Finished the original Celdia’s Complete Patch! Double of the weirdness and double the fun! Details on comments

1 : Anonymous2021/03/05 14:57 ID: lydl64
Finished the original Celdia's Complete Patch! Double of the weirdness and double the fun! Details on comments
2 : Anonymous2021/03/05 15:10 ID: gps2vca

Since I played recently the CCP2, someone suggested for me to take a look at the first version of Celdia's patch, and boy that was a fun and weird experience! Some classes feel a bit more fun to play on this version (Tactician, Gunslinger, Demagogue) while others still have a flavor similar to what ended on CCP2. Malak and Rafa once again are a lot better on CCP patches and Malak once again became one of my strongest DPS and on this version had also some good utility using Loremaster skills.

This patch shows exactly why Celdia's wanted to balance things a bit more on CCP2, because a lot of things can feel overtuned and there is a few abilities that are not as useful in comparison to others but it still reaches a satisfactory point of not being frustratingly hard nor a cakewalk.

Lucavi bosses are a bit of HP sponges and some fights takes a loooong time even if you nailed down a solid strategy (Zalera and Hashmalum being the worst in this aspect). Queklain can be a bit frustrating due to Death Sentence and Sleep and since he takes so long to die it requires some solid strategy (and exploiting his weakness).

The itemization is as good as in CCP2, with as much flavor as in the latest version. Move-find item is quite useful to find rare and even unique items in common battles and it was basically a must have most of the game.

In terms of QoL hacks there aren't many if any at all. So item find is still based on low Brave, Random encounters are still random and so on.

There are almost no bugs so far I've played. Some very minor visual glitches may happen in a few skills but way less than on CCP2. CCP1 feels more complete than 2 in that aspect and that includes some fun easter eggs and crazy enemy encounters on Deep Dungeon.

So, if you are still in the FFT craze and want some fun hijinks and a lot of new jobs and items to play around this is a great mod that it is still a lot of fun despite been made so many years ago. It is impressive how even after so many years few mods feel as fun and creative as this one.

Download here

3 : Anonymous2021/03/06 03:51 ID: gpv13i1


How do I do that Reddit thing where I can remind myself of a topic in X time. Like, tell me about this again in the month. I'm playing War Of The Gods right now, but I would like to try this next.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:44 ID: gq16ezp

So what is this version? A separate game using the same mechanic? Or is a add on?

ID: gq181s6

Is a mod that changes the jobs, abilities and itemization while still playing the same story. Available for the PSX version at the link at the bottom of my main comment. At ffthackticks you will also find a Master Guide that includes most of the information about what does this mod change.


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