Share early game tips and tricks for people playing here!

1 : Anonymous2017/07/12 14:51 ID: 6muf1k

WARNING: this is a thread for helping people and sharing tips, not bossing people around. You can't share a "tip" like; "don't go to the salikawood early to get black grabs, because it ruins the game and there's no point". If you want to share the information but also warn that it is over powered, you can always say "If you go to the Salikawood, there are enemies that can have the Black Garb stolen from them, it's a very strong Mystic armor for after the Tomb of Raithwall". So far everyone has been near perfect on this, but RPG audiences can foam at the mouth over their ideals, I know I'm guilty of it a time or two.

WARNING: Please forget anything you know about vanilla FF12 as the remaster is based on the International Zodiac Job System (IZJS) version. To search anything for this version, consult the wiki and take note of the 'Zodiac' version or google 'FF12 IZJS anything specific'. For chest placements, google 'FF12 IZJS maps' for download links. Warning Written by: U/Letohorn

• IMPORTANT TIP! You can change the level of speed up you have by pressing and holding L1 and then pressing left or right on the D-pad!

• When going through Barheim Passage, kill any battery Mimics you can, I got a Mage's Habit from one. That is a chest piece of Mystic Armor that has a defense of 21, you will be untouchable for a long while.

• Trial mode Stage 1 has a diamond armlet in one of the chests, just go up the stairs and look for it. All you have to do is finish that stage and then load the save it gives you into your story.

• Trial mode Stage 3 has a flowering Cactoid in it, steal from it to get either a Longsword, a Mythril Blade (jobless sword that has attack of 23. GOOD FOR MAGES EARLY), and a Karkata which is one of the legendary swords EDIT: To steal from the Flowering Cactoid until you get what you want (in this case the Karkata), just reload your trial mode autosave until you get the sword via stealing! Remember that if you want the sword to stay with you, you must complete the stage. The Flowering Cactoid can use 1,000 Needles so it helps to have multiple party members or someone with more than 1,000 HP! U/Zanford

• Trial Mode Stage 5 has a werewolf in it, steal from him to either get Berserker Gauntlets, a Windbreaker (very good light armor before Raithwall), or a Chainmail (very good heavy armor before Raithwall)

• Trial Mode Stage 9 walk around until you see a Cultsworn Lich, steal from it to either get a Flame Shield (useful for stage 10) or a Golden Shield. You can also steal a Lamia's Tiara, a very good Mystic Helm for early portions of the game U/Maduine

• Trial Mode Stage 10 Belias is a very hard Boss if you face him before going to the tomb of Raithwall (I did Him before Burjerba), you can steal a sword of kings from him. (jobless 53 attack power great sword, very very useful and slightly cheap) You can also steal a Goddess's Magicite if you are past the point in the story progress where you lose it U/Maduine

• Make sure to remember to steal from everything early on, this can lead to getting a lot of potions In the Lhusu Mines stealing can net you a lot of bone fragments and bat fangs, which sell for a pretty penny.


• Killing 20 wolves in the Westersands can make a rare game wolf spawn in the isolated part of Shimmering Horizons. The Lindbur wolf holds the Gladius, which is a powerful Wind dagger for early on. I recommend waiting until after Barheim passage as it can easily wipe out a team. It ONLY has the dagger, so steal until you get it and don't kill it until you get it.

• After getting the Gladius Dagger from the Lindbur Wolf, you can chain the werewolves in Giza plains to get Slashers, an axe with an attack power of 50 or so. Very good if you have a Foebreaker.

• Set a gambit to 100%=HP - Steal if you do not want to be stealing all the time through the menu or being locked into gambits. U/Edelweiss13

• Don't fight the green T-Rex in the Estersand until after Tomb of Raithwall, and that's a maybe U/twelveovertwo

• Elementals are very dangerous, they will attack you when you cast any magic near them or if you attack them directly. The larger ones can wipe out a party like its nothing for most of the game. U/Elrundir

• Remember that if the game asks you twice before going into a new area that you aren't going to be able to leave said area for a while. You may also not come in contact with stores for a while. U/ADRASSA

• If you ever find yourself with permanent Silence or 0 MP check to see if you have an accessory equip that causes that as a side affect U/Chenzi2

• The Shinkansen Twinspan area of the Lhusu mines is a good early grinding spot for Gil, EXP, and LP. The skeletons can be chained here easily, just remember to not go too deep into the mine. U/Raizak

• Rushing to HP+ augments on the License board will help over all with leveling and combat, as HP is a little slim going off of levels alone. The Monk and Shikari have amazing HP+ tiles right next to the starting points U/Letohorn

• Staves, Poles, Rods, and Spears all hit large flying enemies like Dive Talons and the Wyvern Lord. U/Ds_Arcanine

• You can Grind skeletons in the Barheim passage room Great Central Passage, just step into The Zeviah Subterrane and allow the energy to go down to 0%. U/Mikeysce

• Guests carry over into trial mode, a good time to try trial mode would be just arriving to the Tomb of Raithwall, as Vossler should be decently strong. U/Mikeysce

• Dustia is a Rare spawn that only appears in one zone in westersand if you are below 10% hp. Have battle speed set to slowest and use a Phoenix Down before it can cast Dark. One phoenix down will kill it instantly. If chained right it will lead to a lot of Exp and loot. Look up a specific guide for finer details. Any guide works. U/Maduine

• You can get to the Mosphoran Highwaste and the Salikawood immediately after the Tomb of Raithwall by going to Nalbina Town and talking to the lady crouched behind a wall, staring at the two soldiers blocking the path. After talking to her simply purchase a chocobo and ride it towards the soldiers. They will get scared and run off, leaving the area open.

