Geomancer’s Role in Party Comp

1 : Anonymous2021/02/24 19:00 ID: lrkjq4

What are some viable roles of a Geomancer in a party?

Are they straight damage dealers? Status effect dishers?

What are some example load outs people like to use?

2 : Anonymous2021/02/24 21:11 ID: gomofnj

Are they straight damage dealers? Status effect dishers?


To the point, they are competent casters because they can equip a lot of MA-boosting gear. They excel in melee because they can equip practically all the worthwhile PA-boosting gear. They can strike at range with around a 20% chance of inflicting a status debuff. They are extremely mobile. Their speed is decent so they won't be missing turns...and since they can equip all the Speed-boosting gear they make decent thieves.

In short, these guys and gals can do it all depending on their equipment. They might not ever be as good as an over-specialized class at any given thing, but they are uniquely versatile above and beyond any other generic unit class.

3 : Anonymous2021/02/24 23:31 ID: gon4l1y

Female Geomancer with: 1. Dual wielding Rune Blades 2. Magic Gauntlet 3. Draw Out (Iadio)as a secondary.

Cast Muramasa and watch everything die. Geomancers are one of the best jobs in the game, honestly.

ID: gon8j2m

Not bad, but try this:

Drop Dual Wield, and instead equip an Aegis Shield. That's a net -1 MA.

Now slap on Arcane Strength (Magic ATK UP).

The boost to MA will far outstrip that measly +1 the Rune Blade would apply.

Bonus, the Aegis Shield provides a ridiculous 50% Magic Evasion.

Geomancers are close to broken...

4 : Anonymous2021/02/25 21:59 ID: gorcc1d

My favorite Geomancer, purely for fun tho, is...

Secondary Job: Mediator or Oracle Reaction: Counter Flood Support: Equip Bows (Get Night Killer) Movement: Move +2 (+3 if you have Bard levels)

Everything you do can give someone a status effect, including being hit.

It's the wild card of the group and is just... So much fun.

5 : Anonymous2021/02/25 13:48 ID: gopd4rh

the range of their spells is quite nice, alongside what everyone else says.

6 : Anonymous2021/02/24 19:39 ID: gombe0k

Agrias as a Geomancer is a killer combo imo.

ID: gppblrr

My buddy judged me for making her a geomancer and I laughed. Literally doing like 300+ damage at lvl ~35ish. It was dumb. One-shotting most enemies

7 : Anonymous2021/02/25 07:18 ID: gook3h4

Geomancers are a flexible, but highly gear dependent class. It is a "carrier" class that revolves around utilizing its secondary skillset, offering 4 Move (1 more than the general average of 3) and a wide set of equipment options (most notably Shield Access) in exchange for having one of your skillsets taken up by the fairly mediocre Elemental.

Once the appropriate +2 stat booster gear shows up (Twist Headband / Power Sleeve for PA, Wizard Robe / Rune Blade for MA, Thief Hat for speed), Geomancers can replicate the specialist classes in its field, but with a defensive edge rather than full brunt offense. Due to the way FFT works, I generally don't consider it a good trade-off, mind you, but it's doable.

e.g Black Mage + Summon / Draw Out is nearly the same as a Geomancer with the same skillset once MA gear is available.

For other builds - if you aren't planning to move on to Ninja for reasons that elude me, Geomancer with Punch Art / Martial Arts is generally an improvement over a regular Monk unless an Earth Slash build is desired (for Two Swords build, you want to be a Ninja instead)

Honestly Geomancers can hold just about any secondary in the game and a good option if you want a bulky unit.

8 : Anonymous2021/02/24 23:15 ID: gon2n16

Fantastic mobility, + shaped instant cast magic with 20% chance to debuff, decent speed and can carry a lot of weapons and armor. Probably not the anchor of the team, but can fit into any team comp. Just a great all around unit to round out the team.

Have a bunch of knights, monks, or Lancers? Boost their ma and be the ranged magic dealer who can take a hit.

Have a bunch of wizards and such? Make them a defensive shield and give them equipment to absorb magic into health and have your wizard cast onto them and have them walk right into the enemy with their huge movement speed

9 : Anonymous2021/02/24 22:23 ID: gomvqlu

I like having a female geo in the party because she's such an early 00's scene kid

10 : Anonymous2021/02/24 19:05 ID: gom68by

Sort of a jack of all trades. Having decent evasion with a shield, good damage with a sword, long Range status effect casting

11 : Anonymous2021/02/24 22:19 ID: gomv74u

They should keep the bench warm for the others

12 : Anonymous2021/02/25 05:07 ID: goo9a00

They unlock ninjas.

They're too RNG for me to appreciate any of their crappy abilities, and I'd rather move on to ninja asap personally. Maybe at endgame their stats make them worthwhile, but (again IMO) they're not worth having "elemental" as one of your actives. You have 10 active ability slots between your 5 people, and elemental is one of the worst.


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