Stabbies go brrr??

1 : Anonymous2020/09/29 09:23 ID: j1vxze

I've played the game several times over with hacking and withought and I get rather bored using the same classes so I picked up ninja somewhere along the way with this new character and I have to say it feels pretty busted. Is it the most dps in the world? No, but it's practically immortal to some degree, withoight being a deflect spamming sword reliant class...

But I need something new again since I'm too used to it and I figure daggers like artillery go under the radar, so anyone got some good dagger theif builds/build advice??

Current loadout is blade dance, elude, sneak attack, trick attack, mistral, trickster and mirage dive.

The rotation I've heard about is sneak attack > trick attack > blade dance > trickster > mirage dive > mistral

This requires two loadout +5 pieces of equipment (not that I mind those) but I'm not sure if raw mobility is better....for weapons I was thinking coral dagger or chicken knife or oblige. Cleavers defense minus 20 makes theifs too fragile right??

Any and all advice is appreciated as long as it's not "just go use swords"

Edit: oh yeah if anyone's curious I have to farm the mutations manually so knowing the mutations on things also helps

2 : Anonymous2020/10/01 22:01 ID: g7c410x

I already responded in Discord, but for those intrepid Google searchers/Reddit purists:

As far as damage is concerned with Daggers, it's advised that you go Cleaver+Chicken Knife. The Dagger moveset has enough invuln frames to maintain a steady, reliable defense with enough practice to warrant taking the -DEF hit with Cleaver.


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