• Remember to plan out quickenings and the like, for almost all of the jobs you won't be able to access all of the tiles behind the quickenings, same goes for Espers. U/rowanlocke

• Use Gambit Foe HP < 30% - Poach, to set up poaching automatically. By the time the skill is ready to go the Foe will already be in critical health. U/Misterdomino15

• For casters set the a gambit to Self Mp < 10% - Charge. This Technic will give you a small boost to your MP, but if it fails it will reduce it to 0, so it's good to keep the gambit MP amount low U/Misterdomino15 U/iferg15

• If in a high tension battle, you can remove the wait after using an item by going into the menu, and changing your weapon after using the item. U/Fehlany

• Check and see what a guest can do as soon as you get them, go through the battle menu and see every tab you can. This can lead to making harder hunts and quests easy with the help of certain spells. U/Misterdomino15

• Farm the Alraunes in the Ovir Yensa to get quick easy Gil. They drop succulent fruit, which is decently pricy for that point in the game U/UUDDLRLRBAastard

• Don't ignore hunts! Not only do they lead to several good rewards but they raise your clan ranking which can let you buy green magicks like Bubble, which doubles your HP. U/Raizak

• When going to Eyrut village don't forget about the treasure chest containing haste! U/Raizak

• Always listen in to dialog, you can learn about side quests this way. And never EVER listen to Ondore's lies, I'm Captain Basch. U/Omnimoshi

• Running the first 10 trials in trial mode nets around 150 LP, after beating the Tomb of Raithwall this should be fairly easy to just repeat over and over again U/Escape-Fantasy

• In the Estersand Outpost, there is a Fire Fly. This is an accessory that nullifies all EXP gain for the character who has it equipped. This can be useful for LP farming if you don't wish to become Over Leveled U/SonniD

• Don't forget to heal and restore your party members that aren't in the party, when using magic or an item use L1 and R1 to select Reserve. This can also be done to target enemies with magic such as cure. U/Quorthon123

• Hold Triangle to scroll through larger lists faster U/Ironfaust

• Make sure to purchase all Monographs, one can be found by talking to Gatsly after the Thextera hunt. You can find more by talking to Merchants several times (30-50) and by checking the hunt board around 40 times. These cause superior loot to be dropped from different types of enemies. You don't have to do Thextera to start unlocking Monographs, you can get them in any order U/TBOunderdog U/LTCalvery

• Going to the inventory screen, you can organize Items, Armor, weapons, etc in any way you want so that you don't have to scroll for your most used anything U/iferg15

• Use dispel or dispelga to refresh your buffs before going into a boss fight, just dispel them then reapply. U/Lukazferreira99

• sight unseeing can be used to prepare an enemy to be poached easily, set up a gambit of "Foe:Character status = Blind - Sight unseeing." Followed by "Foe:Critical Hp - Poach" Information gotten from U/jlanderjr and their post here

• You can steal Golden Armor (common steal 55%), Shielded Armor (uncommon steal 10%) and Shell shield (rare steal 3%) from the rest mob Melt in trials lvl 12 (kill at least 5 of 8 slimes (Just leave 1 for safety), then stand infront of the button on the wall a few seconds and it will spwn.) Be warned, Melt is very strong compared to the other slimes, so i recommend to steal from him, if you get the item you want then kill the last slime before you die, if not reload and try again. Directly written by U/Maduine

• don't sell Gyshal Greens or Teleport stones, they're used for something other than directly selling (But! Sell 99 Gyshal greens anyway, they are used in one Bazaar item!) U/LordSDB

Leave comments of tips and tricks and I'll edit them into the post with credit. All of what I've posted comes from the strategy guide and my own personal experience

2 : Anonymous2017/07/12 15:11 ID: dk4ebj8

Quick tip I posted somewhere else but if you want to steal from enemies without going through the menu each time, set a gambit to foe HP = 100% > Steal. Character will steal and team will attack lowering HP so you don't lock yourself into stealing repeatedly.

ID: dk4ejao

Of course! Argh I feel so dumb, I guess I need to get used to using the gambit system for more than just healing and auto attacking

ID: dk4oagz

I like this except when there are groups of enemies. Maybe it's just because I like to have my party focus down the leader's target, but my thief will wind up stealing nonstop while the rest of the party works their way through the enemy party.

ID: dkciog4

This is an amazing tip. Thanks!

ID: dk4vlg9

This will only steal once when you first approach an enemy right? Once your party members hit the enemy and the hp drops you'll stop stealing? So if you fail the steal you'll have to manually choose steal?

ID: dk8jkjk

You can totally lock yourself in stealing like this. While I still use this, I sometimes find my stealer still trying to steal while I'm in a group of 3+ still o. The first mob.

3 : Anonymous2017/07/17 02:23 ID: dkbelpf

The game constantly drops sidequests via dialogues so read and listen well to everything.

Except to Ondore's lies.

4 : Anonymous2017/07/22 10:04 ID: dkk8qh9

When the Moogle Boss asks you to fetch his 9 workers, set your party leader to Fran to get some nice angles during the cutscenes.

5 : Anonymous2017/08/17 05:46 ID: dlqnd3v

Don't be afraid to use "Ally:Any" gambits. Your character will not waste Remedies/Phoenix Downs/Esuna/Dispel on characters that don't need them.

