the option of playing it with the custom classes romhack that allows two abilities instead of one. The pixel remaster though has the beautiful music and graphics. Which would you suggest?

ID: hmlx611

If you haven't played FFV before, I'd say go for the Pixel Remaster. The extra jobs from the GBA version are kinda cool, but you don't really get access to them until the endgame dungeon. As for playing romhacks, I personally think you should never use mods that fundamentally change the game on a first playthrough, but that's just my opinion.

If you have played it before, then I don't think there's a right or wrong answer. It's just whatever you feel like.

ID: hmopdex

I have not played the Pixel Remaster and don't plan to, so you can take my opinion with a fistful of salt, but I'll recommend the GBA port, purely because the bonus endgame dungeon is too good to pass up.

The normal game is pretty easy almost all the way through, and you barely even need to use class customization and Freelancer minmaxing, but the extra dungeon is long and brutal (took me about 10 hours to fully clear) and WILL force you to understand the systems and make good character builds to succeed.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/30 15:08 ID: hmo42wu

Are the !Control and !Catch bugs fixed yet in FF5 PR? The ones that were corrupting saves and stuff a few weeks ago? I haven't been playing because I wanted to wait till these were fixed before I continued.

I saw the patch notes a bit back, but those didn't seem like the bugs I'm thinking of.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/30 18:16 ID: hmowb56

I need help with getting seitengrat on my switch (I like curbstomping mobs)

5 : Anonymous2021/11/30 18:36 ID: hmozcb4

So, I'm playing FF1PR, and am a little stuck on the final boss. I have plans to take 'em out, but in the meantime I'm trying to farm Elixirs. So, according to my searches Elixirs drop from Death Eyes, but the one that is a respawning NPC in the final dungeon drops 1 xp & G, and I haven't seen any yet. Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to farm them, or should I keep killing this thing?

6 : Anonymous2021/11/30 21:14 ID: hmpn2ai

I am trying to get 3 AP eggs in ffx-2, can anyone that has done it before give me a basic strategy I can follow to get my blitz team JUST strong enough to get a few eggs.

The only guides i have found center entirely around a massive grind to max stats everyone. I am assuming you dont need max stats just to squeek a few eggs out.

My plan while i keep googling more guides is to just spam exhibition matches vs KB to get my scouting level up and then just recruit some players with decent stats

7 : Anonymous2021/11/30 03:53 ID: hmmdlxg

I just purchased a ps5 and had a ps4 version of 7R transferred onto it during my data transfer. My library on the 5 is telling me that it is not compatible. I want to play Integrade, so can anyone please tell me what I can do? I've tried searching online, but I can't seem to find an answer to what I can do if I own the disc and not the digital version.

ID: hmnoq1l

If you transfered 7R from PS4 to PS5 the game in your console is the PS4 version and the PS5 version is a separate download, select the game on the hub then press the option button and in the item list select game version and pick the PS5 version (Intergrade).

Note: if you have the PS4 game on disc you will need to keep the disc on the console when playing the PS5 version, but this is not necesary if you have the digital PS4 version of the game. Don't forget to delete the PS4 version after downloading Intergrade as it still takes space in your storage.


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