So many Youtube job reviews are… Weird. [FFT]

1 : Anonymous2021/02/25 21:38 ID: lshm89

So, I'm somewhere between a casual and a hardcore FF Tactics player, so I don't specifically see it one way or the other. So when I see a bunch of FF Tactics job reviews, I have no clue where they're coming from.

So many times I see people call jobs like Ninja, Geomancer, or Samurai as "trash tier" and I... Uhh... Even the first time I played it, I noticed how awesome Ninja and Samurai was. Geomancer it took a bit to realize how awesome it truly was (specifically Attack Up + anything PA related).

Has anyone seen some just plain weird "hot takes" in Job Reviews?

Someone said that the Archer's best feature was "Charge" and I have no clue why they would ignore Concentrate... Maybe I'm the weirdo?

2 : Anonymous2021/02/26 03:57 ID: gosjm8e

I can't even imagine anyone calling Ninjas bad unless they didn't play the game.

ID: gossdkb

Ninjas are in my tier 2 or "good" job classification (taking ONLY the job into account) mostly because, by themselves, they don't have a lot going for them. They can deal damage, yes, but their defenses aren't the best and throwing stuff, while cool, isn't the best use of their abilities (nice to have some range and a bit of elemental damage tho!). Abandon is one of my favorite features, when put onto other jobs.

However, when you combine them with, like anything, they break the game wide open.

But they're nowhere near trash tier as I've seen way too many youtubers suggest.

3 : Anonymous2021/02/26 03:02 ID: gosdiwf

It may be just me, but I find samurai one of the most fascinating and fun to use classes. Playing similar games with a fleshed out job system like Fell Seal and God Wars: Future Past, you don’t see nearly as much class synergy as FFT offers, and I find the samurai class the epitome of that. A completely physically based class (in terms of job reqs) whose skillset caters to a mage based character? Count me in!!

ID: gosg8o0

The Samurai is a very interesting class! It goes in my "Great" tier.

Hard hitting w/weapons Good defense Draw Out: Offense, Defense, Buff, Debuff! Masamune gives Regen and Haste, you got to be kidding me! Blade Grasp and Meatbone Slash are pretty cool reaction abilities. Two Hands isn't as good as two swords, but, going out of your way for Two Swords isn't always something I want to do and Two Hands on your sword works great since you don't have a shield on your samurai.

But you know what the best part of the Samurai is? It's cool. It's thematic and cool!

Samurai gets a Jin Sakai/10

Edit: I forgot to add, I love how the Samurai has a chance of breaking their swords. I usually hate this sort of mechanic BUT the fact that you have a basic attack and only the special features cause a chance to break a sword works out so damn well.

4 : Anonymous2021/02/25 21:53 ID: gorbhb7

Idk if this is a hot take BUT Summoner, Time Mage, Calculator, and Mime are actually trash tier imo.

ID: gorcun5

I don't think there is a trash tier.

Do you see "trash" as in broken, or just in useless?

5 : Anonymous2021/02/26 11:04 ID: gotfnmo

Geomancer is my favorite job except for Dark Knight but that takes too much time...

Tynar Rouge + Double Runeblade makes an excellent mixed unit.

Another versatile build I made was


Geomancy Black Magic (fire) Nature Wrath Arcane Strength Move+3


Runeblade Flame Shield Lambent Hat Wizard Robe Tynar Rouge

She became an immortal tank who could regenerate and bust enemeis at the same time. When I needed more sheer power I would use two rune blades and Holy.

ID: gou33d1

Geomancer is a fun job, I love it (though, I love a most jobs haha)!

I do put them in my Tier 2 of "Good" though because they compliment builds more so than work on their own. An "out of the box" Geomancer doesn't stack up to other jobs.

But this is another Job that is considered useless by a lot of youtubers and I'm like, they compliment so, so, well! Saying there's nothing there is just so crazy.

6 : Anonymous2021/02/28 23:46 ID: gp8smsj

All the jobs have their uses in FFT. Some jobs have awesome skills and gear, but poor stat growth. Some jobs have great skills and stat growth, but trash gear options.

Take any reviews with a grain of salt and focus on options to enhance your preferred play style. Does it matter if your knight isn't optimized for casting when you're sending her in as the moving target for a Firaja spell from your Wizard because her shield absorbs fire damage?

The point of a tactics game is that it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it. That's what gets results.

ID: gp954cs

My rating system is fluid but something like this.

Tier 1 (Great)

Has two or more options for combat (Damage, buff, debuff, etc...) Doesn't need another job's feature to work

Tier 2 (Good)

Needs another job to really work Is usually used to amplify another job.

Tier 3 (Effort)

Takes a lot of effort/grinding/thought. Examples: Calculator, Mime, Bard, Dancer.

Yeah, you can blow stuff up with summoners but they need Time Mage to speed up their spells. I've seen a lot of summoners get destroyed due to casting times.

7 : Anonymous2021/02/26 18:38 ID: gov3ukq

So, I think part of the problem here is the dilineation between classes and builds. Ninjas are decent classes and great for builds. Geomancers are truly trash-tier class but amazing for building into. Samurai is arguably the strongest class by itself (alongside monk maybe?) and has great build utility.

So I can see a lot of people thinking geo/ninja arent good if they're not mixing them into builds properly. Geo in particular has imo the worst skillset in the game. The only thing that makes them good is for statsticks, and imo it's not worth having elemental as a primary. But that's just me, and I fully agree they can be built into beasts if you give them some great stuff from other classes.

Classes like summoner seem god tier until you start building & combining properly. Hell, first time playing I wouldn't have guessed that reis would be one of the best characters in the chain of bonus characters you get at endgame.

A lot of it comes down to moving away from abilities with charge times, since everything starts moving so fast that you can't afford to charge lich (Rich!) and actually hit much. Cha

speed just overtakes caster speed at some point and makes it less viable, especially once you have holy knights and mastered samurai/monk and the like for secondaries.

ID: gov7m3c

Well, I've always been talking about the jobs themselves and not combinations because most combinations only take into account specific features that are cherry picked so it isn't the job, so much of the feature, that is good.

Summoners are slow, but they can do so much. Helps that Golem Glitch is a thing, at least in the older versions... But even outside that glitch, there's a lot that the summoner can do and if you keep the enemies busy and use tactics, the summoner is amazing. What's more is that they don't hurt allies.

Yeah, you want a little bit of time mage in your summoner, but then it isn't the time mage that is great but their ability to speed up spells (though, time mage is pretty great, tbf).

Job versus Features is more how I see it. Is it one feature that makes the job combination worth it, or is it more of the job that makes taking it worth it.


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