ID: dmuahai

This needs more up doots.

6 : Anonymous2017/07/13 04:00 ID: dk5i2y5

License Board Passives - Make a beeline for +HP passives for a smoother leveling experience

The next one is not exactly early game:

Cascading Gambits - Instead of multiple slots of 'Ally: Any' + 'Buff' and having to turn on/off one by one, you can set 'Ally: Any' + 'Buff 1' then 'Ally Status: Buff 1' + 'Buff 2' and so on. To toggle usage, just turn on/off the first one. Very useful for pre-buffing before hard fights.

ID: dlugn85

Another variant is to Cascade your gambits while completely leaving out the first. Have your cascade start with Ally Status: Haste then any time you wish to start buffing merely manually cast Hastega and watch the rest unfold.

ID: dk62p2d

Took me a minute to get the outcome, but that makes perfect sense. I hate turning off chunks of gambits for situations like that, thanks!

ID: dket23p


7 : Anonymous2017/07/12 21:27 ID: dk503xf

Just wanted to put a warning about a mistake some people make on their first playthrough. If one of your characters seems to be permanently silenced or has no MP whatsoever, double check your accessories. Some of them have negative side-effects on the wearer.

8 : Anonymous2017/07/12 18:40 ID: dk4qo9z

If the game asks you twice to proceed before entering a new area, you're about to enter a quest or story segment that you can't easily retreat from. You might not have access to merchants or save points until you complete that section, so make sure you're prepared with potions, phoenix down, etc.

9 : Anonymous2017/07/15 20:40 ID: dk9m7ho


Just found this one personally. Second time getting Larsa as a guest and he's able to cast Bubble and Shades of Black! Time to get some harder hunts done!

ID: dkpjm09

This. I had one that automatically cast potion all the time. Since that lesson I check every guest and hand-pick the gambits I want them to use. Often there are A LOT!

10 : Anonymous2017/07/12 14:55 ID: dk4dfkz

Steal from everything, i've made a lot of money and gone from 10-40 potions by stealing from every monster i fight before killing it. This is in the normal game though, i haven't played Trial Mode what is it exactly?

ID: dk4dhw2

Trial mode is basically where you work your way through stages of enemies and bosses. It's a good source of Loot and LP

11 : Anonymous2017/07/12 18:52 ID: dk4rco1

Why is Shields 1 nowhere in the Shikari license board? it's really annoying.

ID: dk99ust

Thought I was going crazy and looked at every node repeatedly. Fuck me and I bought his deadass a shield. ><

ID: dlmb6j8

to stop vaan from being unfucking killable in the first five seconds of the game.

i mean seriously- you can steal a gladius, farm some dustia, then throw on a shield and litterally just Pew pew as everything QQs because your too OP.

ID: dk4rfe0

Join the club, but I just got the fire shield from Trial Mode anyway lol

12 : Anonymous2017/07/19 07:19 ID: dkf2emi

Don't forget you can heal members who aren't in your party.

When you are selecting a target for a healing spell, press R1 to get to 'reserve'

ID: dkgznur

This. I just found out I can revive my reserve last night. Game. Changer.

ID: dkhj0jh

How the hell did I not know this!?

13 : Anonymous2017/07/12 19:08 ID: dk4s9ry

Thanks for this thread! This is exactly the kind of thing I like to have when starting a big game like FF.

ID: dk4se98

It's really no problem, I hope that it helps you and if you are ever stuck and you want a player's opinion, don't be afraid to pm me if need be

14 : Anonymous2017/07/13 05:35 ID: dk5lf0l

Lhusu Mines is a great early game grinding point and can help you clear a large portion of your license boards in no time. You can even sell the bone fragments you receive for a large sum of money. Just be careful not to go too far and encounter Ba'Gamnan.

15 : Anonymous2017/07/12 16:19 ID: dk4i84c


ID: dk4ih7i

Yes that is correct. After completing each stage there is an auto-save. Exit to title screen and then load that save like you would a main story one. Then save over your story progress. Bam you just kept everything you had in trial mode, including good gear that was stolen.

16 : Anonymous2017/07/13 13:43 ID: dk5zgkn

Something i never learned in the NA version of the game: Staves will hit flying enemies, and its good for taking on flyers like the wyvern lord and other such enemies.

ID: dk60331

It wasn't in Vanilla, it's new to IZJS then carried over to this

17 : Anonymous2017/07/17 12:58 ID: dkbwr1u

I am throwing the obvious here. 4x Speed Mode for grinding.

18 : Anonymous2017/07/12 16:27 ID: dk4iojb

Is the Dustia method still a thing?

ID: dk4ipqb

Dustin Method is still a thing yes, I was debating wether or not to put it, do you think I should?

19 : Anonymous2017/07/12 18:03 ID: dk4ogui

In addition to the T. Rex, I would generally say if the enemy is green, don't touch it unless you're sure you can take it (i.e. Libra). If it's not attacking you, there's a reason for that.

And watch out especially for the elementals. They're green but they'll attack you if you cast any magic near them, and at low levels they will absolutely tear your party a new one.

20 : Anonymous2017/07/12 22:41 ID: dk53xsq

God, over 100 steal attempts on Lindbur Wolf: just can't steal anything from him...

ID: dk53yha

I know the struggle, it's easier when you can just set gambits to steal and tank

ID: dk7411t

I stole it at lvl 7 with van alone by being avle to take 1 hit and live, then get him over to the entrance and Just going in, insta steam, if u get it run out. If you dont Just reload the auto save u have from entering that area. Rinse and repeat

ID: dlmd7vr

pro tip: Get your HP up over 1.5k (easy for shikari), then zone in, drag to zone, zone out, heal to full, zone back in, and steal until you die or get it, then reload.

the quick save will load you right back in and let you get another chance at it without having to run out, heal back to full, blah blah blah.

with your hp that high you can spam 10-12 steals on him before dying, making you able to farm way faster than steal > zone > steal >Zone > heal ect ect. took me less than 20 minutes using that method and over 100 steals.

21 : Anonymous2017/07/12 23:13 ID: dk55h0l

This is all super useful information, thanks! Only played the International version and boy is this different. Question, is there another gambit you would use for Stealing other than HP = 100% or is this the most efficient? Then, would you have to heal after every battle to ensure someone will be stealing? I'm very early in the game so I haven't gotten a lot of the Gambits yet. Thanks again for all the tips!

EDIT: Nvm, read it again and Foe HP = 100% makes way more sense haha. Lack of sleep here from playing all night >_<

ID: dk55qv0

It's okay! And I'm happy to hear the information is helpful in anyway. If you have any questions that aren't presented here feel free to make a comment asking or pming me

22 : Anonymous2017/07/12 23:41 ID: dk56syn

When going through Barheim Passage, kill any battery Mimics you can, I got a Mage's Habit from one. That is a chest piece of Mystic Armor that has a defense of 21, you will be untouchable for a long while.

oh, so that's where that came from. i knew good and well i hadn't bought one since they aren't available nearly that early lmao

ID: dk57tui

When I saw it I was like "man they must have really changed the armor around" then Bam, Fran went from being the weakest to the biggest tank ever

23 : Anonymous2017/07/13 22:05 ID: dk6rd6r

If you have a guest in your party at the time of your save, they'll come with you to the Trails! Not always doable, I know, but they may give you the edge you need here and there.

ID: dkcavs6

always doable. you game autosaves on zoning. So just zone 1 time. quit to title, load up the auto save as your trial mode and off you go.

24 : Anonymous2017/07/14 17:34 ID: dk7yxqm

Something I never knew when playing the original: Picking up loot when trying to chain actually slows down your chain leveling up. If you want to get to the maximum chain level (the huge gold coin) make sure not to pick up loot at all prior to that.

The only exception to that is when your chain number flashes. You can grab loot after that kill and before continuing the chain.

ID: dk7yzxh

Yea but I always pick up loot anyway. There's been times where I'll get the item I want on the second loot drop or the 50th, I think the luck and chances even out each way

25 : Anonymous2017/07/14 23:14 ID: dk8g6ml


ID: dk8ggov

Measures are weapons that are meant to attack allies with. they're not overly useful but if you're close to one in a chest, just pick it up. It's a good way to quickly buff before a fight but I wouldn't set gambits around them

ID: dlmdlac

measures are basically free buffs. if you have a player you know will function as a caster - you can put a status gambit up like Party member > no protect = Attack, using a measure that inflicts protect on attack.

measures are kind of useless, but can be decent if you just want to maintenance a specific buff on your party.

26 : Anonymous2017/07/17 08:12 ID: dkbprjm

Linking in to a couple of other tips, something recommended to me (its my first time playing) that Ive found useful. Grinding in the first 3-4 screens of Lhusu mines running back and forth then backing out if I need to heal. Linking it in with Foe HP=100% > Steal gambit means you can get a lot of bat fangs and bone fragments that can sell for quite a lot of gil (along with wind stones etc that dont sell for quite as much but are still useful). You can get some levels and LP quickly but also start accumulating gil for buying potions and phoenix downs etc, but also better equipment.

ID: dkbzc3n

While I can't post this since it's just tips that are already there, I do appreciate your help! This is a nice way to put the tips

27 : Anonymous2017/07/19 16:32 ID: dkfmlk9

When scrolling through larger lists of items hold the triangle button to scroll a page at a time. Helps when navigating menus.

28 : Anonymous2017/07/15 16:58 ID: dk9cuid

Another tip - go to the mines in Bhujera and slay those skeletons on the bridge to rack up LP really fast.

29 : Anonymous2017/07/16 18:53 ID: dkaudqf

Do not ignore hunts. Increasing your clan rank eventually allows you to buy green magics like Bubble, which doubles your HP and will be essential in surviving heavy attacks.

During your visit to Eruyt village, make sure you don't miss the treasure chest containing Haste.

ID: dkaufds

Wow I didn't even think about checking a map for a chest containing haste

30 : Anonymous2017/07/22 19:39 ID: dkktnw2

You don't have to wait until you've finished Thextera to get monographs; once you've turned in the Rogue Tomato hunt you can start unlocking and buying them.

31 : Anonymous2017/07/25 15:26 ID: dkp5ypd

I just made a post on this sub about a poaching tip, particularly that you can use blind combined with sight unseeing and poach for very easy poaching, useful for scythe mantis/coeurl farming when you want another golden amulet/embroidered tippet. Hope this helps someone!

32 : Anonymous2017/09/02 07:50 ID: dmglqq0

A little bit later in the game: mote farming in Draklor laboratory. There are three rooms with respawning chests that contain motes. Aeroga, hastega, aquara, dispel, bio, warp, and cura. Just open the chests, leave the room and go back in.

ID: dmu8ip2

Hastega Mote chest is one time only

33 : Anonymous2017/07/12 16:47 ID: dk4jvxk

Don't fight the T Rex!

ID: dk4m0m1

Shhhhh. Let them learn.

ID: dk5385d

*trains in a desert for days just to deal at least 1 damage*

34 : Anonymous2017/07/12 21:12 ID: dk4zald

Are the base level spells still AoE or are they single target? All of my cure casts are only going to one person. Has it always been this way?

ID: dk4zd85

In the original game Cure was single target, same with the base level spells except for Aero and Dark. I don't know about TZJS, but in this so far I've experienced everything being similar to Vanilla. Cure is single target and Cura is AoE

ID: dket5hj

Cure and Curaga are single, Cura and Curaja are multi

Most base level elemental attack spelle are single. Aero and maybe Dark? are multi

Fira and Firaga etc. are multi

35 : Anonymous2017/07/13 02:50 ID: dk5f842

Not really game related, but on my gamestop receipt it had a link to download a bonus movie from square enix, but the website wont let me register... anyone else having this issue?

36 : Anonymous2017/07/13 10:56 ID: dk5tf09

I'm not sure how early you can get it, but you should save up 50k gil for the cat-ear hood. It gives Gil based on LP and it stacks. Do the trial save/load strategy and rake in the money. Made it to lvl 30 and went from 16k to over 300k Gil.

ID: dk5v2fb

I'm not going to include it since the cat ear hood isn't that early of gear

ID: dk5ttvh

Where do u get one from?

ID: dkgbiei

Yea I bought 3 and put on the scrub team and went to level 20 and got a really really nice chunk of change.

37 : Anonymous2017/07/13 15:04 ID: dk63lvq

I have some tips!

If you pre-ordered the game from Amazon and didn't get a digital code for a guide, contact customer service for a 25% refund, woot!

Also, you don't have to wait until Lhusu Mines to grind skeletons. In the Barheim Passage (when you have guest Bache), Just let the "energy meter" reach 0% and skeletons will begin to spawn, not the creepy ghoul thingy from the cutscene. I personally recommend The Zeviah Subterrane because it's a large area near a save crystal and lots of treasure boxes. Just make sure not to kill the Mimic until you're ready to stop.

ID: dk63nld

I do the barheim passage method personally, it's just a lot better to have 4 party members than 3

ID: dk67229

What if I want the guide? Is it still possible to get it?

38 : Anonymous2017/07/14 08:52 ID: dk7ecyx

I'm not sure. I just did hunts and I checked the clan store it was there. Now I have 4 of them and the turtleshell choker on my mage and thief's cuffs on my monk. Items and money all day long. Have 928k gil.

ID: dkf7g62

4 of what? what was this supposed to be a response to?

39 : Anonymous2017/07/14 17:19 ID: dk7y4ap

Question, are Quickenings element based? The final chain attack must be, like Inferno or Maelstrom, but are the individual characters elemental? One of Ashe's seems lightning based and Vaan's Pyroclasm looks fire based. Going through trial mode wondering if using fire elemental quickenings on Belias would heal him, do no damage, or normal damage, not mattering at all?

ID: dk7y65f

Not that I know of, and I don't think the Chain attacks will heal, they will only hurt, and they can be super effective. Using a quickening will only ever be good

40 : Anonymous2017/07/14 18:31 ID: dk823cn

I have a quick question about the jobs. Am I supposed to just go through every license board to see what the job can do? I'm not even sure if you can get equipment for every job in the first town, so I set Vaan as the shikari because he already has some equipment. Should I not have done this?

ID: dk827lm

You can get gear for almost very job in the first town. Vaan would make a good Shikari but you might want to start over due to the quick thinking. If you can't find gear to your job in the Giza Plains or Rabanstre, go to Nalbina Town, it's through the Estersands. Also, if you pick a job that doesn't use daggers, Vaan will still be able to use his dagger

41 : Anonymous2017/07/14 23:35 ID: dk8h30w

Something I noticed. Before you activate Quickenings on a board, make sure since there's more than 3 on each one, and since you'll have 2 jobs eventually, that you plan out beforehand which ones to get. For example, if it's a Quickening license that is surrounded by stuff, it would be better to activate one that leads to something otherwise unattainable, like a HP+230 or something. Know which other job you'll get and plan from there. I learned the hard way and reset my save haha.

42 : Anonymous2017/07/15 00:29 ID: dk8jab3

While you won't get exp or LP, for the poachers among us, use this Foe HP < 30% = Poach.

By the time the skill actually fires off, the enemy will be HP critical (90% of the time)

43 : Anonymous2017/07/15 00:53 ID: dk8k86w

Casters! A simple trick to the quick "slaughter the zone / no chain grind" (for general LP purposes)

Self MP = < 10% ... Charge.

You could even do 20% if you want but remember if a charge fails, you drop to 0.

Edit: characters

44 : Anonymous2017/07/15 15:28 ID: dk9921w

I haven't seen a mention of queue cancelling (or whatever we used to call it). For actions with long post-animation waits, like potions and such, after the effect occurs, quickly go to menu > equip > remove > weapon. Back out and equip the weapon again. No more wait after popping a potion.

45 : Anonymous2017/07/15 16:54 ID: dk9cp7b

After Raithwall you can the Deathbringer, super OP sword that really helps with the bosses that come next. It takes like an hour to do and it's worth it, you just need the swords 8 lisence

ID: dk9eh3q

I may not put this in because it's not as simple as that, since you need good armor to get in and out easily. And the best armor available right after Raithwall is the shielded armor

ID: dlmdsbs

i thought they moved deathbringer?

46 : Anonymous2017/07/16 05:07 ID: dka5m1i

Didn't see a help thread so posting in here..

Could someone help me find where Float is? I double checked the forums and have the guide but the chest it's supposed to be in is not showing up.

The guide is showing a chest to the left of the blue crystal in Tcha something highlands

please help

ID: dka5n2o

If the chest isn't showing up, and you're using a ZODIAC AGE guide, you should just keep zoning in and out until it shows, if could be rare

ID: dkbky39

Float is located in Tchita Uplands in the Oliphzak Rise map.

47 : Anonymous2017/07/16 10:54 ID: dkaddyd

EASY GIL EARLY: chain Aulraune (tomato guys) in Ogir Yensa starting areas. They drop succulent fruit. 99 of those nets a nice profit. On 2x it takes maybe 10-15 minutes to max out. I bought 3 horadric caches after a few runs, and since there's nothing else to kill just keep zoning to the westersand and keep a chain going. Don't buy a cache until you're done, it just gets you more pebbles. If you have quickenings, take a shot at the Dive Talon before you leave.

FAST SCROLLING: hold Triangle and use up/down on the Dpads to quickly navigate lists.

48 : Anonymous2017/07/17 06:52 ID: dkbnwxl

If you are new player - do not use Trial Mode for getting OP items.

ID: dkbz2pu

Why not?

49 : Anonymous2017/07/18 10:54 ID: dkdhwiq

The first time i played, i remember that I got the esper from Zertinam Caves first (before Belias), but i cant find the right entrance. I tought it was a passage in Nam Yensa Sandsea... Anyone knows?

PS: I know its hard to defeat him, but with Mists i believe I can do it

ID: dkdo5xc

Go to the passage into the caverns in the Westersands

50 : Anonymous2017/07/18 22:35 ID: dkeh4wn


ID: dkehlkt

Funny enough I was just chilling with my brother and I was like "watch how much LP I can get from trial mode" and without trying I got up to 61. My former best shot was 33

51 : Anonymous2017/07/18 23:04 ID: dkeij92

If you go to the Outpost zone in the Dalmasca Estersand there's a chest there with the Firefly Accessory. This accessory stops you from gaining EXP so if you want to grind for LP and/or items in the story without becoming too powerful, this can help.

ID: dkeikni


52 : Anonymous2017/07/19 02:43 ID: dkesv1k

Karkata mentioned by OP, it's a rare steal but can be gotten quickly thanks to Zodiac Age's autosave:

Get to Trial Lv 3

Steal from Flowering Cactoid

If you got a Longsword or Mythril Sword, then pause and return to title

Reload your autosave, the file will say Trial Lv 3

Steal again

Reload until you get it

You can try several times per minute, it only took me like 10 minutes to get.

Optional: if you steal the Mythril Blade instead and want it for your party, beat Lv 3, then reload that autosave into story mode (Load Game), manually save, then load the manual save back into Trial Mode. Might as well pick up the Diamond Armlet chest on Lv1 each time you go through it. They sell for 6000 gp even if you already have a bunch.

Be warned the Flowering Cactoid occasionally uses 1000 Needles so you may want to have multiple party members (or a Vaan with >1000 HP from Dustia powerleveling) before attempting.

Mythil Blades are jobless and thus very useful if you are procrastinating on picking jobs.

Same with the Sword of Kings steal from Lv 10, it's jobless. That one you get almost every time (but it may take a few dozen steal actions to steal anything at all). It's tougher to beat than Lv3, but a good time to try is when you have a party guest.

ID: dketglo

Thank you so much for going the extra mile to help the community, I will update my former tips and credit you (aren't you lucky?). Jokes aside I am happy to have made a thread for people to share tips and it puts a smile on my face for people to see that my own information isn't good enough! And there's always room to improve!

ID: dm6mz0t

Tried for an hour and got mythil blades twice, so annoying

ID: dpgiovd

Once you beat Belias, if you have a Knight/Bushi character, there's a shortcut on the license board to get a Karkata with relatively low LP.

Start on Knight, rush the Gambits until you reach the one that costs 50 LP. Then switch to Bushi and grab Sight Unseeing (doesn't matter if you have it or not). Then switch back to Knight and grab Shield Block (cheaper than Ensanguined Shield and is useful early game). Right next to Shield Block will be the Karkata license and voila, 92 attack weapon right after Belias (the 100% confuse is really nice too).

ID: ds8hf25

i beat the 1-10 trials last night. Can i go back and do this method to try and get the karkata? Also if i have selected jobs for all my folks and none are the samurai can i even use this weapon? Also, once i obtain the karkata can someone explain to me in steps how i get that item into my main save game? I just got to Raithwall but havent started it yet.

53 : Anonymous2017/07/19 05:08 ID: dkeyo6w

OP, looks like this thread has a lot of attention, so I suggest that you include the following advice and put it on top:

Please forget anything you know about vanilla FF12 as the remaster is based on the International Zodiac Job System (IZJS) version. To search anything for this version, consult the wiki and take note of the 'Zodiac' version or google 'FF12 IZJS anything specific'. For chest placements, google 'FF12 IZJS maps' for download links.

It breaks my heart to see those who used to the vanilla version searched for things like the Tomb of Raithwall Demonsbane or Clan Shop unlocks.

ID: dkeyr86

My computer couldn't handle IZJS, so I didn't play it much. So I'm going to trust you on that the chests are the same between Zodiac Age and IZJS.

54 : Anonymous2017/07/19 13:37 ID: dkfcx1g

Awesome post! Really appreciate the effort! Is there any chance to format it so it's more readable?

ID: dkfhu1p

I wrote all of this on the Reddit app, and I think it's a good format for Mobile so I apologize if it isn't up to par for PC. I will check it out soon and see if there's any way I can fix it

55 : Anonymous2017/07/20 00:29 ID: dkgd7co

Typo in the charge tip there, set your charge to activate only if your MP is LESS than 10%.

56 : Anonymous2017/07/20 18:07 ID: dkhh6r2

Invest early in all manifests, the first one can be triggered by talking to Ghastly after the texiara hunt. (After the first one is retrieved in the bazar) talk to merchants multiple times (same merchant works) to unlock the others. these enable rare loot drops and provide great early game bonuses but come with your Gil wallet most cost 25000 Gil or more.

ID: dkhiyn5

Grand total of like 147,000 gil without the hidden end game one for 250,000.

57 : Anonymous2017/07/21 11:05 ID: dkilwwj

It would be so much easier to read if you would structure every tip&trick like that:

... ... ...

Otherwise cool thread

ID: dkiozmo

For mobile users that would just make everything off, so I may hold off on reformatting

58 : Anonymous2017/07/21 19:10 ID: dkj9z12

Is the nihopalaoa still in this version of the game? Haven't seen anyone mention the nihopalaoa + remedy on an enemy giving them loads of debuffs if you have all the remedy licenses.

ID: dkjb7p0

You have to create it in the Bazaar now, so maybe that's why it hasn't been mentioned. Also I can't spell it.

59 : Anonymous2017/07/21 22:19 ID: dkjkbs1

Should I have the Diamond Armlet on my lead in the Great Crystal? The resource I'm using as a map w/ item locations makes it unclear.

ID: dkjklap

The treasure that is worth getting is 100% with no chances of anything special with a diamond armlet

ID: dkktmz2

Doesn't have to be on your team leader, just on one of your three active characters.

60 : Anonymous2017/07/23 01:06 ID: dkl7um6

About the monographs, there are 4 of them that can be obtained from vender. Talk to the spell, armor and wep vender about 20-30 times each for 3 (one from each vendor) there is also a 4th one obtained from speaking with any combination of vendor 100 times. If you have gained the other 3 you will have around 80 done allrdy so gran the last one. There are 2 from talking to the hunting bord. One at 20 times and one at 40 times as well as one for talking to gatsly after conpleting his hunt (he will be at his shop, close to the clan provisioner). There is also a 3rd possible steal from Cultsworn Lich in trial 9. A Tiara (mystic armor) which is a very late game item.

61 : Anonymous2017/07/23 01:22 ID: dkl8hjp

In trial 10 you can also steal Godess's Tear

ID: dkla2fv

It's the goddess's Magicite

62 : Anonymous2017/07/23 16:42 ID: dkm0dt9

Go to inventory then abilities or items and you can sort stuff so you don't have to scroll forever to get at your most commonly used items/abilities.

63 : Anonymous2017/07/25 04:52 ID: dkolkmn

If you wanna renew your buffs ,dispelga on your party!

64 : Anonymous2017/07/25 11:33 ID: dkovso4

Ran into a problem aha. First time playing and kept myself in the dark about near everything. I've posted once before about grinding and found and used the Dustia method via here!

My main party is doing fine, outside of right now where it would help immensely to swap 1 or 2 people out and I foolishly thought that since my reserve party gained LP they may gain some XP.

How wrong I was, basically Ive reached Archades (Could someone PLEASE inform me of the spoiler tag, I hardly post on reddit let alone things requiring said tag.) and I need to go back and level my reserves, tired of Dustia any area prior or just past where I am that would be good? I tried a few searches and Dustia popped up on most of them just cant rant it anymore...

ID: dkovvyd

You can always just run around an area, Tchita uplands and Sochen cave palace should be good areas just to kill everything

Or you can go to the Feywood and kill things there, the Feywood is a level 40-50 area how ever.

65 : Anonymous2017/07/26 00:13 ID: dkpzd6s

Cultsworn Lich in trial 9 has a 3% chanse to get Lamia's Tiara if you steal from it. This is a very strong mystic armor early with 25 magick resist and it halves ice dmg. You need Mystic Armor 5 to use it.

66 : Anonymous2017/07/26 00:51 ID: dkq15ru

You can steal Golden Armor (common steal 55%), Shielded Armor (uncommon steal 10%) and Shell shield (rare steal 3%) from the rest mob Mest in trials lvl 12 (kill at least 5 of 8 slimes (Just leave 1 for safety), then stand infront of the button on the wall a few seconds and it will spwn.) Be warned, Melt is very strong compared to the other slimes, so i recommend to steal from him, if you get the item you want then kill the last slime before you die, if not reload and try again.

ID: dkq5gzv

I don't usually directly copy tips, and I apologize if you'd rather I rewrite it but I did it for this since you did so well explaining it.

67 : Anonymous2017/07/26 02:17 ID: dkq59dn

Just reached near end game and I want to do some of the optional Content before going on (Ill be doing a new game with different Job Mixes, wasn't satisfied with my playthrough).

Is there a guide anywhere that I cant find that lists the order in which is recommended to do them?

ID: dkq5b71

Since you're at the end of the game you can do what ever you want, though I'd start with level 40 or so Espers and working your way up, they'll take you to optional areas

68 : Anonymous2017/07/29 23:20 ID: dkwjzci

You might have already figured but don't sell all your loot, like gysha greens and your teleporting stones for example.

69 : Anonymous2017/08/08 19:55 ID: dlcg06i

A bit late to the party, but any chance of updates on trials to 20?

Thanks for the tip on the Karkata, farming for it now as we speak. I wanna say that's the weapon I used all the way until end game my first play through years ago.

70 : Anonymous2017/08/12 23:39 ID: dljfbzp

The Dagan Flats of Ozmone Plain area is a pretty good place to grind around level 20, as long as you can handle flying enemies. Creatures there all give 2 LP and the respawn rates are good as well.

71 : Anonymous2017/08/13 10:47 ID: dlk0xvo

Apologies if anyone mentioned this but I would take care with job choices. Not just in terms of combinations (with the second job) or the character's talent with the job, but also the animations.

Some of the animations are cool (Basch with a katana), and some really aren't (Ashe with a katana). Make a save file before you assign jobs and don't overwrite it until you've had a chance to make sure you like them.

72 : Anonymous2017/08/26 06:29 ID: dm573cw

So I like but also hate the Zodiac Job System. I can't decide on what to make everyone. Right now I have Vaan as Uhlan. I've read monk/BM is a good combo but who do I choose for it. Balthier as a WM doesn't seem right to me. Any help? Also what quickening should I skip. I have the guide but it's suggestions seem bad.

ID: dm6dp05

The important thing to remember is not to freak out or stress about the game. If you make anyone different classes the game will still be playable. Have fun, make characters what you think they should be based off of stats or story.

Vaan: Strength and Vitality Balthier: Strength and Speed Fran: Magick power and Vitality Basch: Strength Ashe: Magick Power and Strength Penelo: Magick Power

If you don't like a guide, don't follow it. It's your game, you paid for it, and you're playing it. Do what you want, don't let anyone tell you what you did was a terrible choice

73 : Anonymous2017/08/28 22:15 ID: dm975hh

• don't sell Gyshal Greens or Teleport stones, they're used for something other than directly selling (But! Sell 99 Gyshal greens anyway, they are used in one Bazaar item!) U/LordSDB

wat? don't sell them but sell them? Can this be reworded so it's not confusing.

ID: dn831sb

Sell 99 gyshal greens but don't sell any after that

74 : Anonymous2017/09/10 09:04 ID: dmt27em

How am i supposed to farm Hastega motes when Oversoul keeps showing up and breaking my chain?

75 : Anonymous2017/09/13 22:49 ID: dmyxxjl

Aerieel (rare game) can be found easily the first time you enter Lhusu Mines. He has golden amour as a very rare drop.

This armour at this stage of the game will make nearly every enemy do 0 damage to you.

To farm: set you gambits to "enemy: earth weak > attack" and run up and down the second and third zones in the mine killing only the bats until you have a max chain level.

The go to the second zone (oltam span) and zone back and fourth 5/6 times then run though it. (Aerieel is a 20% chance to spawn, so zoning rapidly 5/6 times should spawn him as once an enemy spawns in, they don't de spawn until you zone 2 zones away) kill him then zone away 2 zones and repeat until he armour drops

76 : Anonymous2017/10/04 12:02 ID: dnw2tcn

Oh, be careful using the fast forward feature while walking through some areas, there are these huge elemental energy ball enemies that'll one hit you, and despite swapping out your party, they'll still target you and it'll be game over. So if you're walking across those big regional areas, save regularly. The only two I can remember, one was in the swampy area just outside Rabanastre, and there was another one that was also early on, there was a region that was like desert dunes, but you're walking on like a steel walkway above the dunes for a large part of that area. They aren't hard to evade, but I learnt the hard way. Didn't save regularly and got caught out by one.

ID: dnw4gnv

Funny enough, after the rains seasons in the Giza you can probably start being able to kill the elementals (small ones) and after the Stillshrine you could probably handle the Entites (big ones)

77 : Anonymous2017/10/04 17:14 ID: dnwj00w

I am just now getting started, I took out the Tomato before I called it a night last night. I know the original FFXII was notorious for having things you could miss if you weren't extremely careful and followed some very specific steps. Is there anything at all like that in TZA? How closely do I need to follow a walkthrough for stuff? Or can I just refer to one as I go if I'm looking for something in particular or for a quick review as I get to a new area?

ID: dnwrgeh

I don't really know of stuff that you can Miss, everything is obtainable at some point I believe. If you want to follow a side quest walk through you can, as most will tell you the earliest you can get rewards. Just look through this thread for general information if that's what you're after.

78 : Anonymous2018/01/06 21:20 ID: dsagk1s

You can get to the Mosphoran Highwaste and the Salikawood immediately after the Tomb of Raithwall by going to Nalbina Town and talking to the lady crouched behind a wall, staring at the two soldiers blocking the path. After talking to her simply purchase a chocobo and ride it towards the soldiers. They will get scared and run off, leaving the area open.

I just finished ToW. Why would I want to go to those places right now? Not asking cynically. First playthrough. Just wondering if there's new loot, spells, etc. Sincerely want to know what benefits I have to go straight there and deviate from the main story.

ID: dsahdzm

There are many benefits, but it's not for everyone

A benefit you may see as worth it immediately is that fighting the higher level enemies will net more experience and more expensive loot.

You can also get certain weapons early, either from steals or drops. Opening up the Highwaste opens the Salikawood, which in turn opens up the Necrohol of Nabudis and the Nabudis Deadlands, which opens up plenty of weapons, armor, and spells but it is a near end game area


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